Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tips and Vids on Sacred Fire Temple

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, one of the more recent additions to Wartune that I've really enjoyed is Sacred Fire Temple. I've done a few gameplay videos on it already, and I thought I'd mention some tips I've picked up since it was released!
  • Assess your individual and team chance of success - check out the rankings to see what you're up against. If there are a ton of players on the other team with much higher BR than yours, it may be better to leave and wait the five minutes to enter a new one. If you only care about the team win, and there are a lot of top players on your team, stick around! 
  • Consider going into the battle late - many top players who aren't as worried about the BRs of other people will go into the battleground minutes before the gates open. If you wait for a few minutes or even as long as until the last 9-10 minutes of the battle period, the field of players tends to be weaker. Even if there are one or two very strong toons, it won't be as tough to avoid them.
  • Be prepared to grab the fires - the sacred fires give a reward bonus and are good to try for as long as you don't mind having a big fiery target over your head. There are three fires that spawn approximately 5, 10, and 15 minutes into the battle. Each of them spawns in the same place every time, and the order is labeled below.
  • Know when to be a chicken - unless you're thoroughly overpowered, you should know figure out who to avoid and when they're coming toward the tower you're at, run for the hills :P ^^ Even though I don't have a ton of people that can take me out, if I have a fire, I'll think twice about staying at a tower that someone very strong is approaching.
  • Have some fun and be social - Wartune is just as much or more of a social game as it is a competitive one. Battleground and Sacred Fire Temple can be a nice time to get a feel for what's going on in your cross server community. Ignore the haters or people just trying to troll around negativity, and you can make some friends :)


In backwards chronological order:

Well, that's all I've got. Please share any thoughts or additional advice in the comments!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

God's Descent level 30 is the maximum level

Hey guys, God's Descent level 30 is the maximum level; thanks to Johnny L. for the screenshot.

...also received same from Atroxia :)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

R2Games openly shamelessly cheating players

Hey guys, it seems that R2Games has started to openly and shamelessly cheat players with their sales information, which is really a surprise for me - why would you lie to your own paying customers? This is a very bad business decision and will damage them for sure. As someone who promotes Wartune for already 2+ years (even though R2Games treated me like dirt) this makes me feel ashamed in their place.

So what did they do? 

They launched something called "Recharge Gift Pack" which is currently running in-game, where you have to recharge balens (a.k.a. pay money) to get a bonus package.

Immediately on page 1 you see the option of recharging 1000 balens, for which they give you a bonus pack of 1 sylph equipment enchantment pack + 5 mahra + 10 sepulcrum + 100k gold.

The problem is though that they claim in big letters that this pack is valued at 4999 balens and this is a huge lie, and a very obvious one at that! So I am going to break it down just below how much exactly this pack is worth both in official retail price and in market price:

5 Mahra

The official game price (a.k.a. Retail Price) for Mahra in Wartune is 35 balens (picture below), so 5 Mahra would cost 175 balens.

That said the amount that people are willing to pay for this when it is on sale (a.k.a. the Market Price) is more like ~10 balens (so 50 balens for 5).

10 Sepulcrum

Sepulcrum has exactly the same price as Mahra so for 10 this would be 350 balens at retail price or 100 balens at market price.

100k Gold

100k gold in the current stage of the game and in the context of recharging 1000+ balens has no value at all. It is just a shiny decoration. But ok, let's call it 10 balens just to give it something.

1 Sylph Equipment Enchantment Pack

Just one pack, although they made it look really cool for an unknown reason, contains simply 3 Magical Moonlights and 3 Glints of Magic. This is enough to click on the enchant button just 1 time (+ you have to pay a lot of gold) and it does not even guarantee success. So how much does 1 press of an enchant button cost? I'll be really generous and say the same amount as a sylph enchant button with mahra, so 35 balens for 3 Magical Moonlights and 3 Glints of Magic or 1 Sylph Equipment Enchantment Pack.


Retail price conclusion = 175 + 350 + 10 + 35 = 570 balens! Not 4999!!!
Market price conclusion = 50 + 100 + 0 + 10 = 160 balens

So shame on R2Games for lying to their paying customers! and especially during Christmas / New Year holidays.

I hope they wake up from this dirty strategy and build a business based on respecting their customers.

P.S. some people might say this is the fault of 7Road and not R2Games, but it is R2games who runs the European / Western operation and therefore it is their responsibly / fault.

