Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sylvester at 82k Battle Rating!

(Posted by Arbin)

Hello guys I am here to tell you about sylvester who got 82k battle rating yesterday with the Warrior's Call buff which is the Spirit Convenant.Well there is the picture that proves this:

I hope you guys like this.Thanks!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hi all !! I am the new contributer to the blog and it's my very first news about patch V2.0. My name Is Luffex

In this news i want to tell you about patch V 2.0  I don't know everythings but I'll tell you guys  what I know :D

Will be Added New Things
1. New place 
it's Trade Place where you and you friends can trade things

2. second new place where you can capture this things by the war and exchange in rare items
3. new mounts, new systems , new  interface and etc.
This was very very small part of v2.0
Now some pictures :

This is one of the screen shots of me getting MvP in BG !

I got 13 kills on this bg 60+ bg is not a easy one so time to time i pot up and go on a honour farm ! and this is one of those bg in which i got mvp with pots and few scrols .. :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

hello guys !! I am a contributer to this blog a little about myself on kabam server !!

This is my toon on kabam server! What u see me equiped is lvl 50 legendary gears also called as "Titan set" and its better than lvl 55 pvp gears becuse of the rage build you get from this and extra socket + enchantments . If u want to get strong in a short span u can go for this set which will take you around 45 days with doing GoD nightmare x 3 everyday . You can go for summoner runs if each in your team has skeleton keys 25 for everyone will be a good contribution . I would suggest you to get atleast vip so you guys can get more amount of skeleton keys form the spins.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The real truth about the Enhanced Ruthlessness astral

(Posted by GandalfGrey)

Well, this astral has caused alot of controversy, so I would like to clear up alot of things about it. It is actually a useful astral, contrary to popular belief. Before I get into explaining this to much though, let me first say congrats and sorry to COSMOS for reaching level 70 on accident!

Now, about this astral. I will give a very simplified explanation, and try to stick with even numbers to make understanding this as easy as possible. So for the sake of using even numbers, lets say that you hit with anywhere from 80-120% of your normal hit (the actual range is 90-110%). So, with a ruthlessness astral that expands floating damage by, lets say 10%, now you hit with damage values from 72% (10% of your minimum damage, 80%), all the way up to 132%, because your previous maximum was 120%, and 10% of 120 is 12, so we increase that maximum damage by 12%, brining the total damage range now, from 72%-132%! I hope that this made sense to everybody. If it didn't, please comment and I will clarify! Hope you enjoyed this post.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

COSMOS becomes Level 70 (accidentally)

Hey guys, today I accidentally leveled up to level 70 and in *anger and tears* I started swearing out into the empty air. So what happened was that I had a long hard working day and came late, missing most of Wartune activities and tried to do fast, in a rush, a lot of things, basically one thing after another to get as much as possible done in a short time and then when I did the spire where I was happy because we beat the stage 9 boss thanks to kissofdeath then I get the big popup message "You are now level 70" and I was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!".

After a bunch of screaming the guys in my guild calmed me down and Louve convinced me to go to the crazy monsters BG of 70+ level, which very strangely to me turned out pretty good with me earning 500 honor which was 3 wins with 20%-50% dryad blessing each. So that was not as horrible as I imagined it to be.

Still this will only work for a short time while i am a knight crusader and maybe 1 more rank - will not work on higher honor levels. And by the way in BG I met Redoga and he seemed like a really nice guy and he allowed me to take a picture with him which was really cool and here it is on the rightside :)

Few words on the positive aspects:

  • I get 1 extra astral which is nice - it will help me also in Class Wars
  • I will get a little more income and experience from higher town hall and higher level
  • I got 1 more skill point but nothing to do with it...
  • I will be able to do the level 70 campaigns also but not mpd - too hard
That's all i can think of, if there is more let me know or if you have any advice for me also let me know in the comments below.

My biggest problem now is the reason I did not want to become level 70, which is how in the world am I gonna get my hands on high honor with the high bonus medallions while being a close to free player...

P.S. I also take the opportunity to post pictures of my lovely alpaca and nightshade which I won in the Class Wars of June 2013.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A little bit about me (new contributer to this blog)!

(Posted by GandalfGrey)

Hey guys, I will be a new contributor to this blog, and I hope that I can post things that will be helpful to everybody here, but first of all, let me just introduce myself. I started out as a total non casher, but when I hit level 50, I started cashing lightly, and I would still call myself a light casher.

So, as other information goes, I am a level 57 mage with a 30,385 batte rating. I hope to get my battle rating higher soon. I recently cleared that catacombs with pots, and just tried it today without pots, and almost beat it anyways! Well, enough said for now, so here are my stats!

I will soon be adding a post about the Enhanced Ruthlessness astral (floating damage). This astral is very misunderstood, so I will be explaining it.

Using 2000 points to get 2000 balens FREE

Hey guys, here is another video I made showing how I use 2000 points to get 2000 balens using my "Get FREE balens" method (see link above). Depending on the time you choose to spend and depending on the country where you come from gathering 2000 points can take half a day or a lot more, so nobody says that you get this in 2 minutes or 2 hours but it is very good that free players have an option to use their time to get balens for free. Even the light cash players could do this to supplement their balens.

Anyhow below you see the video of me using 2000 points to get 2000 balens and if you wanna know full details click above on my "Get FREE balens" article I have full explanation + pictures + videos and if you are going to do it then please use my affiliate link as a thank you for helping you - then I also get a bonus on that website (you lose nothing).

Monday, June 24, 2013

Where COSMOS gets Socketing Rods

Hey guys, a lot of people ask where to get socketing rods and I keep on repeating the same thing over and over again - especially for free players you have to do all guild altar spins every day even if it costs half a million gold because that's the only way for free players to get cash items.

Even for cash players I think it is a good idea to spin it because I think over the long term you definitely profit out of it.

Here is just 1 picture of me getting a socketing rod in the guild altar:

And if you wonder how many I have - not only I have all my equipment fully socket-ed with up to 4 sockets, but I also have 25 in my vault already which is more than i will use.

COSMOS Reaches Arena Rank 8

Hey guys, did you know that the higher ranks in the solo arena actually give a very nice profit every 3 days? There is fierce competition between top players for these higher spots and well worth it if you look at the profits.

So one strategy that you can do is make sure that you have as high rank as possible almost seconds before the arena rewards are given or recorded. On our server for example that are always at 19:00 of the rewards day, which is the day where it says "Redeemable" and I always try if possible to get high ranking at that specific time.

Here you see pictures of me reaching rank 8 and rank 9 in Wartune Solo Arena and you also see the rewards if I could hold that rank. I never do manage to hold it but I drop a little and still get a nice reward.

DarkReality Level 49 Mage!

(Posted by Arbin)

Hello guys today I will show you my account for everyone who don't knows who I am.I am a non-casher lvl 49 mage and these are my stats:
You guys may say that they are low but it's because I didn't stayed at level 39.I didn't stayed because I really liked the white mount and wanted to jump as fast as I could at lvl 40.That was a big mistake but I will fix it.Next is my inventory:

Well that is my inventory.There are lots of stuff which I got by blitzing campaing and forgotten catacombs and I think it's not bad for my level.That was about inventory and now the guild safe:
This is my guild safe and I think it's poor.It's poor maybe that I am not so high level but I have no problem in that and for me it's all I got.Some of you may say why I don't have a vip trial card.Well that's because I used it when I had saved about 50 vip tokens and I wanted to spin the vip wheel.That's all about the guild safe and the next are skills:
This are my skills and I am a healing mage.I am a healing mage because someone told me not to go to the upper side if I am non-casher and I am very happy with this set because healing is very very helpful.The next are my runes:
I am non-casher and I have only the normal runes.The normal runes are dropped by the tank trials and you need 1 specific runestone to learn a rune.These runes that I got are free but the other runes can be bought with balens at the mistery shop.That was all about runes now the astrals:
Astrals are not so bad but I had luck too even though I haven't got any red astrals yet so at their state they serve me pretty well and I am happy with them.That was all about my astrals now the final is clothing:
This is my only clothing and I got it by changing the soldier medallions.I have hided it because I like more the lvl 45 arena clothing and I still have not got any fashion cores to upgrade it.

This was all if you have any suggestions put it down in the comments.Thanks!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

COSMOS buys VIP to say thanks to Wartune

Hey guys, so after 7 months of being a non-casher i finally decided to pay up 7 bucks for VIP :) and actually I could have paid with the free balens but I, on purpose, wanted to pay myself because I want to express my gratitude and support to Wartune and I know 7 bucks means nothing for them but for me it is a gesture of appreciation :) so thank you Wartune and thank you R2Games for bringing it to us. I hope you continue improving the game and always have the 2 paths (free and casher) available for all kinds of peoples.

By the way this very nice picture on the left of a Wartune girl was also made by R2Games I believe and I really like it, so thanks to the artist and R2Games for it.

Class Wars of June 2013 - Comprehensive Summary

Hey guys, so Class Wars are over and I did really good I think for a non casher and I wanna make a comprehensive post about this from start to the end.

First off for those who don't know class wars will be 1 time every month. We will get a message from the game when the next one is so we can prepare and first it is the preliminaries then wagers and then the finals.

Now I understood that the most important is to get into the top 100 of your class through the preliminaries, because that pretty much guarantees that you will get 2000 glory crystals, which is a very nice prize. This is of course easier said than done, but with good preparation, determination and clear goal it is possible.

This is how the class wars start in Wartune with a blank hero sheet where the winners will be placed:

Here we can click on the Rewards link and we can see what I just talked about that the top 100 get nice rewards of glory crystals, so do your best to get into finals.

I did actually manage to rank 57th in the preliminary tournament of which i am proud given that i am a non-casher so far and i do think some luck was needed to get good opponents but anyways I made it and some stronger people did not, but here is my winning message:

So you see above a bunch of people from our server who made it. Actually it is not a lot of people and i could not catch in the picture the 4 people above out of whom I know 1 is Guetti but the other 3 i can't remember. Oh 1 is Gargamel of course.

In the finals I actually tanked #75 which is awesome. I won 4 out of 10 fights and I do believe that was a great performance by me. I will of course try to do even better next month. Here are the knight's Top 10:

R4GE is a monster with well over 90k BR so it was almost a no-brainer that he would take the top spot.

Then Class Wars ended the the best performer of our server was Gargamel and thanks to him we got the Gargamel's blessing of +40% exp which we already
posted about yesterday.

Then I got my final report where I made final rank of 77. Note the 75 was not updated and final calculations actually put me at rank 77 for the entire Wartune cross server knights' performance = I think is great. And I also got my reward of 2000 glory crystals.

And the winners of this June's Class Wars were:
Redoga for mages
R4GE for knights
and Zebq for archers

And now you can also see everything on video:

First up 3 part videos on preliminaries:

Next up the 2 videos for the finals:

And lastly 2 connected videos:

1) I got nightshade mount in preparation for the finals
2) How to spend Glory Crystals guide - me spending my winnings with explanations

And last but not the least here is the Top 100 ranking of knights cross server of all Wartune (I copied the top pages + the 2nd last page where I am)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Blessing From Gargamel!

(Posted by Arbin)

Hello guys I am here today to show about something new from the class wars.It's about a exp blessing which
is given for all the players (I don't know if it's cross-server).This blessing came from rank 15 of Gargamel in Class Wars.This is a picture of it:

And for those who don't know who Gargamel is here are his stats:

This is all about this.Thanks!

COSMOS gets 2nd Epic Jewelry Level 60

Hey guys, few days ago I finally managed to get my next level 60 jewel into legendary and that allowed me of course to add another gem to it as well as, after a bunch of World Boss income gathering, enchant it to +30 which increased my PATK considerably.

So first off here is the picture that I gathered 150 legendary stones of level 60 as well as the 2400 tokens for the 15 shards (and well the original jewel) as well as the money which they don't talk about much but it is a lot - 700,000 gold.

Then next up I opened up a socket with a socketing rod which allowed me 1 more gem. I think making legend items and getting this 4th socket is very valuable and even better than having an item of higher level but with only 3 sockets.

And finally here I had these stats before the jewel upgrade:

And now I have higher stats only I forgot to take the picture before getting the nightshade mount, so sorry about that, this is the picture after jewel and after nightshade mount (the mount gave about 200-300 more battle rating i think). But anyways I don't care about how little the BR went up but I much more care about that increase in PATK which I think is huge from 15,143 to 15,772.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sylvester 19 June 2013

Hey guys, just sharing the picture of Sylvester who is on our Wartune server the strongest player for some time now and I was looking at his stats today and he looks really impressive so I wanted to share his 77k+ br with everyone.

He is not maxed out with pots and scrolls here, but he does have i think level 5 intelligence pot and level 3 something, so I guess maxed out he is definitely above 77k BR.

And just for comparison sake here is the top 10 from our server:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tanks are up to Level 5 - 10% bonus!

Hey guys, so for all the players who have been doing Tank Trials in Wartune then the tank's level should be up to level 5 now which is fun :) and only 1 level remains for the next type of a tank which we are all looking forward to drive :)

You see below on level 5 you get already +400 HP for the tank and as well +8 to attack and +4 to defense and basically long story short we have now a bonus of almost 10% to the statistics of the tank. For example tank health was 5000 and now it is 5400. So I think if a level 5 team would fight a new tank team they would already have a strong advantage of I think 2-3 extra shorts that they are able to absorb before death.

Let's wait a little and see what Wartune has in store for us when the tanks level up from Turbo Turret to Mauler. Will Maulers be matched against newbies or it will be more fair?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Climbed to #15 on Arena Duels today

Hey guys, one of the best ways of testing your strength is through Arena Solo Duels and here of course you are fighting bots who make mistakes, but you can always check how high you can get if you try and use that as a guide to tell you if you are getting stronger or that the others are growing faster than you. Of course you want to grow at least as fast as others and ideally better.

I know, yes, that in Wartune there are a lot of heavy cashers and you might not be able to beat them, but this is just a guide and I think a very good one to answer the question "Am I doing ok?". Here is my screenshot today of reaching rank #15 on my server with only a level 2 defense pot and a Will Destroyer build.

Note I will not be getting the money shown on the picture because I am sure I will not be able to hold this rank until the pay time at 18:00.


COSMOS kills the World Boss - Dragon Slayer

Hey guys, some days ago I got lucky and managed to strike the last blow to the world boss giving me the Dragon Slayer title! :) which was really cool and I just wanna share some screenshots of that, my gold winnings, my victory message and all the congratulations from so many people - thank you very much!

Check out 2 pictures below - first one my compilation picture on the victory and followed by that all the congrats I managed to take screenshots of from all the kind Wartune players! :)

(you can click to zoom in)