Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cosmos on Arthros Mount

Hey guys, I got the Arthos Mount! Wohoo :) Totally did not expect it! So I changed my bold bright red Scarlet / Trendsetter clothing to a darker violet dragon / blue look to match Arthos so that we can look good together! ^^

The Arthros mount can also fly, which is pretty cool, but I must say it “flies” in the most ugly way by sort of walking rather than flying. Still, helps to get to places easier and thus also you see on the screenshot I am standing on the balcony which is normally not accessible.

COSMOS’s Tips to get mounts the 100% free way:

  • I credit all my mount achievements to my “hoarding” strategy. I always have a ton of many items saved up and a lot of untrained space in Sylphs, Stables, Mount Refines, Fate, etc, which is damaging by Battle Rating growth in the short term (not long term) but keeping me ready for events (and ultimately gives me BR when I do win a mount or other special items). This way, when some event comes which gives boxes I am usually able to collect all prizes. Examples of such recent events are:
    • Use 200 Mahra every day for a bunch of days (e.g. for 5 days this would be 1000 Mahra; and you get a bunch back also to make it easier)

    • Use 200 Sepulcrum for Sylph Enchant every day for some days (e.g. for 5 days this would be 1000 Sepulcrum)

    • Use 500 Whips every day for Mount training (e.g. for 5 days this would be 2500 Whips)

    • etc.

  • I open all boxes even though Exchanges have sometimes nice options for exchanging the boxes instead of opening them. The only one time I made an exception was the time when they were giving 24 Good Luck Charms and actual mounts. So if I can get a guaranteed mount from not opening boxes I will do that, but since usually they are expensive in exchanges and not achievable for free players then I just open all boxes I get.

  • Stop stressing about it! Be happy regardless of mounts! I am actually equally happy if I get the mount or not, I just continue to enjoy the game, so when I do get the mount it’s a pleasant surprise and I am super happy for some hours and then back to normal happy :)

Cosmos on Arthros Mount

Arthros Card mount description

Arthros is a +60 stat mount! It also gives +10 to the Max Attribute level which allows for a lot more mount training.

Arthros Card mount description

Cosmos on Arthros Mount

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