Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wartune Guess the Place ^^ Picture 4 + 5

Hey guys, here is #4 and #5 "Can you guess where it is in Wartune?" Puzzles :)

Can you figure it out? They are from a difficult place, but I don't know maybe in some other parts of Wartune the same graphics are also shown, I am not 100% sure, but if they exist only where I took from I think this will be hard to guess :)

If you know put your answer in the comments section! :)

So here they are:

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guild Battle Sanctum vs. FairyTail (AG Europe #2)

Hey guys we had a great and amazing EPIC guild battle Sanctum vs. FairyTail which I recommend you watch like a movie and enjoy. It is long, indeed 1 hour long, so get some food or pop corn and just enjoy :)

I also am trying out using some sound effects so I hope you like those also.

As the video is quite long as it was a very tough and fun guild battle it is divided into the 3 parts below:

Friday, March 29, 2013

Latest Wartune Videos - Timing Win, Cool Arena, Astral Guide

Hey guys, I wanted to highlight some of the last uploaded videos.

Guild battle between Sanctum and Mummies was kinda fun, but most notably what was excellent was the great TIMING win - there was a war chariot  from the Mummies launched which actually passed and did damage to our tower and we were just 100 points away from winning so everyone thought it will be delayed more because of the +600 points from the chariot, but those points came in just a tiny bit late and we managed to win right before that tick happened!

Then we got the very nice high level 66 to 68 group arena battle with Sylvester and Onizuka, which is pretty fun to watch and amazing at the power of these players. Overall enjoyable and fun to watch it.

And last one i want to highlight, is the Astrals / Astro Guide I made based on Top 3-5 players for ASTRALS! It is pretty cool and informative and it covers all the 3 classes (mage, archer, knight) and it is already quite popularly watched, so I hope this helps you - definitely useful to see it.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wartune Guess the Place ^^ Picture 3

Hey guys! Next up puzzle "Where am I?" "Guess the place" picture #3 - I made it a lot harder - so can you guess where this is in Wartune?? :)

If yes, put up a comment saying where you think it is and don't peak in the answers! :) first come up with your opinion :)

Good luck!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wartune Guess the Place ^^ Picture 2

Hey guys! More fun puzzles with the "Where am I?" "Guess the place" picture #2 - so can you guess where this is in Wartune?? :)

If yes, put up a comment saying where you think it is and don't peak in the answers! :) first come up with your opinion :)

Good luck!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wartune Guess the Place ^^ Picture 1

Hey guys here I got a new Wartune game where you gotta try to figure out where is the picture shown here - I mean where in Wartune did I find this picture and I do mean inside the game! :)

So try to figure out this puzzle and if you know the place put it in the comments below :) and please don't look at the comments first :P

Get Free Balens!

Hello guys,

M3shyS here with a blog post guide for earning free balens!

First of all, the get free balens feature is only available for those on R2Games server not for:

  • - Proficient City, Version 1.46, 55 Servers (This company is not R2's)
  • - Kongregate, 9 Servers
  • GoGoGoGo,  1 server, West Coast Timezone
  • - Armor Games, 3 servers (US East, US west and Europe server)
  • - Kabam, 17 servers
  • Aeria Games, 2 servers US servers

As you can see, many people will be missing out on this scheme of earning free balens. When I say earning, it literally is 100% earning because you fill in or watch advertisers videos and/or surveys. You can make wings on your server in about 15 days if you're dedicated enough, alternatively, there is another method I will share in a second (that is 'earn free balens' but you don't have to be with r2)

I will now show you the display screen of the earning tab:

Here is the top four ways to earn balens:

PeanutLabs: Main source to earn about 10-20 balens on watching videos a day.

SponsorPay: Here you can earn balens for sign-ups = low pay registrations, many for games.

TrialPay: Very good pay for registrations (high pay), many,many free but require you to insert credit card details for trial services (some can be cancelled, some can't or you get de-credited)

Matomy: Nothing really good here apart from the surveys tab, very high pay and best way to earn in my opinion!

That's all I can say for this 'get free balens' scheme, more like 'earn free balens' really. Now, let's move on, there is a similar system to this called Points2Shop where you can redeem Ultimate Game Cards via email, which you can pay with with some servers to get free balens, and even vip!:) You can actually redeem the money here for almost all the other wartune hosting websites.
This system has all the partners as R2's get free balens, but more too, and is not just about gaming but, is linked with Amazon!
No more explaining, here is the link :

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wartune Learning from Top 3-5 Players ASTRALS Guide

Hey guys, next up I got a small study or investigation on what kinds of Astrals the Top 3-5 people are using on my server (Armor Games Europe 2) and also broken down by class, i.e. Mage, Archer, Knight.

Here I learn that mostly they use very similar Astrals which then people can learn from as a recommendation when you are wondering what kinds of stuff you should use in Wartune.

So have a look at the table below or I have also made a video out of it which you can also see below:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wartune Bad Weather in the Wilds

What a terrible weather we are having in Wartune Wilds today...
So much rain and darkness and here I thought the weather forecast was sun and blue skies :(

Wartune Going Sci-Fi Some Day

Hey everyone WOOT is this??? :) is Wartune Going Sci-Fi Some Day?? :)
Check out this picture and let me know what you think?

I was thinking it could perhaps be a clone of Wartune like someone buying the game and just changing the graphics or something everything else the same or perhaps Wartune might decide to slowly evolve over time to mechanized warfare LOL! :)

(remember click if want to enlarge picture )

and wow I found the video on YouTube for it

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wheel of Fate, Scales of Justice, Sycorax Plume

Hey guys, here we have some more rare items from the catacombs. They are pretty nice - if we didn't have the arena sets and the PVE sets one could seriously consider using these. Maybe would be a good idea to make a set from these in the future if that option exists.

And by the way these are really good for the less active people who maybe do not have the time or the ability to get insignia and do multi-player dungeons.

You can click to enlarge the picture:

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wartune Misfortune Astrals

Ohhhhhhhhhh the misfortune!!! :(
Makes me want to cry!

I still remember the good old days when we had much better chances for good astrals, which is not so long ago before the Patch 1.5 and so it seems what they did not tell us when they were bringing in this patch is that they are also reducing the astral drop rates... so there are always hidden negative changes in patches which of course they don't announce :(((

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wartune Duel Cosmos Style

Hey Wartune fans! :) Do I have a treat for you today!!! :P
I will share with you a very big secret! - Wartune Duel Cosmos Style!!! :-)

Check it out and if you LOVE IT then please share with friends / click Google + on the top right to support!! :)

Click to enlarge picture!!!

Last 3 videos 2 x Guild Battle 1 x Arena 65+

Hey guys, here the last 3 videos I made. First is a very nice and intense guild battle between Sanctum and FairyTail where both guild do have people with various levels from low to high.

Then we have a totally opposite type of a guild battle Sanctum fighting the Frenchies, which is more of a timing race than fighting of Sanctum working to get the win under 20 minutes to secure the maximum reward of 1000 honor and insignia.

And lastly we have a very nice Arena Cross Server battle level 65+ together with Onizuka and Sara showing how fun and tough life is at 65+ :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wartune Patch 1.5 Part 2 almost here

Hey guys so we have the announcement here that the patch is coming early April :)
which actually means that the earlier gossip we had about the 14th of April might be correct!

So the bad news is that we are NOT going to get red astrals it seems because it is not mentioned in the announcement at all so some people are saying that it is going to come in Part 3 which we like never even heard of or do you think they forgot to mention something as important as red astrals???

We are gonna get the SPIRE which is a new ladder system where you can team up with friends - this i am not too excited about though because it gives me an impression of being just a cash trap :)

Then we are gonna get the new troops which it seems now are going to be the Templar and Warlock but i am still confused about the other troops which i found out and posted in the article 1.5 Patch Part 2 NEW TROOPS.

Then we are getting a new title system so you can apply various titles to yourself. This might look something like this:

And last but not the least is the World Boss stand in system which from what i can figure is a computer bot which does the world boss event for you, which, according to the recent R2 Games video might be a paid service which gives you comfort of doing nothing while the bot earns gold and daru for yourself. This might actually be quite huge for many players as the income is nutz and this could bring lots of earnings for R2 Games.

This is the comment the forum moderator said about this: "think of it as having a twin to fight your battles for you"

But really the whole noise and expectation is mostly for the new troops.

New Update Soon!

Hello guys,

M3shyS here to bring you a short post, I will do a huge one on the weekend describing every single aspect of  'Earn free Balens' and hopefully it will inspire you to use it as well.
(r2 servers only)

Anyway,  I think we all have spotted the in-game message saying:
This is a great sign. The new update is about two weeks away!

Just as this comes up, I'd like to tell you about some of the great ways of earning Daru:

  •  World Boss #1
  •  Farming
  •  Wildlands
  •  Thief Farming
  •  Arena
  •  MP Duengon
  •  Guild Blessings
And the list goes on!

Also, I'd like to have a follow up for the Knights v Angels post, so here:
Knights are seem to be better from me as a knight, I thought angels could sitll be better, but to be honest, you soon realize they die in the first few rounds normally, and las thte same time as a knight, and do not have an extended healing time other then a few rounds in stuff like Catacombs they die quickly.

I was having difficulty beating Yaros, using knight's he wasn't so hard, but the angels were wiped out, trust me I tried all toops level 20+ apart from hunters, lancers, priests.

Knights seem to be the way-to-go for any class; also,  the new troops, one similar to a knight (or is it a lancer type ?) and one mage, but it seems those mages would be more powerful and more useufl then angels.
They are unloackable at level 50 baracks, but that does not mean save now if you are not level 50, as you want to get campaign and catacombs done so keep on upgrading your troops.

-Look out for a new post on the weekend about Earn free Balens! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wartune Future Mounts Part 2

Hey guys, if you didn't see Part 1 check it out here "Wartune Cool Future Mounts"
Otherwise check out the 3 more mounts I found which I guess will be coming our way sometime in the future, so can already make your opinion about if you like them or not :)

As always remember to click to enlarge the picture!! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Clover box

Hi all is genesis here , for people want buy alot clover box for have four leaf clover .... DONT DO

THAT!!!! I have buy 22 Clover box and what? only 80k and easter egg each time .. ( i have 40 easter

egg now haha that is funny) Tomorow i will post you the list of item you can  have in the box...Good

night ;)

RE: Thanks Genesis :) I also saw a lot of people in the forum complaining that that do not get the 4 leaf clover or otherwise very low drops rates after they spend a lot of cash buying a lot of boxes. :)

Chinese Browser Game Design by CEO of R2 Games Jared Psigoda

Hey guys in case you didn't see or if you are interested in the business side of Wartune or Chinese Browser Game Design in general there is a very nice video on GDC where the CEO of R2 Games Jared Psigoda is explaining pretty much the whole business model, so if you want you can see the video here and otherwise I also took out some photos which I put below:

I didn't know so many of the things which he talks about and wow do they make money - 10-20 million per month per game (like Wartune) from what I could understand.

Thank you Daiii for VIP! :)

Guys Daiii bought me VIP as a thank you for all the Wartune videos / work / blog that I made, so here is a public thank you post :)

Thank you Daiii!!!

Now I will make a bunch of VIP videos too!! :)

Wartune SPECIAL Little Tips and Strategies GUIDE Part 1 and Part 2

Hey guys I got the guide Part 2 written up here, but we also have videos of both Part 1 and Part 2 which I am putting below the text, so up to you if you wanna read or watch :)

(Thanks also to Onizuka)
  • You can get a 50% extra experience scroll every day from devotion / dailies which you can use to buff up your campaign / MPD gains! (there is also 100% scroll) and this is cumulative with other bonuses!
  • Getting a higher FRIENDSHIP rating is not just for fun – you get more experience from dungeons playing with those people with whom you have a higher rating!
  • Don’t use the 100% exp scroll when low level – it is much more useful on higher levels!
  • The biggest benefit from exp scrolls you get when you start a new dungeon for examples on levels 50, 55, 60, 65. The more you level up you get less exp from that same dungeon.
  • You can use the exp scroll right before the final boss if you are doing several consecutive runs!
  • You can revive in the catacombs 1 time for free!
  • Don’t waste crypt keys in the beginning. It is difficult to get new ones to have 1 per day, so keep them for higher levels. For sure don’t use a crypt key before level 50 of catacombs! You will indeed have a little disadvantage but you will boost yourself when you are higher level when you really will need it.
  • In Tormented Necropolis you will need 3 keys just to enter – no choice!
  • Also for socketing rods – do not use them on low level items! Keep them as much as you can to use on the 55 arena set or legendary items!
  • You can get free socketing rods from the guild blessings but you will need then to invest a lot of gold every day to run all the blessings to have a small chance of winning one.
  • Always prepare in advance your armor, weapons, jewelry, etc so when you level up to the correct level you can directly use the new items! How much in advance depends on how much money you make per day / your activity level. Roughly estimate it and start preparing.
  • Connected with the friendship rating try to find people who play the game at the same time as you so you can do every day dungeons together to raise the rating and get more experience + you will have a nice team of friends who work together well.
  • Exchange roses not just with anyone, but with those people with whom you do dungeons.
  • Energize trees of others as much as possible both for gold income as well as for raising the friendship rating.
  • In the farm there is a limited amount of times you can steal from others so make sure not to steal the 1 hour crops but always steal the 4 hour crops so you get more per steal. If you hover your mouse on the crop you can see if it is SUPERIOR (4 hour) or not.
  • Even if you are maxed out on farm experience you can get still unlimited amount of experience cleaning your own farm, so quickly max out your daily using farms of others so you get more from your own.
  • Always contribute to guild any extra money you have so when people plunder you they get nothing. Only keep on yourself what you need! 
  • Your tree level cannot be higher than your character level / Town Hall.
  • Bugs and Wheat appear on 1 hour crops on minute 20 after planting, then minute 25, 30, and 35. Or in reverse, if you want think from how long until to collect the crop the bugs appear 40 minutes before, 35, 30 and 25.
  • Good time to plunder people is right after everyone gets their Arena Rewards (~120k gold) or especially after a World Boss event when people can earn a lot so if you hit someone right after they earn 400k gold you will directly get 40k for yourself, which is why it is a good idea to straight away contribute the gold after the event. Also good time is in the mornings when people have been earning from towns / mines all night, which for example if we take 20k per hour will be 200k after 10 hours so you would get 20k from plunder.

This is Part 2 video of Wartune SPECIAL Little Tips and Strategies GUIDE 

and this is video of Part 1 of Wartune SPECIAL Little Tips and Strategies GUIDE 

and the visual I prepared for Part 1

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Like WTF?! :)
Whack-a-Shrek-n-Goku guys!!!
Did anyone get this quest?!?!?

Check it out!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big Money Making Wartune

Hey guys I wanna share the proper way of making big money in Wartune :) hehehe

The idea is to keep record on paper or better Excel of players and see which ones tend to have lots of cash on them when you plunder them. Also you have to keep their coordinates on record to find them easy.

Soon you will notice that some players are less active or don't bother to hide their money in the guild contribution and tend to pay you lots of money for plundering.

So below is a rare and amazing example from our Server (much easier to do this on mature old servers) where I made a crazy amount of money / gold in Wartune within 1 day plundering this guy to death :)

Remember that once you plunder someone then they will have 2:00 hours of safe time, so stand next to their city and remember exactly when this time runs out so you can keep looting his city and nobody else gets in on the action in between.

Now he has teleported away, so I will try to find them (depending on my laziness hehehe) :)

and after i posted this in the forums there was some feedback:

1) thanks to KnowingEyes7 we know that the maximum earnings you can have is 10k x your level


2) thanks to balautoy we can see indeed that level 49 can get maximum of 490k and see below this crazy plunder!!

Wartune Guild Battle Lagging

It is rather annoying indeed to have so much lag in the guild battles, because then they turn out to be more internet service provider battles than guild battles, so if you happen to live in a good area and you happen to have enough cash for fast internet connection it seems you also have an advantage from a thing like this on top of other things in the game.

Well one thing people can do is try different browsers like Chrome or Firefox. I myself use the latter and i am more or less ok, but I do have a relatively expensive internet connection.

You can also try to reload the game, like from zero, because then the memory which is eaten by the browser and flash gets recycled and you start usually with less lag.

But still many people complain that even with those things they still have too much lag.

Anyways, I tried to make a humoristic picture about this, so check it out :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

COOL!!! Wartune Future Mounts

Hey guys check out these crazy Wartune mounts coming from China - we are probably gonna get them sometime in the future!!! so prepare your dollars or euros!!! :))))

As always remember to click to enlarge the picture!! :)

and here also thanks to K.C. for pointing it out the Nightshade mount

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wartune Fox Mount with Fan Tails?

Looks like one day we will be getting this strange but cool looking Fox Mount with "Fan" Tails, so I wanted to share with you this picture so you can drool over it while it is not here yet :) hehehe

4 Leaf Clovers & Level 59

Hey guys so I made it to level 59! while doing blitz in catacombs so I totally missed the chance to take a screenshot of it and so instead of that I decided, in the light of the new event and in the light of dreams coming true, I decided to take a MAGICAL screenshot of myself with all the wonderful items I have in my bag thanks to a very special friend of mine called....

....called photoshop of course!! :) hehehehe go go special event!! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wartune Knight 70k Slasher

And who said knights can not hit hard?? :)
Check out this crazy knight doing just a simple slasher - not even a critical hit (but probably because he is wearing the Enhanced Will Destroyer Astral)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Genesis140 Level 55 Knight

Hi Hi Hi Wartune players - you can stop crying i'm here to write a post & help you

For people dont know , im 55 warrior on the Armor S1 (The best warrior ;)) .

Wartune Golden Wings are Coming! :)

Guess what? Wartune Golden Wings are Coming! :)
but no clue when, but they already exist in China I think - anyhow here are the pictures I could spy capture from the big internet :)

17 Ways How to Get High PDEF - MDEF

Hey everyone! Let's talk about increasing DEFENSE!! :) both PDEF and MDEF!!
Here is the list that I made and below that the video where I talk about it and show it.

17 Ways How to Get High PDEF - MDEF

13. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS (like Strategic Enhancement equivalent)

and also check out the video on YouTube and the nice comments that people wrote

Monday, March 11, 2013

1.5 Patch Part 2 NEW TROOPS

Hey guys here I wanna talk about the new troops that we will get in patch 1.5 Wartune Part 2. This is going to be either Spellsword / Dark Mage combination or Templar / Warlock. For this I have collected and prepared the full explanation picture below, so click on it to enlarge and check it out.

Can't wait for them to come!! :)
Sick of my angels :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Level 58 is here! :D

Great to achieve level 58 now and on my path to 59 where I might choose to decide to stick around for a while so as to avoid the level 60+ Battle Ground group.

At 58 I get 1 more skill point which I have no idea where to invest yet as there is no place to put it and 1 point in intercept is kind of pointless, so i guess I will keep it for later to get the Enhanced Delphic Destroyer.

Other than that I was able to get level 8 Defense in guild skills which I am happy about and next I am saving up for the 5 million gold power.

Knights vs Angels

Hey all,
I'm M3shyS and I'm a new author around here. Apart from that, today we will be talking about which is better for each type of class, and if it is a personal choice or not.

The Knights and Angels are fantastic troops, Mages normally go with Knights, however some do go with Angels - Archers can go with either, however many more archers use Angels then you think. Knights are often seen with Angels more then Knights.

Knight (class): Angels will be effective if your character has  high stats (PDEF, Battle Rating, PATK) etc, but if not, Knights will provide a high DPS while your main character can get high MDEF and HP and PDEF (while working on PATK as well), this in my opinion would be very effective. And Angels have a high MDEF which is very useful.

Archer (class): Archers can work great with both, no matter what the stats but Archers already have a high Damage so most people would go with Angels. Knights however, can tank for the Archers easily.

Mages (class): As we know mages are powerful in there Magic Attack however they lack the PDEF they need, therfor, Knights would be an awesome troop to help them out with the PATK damage they would be receiving.

Summary: There is a mix between personal choice and logic when choosing your troop type. Some people have compared it as: Paladian - Knight, Priest - Angel this is debatable however does have some logic behind it, in other words, if you used Paladians you'd be good with Knights as your troop type.

Also: New troops will be coming for Level 50 players,  so you'd be able to switch after reaching then, which would be recommended. And it is known Knights are good for duels and Battleground and Knights are extremely amazing with the World Boss. So if you are planning to switch in the future, or train both, using the Knights to your advantage in the World Boss will help you get Daru to level up your troops ( when participating you will not lose any troops or hp in WB)

Here is some stats of Knights and Angels, credit to MiHyun on the forum, who said:
''Don't laugh at my academy''

Thanks for reading,

Wartune Astro Extreme Levels

Hey guys I was able to take out and enhance a screenshot from the 1.5 video - just check out these absolutely mad astrals. This is incredible and probably very few or no people will be able to achieve these quantities and levels.

I tried to enhance the quality as much as i could, click the picture to get a better view.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wartune 1.5 new item Guild Treasure

Hey Wartune heroes! :)
Here we got a post about the Wartune 1.5 new item Guild Treasure!!
This is a great thing I think which is now available which I originally thought is only for guild leaders, but apparently it is for the top 3 winners of the guild battle each week, i.e. the top 3 people on the guild battle points table from what I understood.

So how does this work: from what I could collect the top person gets 10 of these chests, then the next two get 9 and 8 or something like that. Anyhow, once they have these they can give them to their guild members, so these GUILD LEADERS can choose what to do:

  • to either boost weak players
  • or boost strong ones to get even stronger
  • or like they did in our guild make some kind of a lottery system and just distribute these to everyone
I personally think this is a good tool to keep the active people motivated, so good job by the R2 Games i think with this neat little feature.

And here is the chest that I got - the rewards are pretty nice!!!

Wartune Rare Eletos Medallion

Another one of those rare items from Catacombs - the Eletos Medallion

Friday, March 8, 2013

Wartune Rare Auroran Ring

Here I am doing my world boss event and i see a strange message in the chat about an item i have never seen before. Got stuck for a moment but then i see a rare purple ring that was dropped in the catacombs. Rarely i do see very unique or really rare items falling there, which kind of makes them useless unfortunately because the sets are just so much more powerful.

Anyways, I do think this is a pretty sick Wartune ring for its level + it does have a kind of a cool name.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Best World Boss fight!

Hey guys here I made the picture of my best World Boss fight and earnings (its a picture I made from several pictures) and wow so much damage and gold and daru its crazy!!!!

But notice that this was also a FAT boss with lots of HEALTH like 40% more or something, which happened after the patch but i think by now they have fixed it back to normal which is around 250 million health or something.

But also imagine if I made this income for myself being a non cash knight - just imagine how many millions the top people made - I would venture a guess and say somewhere up to even maybe 5 million gold and daru.

As always click to enlarge the picture.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Made it to level 56!

So I made it to level 56 guys! It actually took longer because I was leveling up my talents and I only came to 56 so that I could get that extra skill point and I have not yet decided if I should exp up to level 60 or stay at 56 and bring talents higher.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wartune 1.5 clothing Maus, Oni, Luci, Baby

Here are 4 great guild mates of mine with their fantastic Wartune 1.5 clothing / look!! :)

Click on the picture to enlarge! :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

160k BR TOP Wartune People!!!

Wow I found these searching around Wartune on Google - absolutely amazing!!! Look at the power of these guys!!!

First off the top archer!!!

we have the top warrior or KNIGHT!!

and last, but not the least
the top MAGE!

Found these pictures on the Immortals Guild Forum totally by accident looking in Google :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sweet Rewards for ARENA DUEL

Once when I was a lot lower level I didn't understand why this one guy in the forum was saying DO ALL THE ARENA DUELS. Well, now I am level 55 and if you look at the screenshot below you will get a pretty good idea of why this guy knew the right thing :)

And also not mentioned is I get now 6250 exp per fight so 10 fights is already 62.250 exp which is what i usually do for the DEVOTION but if you have the time to do all the 20 fights well that's double :)