Sunday, August 31, 2014

Making Tons more Gold Daru by Surviving World Boss

Hey guys, so let's talk about making a lot more income of gold and daru from our dear friend Mr. World Boss! ^^

World Boss Earning Milestones

There are some important milestones for earning more and more from WB and when you pass each one of these milestones your earnings skyrocket!
  1. (easy :P) The first time you can survive 1 hit  ... (oh the memories ^^)
  2. (soon after 1) The first time you can stand for 1 round in front of your troops.
  3. (many months later) The first time you can survive the WB ultimate attack (this is where I am now)
  4. (soon after 3 if you planned ahead) The first time you can survive 2 or more WB attacks
In this post I will focus on #3 and perhaps touch upon #4.

For some demonstration and explanation I made a video about this so I will put that at the bottom of this post if you like to see the video. Other than that let's look at some important factors:

Important Factors to Survive World Boss

In no particular order:

Health or HP

The most obvious and absolutely required element to have is a lot of health. How much exactly to survive the WB ultimate depends on other factors but I started surviving as of about 160,000 health.

If it is important for you to earn more gold and daru from the World Boss then you have the following decision to take: do you put all efforts to earn more at the expense of being weaker in dungeons and pvp? Why? Because for World Boss you will need simply a lot of health and you can boost this via health gems and health astral, which are not really top priority for all other events in the game.

For me, I have decided to, for example, remove some of my defensive gems and get health gems on every single item i have. I have also invested into a health astral, so for example today I could boost my health to 180,000 without potions (with academy).


Something people might not realize straight away is that the chance to Block is very important for surviving World Boss ultimate attacks. For example on my video you can see that when I block I receive roughly 35,000 x 4 damage and when I do not then 45,000 x 4 which is a 40,000 damage difference, which actually at present decides if I live or die.

For this, like for the HP above, you need to decide if you want to convert your gems to block. Today I was looking at different knights and I saw Block stats as different as 3500 up to 8000+ on most top knights, so you can clearly see that some people decide to go for it and others not. Those who have high defense and high health consequently have much lower defenses.

Stats from Titles

After the recent patch we can have additional stats from titles, so you can add up a bunch more stats by getting more titles done.

Here you see I have 3,000+ HP from my bonuses and I don't even have too many titles.

So go to the Title Info and check out the different titles you still have not done and pick the easiest and fastest ones to do to boost your stats higher. Some others like killing sylphs 1000 times may take longer time, but sooner or later you can get it done.

Skills and Runes

Another important aspect are the skills and runes.

For knights, who, as usual, have the short end of the stick, there are 3 skills that can help you with the only problem that these don't do any damage so you lose turn(s) when using them. When on borderline survival then a combination of both Apollo shield and Agoran shield might allow you to survive. This basically reduces damage by 40% and boosts your HP. For knights who have advanced their class then Apollo shield together with Mars' Will are better. And as you get stronger you can manage just with Mars' Will.

For archers your go to skills are Incendiary Shot to reduce damage by 30% as well as do damage, so you don't lose a turn and then you might need bloodthirsty strike to heal back up. As these 2 skills can be simply recast then theoretically archers are at the best position to survive WB indefinitely.

For mages your best friend will be the Guardian rune and for borderline cases you can also cast restoration on yourself to get the 15% damage reduction. Here you will be mostly limited by the rune, so 2 times mages can survive easy. Also Guardian rune can be activated without losing an attack turn with a well planned attack sequence. The only time mage may lose a turn is when casting restoration.


3 Astrals can help with surviving World Boss, they are:

Goddess Blessing: this directly reduces damage as a percentage so it is very reliable and useful to bring down that damage output from WB and help you survive. All people who want to survive need to upgrade this as a first priority.

Illusion: if you max this out and bless it as much as you can you will have a pretty good chance of avoiding 1 or more of WB's attacks making it much easier to survive. Everyone who wants to survive WB needs to max this astral as a second priority.

Brilliance: this helps to boost your health more giving you just a little bit extra chance to survive. This astral can greatly help especially those who are on the borderline. Upgrade as last priority, but especially helpful for knights as they get further HP bonuses.

World Boss Income

When doing just 1 round with the World Boss then naturally the income will be less than when you survive. My knight usually did about 170-200k on AFK mode at 150,000 BR and perhaps around 300k on a lucky manual sylph round with double attacks. Other stronger players, especially archers and mages, would earn a lot higher, while still on 1 round.

Moving on to surviving 1 ultimate attack your income nearly doubles to about 400k compared with average 250k. It will never be 2 times more I believe but you will certainly feel the difference. Also if you take into account the time difference it is definitely not 2 times more. You basically only gain 20 seconds when you survive the World Boss ultimate attack because that is the time you have to wait when you die.

Surviving more than 1 ultimate attack

Thanks to my friend GreyGandalf I can share with you his nice income when he survived 2 ultimate attacks. Here you see the screenshot - a whooping 1.2 million gold and daru:

and here are his stats and astrals for those that want to see:

World Boss Survival Video

And last, but no the least, my video where I survive the World Boss and talk about the steps and the various elements:

And this one is the video of Elia which was about doing double attacks but you can also see her making a nice 650k income per round.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Old-Fashioned Pack Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, this month we had a nice little box called the Old-Fashioned Pack and from this a bunch of people have been able to get nice items like Fashion Cores / Shards and Full Clothing Sets. So it might be interesting for many people to see what are the drop rates from this chest and for that I have prepared the following report (version 1) - check it out! :)

This time i was able to find another source for the drop rates so I put those below my report and you can see that they both give pretty similar results, except on the clothing pieces i'd say the mine is a bit too much due to lower sample size.

So what do we see from this Old-Fashioned chest?

We have pretty high %s for the 100,000 gold and the Fashion Core Shards and the Old Leather which add up to about 75-80%, which means that the vast majority of time you will be getting one of these items.

Then about 14-17% of the time, which is 1 or 2 from 10 boxes you will be getting either a Fashion Core or a Good Luck Charm which is quite nice I think for non-cashers especially.

And last, but not the least are the various clothing packs, which seem to have 1% each for dropping, making it about 4-5% if you put em all together, which is a pretty good chance, again, especially for non-cashers.

And remember guys, at any time, for any thing, feel free to email me data - if I can use it - I will.

Clothing Chest / Box Contents

Here are the items you get exactly in each of the clothing chests:

Exotic Chest

  • Exotic Star x1
  • Exotic Charm x1
  • Exotic Addict x1

Hallowed Chest

  • Halloween's Trick x1
  • Hallows Costume x1
  • Hallowed Hat x1

Evil Chest

  • Evil Dragon's Breath x1
  • Evil Dragon's Scale x1
  • Evil Dragon's Horn x1

Thanksgiving Chest

  • Plumed Helm x1
  • Thanksgiving Armor x1

And here is the exchange for the Old Leathers:

Old Leather x20 for Exotic Chest x1
Old Leather x20 for Hallowed Chest x1
Old Leather x20 for Evil Chest x1
Old Leather x12 for Thanksgiving Chest x1
Old Leather x1 for 80,000 Gold

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Using 7-day Mounts to Raise Your Max Mount Training Level!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, in my last Love Thy Mount event video, I made the new 7-day mount, the Mechanical Steed, and this increased the maximum level I could train my mount stats to. I wanted to see what happened to my stats when the steed expired and here are the results!

Top: With Mechanical Steed, Bottom: Without Mechanical Steed
Here it shows that my "Current Max Level" doesn't drop, so that whips that I put into it were not lost when the Mechanical Steed expired, but as expected, my stats did drop +50 without the mount. I'm quite pleased! This means I can use the other 7-day mounts to raise my maximum level and train with more whips, and then not losing the stats gained from the whips once the mount expires.

Now that I've established that little test, I synthesized 4 Mechanical Steed cards, and used them all so that I'll have the mount for about a month :)

Hope this helps clarify some things for people ^^

Monday, August 25, 2014

Challenge - How long can you remain serious?

