Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Fool's Egg Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, here I collected the statistics for the Fool's Egg which is the casher box from the event for this month of March/April 2014. You see below we got 586 of these Eggs opened and neither Sappy nor me got the Frost Bear Card. Moreover, I got a bunch of emails and saw chats that a lot of people were complaining that they do not receive the mount, but, of course, unless we have proof we can not conclusively say that they have reduced the drop rates of the mount. For me this is extra strange because this is only a +20 mount so it's not like a super special one and you see on the picture below that the two of us together have spent nearly 30,000 balens and didn't get a single mount, which I would say is rather expensive for a +20 mount, which normally costs something like 4,000 balens when it is sold directly.

Anyhow, other than the mount you see the highest one is 19.5% drop rate for the 50,000 gold followed by Mahra x 2 and Runestone x 2.

The Soul Crystals and Fate Stones x 100 of course have low rates of 1% and 0.5% which is not surprising.

And finally the event item, the Eggshell has a high, 48.5%, drop rate which is actually quite similar to the previous month's event item. So let's say roughly 50% of the time so far from the casher box you get the event item.


Added some more boxes
Changed balen value per box from 49 to 39

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spin Blessing Wheel While in an Instance

(Posted by Eliatan)

Hey you guys, if you're anything like me, you're a bit of dunce (T_T) and regularly forget to spin the Academy blessing wheel. Luckily, my buddy artemes (tyty<3) pointed out that if you forget to spin and have already entered a dungeon, it's possible to do so through the Daily Guide.

The Daily Guide button is the red flag icon in the top right menu. If you haven't spun yet, you'll be able to open the wheel from the devotion task list. Make sure you spin completely before closing the wheel, because once you spin enough to get devotion, you won't be able to open it from this menu again.

Hope this helps :) Planning on a series of posts on sylphs soon(-ish)! Please gimme a holler in the comments if there's anything you'd be interested in me posting about, or that you think would be helpful to have illustrated clearly on the blog!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Necropolis Tip & Zebq Stats

Hey guys, I'm posting these a bit late 'cause I'm barely keeping up with all the work I got :)

Necropolis Tip from Brett (and also later from DZmage): 

"Hi Cosmos, Just wanted to give people a idea they may not have thought about. With the necro event going for 7 days not everyone has 21 crypt keys. Just do 1 level a day. :) I did lvl 1 before 5 and level 2 after 5 so definately works."

>> I did this myself - definitely works! Awesome tip!

Zebq Stats and Mounts from Anees:

(remember that compared to China top players this is "nothing" but for the Western world where Zebq is this is huge)

Lucky Clover Box Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, here the second version of Lucky Clover Box drop rates, with 750 more boxes, thanks to a bit late :P data from Sappy.

With a bit more data we see:
 - the lucky clover itself went up from 47.5% to 52.3%.
 - the gold went down to 14.4%
 - but otherwise no great changes in the data and the more rare rewards very much stable percentages even with more data.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rune Pack Drop Rates

Hey guys, here I share with you the drop rates for the Rune Packs, which was a 49 balen pack sold for obtaining all the runes. The sample size is ok, but not as big as i would like it.

What we see is that the 100 Runestones were the lowest % drop since it is a nice reward. Next up the Ancient Rune Pack naturally. But the problem with this pack is that for example i got 10 Rage Runes and 10 Amnesia Runes but i didn't get a single Chaos Rune, so that's still open to chance unlike the other runes.

All the other ones seem to be balanced with the Guardian one I think probably a little bit lower. And of course the majority of the rewards was the 1 Runestone reward and 10 Runestones being the second highest.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Never Die Fighting the Ward Tower

Hi guys, I got some info here from Thethrell (S153) and I confirmed it also with one of our top archers so the info is good and ready to be used right now and some top people have been using it already in silence :)

So the big thing is: it is possible to survive indefinitely in the battle against the Ward Tower during Guild Battles. The bad news is that this, like many other things, is heavily in favor of archers, meaning that the first people who will be able to do this is archers, then mages and last, by a long shot, the knights (just like in almost anything else :P)

Archer Setup:

Thethrell kindly shared his setup:

  • Arrow Strike, 
  • Bloodthirsty Strike, 
  • Deep Freeze, 
  • Armor Pierce 
  • and Incendiary Shot. 

