Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wartune Patch 2.1 first Look!!!

This is Jarod aka QueenAmadala from server s1 bringing all the greatest info from the brand new patch 2.1

Bound Balens=  Really good change over imo.  I had almost enough vouchers to get level 6 farm and with the conversion not only did i get level 6 and level 7 but still have about 250 left over.

The entire thing is a Huge, cant emphasize enough Huge change.  Many have thought about quitting because it scared them how much it changes the game.

I will start with Sylphs, you can have 3 sylphs and multiple of 1 kind.  At the Moment there are 2 one being Iris.

And the second being pan.

They both have different abilities and only one sylph can be used at a time.  They unlock a special ability or something at level 55 it looks like but nobody i know has made it there yet.  The way to unlock these pets is to beat and obtain through the shop 60 monsters to unlock it or one iris is obtained through the log in daily rewards.  To level you just gain xp all xp gained for your player is also gained for your sylph.  Everything we have seen counts.  Mpd,spire,campaign, necropolis, bounties, daily quests and even letting them sit on your farm increases their stats.  Also your sylphs stats do increase your br so the higher you make your sylph the better it makes you as well.  ( Just Found out before posting, that the sylphs also have rarities as you can see my pan is a green rarity and have seen a blue, we are working or trying to find best way to get them.)

Here is a quick look at the slyph arena and what exactly you can win for daily and weekly prizes.

As you can see I am currently ranked 2nd which to me feels like a huge accomplishment.  After these first reset i was rewarded 15 sylph xp scrolls and 5 sepulcrum(these increase your stats like whips for your pet, only you cant choose the stat it will increase it is random.)

Next I will talk about the academy, many people wanted to know about the advanced academy and all I can say is it takes millions of more kyanite to max.  One guildy said he had 8 million and wasnt even close to maxing his out.  It is on the 2nd page in academy and looks like this.  There is also a cap on level for advanced depending on your overall academy level one guild mate said its 40 for anyone in the 60s and of course Kessar who has level 80 academy did get level 80 patk so 80 is again the cap for highest players.

Finally on the first day I can say that BloodFang the first WB has been taken out of the game ( also double hitting much harder to do now and there is no buffs, just spawn early), and that guild towers effect the battle significantly.  If you own all 4 towers your team does 2x damage and their team does 0 damage.  Making our first gb last about 4 minutes haha.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Patch 2.1 full announcement and information!!!

Posted by GandalfGrey

Guys, I would put the full post in text for you but unfortunately I am currently on the go and don't have time to do that at the moment. So anyways, here are the links!
Main information-
Cloud city-
Sylph system-
And last but not least, sylph arena!
I thoroughly apologize for only posting links, I will try to edit and fix it once I can get on a computer. Thanks for reading, spread the word!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Do I have a good BR for my level?

Hey guys, the MOST annoying Wartune question I get bombarded with on daily basis is "Do I have a good BR for my level?" - GRRRRR!!!

No! You do not! :) haha!

Seriously! This is so dumb! First of all BR is a terrible strength indicator! We saw that in the September hall of fame event when everyone jacked up their BR to ridiculous levels with idiotic equipment just to get the BR reward. This is because anything that does not give stats does not give BR so something so critical like Will Destroyer or Goddess give no BR whatsoever!

Secondly, just the fact that you are asking this question means that you do not have a good BR. You don't see the Olympic golden medalists asking if they are good at what they do now do you? Same in Wartune, if you are strong - you KNOW it! If you are not strong you ask if you are - *beep*! :)

And lastly, like i already presented both in blog and videos, the best way to know if your BR or strength is good for your level is to do Solo and Group Arenas and see how high rank or how many wins you get. If you see that you can beat most people your level then you are doing good. If you lose to many people even lower level then you are doing bad.

2 final thoughts:

  • You are playing to have fun - that should be your goal - not BR.
  • Actually I lied, the MOST annoying emails I get are not the "Do I have a good BR for my level?" but "give me balens please".

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Homestead, WB by Class, New Armor

(Posted by Cosmos on behalf of Ivo)

Hey guys, I got a mail from Ivo on some points which we will sooner or later have, so here they are:

So the first pic, is the mystery finally broken, Homestead ! Players can sell there the stuff they have such as crystaloids, legends stones or even Armour, Mount cards/shards, member cards.

EDIT: Correction by COSMOS: Ivo is wrong with this picture, as people reported this is the picture of the Auction House, also in China.

2nd Picture is just a curiosity, to people check WB HP, there is also an change. Besides the top hit of players, there will be top hit for ea Class, if you notice on the leader board there is and second option and if you click there you see who are the top 10 the players of your class.

3rd Pic- New Armour, representing yin yang (I think i already posted this in one of the clothing posts)

4th Pic- New world map. on one of your previously post, you showed up new place. That's how it looks clicking on World map! Wild will not exist anymore so, no more plunder or gold mine problems, although there are events when you can lose the same amount of cash as if you were plundered by someone.
In Chinese server, there will be a new event, 1 chance per day where you can collect stuff (similar to the battleground shards) after an x amount of it you can exchange for Fashion core or mount cards! Simple ? not really, because players can attack you and you will lose the stuff you transporting to the event bank.

Thank you Fernando GooDLif3 for VIP! :)

Hey guys, few days late, but still, good news, I got a sponsor or a donation of a gift - Fernando GooDLif3 bought me the VIP for 1 month. He said to me:
"as i like you and your videos i like to buy u VIP"
, which was very kind of him!
Thank you very much to Fernando GooDLif3!! :)
Much appreciate it!

And here is his avatar - a very powerful archer:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Wheel of Fate and Warrior's Mark Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here below the tables for the Wheel of Fate Drop Rates v1 and Warrior's Mark Drop Rates v1.

237 chests of data for the Wheel of Fate showing interestingly that less than half of the time we get a roll of 1 stone and actually majority of the time then is more than 1 stone with nearly 20% of the time getting 4 or 10 stones.

For the Warrior's Mark I have very little data, only 7 chests, so please support by sending more data. Here we only look at what extra you get on top of the regular one mount spirit.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Play Chinese Wartune(Chinese Account Maker)

(Posted By Harsh)

Hello Wartuners, I m Harsh and posting at this blog after about 1 month and providing just a very short tutorial ... So that you can play wartune at chinese server.. I have created a new gmail id for this tutorial and uploaded with that id... So this video is mine and mine... Enjoy Playing at new patches...

If you are having any problem you can type your fb(Facebook) or whatsapp in the comment below...
If you are unable to make account you can give me your email i will make one for you... :)
Stay connected for more tuts tips and Fun!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1-3 Gem Pack Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here we go with another little interesting table with Wartune drop rates of the 1-3 Gem Packs, which are of course straightforward as in we know what to expect in them, but it was interesting to see what are the chances for each of the Levels of gems inside the gem packs.

The sample size is good, 746 chests. I am sure once people read this you can send more - feel free to post data in the comments below, send with the contact form on the top right or directly email me.

Here, on the table below you see that ~70% of the time you get a Level 1 gem and then ~20% of the time you get a Level 2 gem and finally coming close to 10% chance for Level 3 gem. So that means from 1000 of these gem packs you can expect to get 90 Level 3 gems which is then ~22 Level 4 gems or ~5 Level 5 gems, making it 1 Level 6 gem and leftovers from 1000 gem packs of 1-3.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fire Cold Wings and Outfit from China

Hey guys, I got a few more screenshots of wings which look really cool, a mix of fire and cold or freeze, and another outfit coming from China. Check it out below and say what you think:

Monday, October 21, 2013

GUIDE Troop Enlightenment Level up to 11% PATK Transformation

Hey guys, let's talk about Wartune PATK (or any other) transformation which is coming from the troop enlightenment upgrade.

Here, I have been using millions of daru pumping into getting the level 7 enlightenment bonus. So first up is the PATK before picture where we can see the PATK at 21,747

Next up you see I have already put in 99 million daru and gathered another 27 million for finishing the upgrade. Here it is important to note that you always have a chance to get the next level at any time and if you are so lucky to get that at the beginning you basically avoid using millions and millions of daru. But this is very rare and i did not get this luck here, so I had to invest all the dary. Wartune is a little bit unbalanced in this regard, I know a friend got this luck and avoiding spending more than 300 million daru and that's really insane considering many others had to make that daru.

Anyways, after putting in all the daru I got the next PATK enlightenment level which is level 7 at a bonus of 11%.

And so my PATK went up to 22,024 so in a way this entire huge investment was as strong as 1 astral upgrade :) but ya, we have to work on all the aspects of the game. But remember, if you can upgrade troops then this is better than investing into enlightenment upgrade. My Templars are at my level now so I can't bring them higher at the moment which is why I am pumping into this.

And finally if you want to see the whole video about this I did record it and you can check it out on YouTube or here below, but probably better to click on the YouTube button in the video.

And here the picture thanks to Marta where you can see how much daru you need to go from 8 to 9 and from 9 to 10:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tormented Necropolis--Archer

(Posted by Abcdz)

Hey guys, this is a guide to the Tormented Necropolis for all Archers out there--weak or strong

My character, on Kabam S-31, recently tried to make it through level 5 of the necropolis in order to unlock the level 60 legendary ring and jewel shards. The last time I tried to get through (around 35,000 BR), my character was crushed at the level 3 boss. Since then, my character has jumped up to 45K BR and I upgraded my templars from around 33 to 58. This time when I tried, I made it to level 9--crushing any idea of what I thought was possible.
On my server, I am ranked in the 70s for player strength--so getting the #11 spot is a BIG DEAL

First things first--
 The most important thing in the Necropolis is your attack. The faster you can kill the boss, the less time it has to kill you. This means to get through, slot your character for PATK by using gems, astrals, etc. Remember to use Potions and scrolls too-- to boost these stats. I got my character to about 52K Br when potted

The next most important thing is your rage--which allows you to cast your skills (very important!!!). The only two ways for an archer to get rage are
1) Use the Arrow Strike skill    2) Hit an enemy with a crit   3) Use the level 40, 50 or 60 gear (which I don't have)
This means to get through, slot your character for critical (around 2500 or so is good)

The next BIG thing to consider in the Necropolis are your archer's skills.

Here are my PVE skills:

Every archer at this stage should have Deep Freeze (-100% enemy casting speed) and you need to USE IT WHENEVER POSSIBLE! This is really the most important thing--because it gives your character 2-3 attacks while the boss will only get one. After DF, you need to do Multi-shot and Arrow Strike (to do high amounts of damage and get rage). Also, you will need to have Bloodthirsty strike, which is the skill that converts damage into healing (and only use this when you are low on health and have the rage to do it). This and a healing rune should keep you alive and well

If you happen to have the level 50 or 60 PVE sets, you will have tons more rage in these fights. While many archers use a Delphic when they have rage, I recommend that you use Armor Piercer instead. Also, you can use Arrow Strike less and use other, better skills like Multi more often

And finally guys, remember to always double hit ♥

My character:

Monday, October 14, 2013

News From China 2

(Posted by Fancypants)
     First of all, I want to say thank you for all the comments I got on the first one. I really appreciate it. But now onto what this post is about. It is not a big post, just to address a few things that are not on the previous one. I don't want to spoil ALL of the update, that I hope we are getting soon, but to just hint on some things. At the time of publish on the previous post I neglected to show you some things (mostly because I hadn't found them) but there are quite a bit new features I didn't cover, probably enough to make another long post like the first one! But I am not going to give them away like the first one.
     One of the new features is crystal harvesting mini-quest like thing that you can do each day to exchange for rewards. The next (though not sure if chinese specific; hopefully not:)) but it involves gold. And a lot more of it! There are also many more, but as I said before, I do not want to spoil it, and don't ask me to;) I will leave you with some screen shots of the resource recovery thing. I am not doing this to be mean, just so that you can unlock everything, instead of me giving it all to you;)

Get Your Free Stuff in Wartune

Hey guys, you wanna get some free stuff in Wartune? :) A lot of people don't know this but every month there is a possibility to redeem a game code completely for free and get some free stuff. Even though the stuff is mostly intended for newcomers or lower level people, still everyone can enjoy health pots, skeleton keys and stuff like that :)

So check out the picture below of what I took today and you can get yours right now :) How? Various methods - for Armor Games its very easy just reload the game and on top left before you click on the Wartune servers there is a button Code Redemption. Otherwise you can sign up at places like MMOBomb which run giveaways.

And if you like your free stuff remember to thumbs up this page / Google + it / share it, etc.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crit archer

(posted by Drigen)

Hey guy, this is my first time posting and I want to tell you about a crit archer. For those of you who do not know what a crit archer is it is an archer who has changed out their hp gems for crit gems. This idea is a good if you are an archer who can kill quick. If you are an archer who cannot kill quick do not use this method.

I have been using this method for about a month and here are the results:

Battleground (good or bad): battlegrounds have been actually better than normal, with hp gems I couldn't get 3 kills. with crit gems I am getting 5-6 kills. Given a pass

World boss: Now this is what everyone cares about the World boss. Overall I earned about 150k more gold and daru then normal. averaged about 102k per WB hit. Given a pass. the range can be a bit extreme though it ranged from 80k-124k on auto.

Spire: with hp gems my group only got to wave 9 but with crit gems we made it to half down the second bar on wave ten's health. Given a pass

Multiplayer dungeon: I have done Demon Temple (normal) 7 times while using this set up of crit gems and all times have went well. Earned rage a lot easier than normal. given a pass. Note: need a good mage because of the lesser Hp

Overall I give the crit gem setup of hp set up a rating of 8/10.

Well that's all I got for you guys. I'll be doing more experiments and posting the results up here so stay tuned. If you have any ideas for experiments shoot me an email at  Thanks for reading

***EDIT*** added pictures

At the start of the WB with no Blessing
 At the end with level 20 inspiration and full voucher blessing

Sorry for the crap pictures no Photoshop >.<

Thursday, October 10, 2013

News From China

(Posted by Fancypants)

   In this post I will be elaborating on some of the new things that the Chinese server has to offer.
For the past couple of days, I have been playing on one of the Chinese servers of Wartune (which actually translates into what I think is "Divine Comedy"). Now I haven't gotten too far along in the game because, well, I don't speak Chinese. But there are a few things I have noticed that I would like to share with you guys.

      First off is that the loading screen is a lot different. I don't know if this is Chinese specific, or part of the update, but I think it is a little on the weird side...
     Secondly, as you saw in the last post. There is now Sky City where you can see other players from the server. Some things, such as arena and the bounty quest hall (now board), can only be accessed through Sky City via an NPC. To get to there, you press a button in the top right corner that says who knows what. Once there, just click the button again (which will now be orange) to go back to your city.
You can tell which things can only be accessed through Sky City because even though they are shown in your city, the name isn't there, and you obviously can't click on it. As shown here.
    Third, is locked balens. The free players are probably excited about this one (I know I am!) From my knowledge, they can buy anything in the store with them, and if not, feel free to correct me. They act just like vouchers (speed up cool-downs, upgrade farm, etc.), but you can now buy more stuff with them. Also, they are pretty generous (in my opinion) with giving them out. You can get them from the daily log in special, checking in, clearing the campaign map, guild alter, and I am sure many other places.
Here is the daily log in special where you can see that they give them out in fair amounts.
This is the outfit I plan to buy with them, starting with the wings first of course.
Extras: Here are just some random extras I found that might interest you.
The first is that there is no wilds. At time of publish, I am level 26 and still have not seen any sign of the wilds. In the town hall there is no place for mines either.
Weird synthesis items. Found these in the item synthesis in the black smith. They use the same ingredients and come in red, blue, purple, green, brown, and yellow.
VIP chests in MP dungeons. This is a bad shot, but I only had like a split second to get it.
Leveling up. In this pic, right above the quests, it tells you the next thing you unlock by leveling up. No more wondering when you get things again. So here, it tells you that you unlock the crypts at lvl 23.
Generosity. I don't know if this is China specific or part of the update, but they are very generous with rewards. I had 600k gold my 2nd day playing, when normally it would only be barely 200k. At lvl 15, they give you the beach style hair piece. They give you two VIP trial cards, and the list goes on!

Windows. The guild panel has changed. It is now separated into multiple tabs as well as the daily icon. (The daily icon is now a present and located by the big blue button to go to Sky City)

Auction House. This is I believe the first look at the auction house. I only wish I read Chinese... It is combined with the mystery shop as shown below. Both unlock at lvl 26

Sorry this post was so long (it was long for me anyways), but I wanted you guys to see what was new and different over in China. I just really hope we get this update, and fast. I really like it. Feel free to drop a comment. I really appreciate it.

Monday, October 7, 2013

COSMOS's Illustration of Wartune October 2013 Events

Hey guys, as events are very important in Wartune especially for free players or non-cashers to get special items I have made the below illustration of the Wartune October 2013 events and the rewards that you can get in it, i.e. the special items: Dreadful Scraps and Monster Scraps, so check it out below and make good planning so that you benefit the most.

And if you see any mistakes just let me know and I will correct, but hopefully there are no mistakes :)

(click on the October 2013 Wartune Event picture to enlarge or right click on it - download and see the full size)

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Dreadful Scrap Exchange
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x1 for Lvl. 1 - Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x2
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x10 for Soul Crystal x50
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x80 for Gentle Beast Card x1
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x80 for Phantom Yeti Card x1
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x120 for Razor Dragon Card x1
Exchange Dreadful Scrap x160 for Sura's War Elephant Card x1, Mount Training Whip x30

Mount Card – Gentle Beast
 Used to summon a special elephant mount – Gentle Beast

Gentle Beast
 An exotic creature known to symbolize hope and happiness in many cultures.
 Attributes: +20, Attributes Max Level: +10

Mount Card – Phantom Yeti
 Used to summon a unique mount – Phantom Yeti.

Phantom Yeti
 The guardian of an everlasting land of ice, he is a loyal companion to one and only one master… he may be able to predict the future.
 Attributes: +20, Attributes Max Level: +10

Mount Card – Razor Dragon
 Used to summon a unique mount – Razor Dragon

Razor Dragon
 Often used by only a select number of Dragonriders, this beast is difficult to tame and does not willingly submit to a master.
 Attributes: +30, Attributes Max Level: +10

Mount Card – Sura’s War Elephant
 Used to summon a unique mount – Sura’s War Elephant

Sura’s War Elephant
 A creature bred for war as commanded by the empire’s ruler as part of an elaborate military plan… brutally put to an end by the elephants themselves.
 Attributes: +30, Attributes Max Level: +10

Monster Scrap Exchange
 10/21 - 11/5 23:59
 Exchange Monster Scrap x1 for Gold Chest x20
 Exchange Monster Scrap x2 for Fashion Shard x1
 Exchange Monster Scrap x15 for Good Luck Charm x1
 Exchange Monster Scrap x50 for Hallowed Hat x1
 Exchange Monster Scrap x60 for All Hallows Costume x1
 Exchange Monster Scrap x70 for Halloween's Trick x1