Hey guys, a small break from Wartune :) many of you know I like to make people smile, so here is a video where YOU have a challenge NOT to laugh as long as possible!!! Look at the timer and post in the comments how many seconds were you able to keep a 100% serious face!! :)

So here we go: How long can you remain serious? :D

Friday, August 22, 2014

Vote to Choose Elia's Next Sylph Refinement!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Alright you guys, after this month's God's Descent, I'll have enough materials to refine three sylphs! I don't really have a big preference as to which one comes next, since I'll probably still only use Aegis and Hercules anyway lol.

So, it's up to you guys: Amazon Queen, Apollo, or Iris?

(Pan isn't an option yet, because I don't have a purple one, but I will work on this eventually)

One vote per user, per social media outlet. Vote by commenting anywhere you see this post. I'll add up all the answers from the blog, Facebook, and Google+ and do a video about the one chosen soon!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Love Thy Mount Event Video and the New Mechanical Steed!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, had a nice Love Thy Mount event this month. I managed to train my mount almost 69,000 times! You can check out my video on the event below :)

➜ Wartune Guide - Love Thy Mount Event - 69k Whips Trained! 
(Don't know what's wrong with trying to embed these videos lately, but I haven't been able to, so it's linked instead)

Also, there's a new 7-day mount out, Mechanical Steed! Mechanical Steed gives +10 to your max attributes and only costs 125 Shadow Souls, so I was happy to make it and be able to put more of my whips into Intellect and Armor. Still, the vast majority of my whips went into Endurance this month. It's interesting to me to have so much HP now, since I've never prioritized the stat before. Whoops *sweatdrop* -__-'

Hope people didn't sell too many of those Shadow Souls -- you know who you are :P

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

God's Descent - Optimizing Attempts

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Disclaimer: I have no knowledge yet of when God's Descent will be held. We've only had it twice so far: once before and once after Class Wars; once on a weekend and once on weekdays. Do not take the blog post as some hint that God's Descent is coming tomorrow or anything of the sort. The only educated guess I'm taking is that it will be somewhere between the published date of this post and August 31, 2014.

Hey you guys, we're at the latter half of the month, so before the next God's Descent starts, I thought it would be helpful to talk about how to optimize the number of free attempts you get per boss.

First, the basic mechanics of God's Descent Boss consist of the following:
  • You begin attacking the Boss, and a 30 minute timer will start.
  • You must complete defeating the Boss within the timer, or purchase more using bound or regular balens. 
  • You are given one free attempt every 10 minutes right at about ##:#1 server time.
  • You can save up to 5 free attempts.
  • Additional attempts can be purchased with bound or regular balens.
My recommendation for when the bosses start getting very difficult for you is to do the following:
  1. Collect a full 5 attempts.
  2. Start attacking the Boss between 00:07-8 (or any ##:#7-8) -- this means your non-balening time with the Boss will end at 00:37-8.
  3. Freely use your attempts to bring down the Boss's HP.
  4. You will receive additional attempts at 00:11, 00:21, and 00:31.
  5. This ensures that you'll not only get 3 additional free attempts, but that you'll also have time to use the last one.
I hope this helps! God's Descent is a "pre-cashing" event, where people who cash more and have higher BR don't have to spend as much to do well in the event. I recommend going as far as you can using this technique, or at least not spending more than a few dollars. The rewards for individual Boss kills are not worth dropping big money on, and even the rank rewards for the end of the events are not good enough to justify spending a lot at this event. 

You can check out some of my God's Descent action from last month in the following vids :)

The Early Bosses
I was super groggy and didn't do commentary here, that's why it's on my personal channel

A Couple of the Later Bosses
Here I show beating some of the levels where it got really tough for me and I had to use well over 5 free attempts.

Have fun, test your toon's PvE progress, and play smart!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Achievements from Patch 3.1 Part 1: Title Bonuses Opened!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, there's still a lot going on with the new patch. Troubles with the Battlegrounds not opening have stalled many of my friends from doing Advanced Class stuff, but many have opened up Title bonuses at this point, which is a huge battle rating upgrade!

To get title bonuses, you have to complete a main quest series called Imperial Glory.

This is the grizzly dude you have to talk to.
  1. Talk to General William
  2. Complete Badlands on Nightmare Mode
  3. Pass Level 60 of Catacombs
  4. Pay 200 Shadow Crystals
  5. Participate in 2 Tank Trials (win or lose)
  6. Talk to General William
This series is quite a bit easier than the Advanced Class one, just make sure to save up the 200 shadow crystals. (Tip: if you're short on shadow crystals, the flowers at wedding drop a lot of them)

Once the quests are finished, you can look in your title info or the buff icon at the top of your window to see the huge BR boosts!

I often drop my BR at night, but when I don't, I get these awesome bonuses from Balenor's Top Warrior and such!
I wasn't too into "badge-hunting" or in this case title-hunting before (I'm way far away from Grim Reaper), but now at least there's a BR incentive to do so. Some easy HP can come from the "Master Landscaper" title, where you just weed and kill pests 100 times each. Another relatively manageable one for level 70+ players is the "Hero for Life" title, which requires you to beat all of the multi-player dungeons on Nightmare mode.

Have a title you're particularly proud of or find funny? Please share in the comments! I don't carry a title around, so I guess that says something about my personality, but I'm not sure what lol xD

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Achievements from Patch 3.1 Part 1: Astral Master and Advanced Class Opened!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, lots of of new stuff out with the introduction of Patch 3.1! I thought I'd share a bit of how far I've gotten so far, and what's required for the new stuff.

Astral Master

First "Advanced" quest I finished was Astral Master, which requires capturing 5,000 astrals. I had a lot of gold on me so that wasn't a problem, but the clicking was pretty tedious. It's much cheaper to do this by manually clicking rather than using One-click Capture, which only counts the non-white astrals that are captured, not the white ones that are automatically sold.

Astral Master opens one of the new advanced slots. I bought Sacred Pisces for 45,000 Star points, and fed my level 7 PDEF astral into it. Sacred Pisces and its PATK counter part, Sacred Gemini, give both attack and a new stat, Penetration. Penetration is described by the game as "Reduce the target's chance to parry," which I think just means it's a counter to the Block stat.

Advanced Class

Advanced Class opens up an assortment of new features for level 80 players. There are 6 quests you have to complete to unlock it:
  1. Max out your Dragon Soul (Legendary Dragon Soul)
  2. Clear Lych's Lair on Nightmare Mode
  3. Win a Tank Battle
  4. Have 3 (Team) Wins in Battleground
  5. Clear the Dragon King Abyss
  6. Talk to Brad
The only very big pain here was winning the Battlegrounds. Since everyone's trying to complete these quests, you have to put on quite the show to get a win. Find ways to cooperate with your BG team for more success.

Many new options opened up once the Advanced Class quests were done. I'm still exploring some things, but the big ones at first were Advanced Astrals (2nd slot), Advanced Dragon Soul, and Advanced Skills.

For now I'm putting MDEF in for PvE instances, and EGA in for PvP ones.

I started with 12 more skill points and there are more to come!
The other very big thing to become available is Dragon Invasion, but I've just started running it and will get a separate video and blog post for it soon :)

Hope you're all having fun with the new patch. New patches can be frustrating, especially as far as lag goes. I recommend clearing your cache, and then over a couple days it will repopulate and the lag is more manageable after that.

Dressed up like Wartune (Cosplay)

Hey guys, did you know that there are real life people dressed up like Wartune? :) It's Wartune Cosplay and I think most of it was done for promotional reasons, but why not? :) It's fun and it's very beautiful and it brings us closer to the game we love! :)

So I went searching and I prepared these pictures for you to enjoy (note I couldn't find any "male" pictures unfortunately as I am sure both genders would look great since this is a fantasy thing, not a "human" thing).

Here first on the right is my favorite one ^^ - which one is yours?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[Make Elia Say Something Ridiculous] Picture Contest!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, I was having a lot of fun awhile back getting my friends to help me set up various photos, and I encourage you to have some fun and share yours as well :)

All 8 of the stables mounts

Celebrating my 2nd place finish in Class Wars with a panda posse ^^

So I thought we could do a little photo submission contest. Winner gets to tell me to say whatever they want in one of my upcoming videos (no profanity, and keep it somewhat clean...)!

  1. It can be a picture of anything in Wartune (not just the posed pics in guild chamber like I did) -- funny, epic, whatever you think is awesome!
  2. Do not photoshop anything. It should be a moment captured in the game without being altered.
  3. Link it in the comments section ( or can help with that).
  4. Judging is subject to the whims of a very sick panda right now (entertain me :P)
I'll stop accepting submissions once my voice comes back, and I can start doing commentary for my videos again.

Get creative!

Most Profitable Items in the Arena Shop for Gold Income

(Written by Raven for DolyGames; Edited by COSMOS)

A lot of people have already finished making their level 70 sets and only need Insignia now for their medallions. It is still possible to make profit out of all the Insignia you have stored up in your mail, inventory or Guild Vault.

Gold Income Per Item Table

Here you can see what the most profitable way is to get a lot of Gold from the Insignia which you have stored up. On the right hand side are already calculated cases of bulk insignia selling, from 10,000 to 50,000 insignia. Straight away you can see what the least and most profitable amounts of Gold are per which item and per how many Insignia.

Thinking about your Bag Space

Looking at the table above, you can see that all Crystaloids and Level 3 Experience books give the same amount of gold, however, if you want to store up gold for later use rather than sell immediately it would be a lot wiser to invest in Level 6 Crystaloids because they will take the least amount of your bag space.

Future of Insignia

According to a friend from my Guild, the Chinese servers have Insignia converted to a resource rather than an item. Their Insignia is directly available from the Arena Shop instead of taking up loads of inventory. This is pretty cool, but the downside to this is that the current amount of Insignia does not appear on the game UI,  but instead only in the Arena Shop.

What is your opinion in the best way to make Gold using Insignia?  Would you spend your Insignia’s on some of the above formula’s? Do you know a better way to make even more Gold? Let us know.

People who don't yet have the 70 set

For the lower level people or those still gathering for the 70 set it would be better to use insignia for your equipment, however, you might have a situation where there is an event with great rewards such as the clothing identification, in which case you might consider selling off some of your insignia for a gold injection. But I would only suggest this if the reward is really good.

Other uses of Insignia - Refinement Crystals

Apart from selling for gold, another choice would be to buy the equipment items and recycle them for refinement crystals. As this post is about gold profits I keep this point short.

Plundering 720k Gold

Hey guys, I got an email from super happy and excited Smiley who is having a blast after plundering 720k gold! :)

Although I must say I don't know the background behind this plunder. I generally advise people, from kindness perspective, not to plunder people immediately after Wold Boss, and, at least on my server, we have kind agreements not to plunder if someone is saving up gold for something big. This is because whatever gold profit is not worth a damaged friendship :)

Anyways, check out his screenshot:
What was your record plunder? Put down in the comments.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Become DolyGames Patron!

Hey guys :) I know you love all the hundreds and hundreds of videos and blog posts I have created and I thank you tons for following me and subscribing to me and sharing my creations to the world.

Now I have created a Patreon account / page - - through which you guys can support me / DolyGames to have more monthly income so that I can continue smiling, building a nice team and with DolyGames Team creating great content for you guys to enjoy! :-)

You can give as little as $1 monthly - it all helps and adds up!
"Support the stuff you love to live on and grow and never be sorry for the stuff you love to die or disappear!"
So check it out and I thank you in advance!! :)

Extra info - What is Patreon and Frequent Questions?

Patreon lets fans support their favorite creators by becoming patrons.

Who can be a Patron?

Anyone with an email address or a Facebook account, a credit/debit card or a PayPal account, and a heart of gold. It takes just seconds to sign up.

Sounds great. How do I start pledging?

Signing up as a patron is quick and easy with either an email address or Facebook account. To begin pledging, all you need to do is find your favorite creators and become a patron by filling in your financial account information. We currently use Stripe and Paypal to handle our incoming payments.

Can I make my patronage private?

Yes. Visit the privacy section under your account settings to toggle profile visibility.

What does it cost to use Patreon?

Patreon is free to use. You decide how much or little you'll pledge to the creators you love!
Full Patreon FAQ can be found here

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Videos: Wilds Bosses, Spire 20 and Soul Engraving 70

Hey guys, check out my latest 3 videos. First one is on Wilds' Bosses (Spirit of Dark, Spirit of Fire) with a pretty strong team, then second one is Spire up to Stage 20 - pretty cool, and last is my soul engraving this month up to level 70.

So here goes, first on Spirit of Dark and Spirit of Fire:

Next up a cool Spire run up to level 20:

And lastly, my Soul Engraving until stage 70:

Flying in Wartune

(Written by Raven for DolyGames)

So yesterday I was just looking around on Wartune trying to find something cool. I succeeded. I assume that everybody who has seen the capability of the Azure Dragon, the level 8 mount stables, has seen that it can fly in the skies of Cloud City.

It appears that the mount, which players can acquire from the monsters, elites and bosses in Wilds, the Majestic Stingray, also has the ability to fly in Cloud City.

Here you can see what I mean, both the Azure Dragon and the Majestic Stingray share the special ability : Flight.

(Picture by Eliatan)

(Picture by Raven)

(Picture & Stats by Wartune Wikia)

How to get it:

Blacksmith > Syntheses > 1200 Mystery Stones (gotten from the Wilds monsters)

What it gives:

  • +40 to all stats
  • For stables training +10 to max level
  • Move Speed +30%
  • Mount Strength +500
  • Special ability: Flight
As you can see. Both Azure Dragon and Majestic Stingray have the ability of Flight, so both of them should be able to fly in Cloud City. Also, this is how the Majestic Stingray looks in color.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sky Trail Tips and Video

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, success in Sky Trail is a key part of collecting (free) materials for sylph refinement. Here I'll layout a few things to think about before and during your efforts to complete as many levels as you can.

The two important resistance to have on your toon when facing a very tough Boss are the resistance of the Boss's element, but more importantly is the resistance of YOUR sylph. It doesn't make much sense to me either, but if you're using Gaia/Hercules, you'll take less damage if you have very high electro resistance, than if you just stack dark resistance for the 1-5/2-5/3-5 Bosses.

I'd recommend finding a way to put Regeneration and Illusion into your astrals if you have them. For knight and archers, Enhanced Guardian Angel (EGA) is also a decent option to help your survivability, but I would not suggest it to mages, because it will greatly decrease the chances of crit healing yourself.

Like all other single target PvE instances, Crit builds are going to flourish in Sky Trail more so than Will Destroyer ones. I'm hoping to get another post out soon about building an ideal toon for PvE combat (not at all what I have for my own toon at the moment).

I would have recommended Heal and Mire (or Heal and Rage to archers), but with the introduction of Patch 3.1, we will no longer be able to slow Sky Trail bosses. Now I'd go with Heal and Brutality/Rage, for the bosses where survival is questionable.

For your class-based skills, I would aim for ones that will help keep you alive and deal decent single target damage. But ones for survival are more important -- the vast majority of your damage will be dealt while in sylph mode.

I think if you have Electro/Dark or Fire/Dark, you can deal with most any Boss, given the right stats. Though I do have a friend who managed to beat one of the electro bosses with his blue Pan, which is much much weaker than his main sylph. Discretion is advised.

There are two basic skills that you should practice and get down pat to have more success in all PvE endeavors, including Sky Trail.
  1. Using a Rune after going into Sylph Mode. I helped Cosmos with some full-proof explanation of how to do this, and he explains it in the video below.

  2. Double hitting without slows, which I layout how to do in the blog post Double Hits in World Boss (you can use the same process to get them in Sky Trail) and the video below.

