Monday, July 28, 2014

DolyGames July Class Wars (Videos)

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Another Class Wars has passed -- Cosmos and I both recorded our battles, and you can check them all out below!


COSMOS (Knight, EU servers)

Eliatan (Mage, Wartune West servers)


Eliatan (Mage, Wartune West servers)

This was one of my best performances to date, and definitely the best one I have recorded lol xD. Below are the spiffy rewards for 2nd place!

Hope everyone had fun this month -- please share your results and any epic moments!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Surviving World Boss

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, I've gotten some inquiries about what stats are required to survive the World Boss ultimate attack. I'm honestly not sure what is the bare minimum required, but I'll share some general insight I've gathered on the matter.

Basic requirements
  • ~220k+ HP -- more is better . . . 
  • Some form of damage reduction (~30% is good)
As usual, when it comes to World Boss-related things, archers have the best deal. Incendiary shot deals damage while also reducing the damage dealt by the target -- combined with a guardian rune if on the cusp of being able to survive the ultimate attack, this is a done deal

Knights have strong shields that help them survive the ultimate attack, but they'll most likely lose income in the process. An Agoran Shield / Apollo Shield combo absorbs a lot of damage, but takes up two turns without dealing any damage. Knights are better off getting to the point where they only need Apollo Shield to survive.

Mages have a pretty raw deal when it comes to surviving the World Boss. The only class skill that reduces damage is the -15% QTE bonus from Restoration, and we don't have a passive that helps with HP growth. It's really best to have a high level (lvl 7+) Guardian Rune.

My approximate stats and runes when I started regularly surviving World Boss
  • 230k HP
  • Level 8 Guardian Rune
  • ~39k+ PDEF/MDEF (don't need this much)
So please share your stats and your friends' stats for surviving World Boss! It's good to know the bare minimum for these types of things ^^

Friday, July 18, 2014

Big Income from World Boss

Hey guys, I want to re-highlight again the big incomes possible if you do World Boss correctly. Just check out this extract picture below I prepared from Elia's video - that is some huge income of gold and daru. Naturally, not everyone can make numbers as big as these (because Elia is one of the top players with around 200k BR), but if you take the lessons that Elia is explaining using the AFK button and runes to your advantage you can hopefully manage to increase your earnings.

Remember World Boss income is why I am also always pushing and advising everyone to focus on offense first before anything else, because the more you can earn from this event the more you can invest in yourself and get stronger faster.

So check out the picture below and if you want to re-visit again the video on DolyGames channel here is the link to it:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dragon Soul Info! (With Video)

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, a new patch and a new system -- Dragon Soul! Here I explain a little bit about how it works and I did a video on it as well.

In order to open the Drag Soul tab in your profile, you need to clear The Void on Nightmare mode.

After completeing Void NM, you'll get this charming gold egg:

To Feed your egg, Dragon Essences drop in multi-player dungeons and Necropolis. Each boss, including mini bosses (e.g. Yaros in The Void, any of the three mini bosses in Lych Lair) in a multiplayer dungeon will drop one Dragon Essence. Dragon Essences also drop every 5 bosses from Tormented Necropolis -- you can receive them through blitzing:

As you continue to feed your Dragon Soul, its rarity will increase and you'll obtain percentage-based stat bonuses:

And here's a little video footage of my main toon in Lych Lair NM getting Dragon Essences :)

Reached 4000 Subscribers!!

Hey guys, I just reached 4000 subscribers on YouTube!! Thanks to everyone who supported me and everyone who is subscribed to DolyGames! :)

Wartune is still developing, changing, adding more content / features, so we keep on having fun and DolyGames Team will keep on bringing you guys awesome content via blog posts and videos :)

At the same time my Knight became Lord Divine - which is a huge achievement given that it was all done via Guild Battles and not a single Battleground fight, at least in the last 6+ months if not 1 year. And also just 30 minutes ago my Knight scores his biggest damage against a Spire level 13 boss hitting him with a record 800,000 damage with Gaia crit delphic on brutality, vulcan and a little bit of unstable voltage, which was awesome!

And also, at the same time, my mage surpasses 100k BR at level 64 without a medallion, wearing still the 50 set and with academy 185%. My mage says "Whasuuuuup" to everyone who is following him :)

Dante’s Team Smashes Spire

Hey guys, here a short post Dante asked me to share how his team (his team is called Team 7) smashed Spire and you see in the comments they didn't even have a hard time doing it. I asked him to share some info / tips together with his victory picture and he did, so here is what Dante advises about Spire:

All i can say about spire bosses is give some advice:

  • One tank seems to work better than 2 tanks, 
  • The only hard bit is boss 21 with the stupid dot spell, after that bosses are easier, 
the difficulty of those bosses are:
  • 21 amazon queen (by far the hardest), 
  • 24 pan (back attack might kill mage/archer + aoe on 5th move) 
  • 22 iris (aoe and needs alot of rage if solo mage) 
  • 23 gaia by far the easiest one since we all got hercules and we are high on electric resistances plus it has only single target spells
Hope you guys found those tips useful and here is the screenshot (you can click to enlarge - it's big).

Monday, July 14, 2014

1000 Sepulcrums Enchanting Effect

Hey guys, let's look on the distribution of points when enchanting Sylphs with Sepulcrums. I had made a video doing this a while back so I will link that below, but I don't think I made a blog post on this and since it is a nice topic here we go:

Before Enchanting with 1000 Sepulcrums

So our enchanting subject is an Amazon sylph as shown below with:

 - Strength 2182 out of 4532
 - Armor 1428 out of 3225
 - Intelligence 463 out of 741 (so this one will get maxed)
 - Endurance 2175 out of 4549
 - and a Battle Rating of 13019

And here we have the picture of the Amazon after:

After Enchanting

 - Strength 2453 out of 4532 - an increase of 271
 - Armor 1652 out of 3225 - an increase of 224
 - Intelligence 741 out of 741 (maxed out) - an increase of 278
 - Endurance 2412 out of 4549 - an increase of 237
 - and a Battle Rating of 15083 - an increase of 2064

So we see that we got more often points for Strength and Intelligence in this case, but otherwise you see that it is roughly an equal distribution of points, so there is no way to put all the points to the stat that you prefer, sooner or later you will have to pay for whatever stat is the lowest.

And as for the battle rating, so basically we can learn that 1000 sepulcrums is roughly 2000 battle rating worth amount. So if you want to increase your Sylph strength by 10k BR then it would take 5k sepulcrums.

And here is the video that I made about this 1st of June: