Saturday, May 31, 2014

Epic Shard Drops from Lych Lair

(Posted by Eliatan)

Hey you guys, I was running my archer alt through Lych Lair Nightmare mode and one of the bosses dropped a level 70 epic helmet shard!

It's unbound unlike the ones bought from Arena Shop
I think epic shard drops are a new edition since the level 80 multi-player dungeons have come out. For all the hundreds of times I ran LL nightmare on my mage, I never saw these. I don't do a lot of PvP activities on my alt, so I'm really happy this saves 1,000 insignias ^^

So, have you guys seen epic shard drops anywhere else? I've also seen someone get a level 70 epic shard from the level 80 dungeon, Nirvana (nightmare mode, I believe), which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. And I haven't seen any of the level 80 epic shards in Nirvana nightmare either. Anybody working on the levels 40/50/60 gear gotten some for those sets?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Collecting Data for Drop Rate reports

Hey guys,  I wanna mention few things for which you can help, so if you can support with any of these things just with a simple email so I can make Wartune reports for everyone that would be great help for everyone:

1) Collecting data to make drop rate reports for:
(This is a real Alpaca)

  • Sky Trail's HEAVEN HORN for NON-CASHERS only - that is only 1 horn per use - no balen usage
  • WHEEL OF FATE for non-cashers only (1 spin) - no balen usage
  • WARRIOR'S MARK  for only saying what extra item you get on top of the Mount Spirit (for this even 1 is ok as it's a rare item)

Minimum 20, please don't send just 1-2 numbers.

Email me for example:

  • Opened 30 of Novice Summoner's Kit, got X this and X that.
  • Opened 40 Heaven Horns and got X this and X that.

2) For CASHER supporters:
What part of the game (events? items? features) did you spend most of your balens on? And approximately how many balens?
Example could be: "I spent most (about 20,000 balens) on mount training whips"

Thank you! Please keep emails as short as possible (I get many per day)
Again my email is:

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Prepping for May Class Wars!

(Posted by Eliatan)

Class Wars is finally here after a week-long delay! There are a few things I like to think about for each one, which I'll talk about here. Sorry in advance that this is mage-focused, but since it's my main toon class, that's just how it's going to be. Please enlighten me about what archers and knights do to prepare for Class Wars ^^

First thing I'll need to adjust are my resistances. Usually I only protect against dark, light, and electric, but I think against other mages I'm going to forgo light and add in some fire and wind.

Brownie points to whomever can give me a semi-acceptable explanation for why wind elemental stuff is represented by green in this game.
I've opened all five of the battle protection shields available, but for those with fewer, I'd give this some careful thought. A good question to start with is, "What scares me the most?" (My answer is relatively simple -- Annerose :P -- object of all my mage-envy haha)

I also want to adjust my astrals a bit. I'm not a huge fan of the Deflection astral yet, but its PvP prowess has become a bit undeniable. I've considered taking out either Illusion or Block, but I'm leaning toward Illusion.

After, Before, After
Sylph choice is obvious for me, but maybe not as easy for others. For mages I'd probably go with whichever is your highest BR pet that isn't Iris (unless you have an orange Iris ... in that case, take a pic and show me o_o). I've got an archer buddy who's going to try out Pan to counter all the impending Gaias, so keep an open mind.

Here's my Hades, Franziskaner, what a handsome wheat beer. Though once he becomes Aegis I might change the name to Franzia, because she looks like a glass of cheap wine xD

Last, and certainly most mind-boggling to me, are skill and rune choices.

Below is my old standby. However, the new tie-breaker if neither person wins after 2.5 minutes is total damage-dealt, instead of most HP left -- I think it's time to pick something a little more aggressive.

Have used this for months now, but it's a typically conservative mage CW spec.
These are the ones I've been mulling over for awhile now. I'll probably still be deciding seconds before the fighting starts -_-'

It's pretty much impossible to have everything you want in a spec, but at the moment I'm leaning toward giving up Suntoria and using heal/amnesia for runes.

That's all I've got! Good luck everyone! Here's hoping lol ^^

Elia's Thoughts on Pack-a-Palooza 8

(Posted by Eliatan)

Packa-a-Palooza is out for Class Wars week as usual, but I can't say they're deals I'm excited for. Let's give them a look anyway xD

[Promotion] Pack-a-Palooza 8(link for full descriptions)
Duration: 5/29 - 5/31 23:59 (Server Time)

Heated Battle and Scroll Packs

When comparing the prices of these items to Market prices, they're fantastic. If you're really compelled to by pots and, this is the time to do it. At the same time, these are cash items that you can easily avoid paying for just by hoarding up prizes from guild blessings throughout the month.

Crystaloid and Magic Box Packs

Admittedly, I've bought some of each of these at some point in the past, but I wouldn't suggest it now. The Epic Miraculous Shards come a terrible rate in the Magic boxes (you'll be lucky if it's even 1/3 of what you open). 

The crystaloids are a much better value, but I still think they're mostly for high cash to whale players that want to rush to make the next set of gear. I have a low-cash buddy who caved and bought these for his 60 set, because he said he'd probably have quit of Moonevil boredom if he hadn't. I'm glad he did (<3), but I don't think it's really necessary to cash just to get the 60 set quickly these days. Skeleton keys are much more accessible now (hoard your mount whips, and you'll get them eventually), so summoning in Demon Temple nightmare mode is the better option.

What do you guys think? For young servers somebody has to be the whale that buys these things and gets everyone else to the summoners, right? :\

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Elia's Thoughts on the 5/28 Promotions

(Posted by Eliatan)

Hey you guys, going to try to get some regular posts going. I'll give my thoughts on all the daily promotions that come up in the "Hot" section of the shop. Please share whether you think they're good deals or not. And if you buy things like event chests, let me know how many it took to get epic items and mounts!

Hmmm as I'm getting this post ready I'm realizing it's really close to a couple of these already ending, but at least we can think of them as "for future reference"... :)

[Promotion] Limited Mahra Pack
Duration: 5/26 - 5/28 23:59 (Server Time)
Contains: Mahra x100

Price: 1,750 Balens. Daily limit of 100 per server. Limit of 2 per person every 4 hours.

These limited events are always, at the very least, interesting. I tend to not like the mixed packs that have some combination of mahra/sepulcrum/fate/whips/etc., but these mahra at half regular price are the lowest I've seen -- they're usually only discounted 3.5 cents per mahra (eye-roll worthy). For any medium-to-whale casher, this is probably a ticket to your next upgrade. 

[Promotion] Soul Crystal Pack
Duration: 5/26 - 5/28 23:59(Server Time)

Soul Crystal x10
Price: 49 Balens. Limit of 1000 per day.
Soul Crystal x100
Price: 349 Balens. Limit of 100 per day.
Soul Crystal x1000
Price: 2,999 Balens. Limit of 50 per day.

Every "deal" I've seen on soul crystals are just categorically awful. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone, not even the most whale-y of whales. If you're thinking about cashing for better monthly soul crystal income, I'd wait for a good deal on mount whips, which will get you more rewards from the Love Thy Mount events.

[Promotion] Fashion Core Pack
Duration: 5/28 - 5/31 23:59 (Server Time)

Contains: Fashion Core x1
Price: 269 Balens. Limit of 10 per day.

These are basically for high-cash or whale players that want to do a lot of refines on their clothing. Admittedly, I went right for them... -__- <-- whaleface at myself haha...

Love to hear from you guys ^^ I'll be around a bunch more now, so if you have any questions or just feel like saying hi, gimme a shoutout.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Experience Trap for Level Holders

Hey guys, there is a new development in Wartune which is dangerous for those people who are holding level and working on increasing their honor. I noticed this, or it's more correct to say "I felt this", on my mage account who is holding at level 59. I had a healthy "2-3 fingers long" on my exp bar until next level and slowly but steadily this distance was going down until now there is just a small amount left until level 60.

Why is this happening? This is because of the newly introduced rewards in Wartune where they couple the monthly event items which everyone wants to collect with an experience reward like shown on this picture:

Now you see that just collecting this reward 1 time will give you 50,000 experience and unfortunately I have been collecting these and so my EXP kept on rising...  when I noticed this I stopped picking up these rewards and now I am careful about this and I advice all the players who are holding level to be super careful of these.

What we can't know is:

 - Did they do this knowingly to push the level holders to higher levels where not spending money becomes much more difficult?

 - Or did they put this in to give us less rewards, because experience is worth nothing really compared to practically anything else. (Standing next to the 50k daru in that picture that exp is not even worth 5% of that)

What do you think? Put your opinions in the comments section below.

But whatever the reason is, if you are holding level, be careful with these events and, yes, you might have to sacrifice the monthly event item, unfortunately, not to accidentally level up.

Good Reward for Pressing 1 Button

Hey guys, this post is more for the beginners out there (also lovingly called "newbies" :P). I have a super easy tip for you with which you can get really nice rewards for just pressing 1 button.

In Wartune (all versions) you get rewarded for regularly entering the game. This system is called the "Daily Check In" system where all you have to do is click on the "Check In" button and that's it! If you do this every single day (few mistakes are allowed) then you can get really awesome rewards, the biggest of which is the 300 bound balens, which can then be spent in the Shop to buy stuff that you normally cannot buy if you are a non-payer.

So make sure you press that button every day!

I know, sometimes you just don't have time to play Wartune and there are tons of other stuff to do, so if you are having a day like this or a week or a month, whatever, then in this case just open Wartune, click "Check In" and close the window. This is the most simple thing you can do which takes just seconds and you will get all those nice rewards.

For the maximum reward you need to enter the game 26 times, so February is the most dangerous month :) hehe, where you are allowed to "forget" only 2 times. For other months with 31 days you got several days that you could miss and still collect the rewards, but I would still advise you, just as a habit, on those days that you cant play, just enter, click that button and close the window.

(picture is from the mobile version, but the rewards are the same)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Careful not to Buy Wrong Shards!

Hey guys, a while ago I had to upgrade my last 50 set ring on my Mage account so I needed to buy 10 x Level 50 Epic Ring Shards and I had exactly 1200 crypt tokens (well a tiny bit more) so I was totally happy to finally complete my 50 set and ran over to get my epic shards. So I ran over to the Crypt Shop and bought my Epic Shards - yey! - and then ran over to the Blacksmith, clicked Synthesize and, oh, why isn't my ring upgradable?!

 * checking... checking... double-checking... * what's wrong arrrr?!

Well I bought myself Epic Jewel Shards instead of Ring Shards :((( - that's what you get for being excited and doing these kind of things after midnight instead of going to sleep :S

So, I just wanted to share this with you guys to tell you to be careful and check and double-check before you spend your crypt tokens which are hard to get. Actually they are absolutely impossible to get for anyone who is holding level since they can't get any more experience, which means catacombs is not allowed.

As for me, I had to sell my new 10 x 50 Epic Jewelry Shards for 5000 gold... that's right, that's how much 1200 crypt tokens goes for :P

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Class Wars Rules 29th May 2014

Hey guys, this is the 11th Wartune Class Wars coming up on the 29th of May. Are you ready for it? :) I know I never am :)

So let's go over the rules and such:

During the preliminaries of the Class Wars the matching system will put together players based on the number of points each person has earned. It is not a super strict system but rather that of probabilities, so the close the points the higher the probability that those 2 people will fight one another.

Winners get 270 points; Losers get 135 points - for all rounds unlike the older Class Wars where the points were increasing per round.

Top 100 people with the highest score go to to the Finals of the Class Wars and be distributed into:

  • Top 16 go to Warlord's Hall
  • The rest go to Warrior's Hall

Based on Battle Rating!!

Each round the fight will go for maximum of 3 minutes. If the fight is not over then the one who dealt most damage will win. If by some miracle both did same damage then BR will decide the winner.

The Top 30 ranking people in the Finals, so the Top 30 winners, will get more stuff:

  • Ghost Battle Effect (7 days): A buff that offers special effects when using skills such as Delphic Destroyer, Lunatic Fire, Meteoric Destroyer, etc.
  • Summon Treasure Thieves (7 days): This effect can be used once a day; lasts 10 minutes. Upon taking effect, 20 thieves will be summoned in the Guild Chamber every 5 minutes. Players may defeat these thieves to earn Guild Contribution points. (worth half a million gold per thief!!!)
  • Server Wide EXP Bonus for the top Server Finisher. (The most hated thing for all those people holding level :P hehehe)

Ranks 1 to 10 --> 50% bonus
Ranks 11 to 20 --> 40% bonus
Ranks 21 to 30 --> 30% bonus

What are your opinions? expectations? put in the comments!

Here the video from April Class Wars:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Wartune Iris Wings for players!!

(Posted by Harsh)

Hey guyz here is another thing in wartune which people dont know about , Its Iris wings for players worth Balens 790!! With Superb stats at just level 1 , have a look at them.. !!

