Wednesday, May 6, 2015

+503 points from 1 Sylph Arena Battle

Hey guys, what was the most amount of points you earned from one battle in Sylph Arena? Here we share with you a cool achievement and a tip on how Alex earned 503 points from one single battle! (thanks Alex for sharing the tip and pictures!)

This is not a bug or any kind of a hack, this is done just with honest gameplay. We can of course not guarantee that this will be possible in the future as Devs can change something always, but for now this is how it works:

“Alex: Not a bug. It was early morning of 1st day of Sylph Arena. I was on the 84th rank and this guy was on the 64th. He gave me max 60 points. During the day all players received points and this guy too. I just waited. At night I was on the 527th on the ranking and this big difference between the rankings gave me 503 points.”

Sylph Arena 503 points screenshots:

503 points for Sylph Arena tip (1) 503 points for Sylph Arena tip (2)

+503 points from 1 Sylph Arena Battle

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