Sunday, August 25, 2013

Level 72 and Data Gathering for Wartune Reports

Hey guys, first up just before class wars I leveled up to 72 so here is the picture :)

So now that this is out of the way :) I wanna talk about making some cool reports on Wartune like I already did in the past, but I wanna crank it up to a higher level, so I have added a Contact Form on the right hand side through which you can contact me and so I wanna ask everyone who is willing to share data by sending it to me and with a lot of data I can make nice Wartune reports for everyone.

The kind of stuff which could be interesting:

  • Drops from the new Tower of Kings dungeons (please specify which kind of chests you are talking about and what you got in it)
  • Spins from the Wheel of Fate - how many stones you got from how many spins?
  • And any other chest or box or treasure that you may have gotten your hands on in Wartune or anything else you might want to have a report on

Send me:

  • Your name so I can give you credit (or the name you wish me to use)
  • What thing you are opening and how many?
  • What was in it?
Would be great to get many in 1 email rather than 100 emails with 1 in each :) Try not to overload me.

And in case if you are having issues with the contact form my email is lavashgames @ g m a I l . com

Monday, August 19, 2013

Really Amazing (Off Topic)

Hey guys, we all love Wartune and everything :) but sometimes it is also good to take a little break and discover something which could "wow" you, so I am sorry, but due to the awesomeness of this girl, I am going off topic and posting a non-Wartune related video here. I really just wanna share this with everyone and I hope you all feel what I felt when I saw this performance by Carly Rose, which is absolute amazement, just a whole bunch of positive emotions and goosebumps and even some tears.

So here you go, take a short break from Wartune and watch this video:

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Little bit on Astrals

(posted by Katarina)

Hey guys, Kat here. Today I want to talk a little bit on astrals. Not the do's and don'ts. That has already been covered quite extensively here. Instead I want to talk a little bit about some math involved with astrals.

A few weeks ago, a couple of people in my guild asked a question. "How much gold do you need to spend to get 1k star points?" Having a B.S. in mathematics, I jumped on the task of finding out on average how much gold you would need to spend in order to gain 1k star points. If you're interested in the math behind this little project, then continue reading. If you really don't care then look at the second image and skip to the end for the results.

The first step to doing this was to accumulate trials. So everytime that I went through the motions of clicking on those little orbs to capture astrals, I would keep track of how much gold I started with, and how much I ended with, along with how many star points I gained from that run. As a note, I was selling green and below and feeding blue and above.

While that would seem simple enough, I took it a step further and kept track of how much exp I was gaining per run as well.  The image below is the excel spreadsheet that I kept for this little project. I'll walk you through the calculations.

The far left side of the picture should be pretty self explanatory. All it is are the trials that I did (total of 25) and how much gold I spent for each trial, how many star points were gained, and how much EXP was gained from that run.

I then calculated the average gold I spent per run by summing up all the gold dumped into doing astrals. That number was then divided by the number of trials I did (25) and that's how I got that number. The same process was done with the star points and exp gained.

I then wanted to know how much gold one would need to spend in order to to gain 1000 star points. I set up a ratio, gold spent over the amount of star points gained, which was equal to the gold you needed to spend (the unknown number) per 1000 star points. A similar process was done with the amount of exp gained (equation on the far side).

So the results are as follows.

1786000 gold is needed in order to gain 1000 star points.

For each 1000 star points you gain, you should gain 3210 astral exp.

Now these numbers are also averages and reflect the data that I collected so don't expect this to happen every time. Astrals have a lot of variance behind them and this was a simple estimate that I could get without having to do insane statistics calculations.

Lessons from WD8 and Wyvern Sword Legend

Hey guys, I got my Will Destroyer upgraded to level 8 astral and according to the chat it seems I am an Astro Master :) hehehe. Anyways I didn't just post to say that, I wanted to give some explanation about investment choices that you have to make.

It required ~115,000 astral experience for me to invest to get this WD to level 8, which means that this is roughly the same as 55 million gold. Now I already thought about this before, and i say again, before, starting and I considered if there is any other place I can invest 55 million gold and get a bigger benefit - that is the question you always have to ask yourself:

At this exact time, where to invest my money to get the biggest benefit?

