Saturday, July 26, 2014

Surviving World Boss

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, I've gotten some inquiries about what stats are required to survive the World Boss ultimate attack. I'm honestly not sure what is the bare minimum required, but I'll share some general insight I've gathered on the matter.

Basic requirements
  • ~220k+ HP -- more is better . . . 
  • Some form of damage reduction (~30% is good)
As usual, when it comes to World Boss-related things, archers have the best deal. Incendiary shot deals damage while also reducing the damage dealt by the target -- combined with a guardian rune if on the cusp of being able to survive the ultimate attack, this is a done deal.

Knights have strong shields that help them survive the ultimate attack, but they'll most likely lose income in the process. An Agoran Shield / Apollo Shield combo absorbs a lot of damage, but takes up two turns without dealing any damage. Knights are better off getting to the point where they only need Apollo Shield to survive.

Mages have a pretty raw deal when it comes to surviving the World Boss. The only class skill that reduces damage is the -15% QTE bonus from Restoration, and we don't have a passive that helps with HP growth. It's really best to have a high level (lvl 7+) Guardian Rune.

My approximate stats and runes when I started regularly surviving World Boss
  • 230k HP
  • Level 8 Guardian Rune
  • ~39k+ PDEF/MDEF (don't need this much)
So please share your stats and your friends' stats for surviving World Boss! It's good to know the bare minimum for these types of things ^^

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