Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Level 9 Wings and Clothing

I finally went for it and made my level 9 wings and weapon cloaking! I’m sad that the Special Tailor events have not been giving the good event chests, but I had been waiting too long to make these.

Level 9 wings and clothing

Some little reminders about clothing synthesis / special tailor events:

  • Clothing isn’t very important! Slowly build up free materials and aim to get rewards at hot events. For the cost, it shouldn’t be a priority beyond the first few levels.

  • Level 9 wings and clothing are no longer the maximum – they go to level 13 now – but I don’t recommend synthesizing past level 9 until there are rewards for it in the special tailor events.

  • The Emperor clothing set isn’t guaranteed for making level 9 pieces anymore, but you can use Fashion cores or level 1 clothing pieces to get different styles until you get the emperor pieces (I show this in the video).

VIDEO: Wartune Character Upgrade – Lvl. 9 Wings and Clothing

Level 9 Wings and Clothing

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