Sylph and Rune selection:

Thethrell uses Hades, with Brutality rune and Healing rune, although the healing rune is not absolutely necessary.

Attack Sequence:

Your very first turn use Deep Freeze, and use AS and AP, and DF when needed. On your 9th or 10th turn, use Incendiary, then immediately go into sylph form. Use heal when necessary, and the Special, then go back into normal form. Use Bloodthirsty if needed, and repeat above method. Using this method the tower only blasts me for about 60-70k. During the last guild battle I was able to survive for 50 minutes, and scored 45 million individual guild battle points, which equals 4500 team points. You just have to make sure you die before time runs out, or you get ahead by 4000, or else you won't get credit at the end for your individual points, which is extremely frustrating.

What about Mages and Knights?

Mages have no damage reduction like IS of Archer or Apollo of Knights so the mage has to be able to take the hit of the tower to be able to survive forever, because once they can survive the hit they can heal back no problem. If you are borderline, you can always try Restoration on yourself even if at full health to get that 15% damage reduction.

Knights are a different matter. Although they are possibly the first class to survive the first attack, they are the last class when it comes to surviving the second attack and all the other attacks after that. This is because Knights can neither slow down the tower like the Archers nor can heal up quickly like the mages.

What about Iris healing?

The problem with knights using Iris for healing is that this can indeed heal you back up but you will spend the whole fight healing instead of doing damage. Archer's Bloodthirsty as well as the Hades healing are both actually damaging spells.

So aren't there any more tricks?

Yes there are, you have sylph, runes, potions, scrolls and even gems that you can use to make this happen faster.

Potions and scrolls are clear: anything to increase your HP and Defenses are good.

When it comes to Runes you have a few choices, but beware that this will only help 1-2 times, they cannot help to do unlimited battles like the archer example above. You have the Guardian Rune to reduce the damage, the Healing Rune to heal up and you have the Mire Rune which acts the same way as the Archer's DF.

Sylphs: The best is Hades here because he can heal while doing damage. Otherwise you got choiecs of healing/health bonuses from Apollo, Iris and Pan.

Lastly, in theory, you can put more Health Gems to pump up your HP, but this would cost some gold and so it is not an easy one to quickly do, but the possibility is there.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

5 Wartune China Mounts

Hey guys, check it out I put together a bunch of mount pictures below which seem to be already available in Wartune China and perhaps we will be getting them in Europe as well (info thanks to Karlos).

Put down in the comments which is your favorite one or let's say if you absolutely had to pick only one, which one it would be? For me I think i'd take the frost lion or if i am in a funny mood then the funny sea horse :P

Friday, March 21, 2014

Non-Top 100 Glory Shop - What to Buy?

Hey guys, everyone got their Glory Crystals so I wanted to make a guide on what to spend them on in the Class Wars Glory Shop specifically for all the people who did not get into the Top 100, which means everyone with less than 1000 crystals, so on the below picture-guide you see my opinions and what I spend my crystals on, just some extra comments:

 - for the Mount Spirit I mean maybe more mounts will be added or more other uses.
 - for the 60 legend stones, they can also be collected with skeleton keys which option does not exist for the 70 stones and also, again, as mentioned, you get more stones than crystalloids.
 - for Shadow Crystals you can also get them by fishing.

You can enlarge the picture if you want - it's big.

(If you like this please click Google+ and/or share with people Facebook/Twitter/Game/Guild/Forum, etc)

oh and if you didn't see my March 2014 Class Wars video:

Lucky Pack & Goodluck Card Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here you see the drop rates of the Lucky Packs & Goodluck Cards. Got 1070 packs opened which is very nice but the sample of the good luck cards is small, only 52.

For something that you get for free anyways it is a nice bonus, but of course nothing super exciting, just a little extra as you do various activities, so it is a win-win situation of achieving player activity and getting some bonus rewards.

The Good Luck cards though have that chance for the 100 mahra - that is indeed a very nice reward for the lucky ones who get it.

