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Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro Guide

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune recently got the “5.0 Patch” that included the long waited feature, “Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro.” This seems to be that last sylph fusion but who knows, maybe they might add a “Water + Fire” in the future πŸ˜› .

Note: This may or may not come but this is based off of Chinese Wartune.

Sylph Fusion of Fire + ElectroSylph Fusion of Fire + Electro

Thor – Red Fused Fire + Electro Sylph:

Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro REDThis sylph, Thor does not look anything like it is shown in the wallpapers. I mean, where is Thor’s hammer? πŸ˜›

Requirements for the Fire + Electro Sylph:

Unfortunately I do not have a image of the Red Fire/Electro Fusion Panel since I do not have Zeus/Aries but if I get a hold of one, I will update you guys in a new article.

  • Level 80

  • x1 Red 2nd Evolved Fire Sylph (Aries)

  • x1 Red 2nd Evolved Electro Sylph (Zeus)

  • 20,000 balens

  • x1,000 Nucleus of the Sun

  • x1,000 Flame of the Sun

  • x500 Emblem of Fire and Electro

Just like the other Fused Sylph, you cannot use bound balens to fuse your Fire + Electro Sylph.

Nucleus of the Sun:

Flame of the Sun:

Emblem of Fire and Electro:

Emblem of Fire + Electro

Where can you get Emblem of Fire and Electro, Nucleus of the Sun and Flame of the Sun?

Almost all of these materials can be easily gained from big spenders and recharge events but for the free players/mild cashers, getting all of these materials will be a bit challenging.


Nucleus of the Sun can be gained from the Titan War Shop and Chaos War Shop.

Flame of the Sun can also be gained from the Class Wars Shop and the Cross Server Guild Battle Shop:

Flame of the Sun in Shops

Emblem of Fire and Electro are not in free events but they can be dropped in Sylph Expedition.

Tyre – Orange Fused Fire + Electro Sylph:

Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro ORANGE

Doesn’t this sylph look like Genghis Khan? πŸ˜›


Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro Panel ORANGE

  • x1 Orange Hercules

  • x1 Orange Cerberus

  • 20,000 balens

  • x500 Nucleus of the Sun

  • x500 Flame of the Sun

  • x300 Emblem of Fire and Electro

  • Level 70+

Almost everyone has Hercules these days and getting them to orange (legendary) won’t be a big deal for the next 3-4 months but the the 20,000 balens will be a problem. 20,000 balens is just too much for a Orange Fused Sylph. What do you think?

Can you convert Sylph Tyre (Orange Fused Sylph) to Thor (Red Fused Sylph)?

Yes you can convert Tyre to Thor. Unfortunately, I do not have a image for it but here are the requirements for conversion:

  • x1,000 Balens/Bound-Balens

  • 50 Million Gold

  • x5,000 Moon Rock

  • x5,000 Moon Dust

  • x1,000 Emblem of Fire and Electro

  • Sylph Tyre needs to be RED

The moon dust and moon rock will be common once Sylph Fusion System comes out but the Emblem of Fire + Electro will be a challenge to many players.

Skills of Fire + Electro Sylphs.

Once you fuse your Sylphs, your skills will be replaced with random Fire/Electro Skills. If you want to replace a skill, you cannot use the old Fire Skills of Electro Skills on the Fused Sylphs that cost 395-774 balens. For an example, if you want to buy another skill like “Vulcan’s Judgement” you would need to buy the “Required Level: 70/80 Fire and Electro Vulcan’s Judgement” which costs 2,000 balens/bound balens instead of the “Required Level 50: Vulcan’s Judgement.” .

Sylph Fusion Fire + Electro Skills

When Chinese Wartune got the Fire + Electro Sylph Fusion System, they did not include all of the Fire and Electro Skills because they just want you to buy the new skills! The bad thing is that all of the Fire + Electro sylph skills do not accept bound balens :( .

Destruction’s Kiss – Fire and Electro:


Skill Effect: Deals 315% + 512 physical damage to 1-2 random targets. After use, the entire team’s attack speed is drastically increased for 2 rounds.

Requirements: Level 80 + Thor

Price: 5,000 balens

Lion’s Roar – Fire and Electro:


Skill Effect: Deals 570% + 1000 magic damage to a random target. After use, the caster receives 20% more damage for 2 rounds.

Requirements: Level 80 + Thor

Price: 5,000 balens

Molten Force – Fire and Electro:


Skill Effect: User’s damage increases by 5% with each action, stackable up to 20 times. Can be dispelled.

Requirements: Level 80 + Thor

Price: 5,000 balens

Lightning Scatter – Fire and Electro:


Skill Effect: Every attack has a chance to make an additional random target receive 50% damage.

Requirements: Level 80 + Thor

Price: 5,000 balens

My Thoughts:

Hercules and Cerberus are very easy to get, to make and to upgrade but when it comes to fusing sylphs, it requires cashing. If you are one of those “One time” cashing person, this would be a great place to do so because now days, it isn’t all about the players strength but the sylphs strength. If you are a non-casher, just go with the flow and make your sylph stronger because there are lots of non-cashers out there in Chinese Wartune that have stronger sylphs then the players with fused sylphs. Hope you guys liked this piece of info and be sure to comment/ask question below πŸ˜€

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Sylph Fusion of Fire + Electro Guide

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