Hey there, if you want to support me or say thanks for everything that I have created, shared and helped then first of all thank you and here below I give a bunch of options for anyone.

Stuff that doesn't cost money:

(1) Probably most useful is if you can link to my blog/videos or share on facebook, twitter or whatever - basically helping to spread the word for more people to come and visit.

(2) The next helpful thing could be if you click Google + to recommend this my blog or videos, subscribe to my youtube channel or thumbs up any way you know how.

(3) Lastly, making comments, answering other people's comments, sending me interesting data or pictures or even full articles.

If you want to send me some money:

(1) You can make a PayPal payment to my email:
(please send me an email also so I can double check that I got it and have a chance to thank you)

(2) You can use my Amazon affiliate link to go buy anything you want on Amazon and I will get a small % commission from whatever you buy within 24 hours. Here it is:

(3) And lastly, you can buy any product with one of my art designs on Zazzle where a bunch of them are inspired by Wartune - although they keep most of the money I again will get a % out of it: Cosmos-Lavash Designs Shop.


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