Astro Guide (Constellations)

(Posted by Harsh)

So guys this theory is old enough but not so much old, but still working. It is already posted on kongregate by Knowing eyes , it may be posted on other places but i dont know  I am just elaborating in a much better way. So basically the technique is More Clicks  = Better Astrals.The trick is 90% of hoodoos :D . As Lavash/Cosmos has already posted the drop rates of astrals, it is very rare to get good ones. But the trick i m gonna elaborating will make us get good ones . And It worked for me and some of my guildies (Guild - TRINITY on s447 r2games) . You can ask them if you dont believe . I will get my new player on this server. So this here the trick goes.

So first of all open your astro panel and you will see some constellations .They will glow up and get dimmed.

  • So basically what you have to do is to click the star button after the dimming of the constellation and before the glowing of another one.
  • You will get an astral what ever you do sell or pick it , it doesn't matter but for now if you sell that you will get money and there will be more chances to get more astrals.
  • But you should have 1 astral at a time it is because once you capture an astral the screen gets dimmed and you cannot see.
  • Now if you get activated another star, then follow the same process , click after the dimming and before glowing . Now if you get to another star ( 3rd one), leave it for now lets get back to 1st star(magus) and follow the above process (clicking after dimming and before glowing).
  • Now if you get to 2nd star, its not fully glowed like the leading star ( 3rd one) but it still glow dimmed now get back to 3rd one and make it to 4th star and leave it for now get back to 2nd astral make it to 3rd star then leave this also and get back to 1st star make it to 2nd star and see you will have star activated in series like 2nd star>3rd star>4th Star and then make 4th to 5th , 3rd to 4th , 2nd to 3rd and 1st to 2nd.
  • Now you have all the star activated and now follow the trick(dimming and glowing) and click 5th star you will get red or yellow ( i m sure becaue 80% of people get it) and follow the same steps and repeat it again and make star activated like a staircase. 

Note: You must be patient and have a lot of money (1000k gold for at least 3 or 4  yellow or red [for me] ).

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Heart Shaped and Lover's Pack Boxes Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, also catching up with the posting of data here I have the drop rates for the Heart Shaped Boxes as well as the Lover's Pack boxes which were the balen only boxes coming out of the Heart Shaped Boxes.

In the 1st part with the Heart Shaped we see a similar chance of dropping of the balen box and the consumables (gold, daru, kyanite) at around 22%-23% while crypt tokens x 5 and Mahra x 1 have similar rates at around 5%. As usual, poorly balanced.

Then for the Lover's Pack I only have data from my mage's account so a bit smaller sample size but the image it gives is not so bad, mahra and sepulcrum being similar, fate stone a bit lower although probably on a higher sample size that would be boosted up and the bigger rewards of course at a lower rate, but again poorly balanced because anyone would trade 800 insignia or even much more for 100 sepulcrums.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lucky Clover Box Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here see the much discussed, and, argued about with passion, the Lucky Clover Box drop rates.

Straight away I will tell you that there are a lot of people who opened 500+, 700+ and even 900+ boxes and did not get Hades and also there are people who opened less than 50 boxes who did get Hades. This system is, to my opinion, broken and I personally made a report on this issue with recommendations to a certain someone, which was very positively accepted, but the difficulty is that Wartune is actually a very complex mixture of responsible people and companies so getting things changed is not so easy.

Next up, I saw all sorts of nonsense that people talked about regarding the drop rates of the Lucky Clover itself. People should really stop talking silly things without actually doing any proper work. Here you see clearly their drop rate is rather high at 47%+.

Then generally all the proportions of costs and items is poorly made in this box (i also made a report on that), but otherwise to conclude basically it is a casher box with a chance to get Hades and if not then lucky clovers roughly half of it.

Ostrich Mount and Whip Special Offer

Hey guys, apparently it is becoming fashionable for the game owners to sell mounts directly, so I guess we can expect a mount on sale every month. Only question is will there be mounts also in the monthly events, because if there are then the casher crowd will be adding 2 mounts per month while the free players will not. I am not sure if the game owners realize but the way it has been setup now is that free players cannot at all compete with cashers, which was, as a general rule, true also before, but before there was a chance and now i feel that a free player can do nothing vs. a full stable / aura / clothed / orange sylph casher.

This does not mean that free players should be angry - it is still very much possible for anyone to enjoy the game as long as your ego does not demand too much :)

Ok so also the point of this post is to say that it seems mount prices are established at 4000 per +20 mount and scale up and down in equal proportions. Also to point out that within the Ostrich pack that is offered together with the Ostrich card there are 100 mount whips which makes it a balen cost of 10 per whip which, for cashers, is a very attractive offer, so my mage account grabbed the pack and the screenshots are below.

