Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wartune Events 27 May 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 27 May 2015 – there are a lot of them:

Part 1 of 3: Sylph Upgrade, Blessing, a bunch of Login rewards and getting Honor:

Wartune Events 27 May 2015 - 1

Part 2 of 3: Sylph Upgrade 2, Sylph Tamer and Card Engulfing:

Wartune Events 27 May 2015 - 2

Part 3 of 3: EPIC Spender 7 days

Wartune Events 27 May 2015 - 3

Wartune Events 27 May 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

Sky Adventure Hunt Info

Hey guys, pretty soon we will get Sky Adventure (confirmed by R2Games). Sky Adventure is basically a mini casher game with not so bad rewards.

Sky Adventure

Disclaimer: We may or may not get this and if we do get this, some of the rules/rewards might be changed/removed/modified.


  • Level 18+

  • Energy Stone

How to play Sky Adventure:

This event randomly pulls up every week for 2 days. To play the Sky Adventure you need to raise the hot air balloon to a certain height to claim a treasure chest (get certain amount of points). The higher it rises/points you get, you will get more valuable treasure chests. To raise the hot air balloon, you need “Energy Stones” and they can be gained from the shop and events. Unfortunately, I could not find this item anywhere in the shop so if I ever find it, I will update you guys but I know for a fact that the Energy Stone can be only gained by cashing (using real balens) :D. One energy stone gives 1 EXP/point to the hot air balloon. The two buttons underneath the hot air ballon are:

  • Left One: Consume x1 Energy Stone

  • Right One: Consume x50 Energy Stone

The Treasure Chests:

Sky Adventure Treasure Chest Rewards

As you can see, you need a certain amount of points to redeem these chests. For an example, the first treasure chest requires 200 points so this means you need x200 Energy Stones for it. Here are the rewards you get from each treasure chest.

200 point treasure chest gives:

  • x5 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

  • x100 Runestones

400 point treasure chest gives:

  • x10 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

  • x100 Runestones

600 point treasure chest gives:

  • x15 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

  • x100 Mystery Runestones

800 point treasure chest gives:

  • x200 Soul Seals

  • x10 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

1,000 point treasure chest gives:

  • x15 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

  • x200 Beads of Influence

1,200 point treasure chest gives:

  • x300 Mount Whips

  • x1 Level 5 HP Gem

1,400 point treasure chest gives:

  • x350 Mahra

  • x2 Level 5 HP Gems

1,600 point treasure chest gives:

  • x300 Advanced Mahra

  • x3 Level 5 HP Gems

Ranking and its rewards:

Sky Adventure Rankings

Just like any other mini game (except for Golden Road), Sky Adventure has rankings and rewards. The rankings are determined by how much points you have. Here are the rewards for rank 1-3. Unfortunately. there are no rewards for the lower ranks :( .

Sky Adventure Rank Rewards

Rank One:

  • 5 Million Gold

  • x2 Level 8 Gems

  • Sura’s War Elephant Mount Card

  • x300 Advanced Sepulcrum

Rank Two:

  • 3 Million Gold

  • x2 Level 7 Gems

  • Dark Scorpion Mount Card

  • x200 Advanced Sepulcrum

Rank Three:

  • 1 Million Gold

  • x3 Level 6 Gems

  • x100 Advanced Sepulcrum

The rewards are not so bad in my opinion. What do you think? Comment below and feel free to ask questions on this upcoming mini game, Sky Adventure.

Sky Adventure Hunt Info

Wartune Events 26 May 2015

Hey guys here are the Wartune Events 26 May 2015:

War Emblem Resistance upgrade for Kids / Eudaemons for 3 days and Big Spender 1 day:

Wartune Events 26 May 2015

Wartune Events 26 May 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015

First Red Sylph in Western Wartune

Hey guys, Mirandah, a top player from Kong Sever 3 just got her 2nd evolved fire sylph, Aries to red (mythic) quality. I don’t know how much he/she spent on that Sylph but I do know that more and more players are reaching to a max (red) sylph.

Mirandah’s Red Sylph in ranking:

Red Sylph in Ranking

Mirandah’s Red Sylph:

Red Sylph

What do you think of her Sylph? Do you think you will achieve this one day?

First Red Sylph in Western Wartune

Wartune Events 25 May 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 25 May 2015:

Upgrading War Emblem (3 days) and Big Spender (1 day)

Wartune Events 25 May 2015

Related items:

Eudaemon Warpath Crystal Eudaemon Resistance Essence  Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence

Double Virtue Gem Pack

Wartune Events 25 May 2015

Working Hours in Wartune - Booo!

Hey guys, we now have 2 events in Wartune with “working hours”, which is nutz?! This is a game – not a job and I really don’t understand why we need to have “working hours” in specific events. Did the monsters and elements union win a court case against Wartune devs where they get to have time off from us killing them lol :P?

Here they are, check it out:

Sylph Arena working hours

That 1 hour that the sylph arena does not work is a pretty busy hour in the game. A lot of people are trying to quickly finish various activities and complete the Hot Events (before they reset) and it’s rather easy to accidentally miss Sylph Arena and fall in that 1 hour. This is especially true for people who come back home from work late and struggle to get many things done quickly.

Sylph Arena working hours wartune

Expedition closed – working hours

After the Sylph Arena closes, the Expedition closes from midnight to morning. Very annoying again for anyone who logs in late and cannot do the event just because someone decided that digital NPCs, monster and bosses require rest apparently.

Expedition closed - working hours wartune

Specific hours in addition to working hours

Other events work only on specific hours or specific days completely ignoring the fact that people have real lives and it’s the game that needs to be flexible so we can play it when we can and not the real life that should be ruined so that you can do a specific event during a specific time.

  • Why can’t there be a mini-boss which you can do, for less rewards even, if you miss World Boss?

  • Why can’t there be a small solo Atoll boss for casual players or weaker people so they can at least get something and not fall too far behind?

  • Etc. I can write a lot more examples.

>> Monsters and bosses in games should be available to be killed 24 hours in the day :)
>> It is the game that has to be flexible and allow us to play it when we are free!
>> Booo to “working hours” in games!!

Working Hours in Wartune - Booo!

Black Box Drop Rates v2 with 232 boxes

Hey guys, in this 2nd version of the Black Box drop rates report I’ve collected 232 boxes’ data (compared to 58 in version 1), thanks also to lodaa from ngames S8 for sending 82 boxes of data, and so below I share with you the results from V2.

From the 10-30 range, I was really expecting to see a lot more of the 10 Blood of Zeus drops, but the data shows a totally different story. As a matter of fact, you see on the graph below that the most frequent by far is the 20 Blood of Zeus option with 42% chance of getting that compared to the other options (we got that 98 times out of 232). The 10 Blood of Zeus and the 30 are equally lower at 29% drop rate (we got those 67 times out of 232).

So in average if you open a Black Box you will get exactly 20 Blood of Zeus.

Are you surprised at these findings? Did you have a different experience? Write a comment at the bottom.

Black Box Drop Rates v2 with 232 boxes

The Black Box in Wartune

Here just for the record is the screenshot of the Black Box and it’s synthesis window. It contains 10 to 30 Blood of Zeus (but only actually 3 options: 10, 20 and 30) and if you want to maximize this then you gotta put the maximum 9 deer in the farm (no horses at all) and plant a bunch of blue grass + i’d say 2-3 cows for the milk, don’t really need more for this purpose.

Black Box Blood of Zeus Wartune

Black Box Drop Rates v2 with 232 boxes

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wartune Events 24 May 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 24 May 2015:

War Emblem upgrade, Refine Sylph Equipment and Big Spender:

Wartune Events 24 May 2015

Wartune Events 24 May 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wartune Events 23 May 2015

Hi guys please see below the Wartune Events 23 May 2015:

3 Events for Eudaemon (skills upgrade and diamond synthesis) and Big Spender 1 day

Wartune Events 23 May 2015

Wartune Events 23 May 2015

ALL Sylph Fusion Wartune (Two Sylphs Together) Guides

Hey guys, this post is a overview on the three guides I have made on Sylph Fusion. Sylph Fusion was first introduced in Chinese Wartune around 6 months ago (October 2014) which was the Light + Dark Sylph. A few months after, they introduced the Wind + Water Sylph and recently, Chinese Wartune introduced the Fire + Electro Sylph in patch 5.0! So be sure to read all of these guides on your own pace and enjoy 😀

Light + Dark Sylph Fusion Guide:

Find info in detail on the Light + Dark Sylphs with a nice wallpaper for you and everyone to download. Click HERE to go to the guide.

Wartune Sylph Fusion Light + Dark Wallpaper

Wind + Water Sylph Fusion Guide:

Support Sylph + Healing Sylph, how better can these sylphs get? Check out these awesome Sylphs HERE 😀

Wind + Water Sylph Wallpaper

Fire + Electro Sylph Fusion Guide:

With skills like 570% + 1,000 magical attack to OP looking sylphs, the Fire + Electro will dominate the fields of battlegrounds 😛 Check it out HERE.

Fire + Electro Sylph Fusion Featured Image

ALL Sylph Fusion Wartune (Two Sylphs Together) Guides

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro Guide

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune recently got the “5.0 Patch” that included the long waited feature, “Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro.” This seems to be that last sylph fusion but who knows, maybe they might add a “Water + Fire” in the future 😛 .

Note: This may or may not come but this is based off of Chinese Wartune.

Sylph Fusion of Fire + ElectroSylph Fusion of Fire + Electro

Thor – Red Fused Fire + Electro Sylph:

Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro REDThis sylph, Thor does not look anything like it is shown in the wallpapers. I mean, where is Thor’s hammer? 😛

Requirements for the Fire + Electro Sylph:

Unfortunately I do not have a image of the Red Fire/Electro Fusion Panel since I do not have Zeus/Aries but if I get a hold of one, I will update you guys in a new article.

  • Level 80

  • x1 Red 2nd Evolved Fire Sylph (Aries)

  • x1 Red 2nd Evolved Electro Sylph (Zeus)

  • 20,000 balens

  • x1,000 Nucleus of the Sun

  • x1,000 Flame of the Sun

  • x500 Emblem of Fire and Electro

Just like the other Fused Sylph, you cannot use bound balens to fuse your Fire + Electro Sylph.

Nucleus of the Sun:

Flame of the Sun:

Emblem of Fire and Electro:

Emblem of Fire + Electro

Where can you get Emblem of Fire and Electro, Nucleus of the Sun and Flame of the Sun?

Almost all of these materials can be easily gained from big spenders and recharge events but for the free players/mild cashers, getting all of these materials will be a bit challenging.


Nucleus of the Sun can be gained from the Titan War Shop and Chaos War Shop.

Flame of the Sun can also be gained from the Class Wars Shop and the Cross Server Guild Battle Shop:

Flame of the Sun in Shops

Emblem of Fire and Electro are not in free events but they can be dropped in Sylph Expedition.

Tyre – Orange Fused Fire + Electro Sylph:

Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro ORANGE

Doesn’t this sylph look like Genghis Khan? 😛


Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro Panel ORANGE

  • x1 Orange Hercules

  • x1 Orange Cerberus

  • 20,000 balens

  • x500 Nucleus of the Sun

  • x500 Flame of the Sun

  • x300 Emblem of Fire and Electro

  • Level 70+

Almost everyone has Hercules these days and getting them to orange (legendary) won’t be a big deal for the next 3-4 months but the the 20,000 balens will be a problem. 20,000 balens is just too much for a Orange Fused Sylph. What do you think?

Can you convert Sylph Tyre (Orange Fused Sylph) to Thor (Red Fused Sylph)?

Yes you can convert Tyre to Thor. Unfortunately, I do not have a image for it but here are the requirements for conversion:

  • x1,000 Balens/Bound-Balens

  • 50 Million Gold

  • x5,000 Moon Rock

  • x5,000 Moon Dust

  • x1,000 Emblem of Fire and Electro

  • Sylph Tyre needs to be RED

The moon dust and moon rock will be common once Sylph Fusion System comes out but the Emblem of Fire + Electro will be a challenge to many players.

Skills of Fire + Electro Sylphs.

Once you fuse your Sylphs, your skills will be replaced with random Fire/Electro Skills. If you want to replace a skill, you cannot use the old Fire Skills of Electro Skills on the Fused Sylphs that cost 395-774 balens. For an example, if you want to buy another skill like “Vulcan’s Judgement” you would need to buy the “Required Level: 70/80 Fire and Electro Vulcan’s Judgement” which costs 2,000 balens/bound balens instead of the “Required Level 50: Vulcan’s Judgement.” .

Sylph Fusion Fire + Electro Skills

When Chinese Wartune got the Fire + Electro Sylph Fusion System, they did not include all of the Fire and Electro Skills because they just want you to buy the new skills! The bad thing is that all of the Fire + Electro sylph skills do not accept bound balens :( .

Destruction’s Kiss – Fire and Electro:


Skill Effect: Deals 315% + 512 physical damage to 1-2 random targets. After use, the entire team’s attack speed is drastically increased for 2 rounds.

Requirements: Level 80 + Thor

Price: 5,000 balens

Lion’s Roar – Fire and Electro:


Skill Effect: Deals 570% + 1000 magic damage to a random target. After use, the caster receives 20% more damage for 2 rounds.

Requirements: Level 80 + Thor

Price: 5,000 balens

Molten Force – Fire and Electro:


Skill Effect: User’s damage increases by 5% with each action, stackable up to 20 times. Can be dispelled.

Requirements: Level 80 + Thor

Price: 5,000 balens

Lightning Scatter – Fire and Electro:


Skill Effect: Every attack has a chance to make an additional random target receive 50% damage.

Requirements: Level 80 + Thor

Price: 5,000 balens

My Thoughts:

Hercules and Cerberus are very easy to get, to make and to upgrade but when it comes to fusing sylphs, it requires cashing. If you are one of those “One time” cashing person, this would be a great place to do so because now days, it isn’t all about the players strength but the sylphs strength. If you are a non-casher, just go with the flow and make your sylph stronger because there are lots of non-cashers out there in Chinese Wartune that have stronger sylphs then the players with fused sylphs. Hope you guys liked this piece of info and be sure to comment/ask question below 😀

  • Sylph Fusion of Light + Dark, click HERE

  • Sylph Fusion of Wind + Water, click HERE

Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro Guide

Wartune Events 22 May 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 22 May 2015:

Recharge (good one) + Big Spender + Eudaemon / kids equipment upgrade

Wartune Events 22 May 2015

Wartune Events 22 May 2015

Dual Gems Upgrade

After a bit of contemplation, I went ahead and made a whole bunch of dual gems. I’m really pleased with the results!


My main advice to everyone is to make sure you leave in a full set of purely ATK gems in your gear, since the only dual gems with ATK in them are ATK + Crit.

There are a lot of different directions you can go with these new gems, but make sure to look at the synthesis page first, since the combination options are pretty limited at the moment. Here’s my “before and after”:

  • Before: 10 MATK, 10 HP, 9 PDEF, 6 Crit, 3 MDEF

  • After: 10 MATK, 10 MATK + Crit, 10 PDEF + HP, 8 MDEF + HP


VIDEO: Wartune Character Upgrade – Dual Gems (28 Level 12s!)

Check out the vid for all the details! ^^

Dual Gems Upgrade

Sylph Expedition First Gameplay and Review Patch 4.0 Part 2

Hey guys, let’s talk a little bit about Sylph Expedition (also recorded a video of that, sharing below), which is a new feature added in Patch 4.0 Part 2.

First, some general info:

  • Daily event

  • Level 60+ required

  • Opening hours 8:00 to 24:00 (“why oh why”)

  • Can use up to 6 of your own sylphs and 1 sylph from a friend (sylphs can die) – friend gets 20k Gold for helping

  • Blitz is possible after requirements are met

  • Has its own special Expedition Skills which can be leveled up (Sylph with the lowest HP casts them)

  • It is a near automatic event where you mostly watch and sometimes use expedition skills

My impressions / review of Sylph Expedition

My overall opinion is negative about this event. I would prefer if they had invested the resources used to create Sylph Expedition into something more active and more fun.

  • Poorly thought out feature for most players: You don’t matter almost at all yourself, the only thing that matters is if you can get your server’s top player’s best sylph (need to have him online and on friend’s list) as 1 such powerful sylph supported by the Expedition Skills is worth tons more than all your sylphs put together. Again, this is a judgement for most players, not top players.

