Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Servers shutting down?!

OMG! It seems a number of servers received this announcement! Is yours shutting down too??

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hecate Assault Team Arena

Hey guys, here is a nice fun screenshot from QuikTonka R2 Games S146 Server: "I took this screenshot I thought was really kewl. It was my first time seeing Hecate in action and we got assaulted hard by Kessar and his Hecate Dark Slyphs team in Group Arena lol."

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Snatching the Hermes Zebra

Hey guys, so as you know, the Wartune system is one big lottery - some can open hundreds of boxes and not get the top prize and others can open a few boxes and get lucky and grab it. There are many different types of boxes being thrown around in the game; way too many types I think - I miss simple events and most of all I am in dire need of inventory space - need like 10 extra pages please...

So with the exception of the nice Clown Bowtie box where there are 3 mounts and 24 good luck charms to exchange for, I am opening all other boxes. The exchanges are nice and safe, but there is a saying that the one that does not take any risk never drink champagne :) and, anyhow, the box openings, although most of the time give little things, do give out decent items even if they don't give the top prizes. The other day I got 300 sepulcrum for example which was very nice. As a free mentality player I also like getting Divinity Souls and, of course, the Coins of Ancestry, although in past weeks I haven't gotten any of those.

Snatching the Hermes Zebra Card

Anyhow, with all that introduction to this post, I actually wanted to share some good news that I just opened just 3 Clown Cakes and inside one of them was the Hermes Zebra Card!

Here is me mounting it:

Here is the mount stats and the Clown Cake box info:


Conclusion / Recommendation

So like we recommended before, if you see some real nice exchange like the 10 boxes for 24 good luck charms or a sure exchange for a mount for around 40-100 boxes then go for it because you know 100% that you will be a winner. Otherwise, if those things are missing just open all the chests and don't stress about it, if you keep doing it sooner or later you are bound to win something nice. Good luck to everyone and if you also got this mount put it down in the comments below! :)

Surprise when Upgrading Sylph from Orange to Red

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, I went on Nippa's Server and he has shared some interesting info on Upgrading 2nd Evolved Sylph from Orange to Red. If you do not know who Nippa is, she is the Top Mage/Top in Battle Rating Cross Server in Kabam East. Big thanks to Richard for telling me to Nippa and another big thanks to Nippa for sharing this info once again.

Upgrading Sylph from Orange to Red:

Once you get the Sylph to Orange 5 Stars, there is more. You have to upgrade your sylph 5 more times before it can turn into a Red Sylph. Here is a screenshot by Nippa for a better understanding:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Honor Event and Medallions

Hey guys, today we have the first ever event for gaining a specific amount of Honor in Wartune. I have been predicting this for a long time and I have been saving up all Medallions I could awaiting this event.

Our first Honor Event

The specific one they launched now is to gain 500 honor and they reward you with 100 insignia, 1 double honor scroll and 1 event box. Gaining 500 honor should not be too difficult and I would say that the majority of people with a healthy Level/BR ratio can achieve this inside 1 Battleground.

Healthy Honor Event Tiers

That said, I was actually waiting for several tiers of difficulty instead of just 1 tier, but maybe they want to test the waters with this new event and then increase the options in the future. I would recommend to R2 for the future that a healthy Honor event should have an easy tier for the weaker people of 200 honor, then 500 honor, then 2000 honor and finally 6000 honor which is the daily maximum.

Saving Medallions for Honor Events

As you know I like to save or collect as much of everything as I can, which makes my life easier when various events come. This time I had saved up 174 Medallions anticipating an Honor Event, which is of course much more than needed (these actually add up to 87k honor), but the most important thing of having some Medallions saved up is that you can complete this event after midnight and before the server reset when there are no more Battlegrounds!