Lets Have a look at stats.. :)

(This is all a joke, nothing like this exists in wartune but i want wartune makers make wings like this , so dont ask how to get these wings.. )

Sylph Essence Farming Drops v2

Hey guys, here I share with you tons of data on sylph essence farming in Wartune. We got 43,680 kills of sylphs which is massive and we got drop rates of white, green and blue sylphs as well as spontaneous drops. So let me help you read this.

Out of the 43,680 kills there were 728 exchanges of 60 pack sylph essences. Out of these, the vast majority, 673 times, which is 92.4%, were simple white sylphs. Then 52 of these, representing 7,1% out of all exchanged, were green sylphs and only 3 were blue ones with a tiny 0.4% chance. That's right - everyone out there who got a blue sylph drop is very very lucky! And lastly, out of all these kills 67 sylphs dropped from the kill which means that only 0.2% of the time you get an instant drop.

Thanks to the 3 guys who sent me the data for this report. So what do you guys think? Is this in line with your expectation or you expected more or less?

Wartune Troll Patch Code

(Posted by Harsh)

Hey guyz do you ever noticed that why we are so far from chinese wartune the main reason is that wartune contains a lot of codes that is very difficult to find or crack, Look i just thinking of trolls in games and i typed "I HAVE BEEN TROLLED"in around 1.5 or 2 secs and BAM !! see what i got ...

Lets see what is inside !!!

Wow troll face to buy !!!
(This post is a joke , i just wanted to make myself laugh so its here it make me laugh a lot.. )

UPDATE: New Wartune Troll Code "HUGE TROLL CART"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wartune Mega Amethyst Cart

Hey guys, check it out, you can get together with 3 friends and get a mega cart for the Amethyst Mine collection of amethyst crystals. This cart is awesome! It can carry 5,000 amethyst crystals per person during the double time 21:00 server time.

What is also awesome is that if someone attacks you then you can defend it with all the 3 party members and they have to get 3 people to attack you to initiate the battle and if they don't get 3 people in 20 seconds then their attack is cancelled.

The bad thing is that if one of your members runs off then the cart stops because it is heavy you see? And then you gotta get someone else to help push it. Worst case you can unload 400 crystals from it per person and go submit individually or return to the start and start a new mega amethyst cart team.

(this post is a joke :P cause sometimes I like to create fun Wartune related stuff, it is not real so do not email me where to find it ^^)

And another funny Wartune thing to share with you:

(For those who didn't get the above: WC definition: "WC commonly refers to a water closet (flush toilet)")

Crypt Pack Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, got an update for the Crypt Pack Drop Rates now showing Version 2 report below.

The different here is that we got an input for wings as well as the 1000 crypt tokens for the first time from the data set of DZmage.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

EXP Books Compensation & Limits

Hey guys, so the maintenance of today in Wartune, among doing other things, gave out a compensation for the players of level 71+ (as of April 24th) due to the game changes which reduced the amount of experience required between levels 70 and 80. So that means the people who already walked the difficult road get this compensation.

The compensation was Experience Books - calculated super precisely. Ignoring the smaller books, you would get the following number of 500,000 EXP books:

           Level 71 - 29
           Level 72 - 66
           Level 73 - 115
           Level 74 - 179
           Level 75 - 262
           Level 76 - 386
           Level 77 - 561
           Level 78 - 816
           Level 79 - 1171
           Level 80 - 1663

And here is a screenshot from my mailbox:

So all together I got near 900 million exp in those books.

Now giving a compensation is a good thing, but not thinking is not very good. I saw a whole bunch of people in the chat who are already in their experience limit in Wartune and therefore got nothing at all from the books. Moreover, the books are not allowed to be sold, so you are sort of stuck with absolutely nothing if you are at or near your experience limit.

The second major mistake is that they only posted details in the forum and tons of players don't read the forum, so a lot of people used all the exp books in bulk and by doing this lost everything. Why? Because apparently there is a daily maximum of 40 million of experience allowed and anything above that goes to trash. So you get a second wave of anger against R2 for this second move of wisdom.

Finally, those who did not rush, who did the reading and those lucky enough not to be at the exp limit could feed the books very slowly into their talents. Now this 40 million - they did not explain clearly - is this on top of your regular daily EXP gain or in addition. So to stay on the save side I consumed only 20 million experience, which is 40 books and will just keep on taking 20 mil per day until they run out.

Crypt Pack Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, for the first time ever they offered a box with Crypt Tokens called the Crypt Pack and here I have prepared the Drop Rates Version 1 with the 130 boxes that I opened.