Remember to Google +, Facebook, Twitter if you like this post and by the way, what sort of a sound does an Ostrich make?? (put in the comments) :P

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Surviving Ward + Sylphs Guide + Fish lvl10

Hey guys, here I have a 3 in 1 post following the videos I released.
 - 1st one is about surviving the attack from the Ward Tower in the Guild Battle.
 - 2nd one is giving an overview of all the sylphs.
 - 3rd one is a quickie on the level 10 fishing, the insignia fish.

(1) Surviving the attack from the Ward Tower

(2) Guide / Strategy / Overview of all sylphs

(3) Level 10 Fishing - the Insignia Fish

Mire Rune from Market

Hey guys, here is a short post on the Mire Rune as sometimes people are asking me where to get all the other runes other than Brutality, Blood and Healing, so here you see the screenshot from my mage - the other runes can be found only through regular or bound balens in the Market, so if you are looking for them what you can start doing is going to the market every time you login or creating a habit to periodically go check the market.

The rate of them showing up is very low. On my mage's account which has lots of balens i even clicked refresh tons of times in the past and never saw it, only today it showed up and this is not even the rune pack but the Mire Rune directly. I did buy it simply because i have balens on that account, but i will not be using it at all for a long time since i am holding level and for my mage the most important is PvP and honor.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Treasure Hunt Update

(Posted by Dagiva)

A quick update on the Treasure Hunt mini-game with level-up info, a complete set of purple cards and some updated statistics. The original thread has been updated with this information as well and will continue to be updated for ease of bookmarking.

First off the complete set of purple cards.  Thanks to Mariusz and Eliza C for submitting screenshots.

Here is a full set of updated drop rates, the sample sizes are still small so anyone interested in sending in more data is encouraged to do so.

Treasure Hunt costs were based on 75 recorded data points (19 Kyanite, 27 Daru, 29 Gold).
Kit drops were based on 76 recorded data points (48 Novice, 22 Standard, 11 Master).
Overall Card drops were based on 107 recorded data points (60 White, 31 Green, 16 Blue).

As you can see the leveling rates are a bit out of whack, especially for green cards.  White cards get triple the bonus and require triple the xp at level two, blue cards get double bonus and require double xp at level two but green cards get double bonus and require quadruple xp at level two.  No word yet on level two purples.

It remains to be seen whether the green xp rates at level two are a mistake, I'm not sure why they would be so much more expensive to level but time will tell I suppose.

As always, please feel free to post any new information for future updates and thanks for reading.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Broken Box & Lost Gift Drop Rates - Version 2

Hey guys, here I have the Broken Box & Lost Gift Drop Rates Version 2 which were Wartune event items. They might still repeat, who knows, so here are the drop rates report that I put together.

When it comes to the Broken Box, I am pretty surprised to see that R2 is valuing 5 insignia at about the same value as a Mahra. They clearly don't know what's going on :)

For the Lost Gift, I am reporting what I have, but I think the sample size is too small to make a statement, but so far it looks logical.

Sylph Runes and Spire and Card Sets and Mounts

Hey guys, posting here few tips that Rohit and Zimce s419 and Masha shared with me, first one is about Sylph and Rune trick in Spire and second one sharing card sets and then from Rohit sharing some cool Wartune mounts, which we might get sooner or later.

1) Remember that trick I explained on how to use runes when in Sylph mode, well, actually Zimce pointed out that the trick works on Spire as well, that is, with the Spire runes, so give it a shot if you want. And for those who missed the trick it's here: "How to Combine RUNES and SYLPH Mode"

2) Card sets. I actually haven't been lucky myself on both accounts I did not get a single purple card, so if you are in my shoes as well don't worry, I am sure it will all come with time.

3) Mount pictures:

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 2014 Gem Synthesize Event

Hey guys, the Gem event of March 2014 is out and the rewards (below) are very nice. We get not only soul crystals but also mount training whips. Of course the problem is that the minimum required Gem is level 5, where I think they are making a mistake an alienating the newer, lower level, players, which is not very nice - I think they should have given appropriate rewards from say level 3 Gems.

