Friday, May 31, 2013

Blod Deja Garg Sylv reach stage 13 of Spire

Hey guys, just a screenshot to show that our top guys Blod Deja Garg Sylv reach stage 13 of Spire dungeon, which is I believe the first team to do so on our server:

and for those who are curious about their stats here they are:

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Q&A: Does Floating Astral increase income from WB?


Does Floating Astral increase income from WB?


The short answer today is "no". The reason I say today is because some day they might change the functionality of it since it is so silly now. And the reason I say no is because the ruthlessness or floating damage astral works in such a way as to increase your damage range from for example 90 to 100 on to let's say 70 to 120, so this way you can hit much higher numbers but also much lower numbers and it is currently defined to have equal chance of both high or low which actually consequently means that it makes no sense for us to use it :) because the average damage over time is absolutely the same compared to not using it at all.

Very silly right? I agree, so throw away this astral and use something that is giving a proper benefit to you. I actually got a yellow/orange floating astral few days ago and for now I kept it in the bag because I have space just in case if they change its formula, but if space will be an issue it is out of the window :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Holy Sniper Edge Astral Level 5

Hey guys, as you might know i am pushing hard on build a crit knight and today was a pretty good milestone for me cause i got the Holy Sniper Edge Astral raised to Level 5 which is giving me a huge boost to my critical rating which is now well above 2000.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thank you Sylvester for VIP! :)

Hey guys, good news I got a sponsor or a donation of a gift - Sylvester bought me the VIP for 1 month, so thank you very much to Sylvester!! :)

Actually the only thing I am looking forward to in the VIP at my level and equipment is the skeleton keys, because I need those to get more and more summoner runs for legendary stones and/or crystals to keep on gathering and gathering to try to get level 60 PVE set slowly over time.

So, thank you again very much Sylv! for supporting! :)
Much appreciate it!

And here is a picture I prepared for this occasion :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Guild Battle for Dummies

(Written by Lucifera)


Every week 8 most powerful guilds fight each other in Guild Battle. Guild battle consists of 3 rounds, one round on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Rewards are insignia, honor, mount training whips and soul crystals.

Each guild can assign maximum of 50 people to guild battle. Participant list can be modified by Guild Master and Assistant Guild Masters.

Checking participants:

In guild screen, click guild battle and then participants.

If you can’t really fight in guild battle, do not participate. There is always more people willing to get in the battle than there is spots. Guild needs fighters, not someone to stand and sit around doing nothing. Usually idle players also are getting kicked from guild battle so there really is no point in getting in for sitting at spawn.

Guild Battle map:

Guild spawn points, from where players start the battle (and where they end up if they die in battleground) are at the opposite sides of the guild battle map. In front of spawn points there are guild Ward Towers, also known as “Main towers”. There is also 4 small towers. North West, North East, South West and South East.

Goal is to take and hold all 4 small towers AND/OR destroy enemy Ward Tower.

General behavior in Guild Battle:

Respect your enemy. Do not use foul language and behave well. Do not kill people who stay inside their spawn, since it’s considered as bad behavior.

Fighting in guild battle:

Each guild can have max 4 players in one individual fight. Fights can be anything from 1 vs. 1 to 4 vs. 4 or any other combination depends on how many people join in the battle. It is not really possible to arrange specific fighting teams or set up specific formation for random battles.

If you die in guild battle, you will be transported to spawn area and can continue fighting after cool down.

You will use HP in guild battle, so make sure you have enough potions. If you don’t, you end up in battle with less than full health and that means losing, for you and your possible battle mates.

All other potions and scrolls, except troop scrolls & potions, are usable in guild battle. Troop potions and scrolls are not that useful because you do not have troops in player vs. player guild battle.

Taking and defending a small tower:

Go to the tower, kill possible enemies and occupy tower by clicking it. Then click the tower again and defend.  Each small tower can be defended by max 4 people. If tower is attacked, all defenders will be drawn to battle instantly.

When defending a tower, stay inside the blue circle and do not move or attack passing by players. If you attack someone, you stop defending the tower. IF you move, you might get drawn to a battle even you did not try to attack.

Most guilds have rules about tower attackers and defenders. Usually towers are defended by relatively strong players and low battle rating & low level players should not defend or attack the small towers unless told to do so by guild master or assistant guild masters.

Keep up communication while defending tower. If you get attacked, tell it in party chat. If you are about to lose tell that too. If you have too few defenders, ask for more in party chat. If you are safe and well, just announce “NE/NW/SE/SW safe”. Most important is that others know where they should be and where all is good and where help is needed.

