Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Katarina gets the Titan Set

(posted by Katarina)

Hey guys.  Well last night, after a long 2 months of legendary stone farming and crystaloid farming, I finally managed to finish the lvl 50 PvE set for the knights, known as the Titan Set.  I would like to thank all of the people in my guild that helped me along the way towards farming this set.  There are too many to name and I don't want to take up this entire post naming all of them. So instead, thank you all members in Unchained. You guys are awesome!

And without further adieu, here is what the set looks like, along with what I have for astrals, my skills, and talents.

I still have the level 40 rings even though I'm 62.  Once I get the extra socketing rods, I will eventually switch them out for the 60 rings.  As of right now I'm going to keep the Titan Jewels and maybe I will switch them out for the 60's, but I will definitely get the level 70 jewels and rings when I eventually get there.

The Titan set is really fun to have.  Your rage meter will fill up really quickly which is why you can run both Enhanced Delphic Destroyer and Delphic Destroyer for maximum damage.  Also, by utilizing double attacks, it is possible to get both EDD and DD off in the same World Boss rotation to give you a lot more income.

Well that is all for me for now.  I eventually will be working with another member from my guild on putting up a guide on the spire so stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Players from Top Guild with Multiple Level 70 legends

This is Jarod aka QA from s1 reporting As Requested by a few in the comments. I will be showing off 2 of my guild mates that have 3 Level 70 legend rings or jewels already.

First up the infamous Dwarf who won the first archer class wars

As you can see it adds an incredible amount of attack and hp by just enchanting fully, the only down side is they sell for alot less than you put into them and you can also see they sell for almost 17 million.  Meaning it takes most likely in the ball park of 30+ million to enchant one fully.

The second player I am adding because He deserves the spot light as much or more than dwarf as he is more or less the silent but higher player at the moment.  That is the guild leader and winner of the 2nd class wars Kessar.

Thats it for the best players and the 70s legends they have so far, I will keep everyone updated on who gets all 4 first and when we start seeing players putting on their actual 70s gear.  Great things are coming so stay tuned.  I will also try and do a video or post of me getting my 50s legendary armor as I now have all my 40s rings and jewels legends.  Thanks guys and always remember to like and comment it really helps.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

First in Non Chinese Servers to have Max Clothing (level 9).

This is Jarod aka QueenAmadala of S1.  While some of you may or may not know, Zebq is the top player in all servers other than that of China.  He or she has out spent everyone else and get the easy win in cw everytime.  Here is his stats along with his mount that I currently have never seen so don't know how to aquire it.

I want to hear everyones thoughts and ideas about this player and if any information on the mount please reply and I will update. ( update I am seeing and has been confirmed by a friend level 7 stables get you the hades' lion)

UK Aeria Server Top Players up to 99k Battle Rating

Hey guys, I received a bunch more of screenshots from the UK Aeria Server sharing the levels and statistics of their top players, which are definitely impressive relative to the European Wartune players, so here they are:


BlodAmber With Fully Enchanted Level 70 Ring!!!

Up is BlodAmber at armor games server 2 europe with her lvl 70 fully enchanted legendary ring.
There are the stats it gives:3975 hp which is not bad but it costed about 17 million gold to fully enchant it which is crazy.

Thanks and this was all.Be sure to comment your questions.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Level 70's Jewels

(Posted by Chimney)

Hey guys today I just found someone with a level 70's legendary jewel.

You can upgrade it to 36 rather than 21.

Upgrading Troop Enlightenment PATK 5 to 6

Hey guys, after spending 71 million daru (auch!) I managed to upgrade my PATK level 5 troop enlightenment to level 6 which means going from a 7% bonus to a 9% bonus on the PATK (picture below).

So this additional 2% is, as you can see, giving me PATK going from 16783 to 17025, so an additional 242 PATK which is not huge, but as you know every little thing like this adds up to a big number, so it is definitely important.

The battle rating went from 55635 to 55877 which is an increase of also 242 which is again a proof that 1 PATK = 1 Battle Rating.

To answer the question about "WTF?" where do you get so much daru - it is mostly from the World Boss event although daru income from all the various places does add up. For all sources of daru search my blog for the daru guide I have a post all about daru.

The troop enlightenment cost keeps going higher and higher and so for the next level 7 it is beyond 100 million daru and then up and up, so World Boss income is truly important, yet again favoring hugely archers and then mages and a big problem for knights.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tank Trials Event Winning TIps

Hey guys, so this picture below is a proof that the way someone plays tank trials (strategy) in Wartune does make a very big difference, so in this post I want to share some tips / advice with you to help you if you are struggling with it.