Anyhow, the rewards are great and I will be, last the previous time, even using gems from my equipment to make as high level gems as possible and walk around, even for Class Wars, with lowbie level 3-4 Gems. The main problem we will all have, especially those like me who didn't participate in the soul crystal and mount whip events, is having enough bag space for all these soul crystals.

Just for fun, here are the quantities of Gems I managed to gather since the last Gem event. Did you manage to get more? less? Put in the comments what you think about anything (related to Wartune :P)

Making my first (maybe only?) level 7 Gem and end up using level 3s and not only on my weapon :P

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Treasure Hunt Guide

(Posted by Dagiva)

EDIT by Dagiva
This post has been updated as of 03.12.14 1:30 A.M. PDT with new statistics and more complete leveling and set information (see bottom of post).


As most of you have discovered in your time playing Wartune, the translations and instructions for most content leaves much to be desired and true-to-form the new Treasure Hunt mini-game is exactly the same.  I scoured the internet and found very little information other than basic instructions and guides so I collected up some info from screenshots and my own pulls to hopefully help some of the folks who aren't sure how the mini-game works and don't want to make mistakes (if anyone else out there dove head first into buying sylph skills you know exactly what I mean).

First of all the colors are misleading as they do not function the same way in Treasure Hunt as they do anywhere else in Wartune.  The color scheme should represent different qualities of the same item, with higher quality versions replacing lower quality versions (as with your Magic Attack Astrals for example).  In Treasure Hunt this is untrue.  If you have found a white card that gives you +200 hp when you are in Catacombs there is no green/blue/purple/orange version of it. So you can activate your first one and level it to your hearts content because that is the only card that gives that particular bonus in that particular area. Confused yet? Don't be, it ends up being rather simple.

The cards are divided into five decks, each corresponding to a different location where they award bonuses.  The five locations are MP Dungeon, Catacombs, Spire, Battleground and MP Arena.  Each deck is further divided into five colors, each color corresponds to a different stat bonus.  White is HP, Green is Defense, Blue is Attack, Purple is All Stats and I don't know what Orange is yet. Simply put, this means that there are only 25 cards altogether and only 5 cards of each color. This makes collecting them much easier because there is really no zero sum choices to be made.  You can only activate one of each card, you can only level up your cards using duplicates of the same card and at this point that is the only thing you can use duplicates for.  There is no cost to equip or unequip a card, you can do it as often as you want.  The slots are not locked in any way, you can mix decks in the same slot or whatever you like.  I am sure this mini-game will get more complicated as time goes on, there is already evidence of the decks expanding to 8+ cards but for now they are simple.

Now onto the details:

Here is a quick table simplifying the text above for folks who are scrolling past looking for pictures.  The stats listed are for Level 1 Cards and as I have yet to see a level 2 card I don't know how they scale yet.

And here are the images I have been able to collect so far for the existing cards, it's about 60% complete. Click the image for the full size version with readable text.

As with other areas of the game where translations don't always match, that same wonderful attention to detail is present in Treasure Hunt as well.  When a player finds a Purple Card from a Master Summoning Kit it will broadcast to the server under a different name as pictured below.  Rest assured that the cards did in fact come from a Master Summoning Kit and not some obscure secret card-giving item that you have been neglecting to farm.

As for acquiring the cards themselves I've gathered some basic information below.  The sample sizes are quite small at this point so expect the probabilities to change as we gather more data but this is good rough starting point.

First off the costs for treasure hunts:

Based off 19 Hunts (2 Kyanite, 3 Daru, 14 Gold); costs as of level 70.

And the probabilities of getting a particular type of summoning kit from any given Treasure Hunt and overall drop rates of cards observed so far

Based off 20 Hunts (13 Novice, 5 Regular, 2 Master) and 43 Cards (27 White, 11 Green, 5 Blue).

Based on the probabilities above we can draw some conclusions about leveling rates.  Once you have your base set of cards, for every card you acquire beyond that you should generate on average .63 xp for white cards, .26 xp for green cards and .12 xp for blue cards.  This means to level a specific card you'll need to acquire on average 80 new cards for a white level, 156 new cards for a green level and 216 new cards for a blue level.  That is based on level 1 experience so if it scales those numbers will change but as long as the ratio is constant between the colors the pacing will be the same.

Some silly statistics:

Odds of getting the same white card ten times in a row:    1 in   1.1 billion
Odds of getting the same green card eight times in a row: 1 in 21.2 billion
Odds of getting the same blue card five times in a row:     1 in 148.8 million

That about sums up what I've been able to discover so far.  I hope all the folks saving up their Treasure Hunt items for an event found it useful.  Anyone who would like to contribute data points to improve the accuracy if what is posted is encouraged to do so in the comments.  I will keep tabs on what comes in and update the thread as time goes on.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.


*Update 03.12.14*

Thanks to Mariusz and Eliza C for submitting purple cards.  The full set of purples is now pictured below:

Here is a full set of updated drop rates, the sample sizes are still small so anyone interested in sending in more data is encouraged to do so.

Treasure Hunt costs were based on 75 recorded data points (19 Kyanite, 27 Daru, 29 Gold).
Kit drops were based on 76 recorded data points (48 Novice, 22 Standard, 11 Master).
Overall Card drops were based on 107 recorded data points (60 White, 31 Green, 16 Blue).

As you can see the leveling rates are a bit out of whack, especially for green cards.  White cards get triple the bonus and require triple the xp at level two, blue cards get double bonus and require double xp at level two but green cards get double bonus and require quadruple xp at level two.  No word yet on level two purples.

It remains to be seen whether the green xp rates at level two are a mistake, I'm not sure why they would be so much more expensive to level but time will tell I suppose.  

As always, please feel free to post any new information for future updates and thanks for reading.


Card System Gives More Bonuses

Hey guys, here I have an update for you for the Card System thanks to Kanashimi and Rose and the good news is that once you collect all the 4 pieces of one area or event then you get further bonuses based on what it is, so for example:

...first sent by Rose the example of getting 10% more experience in the Catacombs once that set is completed:

...and secondly, the example sent by Kanashimi regarding the Multi-Player Arena where you get +3 insignia which is not bad at all as it adds up:

I am sure we will yet be more surprised about the Treasure Hunt Card System! Remember send me cool info/stuff when you find them.

Mounts: Chicken, Blue Dragon, Fox

Hey guys, here I have some info shared by our French Wartune friend Gaetan of mounts which are already available in the French version, which we do not have in the "Western" version of Wartune. Probably sooner or later we will get them, but we wanted to share this with everyone, so put in the comments which one of the 3 is your favorite one - mine is the Chicken/Cock Mount and Fox as #2 after that :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Be Careful when you Spend Money

Hey guys, I am making this post mostly to support one of our fellow players, Andrei, who emailed me this communication and asked me to post it for support. But note, I don't want to become a platform of negativity here, so don't send me emails of negative things, but I will use this opportunity to tell you to be careful and read things twice and ask questions to make sure about things before you spend your money so that you do not fall into the same trap like Andrei.

You will see in Andrei's story below that he recharged 1000 balens 2 times instead of 2000 one time and, as a result, he didn't get the bonuses available in the Hot Event. At that time it the event did not specify that you have to recharge minimum of 2000, which they fixed in future events, but still didn't give Andrei his compensation.

So if you are doing something that you have not done before or decide to buy balens or participate in some event that you are not used to try ask in guild and world chat and even try to go and check the forum posting - I know that you technically do not have to, but it is better to do that than to start fighting with support not knowing if they will help or not.

So be careful and if you want show some friendly support to Andrei in the comments, but don't use insults or bad language please.

You have to read it from bottom to top and I removed any sensitive information like numbers / emails / names from the communication.

I generally think that the support people were very nice and speaking very well. I do think that the people that support contacted should have indeed authorized the correct bonuses to be given to the player as he paid for them.


Subject: Event rewards missing

MAR 06, 2014  |  08:51PM CST

--- replied:
Dear Player,
We are sorry but at this moment, there is no way a player can directly contact our developers. Again, we are sorry for this.
-The R2Games Team

MAR 06, 2014  |  08:14PM CST

I understand this, and I know it is not the GM's fault, but all i requested was a response from the devs.
If forwarding the request doesn't get me an answer from them, then please tell me how can I contact the devs.

Thanks in advance

MAR 06, 2014  |  06:30PM CST

--- replied:
Dear Player,
Thank you for you reply. There were other players who had the same case as you that is why we have talked to our devs and made an argument about it. It was not only once that we ahve talked to our devs regarding this matter but unfortunately, they keep on insisting that there would be no compensation for players who did not had it in a single purchase. We are very sorry for this. We understand that this is frustrating and disappointing on your part however, please understand also that we can not do anything as GMs as it is the final decision of the devs. Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this matter has caused on your part. I hope you understand. Thank you and good day.
-The R2Games Team

MAR 05, 2014  |  03:53AM CST

It's been 5 days since you forwarded my request to the devs. Since then there was another event for 500 balens recharge, where this time the necessary info like " recharge in a single purchase" was available, presumably because the devs or you guys admitted you were wrong at the last event.
Please let me know the status of this issue.
I told you once and I will tell it over and over again, the lack of info deceived me into buying the balens i didn't need at that time. I would have not made that purchase in this conditions, and believe me that tried to cancel the purchase when I saw the treatment i was getting.
Thanks in advance

MAR 01, 2014  |  06:36PM CST

R2 Lorenz replied:
Dear Player,
I have forwarded your message to them. Just as I have told you a while ago, they said they are sorry that they can not compensate you for what had happened. I too apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment that have caused unto your part. If you have other concerns regarding the game, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost best to assist you. Thank you and good day.
-The R2Games Team

MAR 01, 2014  |  06:03PM CST

Please forward the message to the devs as I would like an official response from them.
The amount of money i spent on this event is unreasonable high in comparison with the rewards. The devs should understand that money spending casual players like me keep this game alive, and providing such players with the promised rewards will prolong the life span of it. Not keeping up with promised rewards, failing to satisfy the customers, neglecting suggestions and such, will slowly and certainly lead to a downfall.
As far as I'm concerned this is an unreasonable refuse as long giving the said rewards costs the devs nothing.From a legal point of view this is a scam, false advertising in order to increase the income, and never fulfilling the product based on vague arguments and lack on information. As I previously stated, I know of what i'm entitled to receive, and an official response from the devs will help me in my future legal actions to get what i paid for, regarding this issue.

MAR 01, 2014  |  05:30PM CST

---- replied:
Dear Player,
Thank you for your reply. I have contacted the devs about it and and made and argument about it unfortunately, we can not give you any compensation for it. I understand that this situation is frustrating and disappointing in your part but it is the final decision of our devs and we as GMs can not do anything about it. Even if I will forward this ticket to them, the answer will be the same as just like I have told you, I have already contacted them directly. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and I hope you understand. Thank you and good day.
-The R2Games Team

FEB 28, 2014  |  12:07AM CST

Thank you for the quick response.
The only problem is that i don't think i play the game on the forum, actually i'm certain of it. The fact that the info is given on other channel than the official one is the real problem. The info regarding this event solely given in the game is vague and misleading and i am not obligated by any rules or terms of service to visit the forum. I am only advised to do so. Again the lack of info does not exonerate the seller of said obligations, thus the buyer is entitled of benefiting the product as it was advertised.
I don't know what laws apply to your company but as an european citizen i am protected by european union legislative system.
If we cannot reach an agreement please redirect me to someone with more decision capacities.

Best regards

FEB 28, 2014  |  11:17PM CST

--- replied:
Dear Player,
Here is the link of the thread in the forum where the event is: ---LINK TO FORUM---. I will also be attaching a picture about it. I hope this clears things up. Thank you and good day.
-The R2Games

FEB 28, 2014  |  10:33PM CST

Please tell me where does it say that the purchase should be in a single pay? Before opening this ticket i read all the info available on the event and there was nothing available. The sentence "Recharge your account with 2000 or more balens" is very vague and misleading. From my point of view this issue is not addressed as long as i don't receive my rewards. It is not my fault that due to the lack of information i'm am not eligible, not to mention the fact that if i would have been made aware by this constraint i would have not recharged my account.
Please fix this.

FEB 28, 2014  |  10:02PM CST

--- replied:
Dear Player,
Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern. Please be aware that in order to receive the prize, you should have 2000 balens in a single purchase. We have checked our records and it seems that you have purchased 2 1000 balens making you illegible to claim the rewards. I hope this answers your question. If you have other questions regarding the game, feel free to contact us and we will try our utmost best to assist you. Thank you and good day.
-The R2Games Team

FEB 28, 2014  |  09:03PM CST

My character name is Angemon, a level 66 mage.
Server 3005 (europe 5) on armor games.

FEB 28, 2014  |  01:28PM CST

--- replied:
Dear player,
Could you please tell us your in game character name? So that we can put you on the list for people that did not receive the rewards because it is a global problem and the development team is going to solve it.
R2Games Team

FEB 26, 2014  |  05:36AM CST
Original message

I play Wartune through --- on the s3005 server (server5 Europe), i have a lvl 66 Mage. Currently on my server there is an event called recharge bonus that states if i recharge with 2000 or more balens i get certain rewards. I recharged my account with 2000 balens by phone in 2 steps of 1000 balens each, and i haven't received any reward. I received my paid balens, but the collect button for the event is not available. The event requirements doesn't states that the balens should be bought all at the same time, therefore i can recharge my account with 500 balens 4 times and still be eligible for the rewards.

Please tell me what documents should i send in order to get this incident fixed.

If you need any other info please tell me.

This message was sent to --- in reference to Case #: ---

Hades from Lucky Clover and Hades Overview

Hey guys, maybe some of you didn't catch my video on Hades, so here is the summary and the video at the bottom.

First off I got really lucky with box drops. I bought some boxes and boom I got this first announcement:

Then a few more boxes and gazam:

Actually in just 26 boxes I got 2 Hades which I was more angry about than happy. As I was doing this on my mage's account who is a casher I just needed one Hades and now I got 2 and the 2nd one is absolutely useless to me and I was angry because a lot of my friends have opened lots of boxes and didn't get any. One in particular opened now 600 boxes and didn't get Hades. So I will be making a report on this to the game publisher and there will be a small chance that it will be corrected.

Now coming back to the sylph here are the stats of Hades that I got:

He is actually a PATK sylph total opposite to Apollo, so when it comes to those two in the Sylph arena it seems that the one who attacks first will win since they have terrible resistances against one another.

And here is the video where I go more in detail about Hades:

Treasure Hunt Card System & Tips

Hey guys, for those who missed my video on the Treasure Hunt Card System I also make a blog post here with the important points and I put the video below if you wanna watch.

With the Treasure Hunt Card System we get a new button/card located next to soul engraving. An important point here is that no matter what the bonuses you gain there it will not change your "Master" Battle Rating, which would be important for something like the Hall of Fame events which give rewards based on your "Master" Battle Rating.

Then once inside we have a number of Slots which I prefer to call as Sets because these are going to be the sets of cards which we will use for various places like the Battlegrounds or Spire, so we will want to create dedicated Sets per event type and then we will have to switch around between them. Note here that the center card is reserved for orange cards only and the higher your level the more Sets you will have available to you.

We have 3 available buttons in the Treasure Hunt Card System:

The Treasure Hunt will take us into the adventure to gather the cards.

The 1 click Activate will automatically activate all the cards which you have in your bag so you don't have to click on them one by one.

And the 1 click Upgrade will upgrade using any duplicate cards you have so that, again, you do not have to do this one by one yourself. Note here that it might be a good idea to check if any upgrade events are coming and save the cards for those instead of upgrading them instantly.

Once you do your daily attempts you will see like in the picture above that you have to wait ~6 hours for the next attempt. These attempts add up while you are not at home and then once you come and play you will have a few to do straight away.

Also there is a special item called the Infinity Wheel which will allow you to instantly add an attempt. This item can be gotten from events or maybe the shop later on.

The adventure / hunting itself will cost gold, daru or kyanite so be sure that you have some so you can pay the necessary fees.

The Fragments, also known as Mystic Shards, which you collect, once you have a 100 of them, can be exchanged for a Master Summoner Kit.

In the beginning everyone has just small bonuses, but if you remember we also laughed at the tiny damage sylphs were doing when we first got them as white level 1, so I think here will be a sort of a similar effect that over time we will create nice bonuses through the cards for the various events. Just here the effect will be much smaller than sylphs because, at least for now, there is no way to pay balens for anything related to the Treasure Hunt Card System.

Okey, I hope that was useful for you guys, so please share, like, thumbs up or whatever and below I put the video I made for the Treasure Hunt Card System: