Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dimension Coordinate Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, on the side, slowly, I’ve been recording the data for the Dimension Coordinate Drop Rates, and I already published version 1 with 57 chests and now I want to share with you Version 2 of the drop rate report with 108 chests (see below report; large quality picture).

So what are the findings from the Dimension Coordinate Drop Rates v2?

As we saw from Version 1, it still holds true in Version 2 that Light and Dark coordinates drop less frequently than the other elements’ coordinates chests. We have Dark with 12% chance and Light with 13% while the other elements go as high as 25.9% as in the case of Wind. This can still change if we get a lot more data, but it is also logical that they could make these harder. Do you have a similar experience? Are your dark and light dimension coordinate chests more rare as well? Share your feedback in the comments below.

Intermediate and Advanced Coordinate Chests

Another interesting observation is that Intermediate Coordinate chests drop at a rate of 20.4% from the Basic Coordinate chests. This is actually quite surprising for me since I had the impression that they are more rare, but it seems that 1 out of 5 Basic Coordinate chests will actually give an Intermediate Coordinate chest.

The Advanced Coordinate chest is a totally different story though. Since Version 1 I actually didn’t get any of these, so they remain very rare. Currently showing 9.1% from the Intermediate Coordinate chests, but I would bet it’s lower if we would have more data, but not much lower, I would estimate them to be between 5% and 10% drop rate from the Intermediate chest.

Dimension Coordinate Drop Rates v2

Dimension Coordinate Drop Rates v2

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