Now a few reasons why I chose this path:

  • A higher level WD will increase my chances for getting into top 100 for Class Wars.
  • It is better to increase the WD % (or the Determination %) rather than the PATK astral because the percentage will gain you more attack.
  • And finally I could have improved all kinds of defenses, life and other but I still always advocate to go for attack where possible as it will also bring you more income from the World Boss (and so I might decide after class wars to convert to critical build and feed this WD level 8 into Determination)

And next up I got also the level 60 PVE sword and made it into a legend and started upgrading. Previously I was thinking to collect items enough for all the 4 pieces and then switch, but now I calculated that it is better to already get the sword (and only the sword - not any other piece) into the 55 arena set. So 3 pieces arena set and the weapon a 60 PVE.

It is very important that it is the sword that is changed first because you lose the 2000 armor ignore from the arena set and this has to be offset by the higher damage of the 60 PVE sword.

Now until it is maxed out you are weaker against players, but actually already at around +15 (out of 30) even enchanting it is already better to use it against World Boss because he does not have armor, so armor ignore is not required. Actually this switch is mostly to give benefit to PVE and not PVP and so your income from WB rises which allows you to get other things faster.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cosmos Going Beyond Level 70

Hey guys, a big step in Balenor for anyone is going beyond level 70! :) which I just did and I want to share with you full details and also explanations to help you on your way! :)

At level 71 there is no more Battle Ground below 70s so may the tough times get tougher :)

However we do get to upgrade troops 1 more level, which is a small improvement, but still a good thing and for class wars the 5% penalty chances of fighting a higher level player are reduced as well.

On the negative side also there is less experience for the lower level dungeons, however on the positive side there is more experience from guild tree and bounty quests.

Actually, with the way the game is now there is no more a great need to stay level 70 most notably for free players.

Sharing my stats here the picture on the left you can see I have been working on my PATK with the aims of getting more income from the World Boss.

Then you also see that I still have the arena set, but below in my bags you will see that I have gathered the majority of what is needed for the level 60 PVE set, although still some distance to go. I hear that in patch 1.66 or 1.6 part 2 that gets easier so good. Very soon I will already start preparing the level 60 PVE sword - it takes a long time to enchant it fully to level 30.

Then you see I focused on PDEF sacrificing MDEF. This is the strategy I suggest for free players as you can not compete with cashers anyways so having one thing strong I think is better than 2 things average.

You also see I have improved the block a lot and you see criticals here because i am with my sniper/determination set which I use only for World Boss.

Next up I explain about astrals. You see I am all about flexibility. I have all sorts of astrals and I switch around and use what I need. I also have some yellow astrals I keep in case they make changes to the game which makes them interesting. Most often I switch around Will Destroyer which will be level 8 very soon with sniper/determination for fighting the World Boss.

If I solo spire I try to take regeneration, which I had at level 6 yellow, which I fed to WD now, so I will level up the new one later.

An interesting though is also using healing from Block, healing from Regeneration and healing from Blessed Health. I should still test this combo :)

For talens also it is not possible for free players to compete against cashers and that is why I did not stay level 70 forever. I am happy with my current talents and they will stay like this for a long time. Raising Holy Seal to the best of my ability can never compete versus the cashers who have 45+ Holy Seal.

Next up comments about my items.

  • The lower level equipment I find here and there i keep for bounty quests enchanting. They are cheap. And also since I recycle green, blue, purple, I need these to enchant.
  • Legend stones and crystals gathering for legend items of course.
  • Refinement crystals you may think you have a lot but they finish really fast. They are good to have - maybe later possible to sell them.
  • Soul Crystals I am gathering a lot of because I want to buy in one of the future events a casher mount. For this I will need to have really a lot of them and to have an event which gives event items for using them.
  • Scrolls and potions are very good to have for all kinds of cases where you need to be the strongest possible. I get them mostly from the guild altar.
  • The daru pearls I gathered to show you that you can get a lot of daru if you have the time to run around the wilds killing monsters. Here is more than 500,000,000 daru
  • The luck stones, well, at my level everyone has a lot of them. Very much will be needed for enchanting level 60 PVE items.
  • The gems come from catacombs and a little bit other places like events, you see how they can gather up. I will synthesize all of them before the class wars.

These are my runes and you can see I have a lot of runestones in my bag which I didn't use yet. I will probably level something up before class wars, but not urgent. 

Stables do add good amount of stats as you raise them over time. Here is where the cashers put cash directly and raise the stats. Some people are really against this, but hey, its one of the ways that the earnings are made for the game owners.

And finally you have guild skills, where the most important is to get the Attack and Defense maxed out. After this the Endurance and the rest is less important.

So now the final thoughts and plans
  • Now no more holding level for me. I am going directly up for as long as it takes until level 80 unless there comes a good reason to stop and level up talents or whatever.
  • Level 60 PVE set is a priority now and I will be getting this, just as always mentioned it is a lot harder for non-cashers, but it has to be done. For those who are less active consider going for the Level 50 set instead as the 60 takes a big effort / activity.
  • For World Boss income it is really important to have sniper/determination combination. I will be leveling these up at least 1 level each after the 60 pve sword enchanting.
  • For tanks they level up naturally over time. In ~1 month or less I think i will even have the Predator tank. So no rush I think for this the cashers didn't really have to spend balens, but ok if you have a lot i guess 1000 is no huge deal.
Well I guess that's all for now, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my Level 71 upgrade and advice / explanations and that they will be useful for you.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hi guys, this is Jarod aka QA from the greatest server to date S1 and I am bringing you the first look at Patch 1.66

First off on the new patch every V.I.P member gets the Awesome Panda Guardian Mount for free

Next is the Wheel of Fate, unlocked at level 55 it lets you spin once a day for free and once leveled up gives great stats to your overall character.

As you can see just starting out you get no benefits but after spinning and getting 58 Fate Stones you will level up and get 100 to attack, 1000 to health and a 20% chance to avoid 250 points of opponents defense.  This is making the rage gear much better for pvp not just pve.

The Blessing wheel was broken so not released yet but from everything I know about it, You will be able to spin it using your kyanite and obtain an extra bonus to your academy for the entire day.

The new Rune system will let omega cashers like zebq have level 10 runes much easier as you can now pay balens to gain rune xp.  This feature I both love and hate, it makes the cashers have a huge, huge advantage over non cashers, but if you get some free balens and want to use on this it can benefit you alot.

I can confirm that the mpds have been made to perfection now, You get 5 loids and 5 legends from a boss and can run the summoner as you want, p.s. you get 50 summons as long as you have the keys.  This will make getting gear for players much much easier.

The New Event Tower of Kings, Makes you beat each difficulty to play the next.  It is only 5 levels on easy, I have not got to try next level yet as one a day.  The drops seem to be soul crystals,daru,small runes and shadow crystals.  There is a new mount for synthesize it takes 800 of the shards and you get 10 for completing the event on easy.  I will update this as I progress.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Astrals Do and Donts, and what they do

Hi, ShiningClaw

   Ive been giving astral advice to people on Wartune S1 for a while now so im going to explain some of them. Im only going to talk about Yellow and Red Astral due to the fact that's the most in demand astral. So here goes nothing!

Astral Name and what they do

Prisitine Will power: MDEF+ 216
Enhanced Guardian Angel: Chance of receiving crit reduced by -5%
Enhanced Regenration: Regian HP equivalent to 10% of damage dealt, 10% trigger rate, restore 50000 HP at most.
Enhanced Will Destroyer: Disablers crit strike but regular damage is increased by 5%
Enhanced Deflection: 10% chance to reflect 10% of damage received, Cause 50000 damage at most
Enhanced ruthlessness: Floating damage expands by 7%
Refined Goddess Blessing: Reduce all damage by 3%
Pristine Fortitude: PDEF+ 216
Pristine Snipers Edge: Crcital+ 216
Enhanced Determination: Crit base damage increased by 5%
Pristine Charm: Charisma +36
Pristine Brilliance: HP+ 500
Pristine Ensheildment: Block+ 216
Refined Blessed Health: 10% chance to gain 400 HP when attacking
Pristine Mysticality: MATK+ 216
Enhanced Illusion: 2% chance of dodging damage
Pristine Force: PATK+ 216
Aegis Major: Reduce all damage values by 40 (Hit points)

Ok im going to list what astral DONT work when there together
Astral X What they cancel Out
Will destroy X Pristine Snipers Edge, Enhanced Determination

What Astral cant be put on at the same time
Goddess Blessing X Aegis Major  

Ok so everyone should know that a Critical is a "High end hit" which means that it well capitalize on your max Damage. With that set it brings me to This

Main Astral set that should normally be worn!

