Tuesday, November 26, 2013

China CW, Duel and Medallion

(Posted by Cosmos on behalf of Ivo Pinto)

Hey guys, some new info and pictures from Ivo Pinto from the China server and also some short explanations:

Pic 1: Class War classification on Chinese server
Pic 2: Items to trade for Glory crystals

There are 2 New Medallions. 1  for 291k Honor and  the second (showed on picture named "New Medallion") within the new limit of 321K honor.

Last but not least. Wonder how does our character does on single duel arena ? And those times when your near the top but only got friends to duel and you don't want ?  No worries anymore ! There is a new option where you can do all that... With your SELF ! New option in duel allows players to Test the best skills for single arena and counts as a duel vs other player.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Azure Dragon - Stables Level 8 Mount

Hey guys, check out this cool mount - Azure Dragon - from Level 8 of Stables in Wartune. Cool eh? Of course most *coughs* "normal" people will never have this mount, so it's nice to see the pictures :)

I got the first pictures from an anonymous person - thanks friend, and thanks also for your compliments :)
and I got the 2nd pictures from the 2.1 patch preview pictures set.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

2652 Chests - Tower of Kings - Drop Rates - Version 2

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who supported with data I am publishing the second versions of the reports of the Tower of Kings chests now also including the drop rates for TOK Nightmare, so I hope you like the reports and remember, if you like the post, please click on Google+ to thumbs up this post or share on Facebook, etc

I am putting all 4 reports below one after another - all together I have collected data for 2652 chests!!!

If you want to contribute with any data, or ideas, or whatever interesting about Wartune, you can send either directly to my email (preferable) or from this blog on the right side contact form. Do not PM in the game. Keep it short and simple because I get a lot of emails and I have to go through them, so long ones slow me down big time.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Delta Team makes it to Stage 16 Spire

Hey guys, this is a congratulations post to our guild's "delta team" who are basically the strongest people we got and almost on top of our server and they made it to Stage 16, which is considerably better than the rest of the server which mostly reaches only the archer or eye; then a stronger part of the server vulcan their way into killing the knight and some teams manage to kill the mage boss too, but that's as high as most people get, so grats to our delta team and here is the screenshot from their success:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Future Awesome Sylph Upgrades

(Posted by Cosmos on behalf of Vincent)

Hey guys, I got some really cool info on sylphs (pictures below), so straight to it: explanation on how sylph upgrade will work in the future! Yes, we will have it seems upgrades for sylphs!

First, there are some conditions to obtain new sylph upgrades:
 - Your sylph must be level 70
 - You need at least a purple sylph

Auch! Yes that's tough, but I will be positive and hope that we can attain that over time!

Later, you'll be able to upgrade sylph with Mahra (with a certain amount of Mahra, you gain a star rarity, once you have five of them, your sylph turns into the higher rarity).

After that, you need new materials for synthesizing new sylphs : "Star Tears" and "Star Sand" (10 for the first one, 1000 for the other).

Those two can be obtained through a new event "Sky Path".
Seems to be some 1 vs. 1 (Elite monster / Boss) fights doable everyday (10 fights).

After you have all your materials, you can synthesize and afterward use 2 inheritances.

You can pay some balens (don't know how much) so you will keep all the stats it has (Sepulcrum / skill points / Mahra) but its limits and growth rate will change.

If you don't pay, you lose 20% of each stats but the growth rate still change.

For some sylph as Apollo (and maybe a Dark sylph) you need a third material. I don't know anything about this one yet :/

Now here are the images of every sylph / upgrade sylph

  • Pan --> Medusa
  • Pixie (Eve) --> Heracles
  • Apollo --> ??
  • Earth sylph and its transformation
  • Other Transformation , Iris --> Triton and Queen Amazons --> Kerr Bailuo Si (Cerberus?)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

World Boss run by Ace (Knight) and Isabell (Archer)

Hey guys, here is a World Boss run by Ace where he is showing specifically for knights a sort of a sequence where he gets to use both runes like brutality as well as sylph transformation. He makes 106k gold on his run as a will destroyer knight, which is OK :) although just to let you know Ace I make 100k on AFK mode, so you really should switch to crit for WB :)

Anyways you guys are more than welcome to check out his video and hopefully it helps you if you like to have fun in manual mode.

EDIT: and here is an Archer World Boss run sent by Isabell:

Cosmos 1st time Solo Arena Rank #1

Hey guys, small victory dance for me in Wartune as I reach Solo Arena Rank #1 on my server which is the first time ever for me. No pots, scrolls or anything naughty like that :) Before my highest was rank 3 i think, but could not break into the rank 1, but today that job is done and one of the things you can see is wooot 800k gold and 800k daru every 3 days for the top ranked person - that's nearly 7 times more than the average player.

Now I know I will not keep this rank - this is just a test of own strength and I have been recommending testing your strength on Solo Arena in Wartune all the time instead of sending me emails "Am I strong enough".

What does rank 1 tell me? More than anything it tells that I am good enough to go to any dungeon or any event with the top people and they shouldn't complain too much :)

P.S. I thought by the time i write this post someone would have knocked me off from the podium but i am still standing :)

P.P.S. I finally got a decent head clothing from synthesis of level 1 pumpkin and fashion core.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sylph Level 55 Skill Buff

Hey guys, so my sylph in Wartune is now level 56 and as some of you have asked I am sharing here the picture of her new buff which is released for all sylphs at level 55.

Iris gets a 5% healing buff. I heard Apollo gets a 10% chance to put a 3% hp shield. And Pan has a 35% chance to reduce damage by 10% (Thanks Jarred).

I can really see down the road when sylphs are higher colours and higher levels they will make a huge difference in our power. Mine is still white and it is doing a pretty good job. I don't have time or the patience to go farm - maybe later i will do it or just wait and get a higher colour sylph from some event.

So here is the picture:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Purple Sylph Stats and Battle Rating Information

Hey guys, here you see below 3 real examples of purple sylphs with their stats. Thanks for sending them Mike. The growth level you see is at 1320 growth level for all 3 of them, but the stats do differ which is expected, because different investments were made. They are all around 10.5k Battle Rating.

Read on below the picture about battle ratings.

Next up is the sylph battle rating info from GreyGandalf - thanks.

Here is a little info on sylphs - 2 points will give you either 1, 4, 4 or 7 Battle Rating (BR) depending on which stat you choose. 1 BR if you increase the non-dedicated statistic, for example strength for Iris / Apollo (because they are "mages"). 4 BR for endurance and armor and 7 BR for the main statistic.

Since you can't control the fight very well. Then you need to hit the hardest AoE attack - to gain an advantage and then in the end, more attack does the trick.

Q: but having health lets you withstand attack no?
A: you gain more attack than hp for 2 points

But yes at some point when people realize that Apollo can be fought with pans (same color) then other stats will be useful.

COSMOS's Illustration of Wartune November 2013 Events - Cloud City Chest Piece

Hey guys, as events are very important in Wartune especially for free players or non-cashers to get special items I have made the below illustration of the Wartune November 2013 events - Cloud City Chest Piece and the rewards that you can get in it, i.e. the special items: Cloud City Chest Piece, so check it out below and make good planning so that you benefit the most.

And if you see any mistakes just let me know and I will correct, but hopefully there are no mistakes :)

(click on the picture to enlarge / right click on it - download and see the full size)

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Cloud City Chest Piece Exchange

  • Cloud City Chest Piece x1 for 20,000 Gold
  • Cloud City Chest Piece x10 for Fate Stone x40
  • Cloud City Chest Piece x90 for Iris Seal (HN) x1
  • Cloud City Chest Piece x90 for Pan Seal (HN) x1
  • Cloud City Chest Piece x130 for Iris Seal (R) x1
  • Cloud City Chest Piece x130 for Pan Seal (R)x1
  • Cloud City Chest Piece x230 for Apollo Seal (R) x1
  • Cloud City Chest Piece x680 for Apollo Seal (HR)x1

Cloud City Chest
Duration: 11/06 00:00 - 11/17 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: As the path to the mysterious Cloud City has opened, now you can seek these in this Castle which is burried deep in the cloud. Open it for a chance to receive Apollo Seal and ONE of the following items:

  • Cloud City Chest Piece x1
  • 10,000 Daru
  • 20,000 Gold
  • 20,000 Kyanite
  • Lvl. 1 - Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x1
  • Extreme Stamina Potion x2
  • Fate Stone x200
  • Apollo Seal (R) x1

Price: 39 Balens

COSMOS becomes level 76

Hey guys, so I leveled up to level 76! And here is all the info about it actually starting from some level 74 stats that I had forgotten to post. And note I am with 195% academy buff in my level 76 pictures.

First of all it is important to note that all the even numbered levels are much more important than the odd numbered ones and that is because you get 1 additional skill point to allocate. For example knights which are on offense build can start to get the defensive passive bonuses at high levels while still in the offense form and the defense form knights can get delphic (i just maxed out my delphic in my defense form).

So maybe let's start with the skills. This is what I have in offense and defense modes. (again i am a non-casher, i got double skills with free balens long ago, see free balens link above).

My sylphs at the moment are just white sylphs - i am focused mainly on the one sylph that i use and she is level 52.

And now the stats:

First of all I have Will Destroyer build and Critical Build. The WD build has about 2-3k less BR than the critical build. I start with the pictures of the level 74 and level 75 that I had forgotten to post:

This was in WD mode:

This was in critical mode:

I think this was also in the critical mode although I don't remember the academy buff:

And now level 76 with 195% academy buff with patch 2.1 around level 35 advanced academy upgrades and also in the critical astrals and with only level 3 power potions which i was using on World Boss:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mortal Blow 1.7 million gold

Hey guys, always a wonderful feeling to hit the last hit on the World Boss especially when you are totally not expecting it! :)

And by the way after the patch 2.1 they removed the WB specific titles so I lost the titles Demon Killer and Dragon Slayer and now they have one title called the Mortal Blow.

China Wartune New Stuff Update

(Posted by COSMOS; pictures from Jacob)

1) First is the picture of a top player of Wartune. This guy is MASSIVE! I mean look at him/her! BR is 272,699 - that is so insane! Looks awesome as well :P

2) Is a different kind of a powerful Wartune player. This guy has absolutely huge battle rating when you notice he is wearing only level 50 set!

3) Medallion that looks similar to the Warlord medallion that we got in the September Hall of Fame. This, is not using the honor level. This medallion for for level 50+

4) Special Sylph stats - very powerful compared to whatever we have in Europe at the moment:

5) Mounts which we have not seen yet (few we saw):

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pumpkin Power - Hit Harder!

Hey guys, you know when you wear a pumpkin head in Wartune as a knight then your swinging attack damage goes up because the pumpkin is very heavy and so you gather up more momentum when you run on the enemy and swing a lot harder with the weight of both your sword and the pumpkin head together!

You see on the first picture here on the right side I am accelerating and running faster because the pumpkin is so heavy and it is making me go faster and faster. And you see my weapon is all the way back which is also very important because when I reach my enemy I am going to swing it all the way in a very big circle and make a massive amount of damage!

Here on the next picture with the heavy weight swinging you see that I have reached my enemy (the mummy boss in spire) and with the full force of my own running and together with the heavy weight of the pumpkin and also together with the full circle swinging of my weapon I am gonna make a massive attack on this mini-boss.

So you see for archers and mages for example it is better not to wear this pumpkin head because they need to target their bow or read spells from their magic books, so they need to be as light as possible, but if you are a knight in Wartune get the heavy pumpkin head to make your swings hit harder with the weight of the big pumpkin!

And if you did not realize it by now, this entire post is a big joke and none of it is true :) but I hope it made you smile or even laugh a little :)

The Difference in Sylphs Colors - Green, Blue, but sorry No Whites

Apollo Purple Don't have the stats sorry guys I havent even seen one yet.

Blue Apollo I will use my level 42

Blue Pan I will use my level 51

Blue Iris I am using my guild mates level 53

Green Pan I am using my guild mates green level 51 pan to compare with my blue

Green Iris I am using yet again a guildies level 53 green iris to compare with the blue level 53

Looking at these you can see the difference between green and blues of the same level is about 2000 br, This cant be exact because I didn't do the base stats.  Each member could have added sepulcrum to their sylph but this will give all the average difference in the stats.  I can also say that the extra 2k that they have makes them 10x stronger when fighting pvp.  I didn't get any of the white stats as i don't know anyone high level still using any whites.  You can farm green and blue of iris and pan, with lots of luck.  All of these sylphs with the exception of my apollo were farmed.  I got 2 free apollos so it is possible guys.  This has been the best event to get things free or not in along while.

EDIT: from COSMOS: here is my white Iris level 50 - I don't have time to farm green/blue, so i have white :) and i have added nothing - no sepulcrums or anything else.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

COSMOS’s bags before cleanup ^^

Hey guys, so as some of you know I am sort of a Wartune item hoarder :) and now I have gotten my bags so full I need to cleanup :( so i figured I'll take a screenshot of my bags to share with you just for fun.

One of the first thing I did after this to clean up is I spent 25,000 insignia buying this:

So this was my full inventory, now after cleanup I got 1 page empty.