Actually I saw a lot of non-cashers complain about this but there is a daily limit on how many boxes you can buy, which is 100 boxes (not the 200 as with other box types) and as you can see, from the 130 boxes that I opened, I did not get the 1000 crypt tokens so it is not a massive amount of tokens.

So check out the report below and if you open a lot of boxes, like 50+ then send me the data.

Do you think this was a well prepared box by R2?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spire Chest Drop Rates v7 - 7974 Chests

Hey guys, this report was a little bit long in the making but finally I am happy to share with you the Spire Chest Drop Rates v7 which is the drops after the patch 2.1 where the spire chest contents were adapted and especially the vouchers changed into bound balens since the vouchers were completely removed from Wartune.

As we had no idea if they messed around with the drop rates as well I started collecting data from zero and thanks to everyone who contributed we have gathered up an impressive amount of nearly 8000 spire chests - a massive accomplishment of data gathering.

Shadow Crystals

Comparing to the previous version Shadow Crystals seem to drop less at 41% vs. the 46% recorded before, which is a good thing for us as that is the least wanted item of the lot. Still 41% is a very healthy number.

Bound Balens

Bound Balens which replace Vouchers are the second most frequent drop at 39% versus voucher's 33%. Everyone is of course happy to have these balens.

Stable %s:

Kyanite remains at stable 10%.
Fashion shards are at 5.9% (6.1% in the past).
Level 9 Luck Stones are robust at 4.6% (4.5% before).

Lower drop rate of Fashion Cores

Unfortunately the Fashion Core drop rate has been literally halved compared to the previous spire chests. We have now only 0.2% change of getting Fashion Cores while before it was double that at 0.4%. And even if i dig a little bit in detail it is not a rounding issue, it is currently at 0.24% and before it was 0.38%, so it is definitely less which is also the feeling of the players that I saw in the chat that people said they are getting less Fashion Cores.

(click to enlarge)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

v1 Drop Rates Mother's Gift with Glistening Wings

Hey guys, here the Version 1 drop rates analysis of the Mother's Gift box which contains the Glistening Wings and, as well, the free falling box called "A Gift for Mother" which gives small free rewards and contains the 25 balen opening box "Loving Parcel".

So on the first one, I got the Glistening Wings on my Mage Kabam account from 200 boxes. Unknownoob was more lucky with getting both a 100 drop and a wing drop in his 35. Otherwise, Carnations, the monthly event item, was, as expected around the 50% drop rate.

This free box is nice in that it is giving free additional rewards even if they are not huge. The tiny amounts of soul crystals and insignia can pretty much be ignored but the gold, daru and sepulcrum are always nice for the free players.

COSMOS Inventory and No Bag Space

Hey guys, let's get into bag space a little bit and to start with I share with you my bags with very little bag space remaining.

With this very often I run into trouble of not enough space from blitzes or jewel hunt rewards or guild altar, etc, and have to regularly clean up whatever i get new to keep some boxes open, which is very annoying. As Wartune is developing we are getting more and more new items, so more and more our bag space is being used and we didn't get the 9999 items per slot patch yet, which would be awesome.

That said i got to some aggressive cleanup bearing in mind that i don't want to use any soul crystals and whips waiting for some event where i can hopefully get a casher item being a character who doesn't buy items with balens.

So what I did is i got 44 million gold by selling off my beloved 60 set + all those different boxes which require balens to be opened + synthesized gems a little to save some space there + synthesized resistance crystals to reduce those + sold off majority of insignia + spun VIP Tokens to have only 1 slot used rather than 2 + Sold off luck stones below level 5 and probably something else i forgot and liberated a whole bunch of bag space.

The gold got spent in less than a minute continuing enchanting the level 80 ring i have which I almost maxed out - here you can see it costs 7.5 million gold to enchant level 80 to +36:

Friday, May 9, 2014

Videos of Sky Trail + Clothing ID + Arena + GM Stables + WB Survive

Hey guys, sharing with you here 5 Wartune videos, first 3 from me on Sky Trail, Clothing Identification, Group Arena and a guide for Jewel Hunt mini-game in Wartune, then 1 ivo found GM leveling up stables from level 1 to level 8 and last of an archer surviving World Boss attack.

Wartune Gameplay SKY TRAIL patch 2.46 Part II and Clothing Identification

Wartune Gameplay Level 80 Group Arena Cross Server with Ygg and Toly

Wartune GUIDE Jewel Hunt and Tips patch 2.46 Part II by COSMOS Mage at Kabam

Video of a GM of wartune leveling stables from lvl 1 to 8 !