That said, there is a great amount of luck involved, which is made of 2 different types:

  • your internet connection with the game at that particular time
  • and the luck of weapons spawning when you are alive and having good weapons in your area or that you are able to get to.

Apart from the above the rest does have to do with strategy:

  • Always target the weakest enemy. I have seen too many times teams targeting different enemies at the same time.
  • Gang up! All 4 together on top of 1 enemy! But watch out here if enemy has a lot of napalm / ice spikes.
  • Move! don't just stand there. That's too easy for enemy to kill you.
  • Circle the obstacles especially when enemy team is hunting you! Then some of their shots might hit the trees / column.
  • With napalm / spikes be patient at hit a minimum of 2 enemies.
  • Pick ice vs fire since ice slows the enemy down drastically.
  • Ignore the boss.
(tips continue below the picture) 

  • Take weapons / items if enemy is around, but if enemy is not around do not take them so your team can take them, so circle around in that area to make sure enemy doesn't take those items.
  • If you are at full health let your friend take the healing / shield!
  • If you want high points you need to make the killing blow. Laser is superior in this, but can be done with other weapons too.
  • Having absolutely any weapon in tank trials is much better than trying to find a powerful one and ending up with nothing.
  • Always prefer to attack the lowest level tank first - it dies easier.
  • Avoid boss's area attacks and try to lure enemy into them, especially if 4 are chasing you!
  • When dead find the weakest enemy and fly around next to him so when you spawn you can immediately attack and kill him (no manual targeting required - it will pick the nearest).
  • Tank event in Wartune is not for relaxed / calm people - in this event you must go mad and click like mad and move like mad :)
I am sure i can write more, but this is enough :)

EagleEye of us east !!

(posted by TERRORBLADE)

   hello people ! i took  a screen shot of spare who holds eagle eye title in east server along with his stats ! he is strong :)

have a good day :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tormented Necropolis Info + Videos

Hey guys, I saw a bunch of questions about the tormented necropolis and so I am writing a post on this to give some answers and to share with you my own video and also the video of DvDpC.

So first up you need 3 crypt keys just to enter it. That's right, I did not misspell that - it is a huge cost of 3 crypt keys and only for entering without any guarantee of a worthwhile reward especially for those entering for the first time.

The bosses get really hard really fast, far from what it's like in the catacombs. There are 30 levels but most people will never get even close to that. Don't even bother to waste 3 crypt keys unless you are very strong already - definitely over 40k br, but probably better above 50k br for the first time.

Boss 5 is important for being able to buy high level items in cata shop, but there is no great reward to speak of; the chance for level 4 gem is low as you can imagine. And passing boss 10 which is the next big step requires an extreme amount of power, which means you would have to be one of the top people in your server most likely.

So here we have the video I made where I pass level 5 and die on 6:

And here is the video of DvDpC who is having fun passing level 10 on AFK mode - that monster! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Academy Troops Upgrades are Important

(Posted by Fancypants)

Hello all! This is Fancypants here. I am new to the team. All I ask is you don't make fun of my name. Jokes are fine, but don't go overboard. But this is besides the point.

I wanted to talk today about the academy and your troops. Everyone always tells you that the academy is important and that you should always have them leveled up right? But exactly how important is it? The answer is in fact, that is EXTREMELY important. Now when I first started Wartune, I kept hearing this, but I was always wondering how something is SO important when each level only adds like 5 hp or 4 troop count.

Now I know mine aren't very good for a lvl 47 mage, but like I said, I questioned the importance of academy in the beginning. Which trust me, it was a BIG mistake.

Now that I am starting to get these skills(as well as troop def and atk) leveled up, my troops can now deal quite a bit of damage, and take a hit from the WB. And with my troops, that is pretty miraculous. My troops are so low because I am saving up daru for Temps, but that is another story.

In conclusion, the academy should be taken very seriously(and not just the troops should be leveled up, everything you are in need of should be). It can make or break you easily. So always remember to grow those kyanite seeds!

GandalfGrey Finishes 4th in World Boss!

(Posted by GandalfGrey)

Hey guys, sorry for two posts in a row, but just finished 4th in world boss! My ingame screenie is of my in 5th by .1 %, so I just added this one. I feel great right now, really awesome accomplishment in my opinion.

Next goal, hitting the last blow, lol!

EDIT: I will add in the other screenshot anyways, here it is guys! :)

So here's what I did/used. First of all, I did use a matk pot, and a  matk scroll, but listen, because this is important.

Whenever potting and scrolling, with inspiration, use the pot first because- It is a fixed amount of addition to your stats, and so that helps first of all, but now, when you use vouchers to 50% inspiration, your base stats are higher, so your inspiration does more. I spent balens, because I really wanted top 10, so I was also buffed out to 100% inspiration. For everybody though, after I had 100% inspiration, THEN I put the scroll on, and because my stats were so much higher, it did alot more than if I had put it on at the beginning.

Ok, my rotation is known as the speedy chimp rotation (credits to Redoga, and his video on this.) If you want to go to youtube and look up his video, feel free to do so. The main idea is to get in and finish as fast as possible, so you get less per run, but more throughout the whole world boss, because you are able to get more attacks in. The idea is to start with Thunderer, the do auto-bolt double attacks the rest of the time, just to be fast. This of course is for a mage, and I don't know the knight/archer equivalent, so I apologize for that. What are some of your guys' rotations? Does anybody else use this one? I would love feedback, thank you!

Making Choices about Troop Enlightenment

Hey guys, here I want to share with you an analysis and conclusions about making choices when it comes to troop enlightenment. Many of you might already know my original opinion about troop enlightenment, which is to go attack all the way all the time. That is for everything in Wartune when making a choice to always prioritize attacking for the main reason of making more income from the World Boss.

Now I tried to challenge myself on that thinking when I was pumping millions of daru into troop enlightenment upgrade when I noticed the HP Transformation choice. The thing is it said on level 5 that i would get 35% bonus. Now according to the Wartune Wiki I calculated with my troop count of 1240 and Templar health of 6355 that I should be getting something in the region of 14,000 HP additional which was massive.

This I had to compare with my current bonus of ~850 PATK which is also very nice. After a bunch of discussion with few friends and then thinking and counting things myself I decided that in this case the health is too much to pass by and switched my PATK troop enlightenment to HP awaiting a huge bonus to health.

The formula by the way from Wartune Wiki is
    (troop count x troop HP) / 200

so if i plug in my numbers i get
    (1240 x 6355) / 200  =  39,401 which should be the health of my Templars

now the HP Transformation was promising me 35% of this which is 13,790 Health, which is what I was waiting for.

Well, you will find the full story in my illustration below. Basically I got only 2,713 Health while lost 848 PATK = a very bad deal, so another million daru it cost me to switch back.

I do not know if this is a bug or if it is working like they intended to, but the formula is pretty accurate which means it is either a bug or the description of the HP enlightenment is totally wrong.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Designs Inspired by Alpaca

Hey guys, as some of you know I also make graphic designs inspired by stuff in Wartune and they go on my merchandising shop (link on top). Anywhere here I wanted to highlight the "good" and "evil" alpaca designs, so hope you like them.

Here is our cute little alpaca from Wartune which many people like a lot cause well he is so cute and different from other mounts:

And here are the designs I prepared based on it (just some examples - many products are available). First up the "good" designs and then the "evil" one:

Alpaca White Round Wall Clock
Alpaca White Round Wall Clock by LAVASH
Check out other Wall Clocks at Zazzle

Saturday, July 20, 2013

COSMOS Reaches Solo Arena Rank 3

Hey guys, as many of you ask me "is my BR good for my level?" or any question similar to that I usually answer you that you have to test yourself in places like the Battle Grounds, Cross Server Arena, or Solo Duel Arena. Only by fighting others and comparing yourself to others you can know where you are in your particular time in your specific server.

Today I was happy to reach rank #3 in solo arena, which is one of the testing methods. Now reaching rank #3 does not mean I am #3 on the server - far from it, but by always striving to reach as high as you can you can see if you are able to break your own records or not. Previously I was never able to reach #3, I think I published reaching rank #8 and #9 in June and now in July I make it to #3, which is good news for me.

Everything in life is in relation to something. So go, compete and remember how high you get and then try to break your own record. Same in life, same in the game, keep developing yourself.

As requested here are the stats.
Note I don't use pots when I do the solo arena.

UK Aeria Server Top Players Tomato (94k BR) & Euphoric (88k BR)

Hey guys, I got sent pictures of champions / top players from the UK Aeria Server, so here to share their pictures and statistics and give a round of claps to our European friends

Both are mages. Euphoric actually has a much higher soul engraving level of 38 vs. 31 of Tomato (both far higher than 99% of people :P), but it is interesting to see that Tomato has pretty much equal PDEF and MDEF which is very surprising to me because usually mages have much higher MDEF, so he is making sure that he can fight both PATK and MATK attacks.