Attacking a Ward tower also known as “enemy main tower”:

Since destroying enemy ward tower is a goal, all players who are not defending small towers should be attacking enemy ward tower.

Ward towers can’t be defended like small towers.  Guild can arrange a bunch of players harassing and killing enemy who tries to attack their main, but defending the tower like small towers is not possible.

Enemy ward tower is attacked by clicking it. Usually it is easiest to click the top of the ward tower and that should draw you in to a fight.

When fighting ward tower you also have your troops, it is actually very similar to fighting a world boss. But in this case, you lose all troops when they are killed and need to buy more. Because of this, it is advisable you remove all but 1 troop before attacking a ward tower. You can remove your troops by clicking your troop icon, then move all troops away and assign only one troop back. Then you only loose 1 troop per time you hit the ward and not all of your troops.

Attacking a ward tower eats a lot of Health Point potions. Make sure you have enough or fight without.. but if you fight without HP do not join any other battles there are going on in the battle ground and fight only the ward tower!

Communicating during a guild battle:

I strongly advise you to keep “Party” chat open all the time, since that’s the channel where GM and Assistant GMs usually give the instructions about battle strategy. They do not have time to PM 50 people individually!
Guild Master and Assistant Guild Masters make the strategy; your job is to do as told to. If you refuse to do as you were told to, you will ruin the strategy and your guild will probably loose. Loosing means less reward for all of you. Guild Battle is teamwork, good teamwork is half win!



Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1.6 Patch is Coming

Hey guys! It seems the 1.6 patch is going to be arriving but we do not know when, however we already know that included will be

Level 9 Outfits

Not only are they (obviously) more powerful, but they are some of the most stunning costumes to date!


Unlocked at level 35, Players will be able to jump in their favorite tank and knock the stuffing out of each other (and win awesome rewards, too)!

Seems like the tank is a kind of a "structure" outside the city!

and tanks look like managed like stables and also you see their experience is going up so the higher the level the stronger tank you get just like horses

And now also in English:

This system will be opened when your hero reach Lvl.35, youwill be able to enter solo or multi dungeons by driving Tanks vehicles and receive rewards according to the points you gained. can be upgraded to boost stats, Appearance change contributes to stronger skills.

1) Unlock time: 21:00-21:25 every day
2) destroy Tank to gain extra points. The Tank Battle ends when the difference between the points reached 10000
3) Tank buff will be TurboSpeed, The Goddess’ Blessing and Force Field, the Force Field effect will also be strengthened
4) Players been killed will not be revived individually, the destroyed Tanks will all be revived at intervals.
5) You will receive points by attacking BOSS which will not disappear after its appearance
6) Required manipulating level is needed to open advanced Tanks, you can also consume balens to purchase them after your tech level reached required level.

The Rune System

Players can learn, upgrade, and develop their own Rune System! The Rune System unlocks at level 35. 

Not sure what to make of this picture, if someone speaks the language please let us know what it says there.

More info in English now:

Rune system will be unlocked when your hero level reached Lvl.35. You will be able to gain permanent Rune skills by studying specified Rune Stones. This new system is based on original one, you will be able to experience parts of skills of other classes in battle. The proper application of Runes even helps you turn the tide in the battle!

The Runes you learn are based on your class which are exclusive to specified Runes. Rune Stone are needed to upgrade Runes, the apply time limits and the Rune effect will be improved greatly after upgrade.

Class Wars

Class Wars in which players battle other players of the same class to find out who rules!

So looks like you have one winner per class - probably the strongest player so for all the non-cash people you already probably know it is not going to be you :)

and we can see 2 pages of rewards so looks like that class wars works the same way as arena does - you earn points and then based on these points you can buy different items from cheap to very expensive!

More pictures and now in English:

“Class Wars ”System is an event for cross server PVP per month, which was divided into 3 parts:Contests (included Preliminary Contest ) Final Contest, Wagers,Glory Shop,you will receive rich award by participating this event. Top 3 players of 3 different classes will receive an extra Special Mount. The top 1 players will get more precious rewards. What’s more, in Wagers, you will have chance to get more Glory Shop which can be used to exchange rare items in Glory Shop.

So that sounds like a lot of fun! :) looking forward for more information! :)

About tanks I do have an older blog posts about tanks google cosmos wartune sci fi tanks :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Reached Rank 17 on Arena Duel

Hey guys, I managed to crawl my way up in the Solo Arena Duel rankings and I get to see what kind of nice rewards they are getting there, so while most people earn something like 80k gold and daru or 130k gold and daru the people up top are making a lot more money than that and here you see on my achieved rankings 17 and 19 on these screenshots the reward is already up to 300,000 gold and daru which is only a taste of what you get higher up.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Friendliness or Friendship in Wartune

Hey guys, this is gonna be a post about Friendliness or Friendship in Wartune and it may not be long but it is surely important to know. This is the kind of information that nobody tells people so people miss out on these bonuses. The general thinking is that people give each other roses, etc for fun and not so many know that there are nice bonuses connected with Friendliness or Friendship.