Nether Pumpkin Pack
 "A unique kind of pumpkin grows in the depths of the Void Abyss. It's disturbing scent reaks of the underworld. Open this pack and receive the followings:
 Runestone x1
 Gold Chest x1
 Lvl. 1 Daru Pearl x1
 Reaper Morph Card x1
 Gold Chest x500

 Nether Pumpkin Seed
 Can be used to grow mysterous Nether Pumpkins. Maturity time: 12 hours. Yields Nether Pumpkin x13

 Grim Reaper Morph Card
 Transforms your outward appearance to that of a Grim Reaper, lasts 1 hour.

 Monster Scrap
 Obtained from the Pumpkin Pack, can be exchanged for useful items.

 Halloween's Trick
 A special weapon designed for Halloween.
 Initial Rage Minimum +5

 Hallows Costume
 A special set of Halloween costume.
 Initial Rage Minimum +5

 Hallowed Hat
 A special Halloween hat.
 Initial Rage Minimum +5

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rune Differences between Mages, Knights and Archers

Hey guys, I am not sure everyone knows that the runes are not the same for all the 3 different classes in Wartune. Of course the most famous runes are common so everyone can do Brutality, Blood, Healing and also the "fun-to-watch" Chaos rune for example, but there are actually differences between Mages, Archers and Knights, so for example Knights can not have a Guardian rune and Archers can not Purge and Mages can not Purify with a rune.

So check it out below I prepared an illustration to show you very clearly the differences. Again I know that some people already know this but I am sure it is not everyone, so if this was useful for you thumbs up this post :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hall of Fame Rewards

(Posted by Telstar) 

Hello, this is my first post, since I haven't actually had the time to put together some of the pieces I had in mind (they may follow).

On 2nd October, at around 21.30 Server Time my server finally got the rewards for the Hall of Fame event that ended on 29th September. Other publishers sent them at different times - I met people in BG from Aeria and Minigames that had them already on 1st October, but the important is that they arrived and match to the BR I achieved with lot of effort (and some cash) :)
I got this mai, which I didnt open before finishing the WB:

As seen above, I managed to get to 95k BR (actually 96k) with 200% academy blessing a couple days before the end of the event. To achieve it, I had to work for all month on all fronts.
Among other things, it was needed to max matk in the academy (lv74), make a red matk astral and level it to 6 (5 would have been sufficient anyway), and switch goddess blessing and determination (which do NOT add to the battle rating) for holy mysticality and holy brilliance.
I dont have a picture of astros anymore, only the current one, where I dropped the matk into determination. I'm keeping the HP astral for next CW, and planning to try guardian angel too.
Last and most important, I also had to borrow the Therion mount from my lovely GM, who I thank publically, and who already lent to me for this month CW.  Without it, I would have been short about 1.5k to 95k BR.

Here are the pictures of the rewards, which I first recap below:

62K+ apollo wings
65k+ warlord medallion
80k+ 2k soul crystals
95k+ Darknite panther (unfortunatley +10 all stats and not +20 as initially advertised) + 800 whips
105+ Helm, armor and weapon (3 pieces of clothing) of apollo set

The wings are lovely and were awarded before last october (AFAIK). I used the free soul crystals + about 400 I had in stock to upgrade one level of soul engrave, saving the rest for the future event.

The medallion is "meh" - useful only to save insignas, since it is permanent. Here is compared to my LD medallion:

The mount is a flame version of the frost lynx, and I haven't seen it anywhere in cross server, meaning that most likely nobody reached 95k BR last year's HoF event.
Here is how it looks in my stables and in the wilds:

Yes, with about 500 of the 800 free whips I got together with the mount I finally updated my stables to lv3 (and got the phantom steed, not showed). Leftover whips will wait for event.

Lastly, this is how the apollo set looks on a warrior -my friend and guildmate Bass1 (which is the top player on my server):