Drop Rates Battle Ground Chest

EDIT: Update: Please see the latest 4th version HERE.
Hey guys, here we have the complete report that I collected on the Drop Rates of the Battle Ground Chest - 3rd Version. You can see all the different items and their chances of dropping.

Of course the shards are gotten in the Battle Ground by collecting from the crystal fields or also from the daily BG quest. You then have to synthesize these shards in order to get the chest.

Once you open the chest you can expect to get the items shown on this report with the shown chances. A lot of people have been complaining that most of the time they get gems. Well that is not surprising at all as you can see as Level 3 gem has 33% chance of dropping and Level 2 gem has a 30% chance of dropping and therefore 63% of the time you will be getting gems. It is then only in the remaining 37% that you get something else.

Noteworthy are the socketing rods at 4.1% chance, which is kind of low, but still free players can get this cash item.

Also useful I believe are the level 9 luck stones and insignia both at reasonable drop rates.

Questionable are the 400 vouchers and the Level 1 gem. People sent me only 1 of this data and nobody else sent it so I am not sure if this was a mistake or just very rare.

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