Sunday, May 24, 2015

Working Hours in Wartune - Booo!

Hey guys, we now have 2 events in Wartune with “working hours”, which is nutz?! This is a game – not a job and I really don’t understand why we need to have “working hours” in specific events. Did the monsters and elements union win a court case against Wartune devs where they get to have time off from us killing them lol :P?

Here they are, check it out:

Sylph Arena working hours

That 1 hour that the sylph arena does not work is a pretty busy hour in the game. A lot of people are trying to quickly finish various activities and complete the Hot Events (before they reset) and it’s rather easy to accidentally miss Sylph Arena and fall in that 1 hour. This is especially true for people who come back home from work late and struggle to get many things done quickly.

Sylph Arena working hours wartune

Expedition closed – working hours

After the Sylph Arena closes, the Expedition closes from midnight to morning. Very annoying again for anyone who logs in late and cannot do the event just because someone decided that digital NPCs, monster and bosses require rest apparently.

Expedition closed - working hours wartune

Specific hours in addition to working hours

Other events work only on specific hours or specific days completely ignoring the fact that people have real lives and it’s the game that needs to be flexible so we can play it when we can and not the real life that should be ruined so that you can do a specific event during a specific time.

  • Why can’t there be a mini-boss which you can do, for less rewards even, if you miss World Boss?

  • Why can’t there be a small solo Atoll boss for casual players or weaker people so they can at least get something and not fall too far behind?

  • Etc. I can write a lot more examples.

>> Monsters and bosses in games should be available to be killed 24 hours in the day :)
>> It is the game that has to be flexible and allow us to play it when we are free!
>> Booo to “working hours” in games!!

Working Hours in Wartune - Booo!

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