So on the picture below you can see that already on level 4 friendship you get extra 700 health which is very much achievable and a nice additional bonus.

On level 6 is the dream of archers with +150 critical damage, but of course harder to get to.

You can increase friendship by:

  • Energizing the tree of your friends
  • Completing dungeons together
  • Giving each other Roses (1 rose, 11 roses, 99 roses or 999 roses)
  • Melding Sylphs (in the farm)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Clothing Synthesis - Upgrading Clothing and Wings

Upgrading Cothing Levels in Wartune | Clothing Synthesis

Level 1 Clothing Item + Level 1 Clothing Item = Level 2 Clothing Item
also Level 1 Clothing Item + FASHION CORE = Level 2 Clothing Item

Level 2 Clothing Item + Level 2 Clothing Item + 1 x Good Luck Charm = Level 3 Clothing Item

Level 3 Clothing Item + Level 3 Clothing Item + 2 x Good Luck Charm = Level 4 Clothing Item

Level 4 Clothing Item + Level 4 Clothing Item + 4 x Good Luck Charm = Level 5 Clothing Item
(here i got feedback from WhiteJudas that it is 4 luck charms - that the charm requirement doubles every next upgrade)

Level 5 Clothing Item + Level 5 Clothing Item + 8 x Good Luck Charm = Level 6 Clothing Item

Edit: Can also use Fashion core for higher levels but more cores/lucks are needed - don't have exact figures.

Upgrading Wing Levels in Wartune | Clothing Synthesis

Wings Level 1 + 5 x FASHION CORE = Wings Level 2

Wings Level 2 + Wing Level 2 + (not 2) 5 x Good Luck Charm = Wings Level 3
(here i got 2 x feedback that it is 5 luck charms; thanks ray and person #1)

Wings Level 3 + Wing Level 3 + (not 3) 10 x Good Luck Charm = Wings Level 4
(here i got feedback confirmation from Yeti that it is indeed 10 luck charms)

How much rage you get from clothing

Level 1 Clothing Item = + 5 rage on round 1 of any battle
Level 2 Clothing Item = + 7 rage on round 1 of any battle
Level 3 Clothing Item = + 9 rage on round 1 of any battle
Level 4 Clothing Item = + 11 rage on round 1 of any battle

Where to get Skeleton Keys and how many

Hey guys, one of the very useful items in Wartune are the Skeleton Keys, but many people might have difficulties getting a lot of them or simply don't know where to get lots of them, so here is a post giving you the places and estimate amounts. Of course skeleton keys are mostly useful for opening up mystery boxes in dungeons which can give you nice items and especially on the higher level they are useful for getting more legendary stones from the summoners.

Daily Devotion

First off if you get 95 devotion you can get 1 skeleton key and so roughly speaking for 1 month which is 30 days you can get 30 keys from this one:

Daily Check In

Then from the daily check in rewards you get rewarded 4 times:
1 + 2 + 5 + 10 = 18 more keys:


Then you got the blitzing of solo campaigns so let's say you do 8 per day out of which you get 3 keys then this will be 3 times 30 days so about 90 keys, but can be a lot more also.

Guild Altar

Then you can also get skeleton keys from the guild altar, but it is a little bit unpredictable so it is not possible for me to guess how many. I suppose it could even be zero some month or a bunch in another.

(made this pic myself)

VIP Weekly Gift

Then for VIP people you get a weekly gift pack and there are 6 keys inside so that's 6 x 4 weeks = 24 more keys.

VIP Wheel

Then you got 5 keys per VIP wheel, so if you spin it say every 3 days which is more than easy to accomplish then you can get roughly 10 x 5 keys = 50 keys.

Divine Altar

And lastly you can also get skeleton keys from the Divine Altar

Thursday, May 16, 2013

COSMOS Becomes Level 69

Hey guys I level up to 69! :) so this is the very famous border line with the 70 and a big decision will need to be made if I should stay 69 for a very long time getting stronger or if I should pass to level 70 and grab that +1 astral however then get put into a higher bracket for the Group Arena and Battle Ground events as well as I believe earning less experience from the lower dungeons. So I have not decided that yet, feel free to comment and give your opinion! :)

In the meantime I decided to do a whole photo shoot of my avatar COSMOS so check out everything about me on the pictures below: