Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dual Gems (Two Gems in one) Info

Hey guys, test servers got the new patch and in it, a cool feature called Double Attribute Gems (Dual Gems) was added which is basically two gems in one. To go along with this article, I also made a video on Dual Gems so please watch it below :D.

Socketing a Dual Gem in Equipment:

The good thing is that you can socket any type of dual gem in any type of equipment. If you noticed from my video, the stats for dual gems decrease by 40% which will drain battle rating and stats if you choose to have all dual gems.

Socket Dual Gem in Equipment

Synthesizing a Dual Gem:

Unlike Chinese Wartune, you can Synthesize dual gems for free.

Making a Dual Gem

Recycling a Dual Gem:

This is the best thing about dual gems to me because if you choose to not want a particular dual gem, you can recycle it to split the dual gem into two.

Recycling Dual Gem

Can you convert dual gems?

No and even if they did add a feature where you can convert dual gems, I bet it would expensive.


The dual gems feature is actually something I am looking forward to because it is free and you can socket a dual gem with the attributes in equipment that also has the same attribute gems which means more battle rating.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video/article and be sure to comment below/ask a question.

Dual Gems (Two Gems in one) Info

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