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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas World Boss

Hey guys, I thought to make a post to say "good job" to the devs for making snow and Christmas effort in Wartune. I know the tree is balen only and people wished to have more presents and more fun, but I was happy to see the pretty tree even though I couldn't do anything with it and I thought the Ogre-Santa World Boss was super :)

What do you think? Are you happy with the Christmas spirit in Wartune or you wanted more things?

Monday, December 15, 2014

148 million gold + 429 items for one +20

Hey guys, when I was watching Elia's Sylph Equipment Enchant video I was pretty awe-struck at the huge amount of resources required to get one +20 equipment item. So I grabbed bits and pieces and made this 1 collage style image to share with everyone (you can enlarge it more if you want).

Sylph Equipment Enchant Madness: 148 million gold + 429 items for one +20

  • Elia started with ~212m gold and 952 Glints & Moonlights
  • for +10 she spent ~25 mil gold and 141 Glints & Moonlights
  • then she upgraded to purple
  • then an additional ~123 mil gold and 288 Glints & Moonlights to get to +20
I think this is a ridiculous quantity, because our level 80 equipment pieces cost ~93 mil gold to enchant to +36 using also level 8-9 luck stones and these are the top equipment items in the game...

What do you guys think? Do you find this a fair amount or do you agree that this sylph equipment enchanting cost of ~148 mil gold + 429 of Glint/Moonlight is just crazy? 

by the way for anyone who missed that video you can check it out below:

Elia's video on Sylph Equipment Enchant and Upgrade

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Archer Guide and Overview

(Posted by Stoned1 of the DolyGames Team; Edited by Cosmos)(Note: this was prepared before the 3.45 patch update)

As in most games, all classes have their purpose. In Wartune the role of the archer is to make maximum damage while usually “hiding” behind a knight until a mage heals you. Having the right astrals and stats help keep you alive during heavy AOE skills whether it’s PVP or PVE.

Top priority for us archers is maximum damage, so best is to max out all that helps us in that department as I will point out next.


Well easiest way to start pumping some juice into your character is upgrading astrals. If you are a daily player upgrading gold and red astrals to level 7-8 won’t take too long as we got 2 world bosses and DI which give a good gold boost. While doing astrals you get star points that you can exchange. I recommend NOT to use until you have got a few reds and don’t end up buying then getting them for free also. It is very frustrating when this happens!

Well for archers these are what astrals you need and in what order to level them up.

Enhanced Illusion I love as it is great when it works during an ultimate sylph hit! Holy Enshieldment and Enhanced Deflection are the 2 astrals you can play with a bit and switch them to Enhanced Guardian Angel and Enhanced Regeneration. Sacred Gemini must be put in an advanced astral spot.

I borrowed this from my friend COSMOS so u can see what you get from each level. It doesn’t look like a lot but it adds up nicely in time when they are leveled up to 8+ :)


These are the stats you should focus on getting on each piece from refining your gear. Refining the 80 set is a pain as 80 refinement stones are hard to gather up. On the good side refinement locks stack up fast so you can lock the stats you need.

  • Strength gives +4Patk and +1Pdef for each point
  • Defense gives +4Mdef and +4Pdef
  • Crit Pdef and Patk are point for point
GOOD LUCK with this part – you gonna need it! :)


Now gems are hard to level so I suggest to ONLY do them during an event. Last few events gave great rewards and gave an extra gem of the same level and a bundle of gem packs (hope to see more of that).The green number under the gem is from soul engraving bonus. As soul crystals are gathered up very easy lets just say its maxed at level 80 already.

PATK gem is a must on all 8 pieces and leveled up first when given the chance. With the rest of the gems I evened them out and now have 8 PATK and 6 each HP, PDEF, MDEF, Crit. Some don’t use HP gems at all, but as you see, a level 9 HP gem gives me 7270 HP per gem – Total 43620 HP. Once all HP level 10 it's almost 55000 HP.

Note by Cosmos: remember you will always find people with other points of view. Here Stoned1 prefers HP with the reasons that he says, but there might be other archers who prefer another combination.


At level 40 you can start some whipping :). First to do, as always, is Strength. Armor and Endurance is up to you to see what your character is missing most. In the long term it’s not that hard to max all out and even better – wait for a whip event.

  • Each strength upgrade you get 20 PATK and 5 PDEF.
  • Endurance +100 HP.
  • Armor 20 PDEF and 20 MDEF.
  • Intellect leave last as it gives the least for an archer 20 MATK and 5 MDEF.


Not much to say here. Templars are the best at the moment for archers as they have the most PATK. With the PATK Transformation which you should aim for while enlightening, you get an extra 20% on your archer. For maxed out level 80 Templars it comes up to 2820 PATK extra on your archer!


Talent and holy seal(stun) is unlocked at level 50. Each upgrade adds a passive upgrade to one of your existing skills. There is a total of 8 passive skills with a cap at 10 levels. Holy Seal caps at level 99 – Total 179 talents.

Talent points are earned with the player’s exp and gold. So maxing out your talent points also delays leveling up your character which is helpful when trying to get honor points from low level battle ground.

I recommend upgrading these first: 9-2-1-7 and the rest according to what you use most.

At level 10: Stealth (2) decreases all damage by 14%. Fury (1) shorten your Lunatic Fire skill cool down time by 14 secs.

Potency (7) gives Multi-shot skill to decrease rage of Armor piercer by 50% for 2 rounds. I love this one. Basically if it works, AP skill costs 2 rage for 2 rounds if it crits!

Holy Seal (9) is a must too. Get stunned for a few rounds nothing you do can save you in a same level PvP fight.

(Note: this was prepared before the 3.45 patch update)

Frost Leopard in Action and Holy Set Events

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, here is the new Frost Leopard in action the Holy Set Events. Big thanks to DZmage for making this GIF possible.

The mounts stats if you haven't checked it out yet:

Holy Set Events:

*These Events can be changed or removed anytime by the developers.

Sylph Equipment Enchant: 12/13/2014 - 12/15/2014

Objective: During the event, enchant the Sylph equipment the required number of times and be rewarded! This quest has unlimited attempts.
Rewards: Enchant Sylph equipment 5 times: Magical Moonlight x5, Glint of Magic x5

Sylph Enchant: 12/16/2014 - 12/18/2014

Objective: During the event, enchant Sylph 20 Sepulcrums to be rewarded. This event has unlimited attempts.
Rewards: 100,000 EXP, Sylph Sepulcrum x5, Sylph EXP Scroll x5

Sylph Upgrade: 12/16/2014 - 12/18/2014

Objective: During the event, upgrade Sylph 20 times to be rewarded. This event has unlimited attempts.
Rewards: 100,000 EXP, Mahra x5, Sylph EXP Scroll x5

Alchemy: 12/17/2014 - 12/22/2014

Objective: Practice Gold Alchemy required number of times and earn great rewards! Each rewards can only be redeemed once per day.
  •  Use Gold Alchemy (3) times: 30,000 EXP, Will Crystal Shard x2, Holy Set Chest x1  
  •  Use Gold Alchemy (5) times: 100,000 Gold, Magical Moonlight x2, Glint of Magic x2, Holy Set Chest x1           

Rune Upgrading: 12/18/2014 - 12/20/2014

Objective: Spend Balens to upgrade your runes the required number of times and be rewarded! This quests can be completed once per day.
  • Spend Balens to upgrade Runes (3) times: 50,000 Gold, Glint of Magic x1, Holy Set Chest x1
  • Spend Balens to upgrade Runes (5) times: 100,000 Daru, Glint of Magic x2, Holy Set Chest x1

Clothing Identification: 12/19/2014 - 12/21/2014

Objective: Identify your clothing the required number of times to be rewarded. This quest can be completed multiple times every day.
Rewards: Identify clothing (5) times: 300,000 Gold, Fashion Core x1, Soul Seal x10

Special Tailor: 12/19/2014 - 12/21/2014

Objective: Synthesize your clothing and wings to the following levels and be rewarded. Each reward can only be redeemed once during the event.
  • Lvl. 5 Clothing: 800,000 Gold, 200,000 Daru, Fashion Core x4, Good Luck Charm x2, Holy Set Chest x5
  • Lvl. 6 Clothing: 1,600,000 Gold, 500,000 Daru, Fashion Core x8, Good Luck Charm x4, Holy Set Chest x10
  • Lvl.7 Clothing: 3,000,000 Gold, 1,000,000 Daru, Fashion Core x20, Good Luck Charm x10, Holy Set Chest x25
  • Lvl.8 Clothing: 6,000,000 Gold, 2,000,000 Daru, Fashion Core x40, Good Luck Charm x20, Holy Set Chest x50

  • Lvl.5 Wings: 4,200,000 Gold, Kyanite x50,000, Fashion Core x5, Vouge Chest x2, Good Luck Charm x5, Holy Set Chest x10
  • Lvl.6 Wings: 8,000,000 Gold, Kyanite x100,000, Fashion Core x10, Vouge Chest x3, Good Luck Charm x10, Holy Set Chest x20
  • Lvl.7 Wings: 16,000,000 Gold, Kyanite x200,000, Fashion Core x20, Vogue Chest x5, Good Luck Charm x25, Holy Set Chest x45
  • Lvl.8 Wings: 32,000,000 Gold, Kyanite x400,000, Fashion Core x40, Vouge Chest x8, Good Luck Charm x50, Holy Set Chest x100

Friday, December 12, 2014

1600+ Sylph Equipment Shards thanks to Rhino

Hey guys, thanks to Rhino some of you will be able to get 1600+ sylph equipment shards. How? Well a lot of free players / light cashers had maxed out the stables levels and could not train anymore, but thanks to the new patch we have a chance to get the Nether Rhino mount and if you look at his stats you will see that he raises the maximum attribute level by 10, which is huge!

So thanks to this I was able to use up thousands more mount training whips and could collect 815 additional rewards:

Lastly, in case someone wants to know what you would get if you would Recycle your Nether Rhino mount - the answer is Mount Spirit x 1:

Amethyst Rewards on Chinese Servers

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, so we just got the patch and the Amethyst Mine was one of the most exciting features in there for me. Although the Amethyst Mine has been modified and has new features, there are no new exchange rewards or cost reductions in this patch.

The Chinese Servers don't have new exchange rewards either, but some of the reward amounts have been increased for the same amount of amethyst we exchange it for.
  • One sack of kyanite gives 10,000 kyanite instead of 2,000 kyanite.
  • One sack of gold gives 500,000 gold instead of 100,000 gold.
  • One Advanced Mount Training Whip Pack gives x100 whips instead of x30 whips.
  • One fate stones chest gives x15 fate stones instead of x5.
  • The Amethyst needed to buy a Snipe Mount is decreased to 15,000.

If you already got the mount, I recommend saving up till the limit like Cosmos did. Imagine getting all the gold, whips, kyanite you can get when you exchange rewards after we get the reward increase!

Transgender Card added to Wartune

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune got a new and cool feature! A transgender card which allows you to change your sex. I knew this will come sooner or later since the other games of 7Road has this feature.Using this card does NOT effect your battle rating. It only effects the looks of your character and clothing. If we get it, as usual they might double the price.

Note from Cosmos: if someone uses a name change and a gender change then s/he can effectively erase the past wrongdoings and start fresh (which can be a good opportunity and a way to trick people).

Krishna's Character: Before and After

Use Dimensional War Buffs To Your Advantage!

(posted by Ashira of the DolyGames Team)

Hey guys,

As some of you know, I was stuck at Level V Stage 3 in Sky Trail and was quite frustrated with it, since I was not close to beating it even after the boost that the Hall of Fame rewards gave me.

However, we have a new strategic piece in handling our challenges in both PVE and PVP now – Dimensional War. The rewards gained from Dimensional War are nice already, but using the right maps there can help you beat bosses that you wouldn’t be able to beat otherwise, as occupying dimensions boosts the relevant resistance.

In my case, I knew I had to increase my Wind resistances, so that the V-3 boss does not hit that hard and I can avoid using defensive skills, such as Shield or Apollo Shield. Therefore, I used a Basic Wind Dimension and an Intermediate Wind Dimension and from occupying all 5 stages in the Basic Dimension and 6 stages in the Intermediate Dimension, these are the boosts I received:

The boost is really substantial! My wind resistance (with an Electro Sylph on) is usually only 250 (-200 base statistics and +90 from each Level 7 Wind Resistance Crystal), now it increased to a decent 387 – so an increase of 54% just from Dimensional War. The resistance reduction effect has also increased, here my usual value is 555 from the three Level 6 Will Crystals, with the Dimensional War boost it is now 626, so a 13% boost. So yeah, the Dimensional War boost helps you deal more damage and take less damage at the same time, which is awesome. With this boost, I was finally able to kill the nasty goblin that is the Sky Trail V-3 boss.  

Try to use the Dimensional Maps in a smart way! For PVE, if you are stuck at a level in Sky Trail, use maps of this element in Dimensional War to increase your chance to beat it. For PVP, if you face mostly Electro Sylphs in Class Wars (Knights, Archers), you can boost your Electro Resistance this way, while mages can boost their chances in Class Wars most by using Dark Maps in Dimensional War.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Level 30 Fishing Rewards

Hey guys, here I want to share with you some cool info about Fishing in Wartune, specifically about level 30 Fishing, thanks to DrOn from Armorgames S5.

Before you see the numbers remember that Level 30 Fishing is pretty hard to get (takes a very long time - months).

  • The level 30 fish gives a 1 hour VIP card
  • But DrOn actually prefers 40 fashion shards daily, which I do agree with him; we can actually calculate this; 30 days VIP is 799 balens, which is equal to 30 x 24 = 720 VIP 1 hour cards, which would require 36 days to collect. Instead, with a ton of patience and accuracy, you can collect up to 120 Fashion Cores, which of course is worth a lot more balens
  • Finally, the wild fish, at level 30 Fishing gives 10 Bound Balens, which is something to consider as well if you want to buy something with BB - this can net you up to 200 BB per day, which is 6000 additional BB per month.

So awesome numbers, but like i said, Level 30 Fishing is not something a lot of people have.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First Impressions of Sylph Equipment

(posted by Ashira of the DolyGames Team)

Hey guys,

So the new patch is here and even though I am excited and there are nice Hot Events going on right now, there's also a lot of new information to take in. Just like Elia, I am also surprised (but happy!) that the publishers managed to send the HoF rewards yesterday - so credit where credit is due: You did not do as awfully as we all expected this time, R2! Cheers to that!

On to the main part of the article now: Sylph Equipment! As most of you probably have figured out by now, the sylphs are now able to wear equipment, with 6 pieces of equipment on each sylph.

The simplest form of equipment is blue equipment, which we can gain from Blacksmith, where we simply synthesize it from Sylph Equipment shards. These shards are obtained on a daily basis from Sylph Arena and - as almost always in Wartune and in life - the better you perform there, the better your rewards will be. As you can see, you need 400 of the shards to synthesize one piece of sylph equipment.

Of the 6 available pieces of Sylph Equipment, one increases your sylph's attack, another one increases its defense stats, and the remaining 4 increase its HP stat.

Once crafted, you can equip the pieces in the main sylph window (on the stats page, there is now a subpage called 'Equipment'). On the right side, you can see that there are sockets for each piece of equipment, so there will be some sort of gem that we can insert there to further boost stats, but the resources we need for it don't seem to be available yet - unless I am blind and just missed it, in that case please let me know.

As with character equipment, you can also enchant the equipment (as you can see above, the base statistic of the sylph weapon is PATK 650/MATK 650, with enchanting it to Level 10, the gained statistics more than doubled). You can do that in the sylph window on page 'Equipment'.

For enchanting blue-quality equipment, you spend 3 times 'Magical Moonlight' and 3 times 'Glint of Magic' in each attempt - both resources are commonly available from Dimensional War (or Hot Events/Hot Sales, as is the case with everything). The annoying part is that you have no guarantee that enchantment will succeed, you only have a certain success rate - which starts at 50% and decreases quickly for higher enchantment levels. Consistent with enchanting for normal equipment, there's also a gold cost involved for enchantment attempts, again they increase with enchantment level. A successful enchanting attempt increases the Equipment Level immediately, a failed attempt increases the Blessing Points by 5 and increases the success rate by 5%.

Once you have fully enchanted a blue equipment to level 10, you can upgrade it to purple equipment. My weapon is fully enchanted, so I can show you what it looks like.

So in order to upgrade the fully enchanted blue equipment to purple, you need 100 'Blessings of God' (I only have 70 at the moment *sad face*) and 10k gold. As you can see, the base stats of the purple equipment are slightly higher, but since the blue equipment was already fully enchanted it shows the higher stats - this means that it is probably a good idea to wait with the upgrade until you have enough resources to enchant the purple equipment to a high enough level, as otherwise this might result in a temporary loss of strength. For purple equipment, a divinity soul slot is added (which means you could socket two slots instead of one, but since we do not have these resources yet, it makes no difference) and the enchantment upper limit is raised.

As mentioned, the resource you need for upgrading blue equipment to purple is 'Blessings of God', which you can also obtain from Dimensional War or from Events. After upgrading to purple equipment and fully enchanting that piece (which I don't see happening anytime soon), you can then upgrade the equipment to orange quality, which again seems to require a new resource, called 'Gift of God', which you can at this point only get from the merchants in Dimensional War. I do not yet know how many of these we need to upgrade purple to orange, but as soon as I find out, I will of course share it with you guys.

So yeah, that's the information I gathered as of now - it looks like a nice feature for everybody, but - as always - clearly favors cashers quite a bit. If you have any valuable information on the topic or have any questions, please share them in the comments - since this is a new feature in a new patch, many things seem uncertain and it is an ongoing learning process that is most beneficial if we all try to figure out relevant information together!

PS: Since some might be interested, here is a post-patch picture of my character. My BR jumped to around 560k now, mostly due to the BR of the active sylph that is now added to our own BR - so despite the huge BR jumps we see all over the place in the game right now, keep in mind that these are not really an increase in strength if the only source of the BR increase is the added sylph BR, so if I was a 450k+ player who was killed by Sky Trail boss V-3 before, I'm now a 560k player who is still killed by Sky Trail boss V-3, so not sure if that's something to be really happy about.

Elia's Hall of Fame Rewards

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, just thought I'd share my loot from Hall of Fame!

Here's the Full Sengolar Outfit with the Inferno Dragon mount and King of Balenor title. I thought the Inferno Dragon would look stupidly similar to the Molten Dragon, but it's actually somewhat distinct. These titles though . . . I don't regularly wear a title, but I'm definitely not going to change that policy to look like a circus tent.

Here are my total rewards.

Tomorrow there's an event to Holy Forge for a 20% return, and I'm super sad that I used all my Vulcan materials already. My hoarder senses totally failed me on the Holy Forge event, since I didn't think they would do something like that for what's basically enchanting your gear. Oh well :( at least I still have lots of hooves to use.

They may be two weeks late, but I'm still sort of amazed that Wartune managed to get these rewards out today, considering last year's debacle. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Astral Refining – Cost Analysis

(by Ashira of the DolyGames Team; Edits by Cosmos)

Hey guys, a lot of information has been provided on astral refining over the past weeks – to sum it up briefly, the main aspects about astral refining are:
  • You refine astral slots, not astrals! So you can train an astral slot to a certain level and then switch around your astrals to get the right effect for the situation you are facing.
  • It is a lot more valuable to refine % astrals than stats astrals: If you have Level 5 refinement on a Level 10 Enhanced Determination astral, your crit damage is increased by an additional 5% (as it is now 55% increased crit damage instead of the 50% you got from the Level 10 astral itself). If you have Level 5 refinement on a Level 10 Holy Force (or Holy Mysticality) astral your PATK/MATK “only” increases by 144, which is a nice boost, but nowhere near the effect of crit hits dealing 5% more damage.
  • Refinement for Deflection and Regeneration astrals is not very valuable: If the refinement would increase the trigger chance, that would be great, but it only affects the damage (for Determination) or healing (for Regeneration) effect, and since these effects are capped at 50k HP, this is not a very good boost.
The thing that has not been discussed a lot about astral refinement is the gold cost associated with it. There is some confusion about the maximum refinement level, and other sources have stated that astral refining is capped at Level 5, but this is clearly not the case, as you can see in the picture below (which is taken from my character).

So from this – and since the maximum level for astrals is Level 10 – it is quite likely that the maximum astral refining level is also Level 10. Let us take a closer look at the costs for the levels we know about, and the expected costs for refining up to Level 10:

Blessing Points per Astral Refinement Level

  • The first refinement requires 10 Blessing points (1 Blessing point usually means spending 1 million gold, with the chance of getting lucky and getting 5 Blessing points from 1 million gold).
  • From Level 1 to Level 2 it requires 16 Blessing points (60% increase – compared to previous level).
  • From Level 2 to Level 3 it requires 54 Blessing points (237.50% increase).
  • From Level 3 to Level 4 it requires 128 Blessing points (137.04% increase).
  • From Level 4 to Level 5 it requires 250 Blessing points (95.31% increase).
  • From Level 5 to Level 6 it requires 432 Blessing points (72.80% increase). 
These are the things we know for certain – the data is presented in the graph below!

Incremental Cost per Level: The amount of Blessing Points needed to move to the next higher level.

Relative Cost Increase from Current Level to Next Level.

Estimating the Costs up to Level 10

As can be seen in the graph of the relative costs, the relationship between level and cost increase is non-linear (blue line) – first the cost increases considerably (by over 200% from Level 2 to Level 3), but then there is a steady decline in the cost increase from Level 3 to Level 6. In order to make a vaguely reasonable prediction, we have to rely on the mean (and/or median) value, as no clear functional pattern can be derived. The mean relative cost increase from one level to the next is 121% (dashed red line), and the median relative cost increase – which is more robust to the extreme value that is observed for the refining step from Level 2 to Level 3 – is 95%. A third scenario that is worth considering is ignoring the early part of the pattern (up to Level 3) and to take a closer look at the declining part of the graph, which seems to asymptotically move towards the value that was observed for the first step, 60%. As the relative cost increase from Level 2 to Level 3 seems unnaturally high, we will not consider the mean case and stick to these two scenarios in order to produce a realistic prediction of the refining costs from Level 6 to Level 10:

(a) The relative cost increase per level from Level 6 up to Level 10 is 95% based on the mean,
(b) it is 60% based on an inspection of the functional shape, as a lower bound.

Note from Cosmos: theoretically, there is 1 more possibility, which is that the requirement flats out like Fate Auras or Whips at a fixed rate for higher levels. Ashira points this out in the conclusions below.

2+ billion gold for level 10

The graph below shows the cost for the Level 6 to Level 10 refinement steps for these scenarios. As you can see, the cost for the higher level refining can be expected to be enormous. To most players, the cost of moving from Level 5 to Level 6 (which we know costs 432 Blessing Points, so roughly 350 – 400 million gold, depending on how lucky you are) is already extremely high. Based on the predictions, refining an astral from Level 9 to Level 10 will cost 2831 Blessing Points (so definitely over 2 billion gold) assuming the relative cost increase per level is 60%, or as much as 6246 Blessing Points (so probably between 5 and 6 billion gold) assuming the relative cost increase per level is 95%. Now everybody will have to decide for himself/herself whether or not spending so much gold just to get 1% of additional astral effect is worth it – personally, I already consider the 432 Blessing Points (so roughly 350 – 400 million gold) a lot for just 1% of additional astral effect for one astral spot. However, it always depends on the alternatives: Is there a better opportunity to spend the gold on? There are already quite a few people with maxed out astral levels, so more or less the only way to spend their gold for them is astral refining or Holy Forge.

Note from Cosmos: specifically for the Illusion astral an additional percentage point might be worth considering even at high cost.

Astral Refining Conclusions and Takeaways

  • There definitely is no reason to “worry” that we might run out of opportunities to spend gold on in the future. Even with maxed out astrals, and even after maxing out Holy Forge, which will take its time but will eventually happen, there’s always astral refining. Even when we use the “lower bound” estimates from above, refining an astral spot from scratch to Level 10 costs 7287 Blessing points, so 58302 Blessing points for all 8 astral spots that can be refined, which is around 50 billion gold. Based on the median value estimates it would even cost 12824 Blessing points to refine one spot to Level 10, so a total 102597 Blessing points for all 8 spots, which is not too far from 100 billion gold.
  • Knowing the way Wartune works, it might be the case that the cost for a level upgrade caps at some point (as it does with Fate Stone training at 408 per level, or for converting high-level gems). So based on the information we have at the moment, the calculations above seem most realistic, but the real costs might turn out to be lower, if they decide to cap the cost per level instead of increasing the cost for every new level.
  • We do not have data on the probability of lucky refinement steps (so when you get 5 blessing points from spending 1 million gold). So if you guys drop a huge amount of gold into astral refining, it would be helpful if you send Cosmos data on it, for instance: “I used 20 million gold on astral refining today and got 32 blessing points from it” (which would mean that 3 out of the 20 refinement steps were ‘lucky’ steps).
We might not know the exact cost of astral refining, but what is rather obvious after this analysis is that it will take a long time to max out this feature of the game. So since we will always have things to spend gold on and gold will always be an important element of the game – try to play efficiently when it comes to gold!