(NOTE: some may disagree but ths is what lvl 70+ I run with use)
Knight: Patk, HP, Pdef, Mdef, Block. Will destroy, goddess blessing, Aegis Major, Illusion, Refined blessed health. (Most knights I know don't run Critical)

Mage: Matk, Pdef, Mdef, Critical, Determination, HP, goddess blessing, Aegis major, Illusion, Refined blessed health, Will destroy, Block (for some)
(Mage are a good class were almost every astral but Patk can work in there favor)

Archer: Critical, Determination, HP, Patk, Mdef, Pdef, Ruthlness, Goddess blessing, Charm, Illusion
(No archer I know strays off the path of only those astral for normal use)

Now lets explain a Astral that seems to be throwing people off a lot!


Lets Explain how it works!

1. Floating damage increased by %
    By floating Damage it means the Damage Dealt the the enemy which you see above there head.
    How it works: Floating Damage basically makes your hitting range wider.
   Say you can do a 2,000 Damage hit so with "Floating Damage" Lets say its 9% for the astral.
   So .09% of 2,000 is 180 Damage.
   So instead of doing a 2,000 Damage hit regularly you would go between a 1,880- 2,180 HIT.

 2. Why is this more helpful for a Critical person then will destroy ?
Good question Heres why!
    The point of a Critical hit is that its the HIGH END hit that someone can do. The reason why ruthlessness is such a good astral for Critical is that it takes that HIGH END hit and can make it well 9% BIGGER then it already is. 

 3. Most people only use Ruthlessness for WB since you can Critical so easily on it that the ruthlessness has a better chance of always giving you that extra BAMB you could need!

Example (FOR WB)
Lvl 68:(No voucher) Mage Attack: 15,237   Ruthlessness 28% Critical 2439
Lvl 70:(Voucher) Knight Attack: 24,004   Ruthlessness 9% Critical 1,450
Mage  = Knight for gold and daru ( Usually 50-60k below though)
(The Critical is a big difference However it isn't enough to make that big of a difference)
This is between Wartune S1: Shiningclaw vs CaptainHook
Thanks for the help CaptainHook

 4. Why ruthlessness isn't always good in day to day items like spire, mps, duels etc.
  The problem with ruthlessness that it can take you DOWN by the % dealt which is why most people ONLY use it for WB since once it engages on a Critical any strike that brought it down usally gets OVERLY made up for!

Ruthlessness in a nut shell: Ruthlessness is ONLY good for Critical, and only good for WB the damage variable is INSALY good for WB however in a MP it usually does more harm then good since the chances of Critical hits on the WB is higher then on monster or player.
YES: Ruthlessness VS WB
NO: Ruthlessness VS anything

That's Ruthlessness

Just make sure you remember what astral should be used take a look at  the oens I posted and there usually good ones to remember!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

How To Get GOLD Guide

(Posted By Harsh)

Gold as the main source of income in-game, players would want to spend their time accumulating it since most of the economy revolves around GOLD. Uses of Gold listed below:

-Gaining Astrals (the most gold burner)
-Enchanting (second gold burner)
-Guild Contribution (third probably?)
-Removing gems
-Buying seeds
-Upgrading buildings

Earning Gold

There are several ways to earn gold enumerated below:

I might miss some. Just comment below if I missed something :P

1. Balens

Strictly for cashers! But for non-cashers, you may also get free balens by simply clicking The GET FREE BALENS at the upper right
corner of the screen and completing the offers. Well, good luck with that.

2. Events
Always be active if you’re a hardcore gamer if you don’t want to miss EVENTS!

3. Guild tree = Guild Chamber
guild chamber

Every time the guild leader calls you to go at the guild chamber why not go and energize your tree? For going, you will get free exp and a
chance to gain free contribution!

4. Levying = Town Hall
This ain’t bad source of income. The higher the level of your Hown Hall the greater GOLD LEVIED.
You have 5 attempts each day and resets every 5:00 server time

5. Quests

You won’t leave the game without completing at least one of course!
a. Daily Quests
-these quests also help you a lot to grow more exp and GOLD
b. Main Quests
-includes campaign dungeons
-every time you complete all the dungeons on a Map, you will receive items, high amount of Daru and GOLD!
c. Event Quests
-event quests aren’t similar to events itself
d. VIP Quests
-for VIPs only.
e. Bounty Quests
-you can get bounty quest via Bounty Scroll or Bounty Hall

6. Selling
Always sell unneeded items like low battle rating equips. Also equipments that you previously used even though enchanted that you don’t
need anymore.

7. Alchemy
If you have balens to burn then go with this. For stable cashers to earn gold.

8. Campaigns/Dungeons

This also provides some hefty gold when battling monsters or opening chests.
Traveler’s coin purse, Bronze and Silver Chests, etc.

9. Plunder a City = World Map


Another good way. If you’re lucky, you can plunder 100k gold or more!
If for some reason you lost, you won’t lose anything but your attempts will still be deducted. Plunder wisely.

10. Plunder a Gold Mine = World Map

gold mine

This is a must for every player to boost up income! You generate gold even though you’re offline.
Don’t forget the higher the level of Gold Mine you choose to plunder, the higher the gold it generates every hour!

11. World Boss

gold mine

World Boss battle will only be nice for income when you can tank the damage at least twice not to mention reaching 1% damage,
double hitting and last hitting the boss will net you millions of gold.

12. Guild Blessing = Guild Altar
guild blessing

The roulette depends on your luck and the more guild contribution you have the more chances of having gold and other goodies!
You use Contribution points to use the roulette and the number of attempts depend on the level of your Guild Altar.

13. VIP Tokens


This option is only available for VIPs. But who knows, you may stack up these coins if you’re not a casher and decided to be a VIP!

14. Upgrade Gold Refinery
A must every time you level up your town hall!
Here you earn gold overtime depending on the current level of your building so keep it upgraded with the level of your commander!

15. Upgrade Town Hall

town hall

Every time you upgrade your town hall, gold produced overtime and levied will also increase! A must every time your Character levels up!

16. Arena Rewards
Sometimes in arena, the shuffle thingy will provide you gold rewards.
Every three(3) days you will receive a reward depending on your current rank.

and the best way for beginners and non-cashers, yeah you heard it right, the best way~!

17. FARMING!!!

To level up your farm you must help your friends farm by weeding, reviving, recharging the tree and steal? xD
The more you level up, the more you unlock higher value of seeds and the more farm squares you can plant on! GOLD SEEDS!

Farming is the most easiest in-game non-event related to earn gold for everyone since the more active friends you have the more farm plants you can STEAL! The maximum friends you can add is 200. Add only active or semi-active players.
Not only that. Once you have a high level farm like lvl 30+, you can upgrade your land and improve your production rate and reduce the time for maturity! You use vouchers or balens to upgrade your farm
Every time you energize your friend’s Tree of Ancients you will also earn some gold, farm exp and friendliness points not to mention if you have complete 200 friends, ain’t that convenient?
You must also time maturity rate of plants from the farm you want to steal. Make sure they have GOLD producing plants though. :P Just steal any plant that satisfies you.
Steal until this message shows up. Hmmmm…. Well, too bad. You have to wait for Ancient tree reset event at 23:59 server time.
[L2]Gold Seeds are better than [L2]Superior Gold Seeds in terms of value.
Since [L2]Gold Seeds mature in 1hr and [L2]Superior Gold Seeds mature in 4hrs
[L2]Gold Seeds produce 4500 gold and [L2] Superior Gold Seeds produce 15000 gold
Provided that you already have 9 squares of land to plant on:

[L2]Superior Gold Seeds for 4hrs produces:
15000gold*9squares = 135000 gold

[L2]Gold Seeds for 1hr produces:
4500gold*9squares = 40500 gold

How to be a Strong Player Guide BE A SLOW LEVELER

(Posted By Harsh)

This post is copied from R2games and all credit goes to GingertheHutt

First of all , I m wishing Happy birthday to Wartune and after that i will start my guide.. :)

The first way is to rush for the top: To be the first to achieve every accolade: Biggest, strongest, highest defence, highest rank etc. While there is nothing wrong with this playstyle, to maintain that #1 position eventually is gonna start costing you balens. Lots of balens. More balens than I can afford to throw at this game. The other problem is that with a new server – playing this style is fine within the realms of your server. It instantly becomes a problem as soon as the cross server things come into play and you discover that there are others your level, with much stronger builds as they’ve gone slower.

The other way is to take your time and play at a slower pace. You get time to prepare in advance your gear, plan your build. Learn from others about strengths and weaknesses of new maps, gear, boss’s etc – without having to be the guinea pig working it all out. Level has its advantages – in that as you advance, you open up new gear, troops etc. But overall – we think slower leveling is more rewarding and has a slower burnout potential.

This list of ideas is to show you ideas and suggestions regarding how you can level more slowly, and thus build more strongly than your same level peers. We decided to split it into two sections. The first section will deal with ideas that everyone can utilise. The second part (in post number 2) will deal with more items that are more specific to cashers.

Section 1: Ideas for Everyone:

Goals: Set yourself some mini goals to achieve. Be positive about reaching them. It’s important that you set something achievable. Rather than set your sights on #1 on the lists – set yourself a BR goal to hit before the next level. For example, at the time of writing Ginger was trying to achieve a 38500 BR, before he hit level 49. Other ideas for goals: Aim to get an astral leveled up, or a certain BR total, or maybe a guild skill done. Once you have your goal decided, put everything into achieving it!
Plan Ahead: Look into purchasing your armour sets (or the components of them) in advance. Purchase your rings and jewels in advance too! This gives you time, potentially to have them enchanted to the max level, fully socketed & refined, before you get to the level required to wear them. Then it’s simply a case of swapping your gems over and you’re away!
Battlegrounds – A Gem Fest: Most players scramble for honour. While it’s true a higher honour title allows for a better medallion, which in turn increases BR. We personally prefer to look at the other asset of BG – carting! You only get your first two runs per day to cart. If you keep your head down and remain inconspicuous, you can average enough crystals for 3 chests from the BG’s. Coupled with your daily 95 gem, you can be relatively certain of at least a level 3 gem every day! If you’re good, that’s approaching a level 5 gem every 2 weeks.
Avoiding Unnecessary Experience: I think it’s pretty obvious to say that to level up slower, you need to avoid unnecessary experience. Take for example the guild tree: Huge amounts of experience, for very little return. Sure energise the guild tree as soon as it spawns – but then leave the guild chamber. Likewise don’t do more than you need to of the daily quests, pick and chose the ones that benefit you most, or return least xp. Don’t do the spire, don’t do the bounty quests, or again if you have to pick the white ones that return the least experience.
The Catacombs: are a fantastic source of gems and are pretty much exclusively the only source of crypt tokens. Much as I hate the catacombs huge experience rewards – I do love the other glittering prizes. I tend to limit my catacomb runs heavily. Though if I stay at a level longer than I plan to – I tend to party in the catacombs, earning extra gems and crypt tokens. For the daily devotion for the catacombs – you only need to enter the catacombs, there is no requirement to complete a level or anything. So you can just enter and leave.
Farming: Depending on how much time you have to log in and sit behind a computer all day: depends how effective your farm can be. Hourly seeds are more productive than the 4 hour seeds – so if you can do hourly seeds all day – do. Also I tend to steal only the 4 hour seeds as you get more return for your click.
Your academy: While it may not seem it at first, it eventually forms a big factor in your strength. Its potential keeps increasing as you level up. However: It takes a lot of kyanite (and time for non VIP) to max out, slow levelling helps this process as you’ll get more kyanite and time per level.
Refine your gear: Your gear comes (most of the time) with 5 random stats assigned to it. These are the usual suspects, attack, defence, HP etc. These stats add to your BR and contribute to your build. Refining these stats can make a chip in the window into a great big crack. Properly refined gear helps. For example – a mage using will destroyer has no need of any crit – refining will let you remove the crit and replace it something else. Refinement crystal shortage? Try using some excess insignias to purchase the 300 insignia brooch from the arena shop for a refinement roll!
Astrals: A major gold sink hole. Astrals can form a significant portion of your battle rating. As such it’s important to keep spending gold on them, be it in huge chunks over days, or a little bit everyday. This will keep them levelling up and making them stronger. There are many guides here about the best way to capture astrals, as such, I’m not going to expand on that here. But simply leave it at: you should spend more gold on astrals.
Guild Skills: Like astrals, this is also a major sink hole for gold. Again like astrals and also like your academy, your guild skills eventually tally up to form a significant chunk in your battle prowess. They are however limited by the level of your guild. So at the risk of sounding quite shallow, a higher level guild is advisable for when you take the time to concentrate on these.
95 Devotion Chest & Daily Check In: Everyday online rewards you. Either through checking in enough days of the month or through the daily devotion system. There’s a long list of daily chores to work through. But trust me it’s worth it to fight for that 95. Currently for 95 devotion you get: 5 bullhorns, a 50% exp scroll, 50k daru, a rose, 50k gold, a level 5 luck stone, a skeleton key, a horse training whip, 5 soul crystals and a random level 2 gem. Over a 30 day month, you can see that it soon adds up. Every month for checking in 26 times you receive: 5 level 2 gems, 105k gold, 58k daru, 18 skeleton keys, 1600 vouchers, 4 level 3 gems and an outside chance at a level 4 gem.
World Boss. The single biggest source of gold and daru in the game. Attend as many of these as you can. If you can spare the vouchers, use a few to give yourself a boost to your income. Gold is the most important commodity in the game, the game revolves around gold. I can’t stress enough how important gold is to maintaining character development. In need of some extra gold? Got a load of insignia sitting around? Purchase a load of lvl 3 XP books from the arena shop. A bargain at 10 insignia each it’s quite cheap to get 100 of them (1k insignia). Then sell them. That’s a quick easy 200k gold in your back pocket.
Solo and MP Dungeons. Running dungeons that are a lower level than your character, reduces the amount of xp they give. At level 48 I tend to run Delphinian Swamp and The Graveyard, as they give very little xp and high yield rewards.
The Free Balens Button: There is some respite for the non casher with the ‘get free balens’ button – now while this is not perfect for everyone as it is quite region/country specific – I can supplement my account with as many as 30 or 40 balens a day, just watching videos. Although it probably averages around 18 to 20 or so a day. The one off offers are also very good – especially if they have things you’re after, or if it’s just a questionnaire where you can lie through your teeth about everything. However I would offer some advice when doing these offers: firstly use a dummy email, and never give out accurate personal information, avoid anything that wants to install anything or download to your computer.
Section 2: Ideas for Cashers/Balenors:

Being a VIP: is a great way to help reduce your experience gain. Yes VIP adds to your experience gain in places – but more importantly, from level 3 onward it adds a bonus to your daily devotion total. This initially allows you to skip on completing the bounty quests and the daily quests portion of your devotion. VIP continually rises as long as you keep up the payments and so does the daily devotion contribution as you ascend the VIP ranks. This makes it possible to skip on all the experience heavy portions of your day. Daily quests, 10 solo arena challenges & bounty quests.
VIP Weekly Gift Pack and VIP Wheel: These are a god send! I feel many players overlook the value of the gift pack. I love the soul crystals, the VIP tokens and the skeleton keys! Soul crystals add to your gems effectiveness through the soul engraving (a small bonus but it very quickly adds up), the skeleton keys open chests and also allow you to farm the summoners (for legendary stones / crystaloids) later in the game and finally the VIP tokens give access to the VIP wheel. Many people dismiss the VIP wheel as being useless and rigged. While I agree it’s rigged – it’s also a fantastic opportunity to the slow leveler. I keep refreshing the wheel till I find a wheel with 1 or less shadow crystals and 580k gold – the gold is guaranteed – so that’s a nice boost toward your guild skills or astrals. Also, there’s also a low chance you can get a low level gem (usually level 2) out of the wheel on an irregular basis.
Wings and Clothing: Wings add a beefy boost to your BR, and can be levelled up further to increase said boost. Clothes provide initial starting rage, and also can be levelled up to further increase that starting rage benefit. Increased starting rage, combined with a strong build is a devastating combination.
Mounts: The wonderful thing about mounts is that their stats stack. So if there is an event going on where you can get a special mount, and you do not mind spending your balens to be able to ride something funky, consider going for that mount. Or buy one from the shop.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Elites VS Spire

hey i am fireflash and I am going to show you the №1 Archer and his guild mates doing spire (4 archer)

Now Look At This Cool Archers

And At last 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wish world boss would last longer? Watch what you wish for!

Everyone says world boss goes to fast most of the times right? Well last night the WB had 38 Billion like normal it took us 34 mins to beat him or around there, Awesome Gold/Daru I got around 1.7M and ranked 27!

 Well 3rd WB just got over and this is why a slow WB kill isn't good the night before

(NOTE: The 1.2-1.5M is only for 3rd WB its not for my 1st or 2nd WB hit)

The world boss hp was 25 Billion missing over 10 billion HP, The longer the world boss takes to kill the less HP it well have the next day (Note: This only applies to the exact WB so if 3rd is killed super slower 3rd well have less HP etc.) So instead of lasting normal 12-16 mins the WB last around 7-9 mins. Looks like some people's wishes have bad affect's!

So next time you think WB is going way to fast think about this if it went slower the next day it well go in a split second! :D Have a nice day


Guild Battle Enters new Era when War Chariot dies

Hey guys, a very interesting subject for discussion is when the way you used to play the guild battle does not work anymore. What do you do if everything is going well and all of a sudden your enemy's top player has become strong enough to take out your war chariot? All of a sudden you don't get your 600 points anymore and you also do not hit the enemy tower with 6 million damage!

This can be a shocking surprise to the guild who experiences this and from that point on starts a new era of Guild Battle strategies where the war chariots which were taken for granted for so long (many months) just stop working!

First, only 1 player can accomplish this feat, which is usually the top player of the server. In our server the first kill was made by Sylvester who you might have seen pictures of on this blog. However, very soon after the next top players become strong enough and get confidence enough to do that also. So here below I share with you picture of BlodAmber who kills the war chariot with practically no life left.

And then the clash of the 2 top guilds; in the case of our server the FairyTail and Sanctum. Now both of the guilds have players who can take out the war chariot, which means the strategies change. But how?

Well the strong guys have to try to take out the enemy chariot, but it is not that easy:

  • Some lower level guy from your guild might be keeping the chariot busy.
  • Some players from the enemy guild can attack you and not let you take the chariot even if they can not kill you, but as long as they can keep you busy.
  • Good coordination is required to even know which way the chariot went.
  • Lag or DC - the enemy of any strategy.
So as I said, once the guild battle enters this new era then strategies need to be adapted and it is a given that the battles will last longer, which is actually not so good as it is all eating into our lives :)

The picture is large - click on it to see it bigger.

Sylvester at 93k battle rating!

(Posted by Arbin)

Hi guys. Today Sylvester the top mage in our server reached 93k battle rating and I will show you what buffs he had and what is his base BR. Lets get started.

So here he is. His buffs are:
  • Mdef scroll,
  • Matk scroll,
  • Troop count scroll,
  • Pdef scroll and 
  • hp scroll.

Also he had on him buff from pots:
  • level 5 intellect,
  • level 4 defense,
  • charisma,
  • power,
  • endurance.

And finally he had the Warrior's Call.

His base BR is about 79.3k. So fully buffed Sylvester may catch 95k BR. Thanks and if you have any questions put them in the comments.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wartune Awesome Art and Wallpapers

Hey guys, wanted to share some inspiring great art from Wartune, so check it out below and post in the comments which one you like the most?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wartune Serpents Den and Roaring Wetlands

(Posted by Harsh)

Hey frndz i just have created a new player on r2games the outpost server to show you serpents den and roaring wetlands and sorry guyz for bad quality.....

Guyz its a noob player and i m not working on it so much....

Roaring Wetlands

Serpents Den

well.. i m not a bad player as i m not good... so don't comment like 'u r a fucking noob' or other else..

I will prepare more for you guyz.....