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Sylph Fusion of Light + Dark Guide

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune got a new patch roughly 6 months ago which introduced the Sylph Fusion System. Basically, you are combining a 2nd Evolved Light Sylph (Venus) 2nd Evolved Dark Sylph (Hecate) or a Evolved Light Sylph (Athena) + Evolved Dark Sylph (Gaia) to make one powerful fused Sylph.

 Red Fused Sylph (ODIN):

What do you think of this Sylph? Looks pretty awesome to me 😀 .


  • Level 80

  • x1 Red 2nd Evolved Light Sylph (Venus)

  • x1 Red 2nd Evolved Dark Sylph (Hecate)

  • 20,000 Balens

  • x1,000 Nucleus of the Sun

  • x1,000 Flame of the Sun

  • x750 Emblem of Light and Darkness

Nucleus of the Sun:

Flame of the Sun:

Emblem of Light and Darkness:

Unfortunately  you cannot use Bound Balens to Fuse your Sylphs and on top of that, you need x2 Red 2nd Evolved Sylphs… like seriously…

Where can you get Emblem of Light and Darkness, Nucleus of the Sun and Flame of the Sun?

These materials, even in Chinese Wartune are hard to collect for non cashers elsewhere it’s really easy for cashers since they are featured in Big Spender/Recharge Events A LOT.

You can collect some of the materials for free but trust me, it will take you several months or more to gather/have  enough to fuse your Sylphs.

Nucleus of the Sun can be gained from the Titan War Shop and Chaos War Shop.

Flame of the Sun can also be gained from the Class Wars Shop and the Cross Server Guild Battle Shop:

Emblem of Light and Darkness will be problematic since they are not in any free events but don’t get your hope down, they might be featured in some events one day. 😀

Orange Fused Sylph (Loki):

This kind of does resemble Loki…


  • x1 Orange Gaia

  • x1 Orange Athena

  • 20,000 balens

  • x500 Nucleus of the Sun

  • x500 Flame of the Sun

  • x500 Emblem of Light and Darkness

  • Level 70
To get Sylph Loki you need one Evolved Orange Light Sylph (Athena) and one Evolved Orange Dark Sylph (Gaia) which is a bit easy to achieve or will be in a few months. For some reason this Sylph costs the same to fuse as Odin which  is  very unfair. Instead, they should have kept it at 5,000-10,000 balens which seems reasonable.

Conversion of Orange Fused Sylph Loki to Red Fused Sylph ODIN:

If you think you will never have the Sylph ODIN because you made the Sylph Loki, fortunately your wrong, you can convert Loki to ODIN but the requirements are a bit hard.


  • x1,000 balens/bound-balens

  • 50 Million Gold

  • x5,000 Moon Rock

  • x5,000 Moon Dust

  • x1,000 Emblem of Light and Darkness

  • Sylph Loki needs to be RED
50 Million Gold and 1,000 bound balens can be easily collected in 1-2 weeks time of period if your active enough. Over time, events will pop up with Moon Dust/Rock and these two materials will be common for everyone and once Sylph Expedition comes to Western Servers, it will be easy as pie to get Moon Dust/Rock also. If you have not read my “Sylph Expedition Guide” click HERE. To get the Emblem of Light and Darkness will be more pain in the ass but hey, it’s worth it!

Skills of Light + Dark Sylphs:

Once you fuse your Sylphs, your skills will be replaced with Light/Dark Skills which are random. The dumb thing is, if you want to replace a skill, you cannot use the old Light Skills of Dark Skills on the Fused Sylphs that cost 395-774 balens. You see, if you want to buy another skill like “Beam Sword” you would need to buy the “Required Level: 70/80 Light and Darkness Beam of Sword” which costs 2,000 balens/bound balens instead of the “Required Level 50: Beam Sword.” All of these skills including the ones that cost 2,000 balens does not accept bound balens.

Skill Light and Dark Cost in Shop

Power of Darkness – Light and Darkness:

Skill Effect: Received light damage is reduced, all damage received is reduced.

Required Level: 80 + Loki/ODIN Sylph

Price Cost: 2,000 balens

Power of Light – Light and Darkness:

Skill Effect: Received dark damage is reduced, all damage received is reduced

Required Level: 80 + Loki/ODIN Sylph

Price Cost: 2,000 balens

Armageddon – Light and Darkness:

Skill Effect: Deals massive damage to the enemy with the lowest health.

Required Level: 80 + ODIN Sylph

Price Cost: 5,000 balens

Light of Inspiration – Light and Darkness:

Light of Inspiration

Skill Effect: Deals damage to 2-4 random targets, and causes a certain amount of blood draining effect.

Required Level: 80 + ODIN Sylph

Price Cost: 5,000 balens

My thoughts:

If you know you won’t get two 2nd evolved sylphs + red quality in the next 4-5 months, don’t even bother to evolve your sylphs. Just keep you Gaia Orange and your Athena Orange so when this patch comes out, it will be a lot easier for you to fuse your sylphs. It will cost you more to have two red 2nd evolved sylphs and then fusing/getting material to fuse than simply fusing your Gaia and Athena.

Hope you guys liked this article and feel free to share your opinions and questions in the comments section below.

Sylph Fusion of Light + Dark Guide

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