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Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Troop Cost and Recommendations

(Posted by Eliatan - DolyGames Team Member)

Hey you guys, Version 3.40 Part 3 is coming to all servers in a week! Test servers just received it, including the new troops, Demonic Knight and Demonic Angel.

My recommendation is to get the Demonic Angels, for all classes. Though I think most went with Templars before and therefore have more built into their troop PATK stat, in the long run once your academy is completely filled out, the Demonic Angels have more inherent attack power than the Demonic Knights do. In the picture below, the stats in white are the base stats for each troop, and in green shows the player's academy bonus stats (thanks Jenny!).

Since it's also highly recommended that you choose your class-appropriate ATK Troop Enlightenment (MATK for mages, PATK for knights/archers), you'll see bigger gains to your battle rating by using the angels over the knights. Templars were the troop of choice for most players back when troops actually tanked things, but troops are so weak relative to players now, that's not very important for endgame play.

Important to note, if you are an archer or knight, you do get just as much from PATK troop enlightenment from MATK troops like the Demonic Angels as mages do for a MATK troop enlightenment. The description for enlightenments are misleading about this. Everything will be fine if you try to do this. I'll have a video out once this patch reaches my server.

Lastly, I recorded the Daru costs from TheThrell's video of these new troops:

The total cost turned out to actually be a lot less than I thought it would be. This will still be some effort for those that have been going crazy in the Wilds Shop, but not as outrageous as some of the numbers I've heard rumors of previously.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get 20% More Gold via Whisper of Blessing

Hey guys, if you pay close attention to the event setup of the Ancient Horn and Whisper of Blessing then you will find that you can do a little trick to earn 20% more gold for your Ancient Horns (if you are going for the gold that is).

You see on the picture below that I have prepared that we get 50,000 gold for 1 Ancient Horn, but 300,000 gold for 1 Whisper of Blessing. However, we also have the option to exchange 5 Ancient Horns for 1 Whisper of Blessing, so if you put all that together you can get 50,000 extra gold or 20% more if you switch-over your 5 Ancient Horns into 1 Whisper of Blessing and then into 300,000 gold. (Thanks to Vilniausturt from miniclip5 server for sharing this tip).

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Possible CSGB Rewards February 2015

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, Cross Server Guild Battle registration starts on the 4th of February 2015 and many people are getting pumped up. I asked many people, "What will you exchange your King Seals for?" and 80% of their answers were Fashion Cores, CloudCaller Mount and Runestones. What will you exchange you King Seals for? Be sure to comment below. 

CSGB Rewards:

Since the last Cross Server Guild battle, we got around two new patches which means new items were added like Soul Seal and Sylph Gear. Chinese Wartune has Soul Seals and Sylph Gear Shards in their Cross Server Guild Battle Shop which means there is a possibility for us to have in our Shop too.
  • Soul Seal x1 for 50 King Seals
  • Sylph Gear Shard x1 for 20 King Seals

*Some items shown in here are not here in English Severs yet!
Since we got the Cloud Caller Mount, we may not get this Blue Fox mount but you never know.

Blue Fox Mount

Cloud Adventures Strategy!

(Posted by DZmage of the DolyGames Team)

Hi everyone! Since we had our second Cloud Adventures weekend and since I had Bound Balens to use, I decided to test it out! Before I start explaining what we have to do and why, I want to say a big thanks to Limbeck for letting me know that we can buy Magic Dices which I didn't know when we first had this new event.

This said, lets get started!


  • Must be level 55+ with an equipped sylph.
  • Save 900 or 1800 Bound Balens (will discuss why later).
  • Have a great luck for more benefits :p

What do we need to know?

This event is based on rolling a six faced dice and depending on which number we get, our character will move with same number of squares and will engage a fight, activate a trap or other kind of events depending on where we land. We also need to know that the most important drops are hidden in the end of the map.

When we reach the "Finish" square, we get 1 free spin and the remaining dices will be converted into spin attempts!  like shown in the screen shot below :


We have 2 kinds of dices: Common Dice and Magic Dice. A Common Dice allows us to roll the dice and get a random dice face which can go from 1 to 6. The Magic Dice is a bit different, instead of rolling it and get a random face, we can choose which face we want as shown in the screen shot below.


We can hold 1 Magic Dice at same time and we can buy a maximum of 5 Magic Dices per day at the cost of 180 Balens and/or Bound  Balens per dice (a total of 900 Balens and/or Bound Balens per day). So if we want to buy more, we need to use the one we own!

Note : The full event has 60 squares in total.


First of all, we need to collect preferably 1800 Bound Balens during the week. Bound Balens can be collected from different sources like: Spire, Dimension, Daily Checking (300 Bound Balens per month), Grand Lottery, etc.

This strategy requires at least 900 Bound Balens for best cost to income ratio . If we can not collect enough Bound Balens during the week, then I suggest to save for next Cloud Adventures event.

Once we have the required amount of Bound Balens, we can use them for buying Magic Dice which will allow us to complete the Cloud Adventures map using the minimum of dices to reach the arrival.

When we use the Magic Dice, we always will prioritize the number 6 no matter if we miss the bosses or not. Here are 3 simple reasons why I prioritize the number 6 more than others :
  1. The main point of buying the Magic Dices is to rush completing the event using the minimum dices we can. That way we can maximize the benefits from the event.
  2. The rewards we get during the event are ridiculously small compared to the final rewards.
  3. In addition to the small rewards we get during the event, it's also a time consuming such as the bosses who are not easy to kill and the waves of enemies that needs more time to clear even if we have AOE Skills.
Choosing only number 6 from all the Magic Dices is not enough. As I said previously, the event has 60 squares which means if we want to complete it using the minimum dices, we need exactly 10 x 6 rolls which is very hard to get, if not impossible.

However, the event give us 1 free Magic Dice and we can buy up to 5 extra Magic Dices which makes it 6/10 (which is already very good to start with). For the rest of rolls, we have no other choice than using the Common Dices and pray for the maximum of number 6 rolls!

Unless if we have a very bad luck, we should complete the event with 8~10 extra dices + the free spin attempt we get :)


First of all, lets check the drops I got during this second Cloud Adventures :)

Day 1


Day 2


So after applying my strategy, I'm totally satisfied with the result. Investing 1800 Bound Balens allowed me to get the following rewards  (summary) :

  • 90 Bound Balens ( 1260 + 630 - 1800 = 90 ).
  • 85x Mahra.
  • 30x Sepulcrum.
  • 15.9 million gold!
  • 3x Magic Hammer.
  • 120x Golden Holy Water.
  • 36x Crystal Shard.
  • 9x Soul Seal.
  • 6x Glint of Magic.
  • 6x Magical Moonlight.

I was really lucky during this event! As we can see, I recovered all the Bound Balens I invested during this event with a tiny benefit of 90 Bound Balens. But the most important are all the other drops I got for free.

In my opinion, Cloud Adventures is on of the best events to spend our Bound Balens since it gives a pretty good drops. So I recommend for all those who don't know what to do with their Bound Balens to invest them in this weekly event because even if we are not lucky as I was this time, this event remains the best event to spend our Bound Balens. Plus we get some Bound Balens back which makes the investment cheaper and more interesting!

Advantages vs Inconveniences 

The advantages are :
  • It's totally free.
  • It improves the rewards.
  • It allows us to complete the event with extra spin attempts.
  • It gives us more chances to get free Magic Hammers.

The inconveniences are :
  • It requires some luck for epic rewards.
  • It consumes Bound Balens.
  • It prevents us from using the Bound Balens for something else if we decide to follow the strategy.
  • It forces us to complete all the dailies that gives Bound Balens so we can collect the required amount of Bound Balens.


With all the Bound Balens we are getting now, we did not have a decent event where we can spend our Bound Balens except maybe Dimensions, where most of old players do not need to buy more steps anymore due to the recent updates that helped us to make higher Resistance Crystals.

Even if 1800 Bound Balens sounds crazy, the incomes are still great compared to any other event that accepts Bound Balens.

Eventually, this strategy is for those who don't have where to spend their Bound Balens like all the old players who already have all the Transposers from level 5 to level 9, who already unlocked Double Skills, etc.

I hope this strategy will help everyone to get more rewards from Cloud Adventures and here is one of my spins to make this strategy a bit more interesting ;)


Eternal Longing Pack Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here I have prepared the report on the drop rates of the Eternal Longing Pack with my and Rainbowdash's data totaling 985 chests / boxes, which is pretty good for getting decent accuracy drop rates (of course the more the merrier).

So what do we see? The Arabian Camel Card, which is the main focus of everyone, is at 0.2% drop rate, which is in line with my expectations (I even expected less since I saw many people opening lots of boxes and didn't get one). The Hades Seal - same rate as the mount. Then we have the Coin of Ancestry with a 2.3% drop rate, which means you get 2 of these in average if you open 100 chests.

Other interesting items are:

  • The 2nd event item is at 30.3% which is roughly 1 in every 3 boxes.
  • The 100 Sepulcrums are very rare with only a 0.5% rate which means that they think that 200 sepulcrums are worth same as 1 mount, which is a bit weird.
  • My personal favorite are the Divinity Soul Chests, which drop at a 10.7% rate and I really needed those.
  • The Sylph Equipment Shards, a.k.a. trash, with 17.7% rate unfortunately.
  • The Divinity Shards, also almost same rate as the mount at 0.3%.

Pictures of the various items:

Eternal Longing Pack:

Arabian Camel Card

Divinity Shard

Divinity Soul Chest

Coin of Ancestry

Whisper of Blessing

Sylph Sepulcrum


Sylph Equipment Shard

Soul Seal

Ancient Horn

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mount Hoof Event Rewards

Hey guys, I hope you all had a good Mount Hoof event! Here I share with you my success after a long time of saving mount hoofs and being very patient until a good event comes. I think i skipped few hoof events even while gathering. And so as a result I was able to refine my Mount / Stables 3974 times which got me 397 event boxes + a large load of 3970 shards for the basic dimension + a part of the hoofs back to do some more training:

Mount Hoof Event Rewards

Unfortunately all mounts are maxed now

I got all my mounts to maximum stars and am missing just 1 star on 1 mount. So from where on I will be totally stuck because getting more mounts the free way is extremely difficult. So even though i am happy for this successful patience and rewards I am aware that i will be completely unable to participate in most future events.

Crafting ~40 Basic Coordinate Chests

I think the most interesting thing for me were the basic dimension shards to craft ~40 Basic Coordinate Chests which will allow me to be more efficient with running dimensions:

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Atoll Boss Night Run 1 party 100%

Hey guys, wanted to share with you our "night run" on the Atoll Boss, which took about 90 minutes for that 582 million HP boss, but our party was the only one out there so we got 100% of the HP and therefore the gold and Vulcan's Stove rewards were 19.1 million and 49.

This is fun to do sometimes (i do this very rarely), though I cannot recommend this to anyone because your quality of sleep is much more important than wasting a part of the night on hitting the Atoll Boss for 90 minutes :)

That said, the rewards were great and for the "fanatic"-type of players who do this every 6 hours they are clearly miles ahead of any "normal" player. I personally don't like the Atoll Boss feature because it does not bring me any fun and it promotes botting and the increase of the GAP between low and high BRs.

Gem Synth. Jan ‘15

Hey guys, with the new Gem Event up and running, those who have saved up, will now be able to get nice crystals for level 7 and 8 gems and, what I think is even more important, especially for free players or light cashers, the sylph equipment upgrade items for level 9 and level 10 gems.

I synthesized 1 of each after reset and with 1 more today I will have enough to upgrade one of my sylph equipments (but I will wait until the upgrade/enchant event), which is pretty cool because I was not getting much income of those items at all and with this gem event it will be possible to do at least 2 item upgrades, which is basically all you need as there is only 1 attack and 1 defense item.

Remember to be careful and do only 1 time per day as it is not unlimited! So from me a thumbs up for this event :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Grand Lottery Guide with Pictures and Winners

Hey guys, here I am making a reference post / guide for Grand Lottery to include all info and pictures about it as well as the pictures of winners! :)

Grand Lottery is a tiny event, accessible as of level 35, which seems to be launched manually by the admins whenever they want, which allows players to make a sort of a guess and, on the following day, see if they won the lottery.

There are 2 options for making this guess:

  • One option is to wager 100,000 gold and have a chance to win 500 or 50 bound balens
  • And the other option is to wager 1 balen (non-bound) and have the chance to win 1000 or 100 bound balens
You get the bigger prize if you got everything correct and you get the lesser prize if you got 1 of the 2 correct.

Grand Lottery help

Grand Lottery Signs windows

Grand Lottery Tarot windows

Grand Lottery Wager with 1 balen

Grand Lottery Wager with 100,000 gold

Grand Lottery Failed Wager

If you don't guess the signs and the tarots correctly then you get a window like this where the lottery results are shown on top and the choices you made at the bottom.

Grand Lottery Winner 1000 balen winner

Thanks to Krishna for sharing this, here we can see the lucky winner with his 1000 balens as well as the mail that was sent by the game:

Grand Lottery Winner 500 balen winner

Thanks to Flamer for sharing this, here he wins 500 balens from the Grand Lottery following the wager made with 100,000 gold rather than with balens:

Final Words

Congratulations to all the winners! That said, I can't help but wonder if they couldn't design something more fun with the resources that they spent. The result of this event is few win and the rest don't care about it and so I am not sure that this was a smart way to invest company resources. What do you guys think? Do you love having such lottery or you'd rather have something else?