Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Purgatory Rewards Analysis

Hey guys, here (picture below) I have collected from my own Purgatory blitzes, 12 runs of rewards data, which are all rewards for a “no key” blitz up to and including level 13. So let’s analyze these results and have a look to see if they are awesome or not:

Purgatory Rewards Analysis per item type

Gold Rewards: In every single case I got exactly 1.1 million gold. I would say to get this 100% of the time is very nice even though it is not a huge amount it is an easy million gold for some minutes of AFK blitz.

Resistance crystals and crystal shards: Here I’ll convert all those level 1s into 100 shards to make it easier to count. So that adds up to 1640 crystal shards or 136 crystal shards per run. Again, not bad at all.

Vulcan Stoves: now these I don’t think matter too much. About 2-4 of these are given per run which is basically a negligible amount because just 1 click will require 15 of these. It’s still good that we are getting something, but I would not care too much about these.

Crystals and legendary stones for equipment synthesis: For everyone who already has the equipment sets these are just equivalent to gold, so I ignore them also like above, but of course for those who are still gathering these it is temporarily a very useful reward. Although the legendary stones I am collecting (God knows why).

Other rewards:

Moon dust, at a rate of about 1 item per run, not really something major but maybe adds up over months. Still the Moon Rock is harder to get so this matters less.

One time I got advanced sepulcrum, so that must be a rare drop. I think it feels special since the item is relatively new, but in the long run this is definitely a negligible amount not worth talking about.

Conclusion on Purgatory Rewards

  • First of all they are free and these results are up to level 13 (i still can’t pass level 14) so you’d get more the deeper you get.

  • Secondly I definitely enjoy the million gold + 140 crystal shards daily for a relatively short AFK blitz, but bear in mind that highly competitive players fighting for top ranks will find these amounts completely meaningless.

  • Other items for sure can be ignored.
Conclusion: good for lower level players + casual players; useless for top players.

What do you guys think about this Purgatory analysis? Do you agree with my analysis? Do you have other rewards / experience?

Purgatory no key blitz to level 13

Purgatory Rewards Analysis

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