(thanks ivo)

Archer surviving World Boss attack with a Guardian Rune (he does have 360k+ HP)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Clothing New Mounts Fan Art and 900k BR

Hey guys, here we got a bunch of interesting things together in one post, so let's jump right onto them one by one (and special thanks to invo pinto and Clay S162) :

First up we got 2 new cool clothing designs which we will probably be getting sooner or later. Again, in the theme of light and dark to suit personalities of all types. Put down in the comments if you absolutely had to choose one or the other - which one would you want?

Next up we got new mounts which will be coming up. I have no clue what creature that bottom one is and i suppose you'd be sitting on his head or something. The purple demon mount thing looks awesome as well as the noble horse-looking-like mount. Which one would you pick? Put down in the comments.

Next up we got fan art by Clay S162 who made a 3D model version of one of the archer class weapons (who knows the name?) - its pretty awesome and anyone who wants to can actually learn to do 3D design with not too little but not too much work. If you are interested in making also Wartune fan art and learning to make stuff in 3D check out the tools: SolidWorks and Google Sketchup.

And lastly, we have some Battle Rating madness, China Wartune people are reaching 900,000 Battle Rating - NUTZ! These guys can solo like anything probably even on auto attack and most things probably even without anything equipped. If you never quit playing Wartune how long would it take you to get 900k BR? :)

Oh, and today I launched which is my umbrella site for all my blogs/sites/videos/facebook so check it out and let me know what you think. I will be re-branding from all the different names and the harsher sounding LavashGames to

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mage World Boss Attack Sequence

Hey guys, here we have to share with you the Mage World Boss attack sequence, so this should help a lot of mages out there to get more income from the event. Big thanks goes to DZmage - R2 s195 for the preparation of this info:


With the immune to slow removed, the World Boss became more interesting for mages and archers :D.

To max my earnings from World Boss here are some things i noticed:

1)   Double hit with only lighting bolt...  why? because lightning bolt has an extra % on damage than auto attack ... how to double hit with only lightning bolt? here are the steps: use any skill (thunderer has the priority because of the high damage and a chance to slow the boss) right after casting the skill hit AFK button it will choose a random skill wait till the skill is used right when your character moves ( or better when you see the skill name in middle of your screen) hit *z* for brutality and then ( i guess everyone has light bolt on key 1 short cut) press 1 and don't move your finger you will see the lightning bolt symbol on your head ( showing and disappearing very fast) that way you will cast 2 x lightning bolt instead of auto attack + lightning as a double hit.

Note 1 : after using the brutality rune, i advise to use thunderer to max the earning from the brutality boost especially if the 1st thunderer didn't slow the World Boss.

2)   As we know thunderer is the priority on World Boss so every time its ready to be used, even while we doing the double lightning bolt hits, we can use thunderer after the 2nd lightning hit without doing the step 1 again we just need to keep the short cut 1 ( which is lightning bolt) pressed again.

Note 2 : right after using thunderer except for 1st hit ... we also can use chaos, amenesia, blood rune or mire as well without losing any turn.

3)  I always use my brutality combined with sylph mode as Cosmos showed it to us on his video ( btw thx for the trick it was really useful not just on World Boss but also arena, crypt etc) ... many told me to save my delphic for last hit due to *unstable voltage* on gaia which gives u 5% damage every time u get damaged, but with the brutality i get 15%+ 10% from gaia passive which makes it 25% but in last hit i max get 20%. In addition to this, if my thunderer slows the boss before i use my sylph mode, i get less than 20% from my gaia's passive so on both cases its better to use it while brutality is used.

4)  We all know the moment World Boss use his delphic, so while we are still on sylph mode and when we choose our last skill for our last hit press cancel and right when it cancel press *x* for (chaos, mire, amenesia or blood if we don't have none of those) in case we have all of those runes, highest % damage win :) ... it doesn't work every time but its over 80% success so good to have a try :)

5)  When we are using sylph .... if thunderer slowed the World Boss on our 1st hit before sylph mode, i advise to cancel the sylph mode after using 4 sylph skills, for me its like that on my gaia : 1. Jupiter's wrath ( Flash Storm has the priority i don't use it because i don't have it yet lol ) 2. Delphic 3. Short circuit ( Jupiter's wrath has the priority if we have Flash Storm) 4. Jupiter's wrath ( Flash storm has the priority) 5. cancel then use thunderer for another chance to slow and press AFK and wait till AFK skill is cast and press 1 for the double lightning bolt.

Note 3: if the 2nd thunderer doesn't slow the boss just use ( chaos, amenesia, mire (has the priority but since i don't have it i never really thought about it)
or  blood rune if we don't have any of those) then continue to double till we got the World Boss delphic.

Note 4: for all gaia users on World Boss that already have the Unstable Voltage passive, should set troops in back side because every time World Boss hits our character we get an extra 5% damage... everyone should have noticed this but just in case ... a reminder wont kill anyone :)

Here is my video i uploaded on YouTube so you can check it (2 parts since for some reason my record software cancel it in middle).

Mage World Boss Attack Sequence Video Part 1:

Mage World Boss Attack Sequence Video Part 2:

Cosmos, thank you a lot for your great work on the blog and all your videos :)

PS: Sorry if the explanation is difficult, did the best I could with my English :) hehe

DZmage - R2 s195

Get Your Daily Shadow Crystal Quest Done

Hey hey! To everyone who is not holding level: make sure to get your daily shadow crystal quest done - it gives a huge amount of exp, well above 1 million experience on high level for just clicking 1 button. This is very useful for both leveling up, as well as, for leveling up those talents.

To do that, just use Fishing + Patience. Don't waste the Glory Crystals in the Glory Shop on these. Here, check it out, my first ever full shadow crystal run - usually I mess up :) hehe, but I was extra careful today so I could make this post.

You can see that's 120 Shadow Crystals right there, good for a bunch of dailies.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Archer World Boss Attack Sequence

Hey guys, here is to share with you a World Boss attack sequence for Archer class. Below you will see a video from Sekyr who asked me to share with you his demonstration, so you can copy it and increase your earnings with the World Boss.

And here is some explanation with the video:

Step 1) The first thing you gotta do is straight away cast Deep Freeze followed by a sylph activation the moment your character moves.

Step 2) As explained in another post about using runes with sylphs, when you see the text "Awaken" activate your brutality rune with the shortcut.

Step 3) You will be doing 4 sylph attacks (see video which types) and reverting back to Deep Freeze.

Step 4) Once you use Deep Freeze hit the AFK mode button (bottom right) for just 1 round, which allows you to quickly auto-select another skill.

Step 5) If your PC strength and internet connection allows it use only Armor Pierce and Multi-shot. If you fail too much with that then switch to Arrow strike which is a faster skill (but less damage).

Note, with each round you gotta make sure to have 35 rage for the following round.
So check out the video below and best of luck!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Battle Ratings Going Above 700k

Hey guys, have you wonder just how high the Battle Rating can go? Were you amazed at the last ones I posted around 500k BR? Well I got an email today to check out a short video where PandaPazzoWartune, who has an account on one of the China servers, was showing the top knight, mage and archer. I pulled out the pictures so you can check it out easily and I show you below:

The top #1 is the Knight class with a Battle Rating of 715,851
Then the #2 is the top Mage class with a Battle Rating of 656,301
And the #6 is the top Archer class with a Battle Rating of 631,882

Check it out:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Crypt Token Fish Level 15

Hey guys, here to share with you Fishing Level 15 unlocks the Crypt Token fish, which is giving 4 fishing experience points and 20 points for the weekly ranking. It is swimming in the second line in Fishing together with the fish that gives daru. Thanks to Juju (JinaDevil) for the pictures and info.

Cosmos Fan Art and Advice

Hey guys, it's always wonderful to have fans and receive positive energy from so many people. So thanks a lot for being my fans and appreciating my work. Here Harsh made some fan art which I want to share - thanks Harsh and I want to highlight to everyone the following things:

1) Whatever you do in life do it with a high quality and passion - that's the only way to develop yourself and earn respect.

2) There is nothing that you cannot do or achieve no matter who you are. All the art made below is wonderful and every one of you can learn to do wonderful art with photoshop - just look at youtube or web tutorials for photoshop and learn little by little.

3) This blog is completely open to sharing, you know I have posted articles and pictures from lots of other people and gives author rights to many as well. So if you have anything interesting about Wartune feel free to share with me to post on the blog - this can be data from boxes, or art like the art below or a guide to explain things or anything else that you think other Wartune players will enjoy.

Thanks again to Harsh and all my fans and have a great weekend!