Thursday, January 31, 2013

COSMOS is now level 50! Wohooo!

I became level 50 Knight today! Finally! This is a big milestone so party-time in Wartune!!!
And I got a lot stronger too! From something around 22k battle rating I am now at 25k.

What's new at 50?
  • 1 extra slot for Astral - awesome!
  • The level 50 jewels and rings in the catacomb shop!
  • Talents - great but really expensive!
Here is my level up!

Here are my Angels level 43 now:

And here are my skills. With level 50 I added the point to get level 2 Whirlwind.

And here is my Equipment and Stats (without any pots or other buffs):

And my Astrals which need a lot of work still - my weak spot.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Selendriel Knight Level 63 US West

Well, as they say one must learn from the best so I was checking out the top Knight on the US West server - a knight called Selendriel with a crazy 44k battle rating.

Note the level 14 soul engraving and the astrals which I wrote myself what they do. I would say he or she is a very SOLID knight. No fancy or lucky astrals or greediness with even higher critical damage, etc. Just very solid attack and defense and near 45,000 life also.

#28 in World Boss Event Knight Level 48

It was pretty great to achieve to be #28 in the whole server on a World Boss event especially given that I am a non-cash player, well, at least so far.

Here I am level 48 and you can also see a bunch of my World Boss fighting videos on YouTube on my Wartune Playlist

In the meantime I took a screenshot because I earned roughly 250,000 gold and daru, which also means that the top spots are probably making something in the area of 1,000,000 gold and daru.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Group Arena Screenshot

I thought to take this screenshot in the group arena because it looks good 2 warriors or knights protecting the lady mage :)

The levels are 45/46. I also have the fights recorded on YouTube so check out my channel there is you want to check it out.

Click the picture to enlarge.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wartune Introduces Talent System

Recently there was an introduction of the Talent System in Wartune (applicable as of level 50). Basically from what I understood all talents are passive except 1 which is active and it goes in the "6th slot" of the skill buttons - you know where you click to activate skills - in between of skills and runes.

The one my guild mate uses stuns enemy players (only works on players) and its pretty cool.

Here is a screenshot of how the talent tree (or more accurately circle) looks like:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Becoming level 45 with arena shop set

One grand milestone in Wartune is becoming level 45 and wearing the arena shop set. The next milestone is at level 55 which is far ahead in the future and many people don't even reach it.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Knight Skills Level 44

For those who wish to see my skill allocation here is the screenshot of my level 44 Knight's Skills:

The shadow slasher unfortunately is a mistake so that 1 point I could have used elsewhere now either in slashers or making Delphic or Whirlwind level 3.

There is no justice in guild wars

Here is a nice screenshot from a guild mate of mine taken during the guild war where he was fighting with 4 weaker players and killed them all and I want to show that in saying that in guild war there is no question of fairness - the strongest wins - it's the rule of the jungle. And so please do not get angry or shouting that the game is unfair when you go fighting in the guild war in Wartune. I myself have been killed millions of times by powerful players and that's the game, don't get upset, get stronger :) and by the way the same applies in life! don't get upset! get stronger! :)

We had a really great guild battle Sanctum vs. Russians on the 11st of Jan on the European server of Armor Games and I was lucky enough to be there on time and participating so I could record it. You can see the videos below.

The Russians guild has grown a lot and has become much stronger compared to the wars we had in the past. So good job to them. And also good job to our guild for keeping up the good work and maintain the solid #1 position.

Enjoj the videos!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gathering for the Guild Tree

One of the cool parts of Wartune is the massive gathering of friends in the guild to rip the benefits of the Guild Tree, which come in form of fruits (free contribution to the guild every 3 minutes) and very nice experience I think it was every 15 seconds and you get more the more people energize the tree.

So here are 2 screenshots from US West and Europe servers showing 2 different guilds gathering at the Guild Tree to chat, have fun and get the benefits for 15 minutes.

(sorry my recording software toolbar is covering the server name, but my level 46 mage is in US west and level 42 warrior in Europe)

Gathering for the Guild Tree US West - Russians

Gathering for the Guild Tree US West - Sanctum

and also here is a movie about it Wartune Guild Tree Event and Explanations

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Final Guild Battle Sanctum #1 vs. Mummies #2 (5 Jan 2013)

Another win vs. Mummies :)
Go go Sanctum!! :)

Check out the 2 parts video I put on YouTube showing the guild war on the 5th of Jan.

Part 1

and Part 2

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A word of warning about not nice people

So I wanted to make a normal Void run after failing nightmare and I couldn't find anyone in the guild at the time I was playing, so I joined a random one. There, 2 friends joined in who I later found out were not the most nice people and then another person joined in.

Well, these 2 started behaving in not such a nice way, not moving together, not responding / talking, doing things out of rhythm so to speak. We got to the goblins and guess what? They charged in no pulling no nothing.

Both myself and the 4th person were frustrated by them, but I was keeping my cool while he was not and started swearing.

So the way I see it there are 2 ways to go from such a situation. Or you suck it up and be nice anyways and get the dungeon finished. Or you stand on your ego, start exchanging words and ruin the dungeon run by someone quitting. I suggest the first. And then of course try to remember and don't join into a party with these guys again! (if you remember them :))

Duel Rank 33 - Woot!

I just beat Taurus in Duel and reached rank 33! 220,000 gold and daru - I am now starting to understand how much ahead all the high rank people are if they get such rewards regularly! Wow!

I reached rank 39 in Europe! What a reward!

Wow I could not believe my eyes neither about reaching rank 39 nor about the reward being 190,000 gold and also another 190,000 daru! That's huge!

Unfortunately I do not think I will manage to maintain this rank for 24 hours before they pay out the rewards, but I will try.

My Wartune Blog - My Wartune Playlist

So I decided to open up a nice little blog for my Wartune guides, videos, pictures and ideas and since I can't re-post everything I already did, well, then I am just going to put the link to my YouTube Wartune's playlist below which you can visit and see all my Wartune videos!

And here is one of the many nice videos:

ASTRO Guide of 3 Stages of Astro Making