  • Rewards are negligible – no worries if you forget to do Sylph Expedition: Items for sylph evolution which we have thousands of in the bags and which we don’t use at all since we get already evolved sylphs either via events or via rewards for cashers. For example I got 69 star tear shards, 69 star sand and 120 sylph equipment shards, which are all useless to me and many other people. The only useful thing (and only temporary) was the 40 Blessings of God, which also will go to useless category once equipments are upgraded.

  • Lower Level / BR players will be happy: However, really good event for level 60 players and weaker players with weak white sylphs :), because you can get lots of rewards using just 1 sylph of top player. And for such players those rewards will be relevant since they are very much behind the others. And this is a good thing – any action which lifts the lower players to the same level as the server is a good action.

Really good job for Boss and Monster Design

Apart from the poor performance of the people who designed this event I do want to give a big thumbs up for the people who worked on the boss and monster design. Just like in dimensions I think the designs are great and my current favorite is the Poseidon design:

Sylph Expedition Poseidon Boss Wartune

Video: Sylph Expedition First Gameplay and Review


Sylph Expedition First Gameplay and Review Patch 4.0 Part 2

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Level 9 Wings and Clothing

I finally went for it and made my level 9 wings and weapon cloaking! I’m sad that the Special Tailor events have not been giving the good event chests, but I had been waiting too long to make these.

Level 9 wings and clothing

Some little reminders about clothing synthesis / special tailor events:

  • Clothing isn’t very important! Slowly build up free materials and aim to get rewards at hot events. For the cost, it shouldn’t be a priority beyond the first few levels.

  • Level 9 wings and clothing are no longer the maximum – they go to level 13 now – but I don’t recommend synthesizing past level 9 until there are rewards for it in the special tailor events.

  • The Emperor clothing set isn’t guaranteed for making level 9 pieces anymore, but you can use Fashion cores or level 1 clothing pieces to get different styles until you get the emperor pieces (I show this in the video).

VIDEO: Wartune Character Upgrade – Lvl. 9 Wings and Clothing

Level 9 Wings and Clothing

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Purgatory Rewards Analysis

Hey guys, here (picture below) I have collected from my own Purgatory blitzes, 12 runs of rewards data, which are all rewards for a “no key” blitz up to and including level 13. So let’s analyze these results and have a look to see if they are awesome or not:

Purgatory Rewards Analysis per item type

Gold Rewards: In every single case I got exactly 1.1 million gold. I would say to get this 100% of the time is very nice even though it is not a huge amount it is an easy million gold for some minutes of AFK blitz.

Resistance crystals and crystal shards: Here I’ll convert all those level 1s into 100 shards to make it easier to count. So that adds up to 1640 crystal shards or 136 crystal shards per run. Again, not bad at all.

Vulcan Stoves: now these I don’t think matter too much. About 2-4 of these are given per run which is basically a negligible amount because just 1 click will require 15 of these. It’s still good that we are getting something, but I would not care too much about these.

Crystals and legendary stones for equipment synthesis: For everyone who already has the equipment sets these are just equivalent to gold, so I ignore them also like above, but of course for those who are still gathering these it is temporarily a very useful reward. Although the legendary stones I am collecting (God knows why).

Other rewards:

Moon dust, at a rate of about 1 item per run, not really something major but maybe adds up over months. Still the Moon Rock is harder to get so this matters less.

One time I got advanced sepulcrum, so that must be a rare drop. I think it feels special since the item is relatively new, but in the long run this is definitely a negligible amount not worth talking about.

Conclusion on Purgatory Rewards

  • First of all they are free and these results are up to level 13 (i still can’t pass level 14) so you’d get more the deeper you get.

  • Secondly I definitely enjoy the million gold + 140 crystal shards daily for a relatively short AFK blitz, but bear in mind that highly competitive players fighting for top ranks will find these amounts completely meaningless.

  • Other items for sure can be ignored.
Conclusion: good for lower level players + casual players; useless for top players.

What do you guys think about this Purgatory analysis? Do you agree with my analysis? Do you have other rewards / experience?

Purgatory no key blitz to level 13

Purgatory Rewards Analysis