Elia versus Sky Trail
Finally, here's some footage of me taking on a few levels of Sky Trail that were new to me at the time!

Wartune Gameplay and Guide - Sky Trail LIII-5 to LIV-1

(Going to have to settle for a link right now, something wrong going on when I try to embed this vid. Hopefully fixed soon)

Please ask questions and share your own advice for beating Sky Trail Bosses (in general, or specific ones) in the comments section!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Upgrading Clothing by Failing Synthesis

Hey guys, here is a little strange guide on reaching success in clothing synthesis by failing :)

I am, of course, talking about free players or players who do not wish to spend balens on good luck charms and having to do clothing synthesis with fashion cores alone.

I know some friends out there have even managed to go 1 level higher than I show in the video, but this is certainly a possible way to get higher levels of clothing as long as you are psychologically ready to survive the epic fails.

So check out my video guide on this and I wish you tons of luck in your synthesis. For those people who want to share their data post it in the comments and if there will be lots of data in the comments i will compile  all the data into 1 nice report for everyone.

Level 12 Gem Transposer from Necropolis!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, since the introduction of the Dragon Soul System, I've started to do all 30 levels of Necropolis every day. It's definitely a high crypt key cost, but I think the gem rewards and Dragon Essence rewards now make it more worth it for me (there are very few other places right now where I can gain substantial BR) than Catacombs (though I still do both).

One of the possible, but very rare, drops from level 25 of Necropolis is a level 12 gem transposer. I don't expect to be able to make a level 12 any time soon, but it's still fun to see this item. Even better, it's a pretty useful one -- Crit!

I used the scroll and checked it out in the Blacksmith. It "only" requires a modest two level 11 gems to synthesize a level 12 gem, and for the crit one it gives +660 Crit! xD

What transposers or interesting drops have you guys gotten from Catacombs and Necropolis? Oddly enough, I seem to have the most trouble getting level 10 transposers :\

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

10 Things the DolyGames Team Needs NOWWWZZZ

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, there are many updates coming up this month, but in a moment of emotional outburst, Cosmos and I were talking about some of the things we really want ASAP. Clearly I'm not as a powerful of a mage as I need to be, because I tried to wave a wand and none of them appeared >.<

I'm quite lazy, and Cosmos and I are both packrat hoarders, so most of what we brought up are to make things easier for our gaming tendencies . . .

  1. Advanced/Senior Astrals -- capture 1k astrals at a time :D
  2. 9999 Stacked items for bags and vault -- hoarder necessity >.<
  3. Insignias no longer a physical item in bags, to avoid this mailbox situation:

  4. Fourth page in bags!
  5. New troops (Cosmos is particularly ready for this one :P) -- this is what my Daru is looking like these days:

  6. For this picture to not be photoshopped:

  7. Real-life supernatural abilities . . . 
  8. A maid.
  9. One and a half donuts (One's too little, Two's too much).
  10. Several ice-cold beers . . . Wait, what was this post about again?
What updates have you guys heard about that you really want implemented NOWNOW? Vent, because we all have to some times ;)

Monday, August 4, 2014

VIDEOS: Wilds' Boss & Elites and Gem Synthesis

Hey guys, 2 more videos up and running. First one on Wilds' Boss and Elites chop chop ^^

And the second one on the Gem Synthesis - I made it more like a guide explaining my thinking while I am doing the different things with the gems and conversions:

How to Effectively play Wartune as a Non-Casher

(Written by Raven for DolyGames)

Non-Cashers in Wartune always have had trouble keeping up with the cashers. I’m sure a lot of you Non-Cashers went into the Battlegrounds one day and saw people in clothing that were much more powerful than you are.

There is a way to be just as strong as them, if you have the time and patience for this.
I am a Non-Casher myself, I can feel what you’re going through and in this post I will give all of you Non-Cashers a idea on how to become stronger in Wartune over time without spending anything.

This is my character scheme. How and when I leveled and how I managed to become both strong at low levels and to stay around the same level for a long time.

The most important thing about Non-Cashing is Camping. I hear a lot of players have trouble with it so here is how I camp. Once you get used to it it’s really not hard at all.

Remember one thing, as a camper EXP is your worst enemy, not other players.

Forgotten Catacombs, Multi-player Dungeons, Single player Dungeons.

I don’t do those unless I need materials, and even then I use dungeons that are at least 10 levels lower than me.

For example, if you’re planning on using PvP equipment you dont need to do dungeons. And even if you do, they mostly come with a Main Storyline Quest. If you complete the quest but don’t want to accept it because of the EXP it gives, just don’t click it. Just let it be green in your Quest Tracker until you’re ready to level up.

Multi-player Dungeons

Multi-player Dungeons are a way to gather Crystaloids and Legendary Stones for PvE equipment. These are oftenly stronger than the PvP sets but require you to go in dungeons to gain the materials. But they also give a lot of the unnecessary EXP.

A way to effectively do Multiplayer Dungeons is to never do the final boss. The final boss doesn’t give Crystaloids or Legendary Stones compared to the bosses before it. So just skip it.

The final boss of a Multiplayer Dungeon gives a lot of EXP, so it is best to avoid them at all costs, unless you plan to level up. However if the rest of the party does want to do the final boss you can also just asign somebody else as leader, leave and have them invite you. That way you already used your attempt for the dungeon you did to get the Crystaloids and Legendary Stones, without having to worry about the boss and his massive exp.

Forgotten Catacombs

Is the easiest way to get Gems that you can use in your gear, for a heavy EXP price. Only do Catacombs when you really need the Gems. Upon reaching level 45 you unlock the Jewel Hunt System. With Jewel Hunt you can gain Gems without getting EXP.

That, and Jewel Hunt also drops other items that you can use to improve your stats with, such as Fate Stone’s, Mount Training Whips and Soul Crystals. As well as the new Jewel Hunt Shards.

So now you’re probably wondering : If I can’t do dungeons or catacombs or complete quests, why should I stay in the game or what can I do?

It’s better to be prepared than continually lose to cashers, right?
You see those cashers in their clothing, getting rage much higher at the start of a battle. While you’re still low you can already alter a lot of your gear, and yes you too can obtain clothing if you’re willing to work for it. Each in-game month you can get up to 300 Bound Balen, and more if you’re doing the Guild Blessind daily.

So now that you have your level 1 clothing you might be wondering how to effectively upgrade it. Circuit Quests in the Eastern part of Cloud City near the fountain. Every 50’s quest they drop 3 Fashion Shards. Except the 200’s quest. So a easy idea on how to upgrade clothing is to do those ‘annoying and boring’ Circuit Quests, it’s well worth it, while you do the quests you receive Soul Crystals for every 10’s quest, as well as gold and Daru per quest.

At the end of the month, with each week having completed 150 Circuit Quest you end up with 36+ Fashion Shards, which you can then forge into Fashion Core’s. A Fashion Core acts as level 1 clothing, so it’s best to save these up also. While you get the Cores from the Circuit Quests you might want to have a higher chance of succesfully upgrading clothing. You can use Good Luck Charms for that. They do require Balen to be bought, but you already have level 1 clothing so you can then focus on buying the Charms instead for the future.


these are also a great way to improve your Battle Rating and get more rewards for it at the same time. So it is best to save up items for events. These items are:

  • Soul Crystals
  • Mount Training Whips
  • Level 4 gems

Save up as many of those as you can, they’re the most common event items. The more used during the event the more rewards you can get. It doesn’t hurt to spend a couple of inventory slots just to save up items.
If you’re still a little confused about what to do now or have any questions, feel free to reply to this post. If you want proof about my character becoming this strong.

My Stats

  • Class : Knight (female)
  • Honor Rank : Lord Divine
  • Level : 61
  • Battle Rating : 81,9k
  • Sylph : 3 star Blue Gaia
  • Equipment : Level 55 PvP set with level 50 PvE Jewels

My name is Raven, and this is, How to Effectively play Wartune as a Non-Casher.