Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wartune Patch 4.0 Part 2 Coming Soon

Hey guys, while researching about the Patch 4.0 I saw info from R2Games that Steel War, Sylph Expedition, Ancient Treasure, Chaos War and Sky Adventure is coming soon and I want to give short brief description on these new features.Wartune Patch 4.0 Part 2 Coming Soon

New Features Description:

Steel War: In Chinese Wartune, Steel War is “Cross Server Tanks“. Yeah Cross Server Tanks sounds crazy but I am sure we will get this. More info on Cross Server Tanks will be posted shortly.

Sylph Expedition: I have posted info on Sylph Expedition months ago so check it out by clicking HERE. Basically, Sylph Expedition is like a mixture of Sky Trial/Cloud Adventure/Gods Decent in some aspects of the event.

Chaos War: Chaos War is a event where a server fights another server. Click HERE for more info.

Out of all of these new features, I do not know what “Sky Adventure” or “Ancient Treasure” is because Chinese Wartune does not have these things. Eudeamon and Dimensional War is something Chinese Wartune does not have so these two new features must be something new.

Comment below/feel free to ask more questions about these new features we will get soon.

Wartune Patch 4.0 Part 2 Coming Soon

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