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Hey guys, there is a free legitimate way to get balens without spending cash! You do however need to spend some of your time to play games, complete surveys, watch videos and for doing these things you earn points and with the points you can buy various things out of which one is called the Ultimate Game Card. This card can then be used in Wartune to buy balens - so in fact with some work you can get balens completely for free!

Here I want to say thank you to my friend M3shyS (a.k.a. CrEaTiOnE) who discovered this option and he made a blog post here on the 4th of May 2013 explaining these things. So if you want to thank him and me for this information please use one of our affiliate links to sign up account and start earning points for free:    - M3shyS    - Cosmos

How points turn into dollars?

Well, the wbesite Points2Shop has agreements with many advertisers and companies who need things done like for people to check out their videos, play their games, fill in their surveys, etc and so Points2Shop is providing all these people and in exchange the people are paid in points. Then they made agreements again with different companies who allow turning these points into products or game cards, etc, so that's how people can spend their free time and for that get stuff and everyone is happy - it is a WIN WIN situation.

Video proof

Here is the video I prepared to show how I recharged balens with the ultimate game card code my friend gifted and this is also to prove that I got balens with this.

Address verification proof

So I did my own address verification also so I can get stuff I want and here is proof of the letter that I got from p2p and for that I made 4 pictures:

Then also the picture from the website that I was verified:

Video proof 2 with more details including doing a survey

Then next up I got a lot of questions or requests to explain things more and maybe even give an example so I made another video where I even fill in a survey and get points so you can see exactly how things are done. Remember I am not a mega expert so I do the best I can.

Another update video proof of me using 2000 points to get 2000 balens FREE:

More P2S TIPS and Advice from M3shyS for FREE Balens for Wartune

1. Don't make more than ONE account
Why? You're IP tracked, and making more than one account can lead to offer abuse by members, which is why P2S will not allow this unless you have a family member who wishes to use P2S. You will need ID proof for both family members to prove you're not the same person, and this ID will have to match the account names, furthermore you will not be able to keep doing the 'exact' same offers with both accounts.

2. Hacking tools/bots etc
Why not? So earning is to slow for you? Why would you cheat 'real money'. That is, if it was possible. Over 90% of bots/hack tools are fakes, trojans and viruses. Anyone who gives a signup link that says "If you SIGN UP with my link you will get a bonus of 1000 points after you complete 10 offersLies, utter lies. Anyone who does this is breaking the rules, and their ref link will be traced and their profile will be banned, as masked ID can even be traced by the admin team.

3. Surveys
Why you should? Surveys can be time consuming yes, but it benefits you alot. That is just always do 50+ points or more for survey.

4. Refs
Why they are good. It provides a lot of earning, and refs of refs tiers.. it is one of the best earning methods, but DO NOT spam and make crappy websites and youtube videos with no explanation. Do not lie or exaggerate, or you will never get referrals.

5. Points or Cash?
Which one is better? Well, cash can be converted to points. But points cant be converted to cash, as this is the offer provider's wish and it can not be changed. But you should mostly always earn cash, even if you can't redeem with paypal/bank account, you may be able to do in the future and it can be a big regret. Who wouldn't want cash rather than a virtual point currency?

6. Legal W8 and W9 forms.
Fill them in/look in advance!  W8 and W9 are legal forms for Points2shop as they are a legal U.S. business, not a scam run from home! If you redeem (only redeem.. not earn) over $600 in cash (not points) you must sign the forms saying you will pay your taxes (points2shop already has a tax with points, amazon has the tax applied, for UK people 'VAT [value added tax]'). W8 is for U.S residents, W9 is for non-U.S. residents. They explain how you vow to have paid your legal taxes, as their is no tax charge for redeeming cash. Furthermore, paypal will question you if you are earning over a certain amount a year/month to see your tax forms. Most importantly, points are not obliged to the $600 earning, and the cash of $600 is after you have redeemed this amount, or suppress the limit.

7. Don't piss of the mods/admins
Trolls in the shoutbox lose features and your reputation with the community of being picked as mod is much lower. Don't ever ask for mod/admin, you will be asked if they think you're up to it. Troll spamming on the forum can easily be deleted by mods/admins, so just why do it? You will be making a bad impression to new members and your refs.

8. There are no QUICK money $30000 a month methods
It is a scam if people say it is possible in anything, the only way to this is do services for others, not fill out surveys. There are only a limited amount of surveys possible to do before you run out, meaning there will be at max $20-45 earnings per day. Points2shop further matches and will disqualify you if your information is not the same as the survey profile you have filled out, if this is the case clear cookies/cache and make you sure have matched the profile, if any of your profile details are wrong because of in-doubt of signup, this is changeable and they can be changed, but you may need proof of certain details.

Thank you, I have written all of this by myself with no COPY/PASTE at all. I hope this helps you Lavash and your viewers, thank you.


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