P.P.S. by the way, other levels are also not honest; I am not going to analyze every recharge level, but here are the pictures and you can see that yourself. For example 5000 balens, which they claim is valued at 9999 balens is just at most 3000 balens.

Full Gear on All Six Sylphs

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, today after opening some event chests from the clothing events, I realized I had enough sylph equipment shards to finish a full set of gear for my Cerberus. This means I have a full set (albeit mostly not enchanted or upgraded) for all six of my sylphs.

So now that I've hit this milestone much sooner than I thought possible, does anyone know what's next for sylph equipment shards? My guess is it will be a very long time before they put in some sort of exchange for these items. I also don't see myself building up and refining more than the six I have . . . maybe I'll just have a lot of fancy paperweights.

Please share any thoughts or info in the comments!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Dimensions Strategy and 15 Video Series on Dimensions

Hey guys, I finished 15 days of video recordings for Dimensions in Wartune and it came out to be very nice Video Series, which I hope you guys will enjoy. In these series there are a lot of tips and strategies and fun and the main important thing we learned for dimensions are:
  • Always run fast and fully occupy the dimension - do not pick up any rewards which are "off-the-path".
  • Always try to open dimensions of the same element, which will boost your resistance for that element and make it cheaper for you to walk (can go as low as 10 energy per step).
  • Always do the Basic dimensions of the same element before you start the Intermediate or Advanced, because you can occupy the Basic ones fast which will give you a resistance boost to make it easier to do the harder dimensions.
  • In the later videos you find that there are 2 and even 3 towers per section, which forces you to explore the whole section.
  • Always take the God's Blessing for Energy Boost even if it is 1 step off your path.
  • Occupy the dimension before even exploring for treasures in the "i feel the treasure is here spots", because this costs 50 energy no matter on your resistances, which can be 2 to 5 extra steps.
  • Only go back and start cleaning up dimensions, picking up all treasures, if you have fully occupied maximum dimensions (2 for non-VIP and 5 for VIP) or if you simply were not lucky and didn't find any more dimension coordinates.

Basic Dimension Buffs

These add up to:
  • +50 to resist and another 5% on top for resist
  • and +25 for resist reduction and another 3% on top

Intermediate Dimension Buffs

These add up to:
  • +125 to resist and another 10% on top for resist
  • and +50 for resist reduction and another 5% on top

Advanced Dimension Buffs

These add up to:
  • +225 to resist and another 25% on top for resist
  • and +100 for resist reduction and another 10% on top

Towers to be occupied per level are: 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 8
Thanks to Johnny L, for this info on Advanced Dimension.

Article by Ashira we already posted here

For even more useful and detailed dimensions info please check the article we posted earlier by Ashira; http://cosmos-wartune.blogspot.com/2014/12/updates-on-dimensional-war.html

Video Playlist with all my 15 days of Dimension Videos:


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy Coming New Year 2015

Hey guys, Merry Christmas and a Happy coming New Year 2015 from me (Cosmos) as well as the whole DolyGames Team! I hope you guys use this holiday period to spend more time with your family and friends and a bit less in front of the PC :)

Here is a short 1 minute video of my wishes to you:

VIDEO Merry C. & Happy 2015!

And I also prepared a card for you guys :)

I'll also take this chance to again thank you all for following and supporting DolyGames!

Happy Holidays! :)

Advanced Runes Experience Table

Hi guys, thanks to DZmage's data collection effort and everyone who helped we have a full table for the experience required for Advanced Runes, so we share that with you below and also recognize the people's support at the bottom of the post.

Advanced Runes Experience Table

LevelAdv. BrutalityAdv. Blood RuneAdv. GuardianAdv. Healing Rune

110x Advanced Runestones10x Advanced Runestones10x Advanced Runestones10x Advanced Runestones

Thanks to the people who supported to get this data completed:

Aisté Stugyté (facebook user)
Harry Bond (facebook user)
Dominic Moore (facebook user)
Infinity Prof. City - S195
Neuva Prof. City - S195
Dennis D.

30+ million gold / daru World Boss income

Hey guys, here a short post to share some crazy World Boss income in Wartune of more than 30 million gold and daru. Imagine earning that on every World Boss!! :) lol

To achieve something like that you have to be really strong (this picture is from Atroxia archer BR 624k post-sylph BR increase patch) and of course it also matters how active your server is - the less people the more income for the World Boss participants.

Let's compare

That said, just to put things in perspective let's compare with a few other numbers. I do World Boss on AFK mode with about 75k+ PATK (and 315k BR) and that gets me something like 3 to 3.5 million gold on my server. If I would take control manually then I suppose I could move it up to 4 to 4.5 mil.

The top ranks (1-3) on my server earn about 8-9 million gold and daru.

So clearly 30+ million is exceptional. Oh and also to be more clear here below was the chat message showing that this income is due to 13.49% of damage done on World Boss.


Just additional information from Atroxia that this kind of income is impossible if you don't pay balens for power ups and also for reviving between battles.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Events

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, after reset the Merry Christmas Events will start but Oceanic servers have not gotten the Boxes and Events. Be sure to check out this event's mount in action here.

Astral Master: 12/23/2014 - 12/29/2014

Description: Search high and low to capture a red or orange astral (Energine excluded) and receive fantastic rewards! Each character may only redeem this reward once.

  • Capture an Orange Astral: 100,000 EXP, Kyanite x4,000, Red Nosed Reindeer x1 
  • Capture an Red Astral: 200,000 EXP, 100,000 Daru, Energine x2, Red Nosed Reindeer x2

Tower of Kings: 12/23/2014 - 12/29/2014

Description: Enter the Tower of Kings and be rewarded. Each reward can be redeemed once per day.

Rewards: 50,000 EXP, Skeleton Key x2, Red Nosed Reindeer x1

Blessing Wheel: 12/23/2014 - 12/29/2014

Description: Spin the Blessing Wheel 3 times to be rewarded. Each reward can only be redeemed once per day.

Rewards: 50,000 EXP, 50,000 Daru, Red Nosed Reindeer x1

Bounty Quest Boost: 12/24/26 - 12/26/2014

Reward: Bounty Quest attempts will be increased by 10.

Double EXP Party: 12/24/2014 - 12/26/2014

Reward: EXP is doubled for all dungeons.

Online Bonus: 12/24/2014 - 12/26/2014

Description: Remain online for the required amount of time and be rewarded. Each reward can only be redeemed once per day.

  • 30 Minutes: 50,000 Gold, Lvl 1-5 Gem Pack x1
  • One Hour: 50,000 Daru, Red Nosed Reindeer x1
  • Two Hours: 20,000 Kyanite, Will Crystal Shard x3
  • Three Hours: Red Nosed Reindeer x1, Magical Moonlight x1, Glint of Magic x1

Astral: 12/30/2014 - 1/06/2015

Description: Capture Astrals the required number of times to receive splendid rewards!

  • 100 Times: 200,000 EXP, Energine x1, Red Nosed Reindeer x2
  • 200 Times: 300,000 Gold, Energine x2, Red Nosed Reindeer x2
  • 500 Times: 500,000 Gold, Energine x5, Red Nosed Riendeer x5

Card Hunter: 12/30/2014 - 1/05/2015

Description: Go on a Great Card Hunt exploration the required number of times to rewarded. Each quest may be completed once per day.

  • Complete Great Card Hunt (3) times: 50,000 Gold, 20,000 Daru, Exploration Artifact
  • Complete Great Card Hunt (5) times: 100,000 Gold, Star Sand x1, Red Nosed Reindeer x1

Amethyst Mines: 12/30/2014 - 1/05/2015

Description: Participate in the Amethyst Mines and be rewarded. This quest may be completed once per day.

Rewards: 200,000 EXP, Runestone x2, Basic Coordinate Shard x1, Red Nosed Reindeer x1

Sylph Enchant:

Sylph Upgrade:

Big Spender V:

Reindeer's Gift Exchange:

  • Reindeer's Gift x1 for 50,000 Gold
  • Reindeer's Gift x5 for Kyanite x50,000
  • Reindeer's Gift x13 for Good Luck Charm x2
  • Reindeer's Gift x20 for Mount Hoof x28
  • Reindeer's Gift x20 for Intermediate Coordinate Shard x50
  • Reindeer's Gift x30 for Frosty Hat (Headress) x1
  • Reindeer's Gift x30 for Frosty Robe (Armor) x1
  • Reindeer's Gift x30 for Frosty Weapon (Weapon) x1 
  • Reindeer's Gift x60 for Magical Moonlight x30, Glint of Magic x30
  • Reindeer's Gift x330 for Christmas Sleigh Card x1
Exchange Christmas Sleigh Card x1 for Reindeer's Gift x167, Mount Training Whips x300, Mount Hoof x50

It seems like there will be no wings in this event. The "Frosty" clothing is acutely "Reindeer Clothing".

Reindeer Clothing:

New Mounts: Christmas Sleigh, Lost Reindeer, Ice Lion, Snow Yak

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, after we got maintenance last week, four new mounts were added. Two of them will/might be in the Christmas Events while the other two might be in regular events. Big thanks goes to DZmage for helping me out with these GIF's.

Christmas Sleigh

This mount will be in the Christmas Events.

Lost Reindeer

This mount can fly! I hope they don't remove the flight ability like they did to the Majestic Stingray Mount. This mount will/might appear in the Christmas Events.

Ice Lion

The Ice Lion king might be in the Christmas Event but having three mounts in Christmas Event is ridiculous. This mount might appear after Christmas but in the winter (January - Febuary).

Snow Yak

This mount might not appear in the Christmas Events like the Ice Lion Mount but might appear during the winter (January - February).
Hope you guys enjoyed the preview of these new mounts and be sure to comment below your favorite mount of these four.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Atroxia Archer Overview and Suggestions

Hey guys, this post is to share with you what a pre-patch 450k BR (post patch ~580k-680k BR) archer (Atroxia) looks like in every aspect of the character + tips and suggestions from which will hopefully be helpful or interesting to everyone, so thanks to Atroxia for sharing / contributing this and I hope you will enjoy it.

(below prepared / contributed by Atroxia; edits/corrections by Cosmos)


About gems for an archer you have 2 ways to use it: power or BR. This is not the same strategy.

First, identify which gem gives you the max amount of BR. Note your current BR without pots, scrolls or any other bonus. Then remove the same level of gem you want to compare. Remove one and note your new BR without the gem you have just removed. So the difference those two situations will show you the gems which give you the highest BR.

As an example, for an archer:
  • For level 10 gem in PDEF your gain is 2172 BR, same for MDEF, Crit give 2049, HP give 2771, 
  • Charisma gem is the most useless gem for your power or your amount of BR.
  • PATK, for level 11, give you 3077 BR, it’s the same for MATK.
  • Block gems give you BR better than crit but less than PDEF and MDEF gems.
So for me for a power strategy it will be: PATK + Crit + PDEF + HP.

For a BR strategy (needed only for HoF): HP + PATK + MATK + PDEF (you can also convert your highest level of gem into HP, then into attack gems).

Refine equipment

I would say nothing else than take the best (level 10) and don’t take care of lower stats. Why? Because that give you more open slots to get a random stat you want.

So lock your level 10 stats you want to keep it safe, then refine and switch only if you have what you are looking for.

For an archer, I choose:
  1. Strength (because it gives both +4 PATK as well as +1 PDEF)
  2. PATK (for maximum attack power)
  3. Crit (a very important archer stat)
  4. Defense (both +4 MDEF and +4 PDEF)
  5. Endurance (more HP than the HP attribute)


I use, from the red astrals:
  • Sniper, 
  • Force, 
  • Fortitude, 
  • Willpower 
  • and Gemini
And from the orange astrals:
  • Deflection, 
  • Determination, 
  • Guardian, 
  • Regeneration, 
  • Blessing.
Illusion is good too, but I need more MDEF before to switch from willpower to illusion.

First step, upgrade all your astral to level 9. All at level 2 then all at level 3 and so on. It’s more balanced than to be very strong in attack but weak in defense.

For HoF purpose: replace all orange by all red you don’t have, and keep a spare of orange to be able to comeback ^^. I got 10K BR like this. But it was just for a night before maintenance, so no impact.

Refining astral (+1% to 10%):

Astral slot refining costs a lot of gold, so I would say don’t use it before your astral are at level 9.
I like to be well balanced than very strong on one point. So it’s more efficient as well to upgrade your astral by giving 1% each on your all astral slots upgradable, then 2%. 3% cost 125 million of gold, 4% = 250m gold.

Note from Cosmos: remember guys that people can have different views or strategies. I, for example, prefer to get more % on my Goddess and Illusion as those can have a big impact rather than a few extra numbers on a stat astral. You have to make your own decision after reading suggestions from many people, that's why I try to bring you as many different points of view as possible.

You have a blessing which give you 5 instead of 1 point for the million you use. So if you are lucky that can cost you at least 20% but that will rarely happen. With what I saw it’s more 50%-60%. If you want a chance that the blessing appear, don’t use your gold 1 by 1. Keep your gold until you have over 100 million until the 3% is achieved, and over 200 million for 4% and more.

Mounts stars:

  • First get all mounts as you can - it’s basic. More mounts = more power.
  • To gain the maximum of stats, it’s obvious to give one star to each mount before giving the second one.
  • Then all mounts will have 2 stars before going to the 3rd one and so on.

Holy Forge:

  • Save as much as possible all the stoves and hammers before using them.
  • Each level has 10 grades and you have a blessing to complete the bar.
  • You need 3 times more stoves than hammers, so if you have to buy something during an event, choose stove before hammer.
  • Same technique: use your macro to click fast, with 1000 stove + 333 hammer = 66 attempts.
  • So if you count 500k gold as an average estimate by grade, that mean 5 million by level or for 10 grades. So with 66 attempts you could go through 2 levels or like 20-25 grades.
  • That give you a lot of BR and power but it’s very expensive.

Clothing identification:

As well, to start just identify all your clothes so you get one star, then refine it and just try once for each 4 types of clothes. So you can get a 2nd or more stars if you are lucky. For everyone it’s always Armor and wings to refine and helm for mage and weapon for knights and archers. But, if you want to keep a slot on your gem slots, do it all. I increased all helms and I get so much MDEF that I don’t need MDEF gems on my gears now. This, of course, requires a lot of Fashion Cores.

After that you can refine more to try to get the 5th star. It’s not easier to get 5 stars on clothes grade D than grade S. It’s just a matter of amount of fashion core. So start with grade S clothes until you get the 5 stars of each of them then A. But for B, C and D grades don’t waste your Fashion Cores; if you have 3 stars that's enough - it is not going to be worth it to get 5 stars on these low grades.


  • Invest first in sepulcrum before mahra. Always use event to do so.
  • Set or reset skills: if you want BR for your character, invest in endurance because that will give you more HP, and your sylph will have less BR. But if you want more power, invest in intelligence or strength depending on sylph. To determine which one to choose is, click on Auto button that will show which one to pick. Close the window to cancel and reopen it to set accordingly. (Note by Cosmos: I have seen it to be more efficient to put all points into offense to maximize WB earnings)
  • When you set Strength or intelligence for your sylph that give max BR to it.

Battle protection:

  • Resistance reduces the amount of damage received from attacks of the same element.
  • RES reduction can reduce the enemy's resistance, which means the player's attacks can do more damage.
  • So don’t underestimate Will Crystal to make more damage on your opponents.
  • Also, I notice that my global resistance to sylph damages are more efficient with will crystals than sylph crystals. I had level 5 crystals on electro, light and dark in each shield. And level 5 in will crystals. During an event, I removed all crystals to convert and build level 7 electro only and build level 6 will crystals. I thought I will be weak against dark and light now but as surprising as it may seem it was not the case. So I would say if you have a choice to invest your money: increase will crystal first until level 7. It’s now my priority.

Atroxia Screenshots



Inventory / bags:

Mounts and Mount Refinements:

Runes and Skills:


UPDATE: following the end of Hall of Fame and adding of Sylph Equipment:

Resistance and Resist Reduction

Note from Cosmos: Atroxia got awesome power-ups from dimensions!

UPDATE after December Class Wars

I worked on gems first to get all level 12 in PATK (all level 11 before) then PDEF, (all level 10 before) 5 are level 12 and 3 level 11.

Then I maxed out the sylph's legendary weapon to level 24 and added all new gems for sylph gear like PATK level 4 and level 3 on all gears + PDEF level 2 + MDEF level 2.

Finally i maxed out my crossbow on holycast and got some levels on the armor, which costed around 800 million gold for all that. I sold 140k mount training whips + 14k SC added with rewards and exchange along the way.

Rewards in soul mark increase by 10 levels to finish at 48.
I added around 40k br in this update.

Update on Holy Seal:

Class Wars Screenshots:

Sylph Team for Class Wars

Updated Dimension Resistance Power-ups