Monday, May 18, 2015

Poll Results of Holidays in Wartune

Hey guys, let’s look at what people said about having holidays in Wartune. We had 86 votes on the poll and interestingly my favorite option didn’t win :), but first I want to say why I think this is important:

Why having some time off is important?

We, gamers, all love games and all of us who play and enjoy Wartune are partly or fully addicted to it. To top this off, the devs and the various publishers, due to their big experience in gaming have become very good at structuring things in such a way that you end up having to play a lot every day (even if some days you don’t want to), because missing out on things puts you a lot behind your competition.

However, any good human will recognize that people who play Wartune also have work, school, families and other things in life and even though we all should be strong enough to say “no”, our addictions often take the upper hand and I strongly believe that any company who wants to be ethical and good, who cares about their players and fans, would also take care of them by allowing them to have some flexibility / holidays / time off.

That’s why I opened the poll for the options:

  • 1-5 days per month holidays + can claim 80% of most hot/events’ rewards (not all!)

  • 1-3 days … same as above, but with 90% claim

  • 1 day … same as above, but with 100% claim

  • Missed event one day = double rewards for that event next time you do it (this was my favorite :P)

  • No holidays at all :)

I am fully aware that this ethical and human friendly offer would slightly reduce short term profits for the devs and publishers, but they would win I believe in the long term as players will be more loyal to their games knowing that they offer such flexibility. And other companies would have to be forced over time to offer the same!

Poll Results for Holidays in Wartune

The winner options was: 36% or 31 people voted for the option to have from 1 to 5 days time off or holidays per month in Wartune with the option to be able to claim 80% of most hot/events’ rewards.

Only 12% or 10 people voted for no holidays, so clearly everyone can see that the vast majority feels the need to have a bloody break and I really hope the devs / publishers listen to people and help.

POLL Would you like to have holidays or time off in Wartune

Poll Results of Holidays in Wartune

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