Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Repacatos and Cindy's Double Class Wars Blessing!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, Wartune server 131/136/148 had a pretty awesome coincidence this past Class Wars, when two of their players, Cindy and Repacatos, both placed 11th and the highest on their server. This resulted in a double blessing!

I always figured that if two people placed the same on a server, that the one with the greater battle rating would get the blessing, but turns out they both get it! Better yet, they both get to summon the thieves into guild chamber.

To top it all off, Cindy and Repacatos are married -- power couple ^^. Share in the comments about any awesome things that happened on your servers this Class Wars!

Thanks to my bud castway for sending over the pics! Have any awesome screenies you want to share with the DolyGames Team? You can find our contact info at The DolyGames Team or message the DolyGames Facebook/Google+!

Friday, September 26, 2014

2.35 Million Gold and Daru WB 1 Round

Hey guys, prepare your drooling mouths ^^ because here is the earnings from 1 round of World Boss from a 250k BR archer, Paparass, 2.35 million gold and daru!

1 Round, of course, is not a regular round as for most people but includes, in this case probably at least 2 WB ultimate attack survivals. For those who need tips on how to survive World Boss attacks search my 2 articles about that.

Thanks to Papa for the screenshot, I prepared the below image from it with the key points highlighted. Enjoy :)

Update 1: Papa managed to get 2.8 million:

Update 2: 

I received comments of people earning up to almost 15 million! WooooW! :) asked for screenshots - will post if/when i get em.

Update 3: 

Screenshot of 14.5 million gold daru WB Thethrell - I think this is a full round from start to finish without any deaths.

Get More for Your Money

Hey guys, for those of you who are similar to me who buy just VIP/Spirit Covenant then be smart and get more for your money. Be patient and recharge only when these special extra rewards come up for 500 balens and try to also connect them with a big spender or a mini spender event.

Extra Recharge Rewards

So you recharge 500 balens but you get, like I show on the example below, items worth more than 500, so you more than double your money's effect.

And the day when you have enough to buy Spirit Covenant then making sure you buy this during big/mini spender events get you again additional bang for your buck - again example shown below.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guide to Which Astral to Use

(Posted by Miklós & COSMOS of the DolyGames Team)

This short guide will help you decide which astrals to use.

The abbreviations used:

  • PVP = player vs player: bg, gb, cw, arena etc.
  • PVE = player vs environment: necropolis, sky trial, god's descent etc.

Astrals to use all the time

ATK astrals (most important stat in wartune),
Aegis or Goddess blessing (Aegis on lower levels, Goddess for the future)
Sniper-Determination or Will Destroyer (depending on if you crit build or ewd).

Defense astrals (mdef, pdef): I use these most of the time. In pvp, both astrals are a must. In pve, if you fight versus a very strong opponent (necropolis, sky trial, god's descent), you should be aware if your opponent is matk or patk, and replace the useless defense astral. In some cases, where the opponent has an extreme attack, like in sky trial, you might even choose not to use any.

So how many astro slots this covers?

  • 2 slots for attack astrals
  • 1 slot for Aegis or Goddess
  • 2 slots for crit build or 1 slot for WD
  • 2 slots for defenses
So that's already 6-7 slots covered by the basics.

In the old system we had maximum of 8 astro slots and in the new system we have 10 astro slots, so that leaves you with 3-4 slots left to choose if you have unlocked all the astro slots.

Other Astrals to choose

Enshieldment: a successful block reduces damage by 25%. This astral is great in any pve situation, but less good in pvp since they added penetration. If you are a knight, or just have a high block (7k+) still use it all the time. Otherwise replace it with something more useful in pvp.

Deflection: This astral is less useful on lower level and becomes more and more useful the higher you get. This is because the calculation is a percentage of the damage dealt, so if someone is hitting you with 2000 damage it's not that scary, but if most attacks can generate the capped 50,000 reflection, this becomes rather useful. This astral is often much more a PVP astral than a PVE one, however it can be very useful in PVE damage race situations such as God's Descent, Necropolis and Sky Trail. You don't really need to rush this astral to a level 10 deflection, a level 8 is good enough if your other astrals need work as well.

Guardian Angel: This is a very powerful astral in pvp. Lately everyone is using crit build, so GA decreases damage by a lot. It has only one drawback: your chance to receive crit heal are significantly lowered. Still, it is good to use - what you gain is much more than what you lose. It can bring benefit both in PVP and PVE, but note that monsters crit much less often than players so when doing PVE consider if you can benefit more from other astrals. 

Regeneration: Since it's cap has been raised, this is a powerful astral. This astral is less useful on lower level and becomes more and more useful the higher you get. I recommend it in every situation where the battle takes a long time and the survival is important. In fast PVP battles this astral will not have a lot of chances to activate, but in longer PVP battles as some Class War fights might get rather long it might decide win or loss. You don't really need to rush this astral to a level 10 regeneration, a level 8 is good enough if your other astrals need work as well.

Brilliance: All other astrals give a much better bonus when you have a large amount of HP, so I recommend this astral only for World Boss, where it can mean the difference between survival and death. The only other situation is where Battle Rating is important to you in which case you can take this on to boost your BR for prizes or ranking.

Illusion: this astral gives much less bonus what it's description says. Simply completely ignore the 10% number in its description and just accept that it activates rarely. The dodge rate is actually only like 5-6% with max illusion. However, it completely cancels out the enemy attack making it extremely powerful if it is activated and can certainly decide if you lose or win a battle if it activates on a powerful enemy delphic. However, on lower levels I would not recommend anyone to use this since you will not have the gold income to max out this astral making it extremely rare activating. But on higher levels when you do have the power to max out this astral it can be priceless.

COSMOS Astro Example

Remember that the higher the damage numbers the bigger the effect of the percentage astrals.

Class Wars Playlist, Plus Cosmos is Awesome

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, sometimes I forget that Class Wars is no longer a "new patch" event in Wartune -- every month I feel like there is something new I need to improve or adapt to in order to stay competitive. I hope all of you have an awesome September Class Wars, and may the odds be ever in my and only my your favor!

I decided to gather all of the DolyGames Class Wars videos into one playlist, so that we have a sort of running history of them for our team, so please check it out!

When I was going through the uploads to add to the playlist, very quickly there stopped being Elia-videos, and it was just a sea of Cosmos ones. I'd be quite surprised if there's another player other that has recorded every single Class Wars to date (plus they're all with commentary, not a bunch of techno loops haha - I say this shamelessly because I have some on my personal channel).

Cosmos has of course made so many other videos for nearly 2 years now, but I think 15 months of Class Wars footage are a testament to his ongoing dedication to putting out awesome content.

So far I've kept most of my irritation with R2's forum ban on Cosmos between him and myself, and I plan to keep it that way. But I will say that while I don't think angry tickets to R2's Couldn't-Support-My-Underwire* Elves will make much of an impact, what you can do to help is show your support for DolyGames and Cosmos Wartune blog -- share, like, subscribe, donate, etc. in any way you can to spread the word that R2's trying to mute.
*If you don't know what an underwire is, you're probably part of 90% male audience of DolyGames.

Since I already share our content on social media, I thought I'd rename my Gaia as a little tribute to Cosmos and to show a little extra support for the big guy ^^ (Hint: Googling "lavash" will help) Here's hoping I can snag the Sorcerer title this weekend, with a little help from bread xD

I imagine a conversation going something like this:
Person - "Elia why is your sylph named breadftw?"
Me - "Go to Cosmos's Wartune Blog and maybe you can figure it out. Oh, and start early in the archives."

Monday, September 22, 2014

Banned from R2 Forums

Hey guys, so our dear friend R2Games a.k.a. Reality Squared Games banned my forum account even though I spent 2 years promoting Wartune and putting money in their pockets. And do you know how much they supported me? I didn't even get 1 dollar from them or any kind of support whatsoever - no support with images, information, anything at all to help with the blog/videos and promoting their game and making them more and more rich.

And for those people who were asking me before, I could not answer, it was them who censored my forum links and threatened me to remove my blog post about the auto clicker, which I did and they, temporarily cancelled their censoring. But this time they didn't even message me, they just outright banned my account.

So they allow auto-playing / auto-farming bots, multiple accounts feeding into 1 account, cheating VIP players by not giving them full points from 1-click-capture, not adding a collect all button and torturing people to click buttons for thousands of times, not supporting honest people who are promoting Wartune, but I create a basic simple click repeater tool and they ban me!

On top of banning my forum account they also censored all my signatures / links of all the effort made in the last 2 years.

R2Games Forum Censorship

So if you contribute years in the forum and 1 day say something, which they think is wrong they will remove all references of your name, your blog/website and anything to do with you from all the posts where you contributed during all your time. Here are examples:

R2 removed my name "Cosmos" which is not even a link and removed all reference links to the source article

They removed my signature from any post that had it.

And finally the ban message:

Everyone knows that simple auto-clickers / repeat-clickers are not an issue! They simply remove the stress from players having to click thousands of times the same darn button(s). They don't give you any game advantages other than reducing stress and torture from you! The vast majority of top players are using them because no person in their right mind is going to click 30,000 times the same button - if you do that then you do not respect yourself and you literally waste your life by complete idiocy!

My Conclusion on this issue

I believe, based on what I explained above, that this action by R2 Games is hugely unfair. This action also questions my feeling of safety regarding my and everyone else's accounts. This means that some day, if they feel like it, they can ban accounts and there is nothing you can do about it.

Consequently, caring for all the thousands of my fans and followers - think twice before you put your money into your account, because one day you might be banned and left looking like a fool.

Will there be damage to me from their ban? Ya, I think so. Not only I lose all the references / sources which were quoting my work and contribution to Wartune and players over the years, but also nobody else will be able to speak about me on the R2 Forums. If anyone speaks about me or my blog or website they will censor it out.

So if there are people out there who want to support me as I continue my Wartune work you can become my Patron, even if its 1 dollar per month every amount helps. For the explanation you can click HERE or to go to my patron page you can click HERE.

And last, but not the least, as they banned me here is:

The Resurrected blog post about DolyGames Easy Macro Recorder v1.0

Very easy to use tool to repeat your mouse or keyboard clicks as much as you want. Useful both in games and in any other situation where you need to repeat something a lot.
For Windows users only.

Wartune examples:

Super useful for things like:
  • Clicking astrals
  • Collecting rewards from Soul Engraving, Whips
  • Clicking on Stables training
  • Clicking Altar spins
  • Clicking farms
  • Running 10 or more Sky Trails

Tool Features:

  • No installation required !!
  • Tiny program >> super fast >> super easy to use!
  • Save and re-open sequence
  • Pause and continue recording
  • Playback speed: can choose same speed, or double speed, or 4x speed
  • Choose # of playback repetitions or set it as Infinite

Note from me (COSMOS / DolyGames / Dolyan)

Guys I've put my own money to pay for the development of this tool and it's really useful in many situations and I've put a really low price, so please support by buying the tool - please don't steal it, please don't pirate it, or anything of the sort.

Also, a word of warning, technically speaking absolutely any outside program is not allowed according to Wartune's Terms and Conditions, so use at your own risk. That said, people are using all sorts of illegal programs / multiple accounts and nothing happened to them, let alone a simple click-repeating tool like this.


DolyGames Easy Macro Recorder

User Feedback

Video Showing Example with Astrals

Video Showing Example with Stables (also spending 30k+ whips and tips :P)

Get it for just $5

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Cross-Server Guild Battle Round 1 AllStarZ vs R2-D2

Hey guys, so we had our first CSGB or shorter known as XGB and it was all good fun. We won it and we are the strongest guild by BR so we have good chances to be the top guild among our cross server selection.

Here is the winning mail that I got which was nice to read:

Weird CSGB Cross Battle Screenshot

And here is a very strange screenshot Grey sent me, which is not photoshoped at all. What happened was that Grey and Tapok attacked R2-D2 guys, then shutnik joined the fight on our side and Grey died and then something happened which nobody understood and the enemy guys appeared on the left side suddenly while Tapok appeared on the right side, so it truly became a cross server cross battle :) hehe

If you maximize and carefully look at this picture there are a lot of wrong things, but again this is not a manipulated picture, this is straight from the game.

Cross-Server Guild Battle Video