On the picture below you see the Medallion item info (500 honor per item), my saved up Medallions and a screenshot of our first Honor Event. I definitely recommend saving some Medallions for such events (but maybe not as many as Cosmos-the-pack-rat did :P) and remember don't consume more than 50k honor (i think 50k was max) from these per day.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

+160 Insignia Rewards from Guild Battle

Hey guys, for my first guild skill I have taken the +160 insignia reward and for everyone who is enjoying Wartune in a casual way or who is not super active I would suggest the same. This is because I feel insignia is becoming harder to get and recently they also increased for example the Good Luck Charm cost in the Wilds' Shop to 3000 insignia. Also in the past we could do Tower of Kings (NM) relatively easily, but as time is moving forward that is becoming more and more difficult because (a) we have less time (too many activities), so I often skip TOK and (b) the enemies are getting exponentially stronger making it really difficult to complete all the 5 stages, which we could in the past (of course those servers where enemies "undress" have an advantage).

For level 2 the price is double as you can see on the picture below, so I could consider to go for Level 2, but otherwise I want the Insignia, the Honor (again due to lack of time to do Battlegrounds and sometimes I don't manage to kill anyone in BG at all) and the Strength boost. Everything else is secondary or in the case of additional points from the Guild Boss I believe is completely useless ("stealing" from your own guild-mates).

Monday, March 16, 2015

Clown Ties for Luck Charms

(Posted by Eliatan -- DolyGames Team Member)

By now, many have noticed that Wartune probably made an error in the Clown Bowtie Exchange, which gives 24 luck charms for x10 Bowties. This is a really awesome opportunity to get a ton of luck charms -- in comparison, this exchange gives 12 times as many charms for the same amount of event currency as the Clown Mask Exchange.

I think in most event exchanges people will try their luck at collecting or opening up chests for the event mount, but here I suggest exploiting this event and obtaining many luck charms. Luck charms are the most notoriously awful cost to clothing synthesis, and at higher levels of clothing synthesis, it's much scarier to try to synthesize without them.

At the moment charm costs for synthesis are as such:

Particularly for wings, the luck charm costs are pretty absurd, doubling in cost with every level. Even for players who already have all level 9 clothing pieces, eventually there will be level 10 to 13 (the Chinese version has gotten to this point), so the synthesis charm cost will be 640+ charms per pair of wings, and 128+ per clothing set.

Another reason to consider pushing for charms here is that Wartune has increased the insignia cost for luck charms in the Wilds Shop. So, unless you're very good about doing wilds everyday to collect Mystery Stones, getting charms from Wilds Shop just got more expensive (this is not ideal since insignias are very important for the new medallion). This also leaves you more daru to contribute to your guild's Warpath.

Players often think that these high level clothing pieces are out of their reach (I once thought I'd never pass level 5...), but I know several no-to-low cash players that have level 7+ clothing and wings. I hope this helped, and that everyone at least considers getting some charms! ^^

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mage's Advanced Talents

(Posted by DZmage of the DolyGames Team)

Hello guys, with the new update 3.40 part 4 we recently had, every class has a new talents tree which can be unlocked as soon as we class advance! Since I'm a mage, I checked which kind of new talents we "mages" got :)

Unfortunately, most of the talents are pretty much useless except for one. Lets take a look on each talent :)

Advanced Talents

Ice Mastery

This talent increases the Ice Bolt's magic damage by 1% (at level 1). I'm not a big fan of Ice Bolt since I use Meteoric Destroyer with 3 seconds cooldown :)

So I'll skip this talent for now.

Fire Mastery

This talent decreases both rage consumption and cooldown by 2 (at level 1) of Flaming Tornado. Again I'm not a big fan of Flaming Tornado since it's not really useful in arena, and I find Thunderer way better than this skill for the simple reason that Flaming Tornado splits the shot into 3 hits and getting 2 critical out of 3 is rare and 3 critical out of 3 is extremely rare. In addition to this, Thunderer has a chance to let us have an extra Lighting Bolt hit if we use double hit :)


This talent gives us 10% chance to remove 1 harmful effect (at level 1) when using Mana Shield. Unfortunately, Mana Shield does not stack with Restoration damage reduction buff nor with Guardian rune, which makes this talent pretty useless :(

Quick Chant

This talent reduces Anthem's cooldown by 1 second (at level 1). I personally stopped using Anthem since they removed troops and replaced them with sylphs in Class War. Sylphs does not die fast as troops which made me wast all my rage on healing a Sylph that doesn't help by much! My opinion on this talent is that once we can heal more than 100k with Blessing Light or with Restoration, Anthem becomes a bit useless since it's capped at 90k heal which makes this talent useless.


The description on this talent is a bit confusing. It says : "Increases Thunderer's attack speed reduction rate by 5%" (at level 1). I thought it meant that it will give an extra 5% slow casting speed on the opponent which should make it 105% . So when I asked Elite Club staff what's the difference between 100% and 105% slow casting speed they explained to me that the 5% we get from level 1 Thunderfury does not increase the slow casting speed % it self but it increases chance to slow our opponent which made me change my opinion on this talent ;)

At moment my Thunderfury is at level 6 which gives me an extra 30% chance of slowing my opponent so I assume once maxed ( level 10) it should grant me a 100% (50% from thunderer it self + an other 50% from maxed Thunderfury) slow success rate :)


If you are advanced mage, your first priority is to max Thunderfuruy :) The rest of advanced talents are not very important.

Here you can have a look on my current talents with official description of each talent :

35k BR Grabs #2 Position in Cross Server PvP Rankings

Hey guys, a small fun post to congratulate an achievement of a small Wartune hero, with just 35k BR (actually 34,634)  @ level 44 called keepDF, who achieved the #2 position in the Cross Server PvP Rankings, just below the powerful Ashira :P

And this goes in the face of those people who say that you can't enjoy Wartune unless you are rich or whatever. Clearly keepDF has created a whole lot of fun for himself and reached an impressively high ranking while having a very humble, and 100% free, character.

20% Clothing Identification Boost

Hey guys, there is a new type of a mini-event giving 20% clothing identification boost with the icon appearing in the power ups section and a pop-up coming up on the bottom right of the game screen.

Although we don't have any proof, I just wanted to share that I hear that this works only for Gold Identification and not Refinement, so unless we get some proof I would not suggest to go spending your Fashion Cores. Even I would not suggest identifying clothing with this mini-event if there is no Hot Event giving identification rewards running in parallel.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Level 2 Guild BOSS / Beast Rewards

Hey guys, see below the Level 2 Guild BOSS / Beast Rewards. It costs 3.6 billion daru to upgrade the Guild BOSS one level = 3.6 million daru contribution (Warpath).

So the level 2 Guild BOSS / Beast rewards are:
(Thanks to Alex for this info)

  • 1st place: Golden Holy Water x12, Fang of Fear x120
  • 2nd place: Golden Holy Water x8, Fang of Fear x101
  • 3rd place: Golden Holy Water x6, Fang of Fear x82
  • 4th to 10th place: Fang of Fear x63
  • 11th to 50th place: Fang of Fear x54
  • 51th to 100th place: Fang of Fear x44
  • 101+ positions: Fang of Fear x38
And for the final strike to kill the Guild BOSS: Golden Holy Water x3, Crystal Shard x6

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Game Elements in Patch 3.40 Part 4

Hey guys, today they in Patch 3.40 Part 4 in my server and I thought to make this post about all the new things which have popped up in the game. And later, of course, we will follow up with videos and articles about each specific new feature.

Guild Boss / Guild Beast

Guild Boss Drops

  • Golden Holy Water
  • Fang of Fear
  • Crystal Shard

Advanced Guild Skills

These are:
  • 1 more Strength skill (+40 per level)
  • 1 more Defense skill (+40 per level)
  • 1 more Intellect skill (+40 per level)
  • 1 more Endurance skill (+40 per level)
  • Bonus to the experience earned in the Guild Chamber (2% on level 1)
  • Bonus Insignia earnings for Guild Battles (+160 on level 1)
  • Bonus Honor earnings for Guild Battles (+160 on level 1)
  • Bonus to the points earned from Guild Boss (+2% on level 1)

Advanced Guild Shop

In the Advanced Guild Shop there is a new mount: Blazing Lynx

New Astrals: Critical Strike and Summer God

  • Summer God (red): +216 to Critical and Penetration per level; 45,000 astral points if you want to exchange
  • Critical Strike (yellow): +144 to Critical and Penetration per level; 30,000 astral points for exchange

Purgatory Maze

Requires 3 keys to enter (50 balens each). Stay tuned for videos and more posts about this.

Legendary Talents


  • Laceration: Reduces Death Warrant's Rage consumption by 1 (on level 1). This is actually pretty nice; it helps to spam Death Warrant more.
  • Sword Mastery: Increases Blade Storm's physical damage by 2% (on level 1). Still will be a skill rarely used.
  • Tenacity: Grants Resurrection a 10% chance to purify 1 harmful effect (on level 1). A tiny additional benefit to a useless skill at present. The skill will still be not used.
  • Warlord: Reduces Mars' Will cooldown by 1 second and rage consumption by 1 (on level 1). Nice, but not urgent to have.
  • Reverse Attack: When critically hit, 50% chance to increase attack speed by 55% for 2 turns (on level 1). The best talent from the list - the #1 that must be increased.


  • Archer's Stance: Increases Blessed Shot's rage returned by 1 (on level 1). A small improvement to a skill I didn't see used much.
  • Swiftness: Reduces Cursed Arrows' CD by 1 second (on level 1). Small improvement, still don't expect a huge change in skill selections due to this.
  • Focused Attack: Increases Annihilating Fury's crit rate by 3% (on level 1). A nice improvement to help get a crit attack after spending all your rage on it, but again, those who don't use this skill will not likely start using it due to this talent.
  • Infiltration: Armor Piercer can cause 22% physical damage to a random additional target. A very nice / interesting power up for the Armor Piercer which is widely used. However, I think this skill is used a lot of the time in solo battles so in those cases there is no additional target to hit.
  • Acute Sting: Increases Soulhunter's Arrow's physical damage by 1% (on level 1). I think this one is the best from the bunch because it is a percentage based benefit.
Mage Skills list and comments - don't have right now. Hopefully Elia will make a post / video about this :)

Mythic Advanced Sylph

Sorry no picture for now as I don't have a gold sylph. You can just check our previous posts on 2nd sylph evolution and our upcoming posts/videos (probably from Elia on this topic). Here are the new mythic advanced sylph skills in the shop, 1000 balens each:

Update: prepared a video also:

Monday, March 9, 2015

2nd Evolution Sylph Preview and Requirements

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, the test servers just got a big patch and the 2nd evolution sylphs was one of the biggest feature in it! Everyone who has an orange sylph or will have one pretty soon are pumped on test servers and so will all the others when we get this patch.

Preview of all six sylphs:

Big thanks to DZmage, even though he was busy, but helped me out to make these GIF's.

Dark Sylph:

Light Sylph:

Electric Sylph:

Water Sylph:

Wind Sylph:

Fire Sylph:

Requirements to evolve your sylph:

This time, it won't be hard to evolve your sylph again like you did to evolve before. Fewer items are needed but the catch is that you need an Orange Sylph.
  • Orange Quality Sylph
  • x500 Moon Dust
  • x500 Moon Rock
  • x500 Divinity Stone for Light and Dark Sylphs.
  • 5,000,000 Gold
If you are choosing to evolve your light or dark sylph, not only you need Moon Dust and Moon Rock but you need Divinity Stone. As for now, these cannot be acquired but rumor has it that they will be in hot events and purgatory maze. In the future, if Sylph Expedition comes to our servers, you can easily get these materials in 10 days by defeating the mini BOSS in Sylph Expedition! If you have not check out the guide on Sylph Expedition, be sure to click here.

Moon Dust

Moon Rock

Divinity Stone

New Sylph Skills:

After you evolve your sylph, your old skills will be replaced with new skills (they are random skills). The shop has been updated with 8 new skills which costs 1,000 Balens per Skill and yes, Bound - Balens are accepted.

Hope you guys enjoyed the preview of these new upcoming sylphs and comment below which sylph you are planning to evolve or will.