Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nirvana NM Boss Attack Sequence

Hey guys, here we are going to be looking at the attack sequence of the Nirvana NM final boss so that everyone can have an easier time in defeating him. Thanks to ivo pinto for taking the time and gathering the data.

So, as you might know, the final boss in Nirvana Nightmare has an attack that is doing 100,000 damage, which is a pain in the butt, so knowing exactly when he does this helps you be prepared.

It seems he always does the 100k damage right after the third area attack on the group. However, the first time he does 100k is an exception and happens on his 3rd attack.

So counting up all his attacks we have the following sequence:
Attack # 1 (Single Attack)
Attack # 2 (Area Damage)
Attack # 3 (Major Attack 100,000 damage)
Attack # 4 (Single Attack)
Attack # 5 (Area Damage)
Attack # 6 (Single Attack)
Attack # 7 (Area Damage)
Attack # 8 (Single Attack)
Attack # 9 (Single Attack)
Attack # 10 (Single Attack)
Attack # 11 (Area Damage)
Attack # 12 (Major Attack 100,000 damage)
Attack # 13 (Single Attack)
Attack # 14 (Area Damage)
Attack # 15 (Single Attack)
Attack # 16 (Area Damage)
Attack # 17 (Single Attack)
Attack # 18 (Single Attack)
Attack # 19 (Single Attack)
Attack # 20 (Single Attack)
Attack # 21 (Area Damage)
Attack # 22 (Major Attack 100,000 damage)
So there you go, from ivo and myself, hope this helps you keep an eye out for that 3 x single attack and 1 x area damage and then the 100k damage so hopefully you can all heal up before and after that 100k and have success in your Nirvana NM Run!

...and here is one of my Nirvana NM runs on video, check it out:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Badass Wartune Piggy by Cosmos

Hey guys, I wanted to create something funny to make everyone laugh, so here is what I came up with: "Badass Wartune Piggy by Cosmos" - it worked on me, I laughed a bunch while making it, so I hope you will too and if you love it share with friends! :)

and also something else funny to add :P

By the way, if you have something funny (Wartune related) or can create with Photoshop or jokes or whatever email the stuff over to me, I love funny things and making other people smile and laugh.

Don’t Fall into the Dirty Wager Trap

Hey guys, be careful and don't fall into the intentional or unintentional dirty trap in the Class Wars Wager system where it is stating in the Wager window that in the case of a loss you get the same amount that you have invested (which was also the case the Class Wars was first introduced), but actually according to the clarifications on the forum we have a confirmation to expect only 50% of the invested amount as in the last Class Wars Wager and not like the text says.

If you invest say 5000 balens in the Wager and get 50% rather than your hoped 100% I suppose you can go open a support ticket and complain about this after losing your money with no guarantees that your request will be respected, so better not lose the money in the first place.

This is really shameful job by those who worked on Class Wars. I actually think this was not intentional but then this means that they are doing their job with such a poor level of quality that such an obvious double-checking they do not bother to do.

So remember guys, both in Wartune and real life, when you do something, do it properly with a good quality or your reputation will be damaged.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Magic Pot Event April 2014

Hey guys, the Magic Pot is back! If you are curious you can refer to the drop rates in the last event which is located here: Magic Pot Drop Rates v2.

Otherwise, if not too hard email me the data for what you get from the magic pot in an easy format and i will collect it and report if it is different from the last time or the same.

The one thing they have overlooked is that anyone who already has Hades and/or the Wings will be a lot less tempted by this Magic Pot event and the other highlighted prizes like the level 5 gems or the roses is not something to lose sleep over :P

UPDATE: And it seems according to the forum announcement only Unbound Balens can be spent on the Magic Pot, so not for free players. And here is the full list of items in it:

Class Wars Modifications + Video

Hey guys, so in the forum they posted the Class Wars Modifications, which they say is done to make things more balanced and nice, so let's go over those:

1) The matching system has been changed to put those people against one another who have similar points.
>> cool.

2) Points are no longer growing from small to high but points are uniform for all rounds giving out 270 points for the one who won and, as usual, half of that to the one who lost.
>> nice.

3) The Top 100 are split into Top 16 which go into the Warlord's Hall and the rest of the bunch who go into the Warrior's Hall and only those from the same Hall fight each other.
>> hehe, keeping the monsters with each other - sweet :)

4) If nobody is dead in 3 minutes now the winner is the one who dished out the most damage.
>> The only downside to this is that this is to the disadvantage of all the defensive strategies like the defensive knight and also those using Iris and healing up or those using the Healing Rune.

5) Top ~30 players out of the Top 100 get some more rewards:
- 7 day Ghost Battle Effect which gives special effect when using various skills.
- 7 day Summon Treasure Thiefs (1 per day) to be done in the Guild Chamber to summon 20 thiefs every 5 minutes for 10 minutes (killing these gets you contribution)
- 7 day Bonus EXP gain for the whole server (rank 1-10: 50%; rank 11-20: 40%; rank 21-30: 30%)
>> nice :P

6) Wagers are placed only on those from the Warlord's Hall and are now placed in Glory Crystals (which can be bought with balens for wagers).
>> Not sure if this makes any difference, but it seems the wager return rate might have been changed back to 1:1 but i don't have a confirmation on this yet. If you know please put down in the comments.

General Concept) Anything being equal the one with the higher Battle Rating wins (example: same points earned)
>> fair.

So what do you think about these changes? Share your opinion in the comments.

And lastly, here is the video of my Class Wars run with my Knight, check it out:

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grab Crypt Tokens from VIP Wheel

Hey guys, with all the rings' and jewels' legendary upgrades and now added Level 80 Legendary Shards in the Catacombs Shop... becomes more interesting to put some extra time in getting extra Crypt Tokens from the VIP Wheel / VIP Token spinning.

It does take a good amount of patience of keeping refreshing the VIP Wheel until you get one that is good for you, but it all adds up so if you put in the time, you get the benefit.

So what are we looking for? Naturally Crypt Tokens, but not just one, and I already made a post previously on this topic so you can refer to that as well as this post. And also you want the 500,000 gold and that's really, in a way, asking for too much, but it can happen with enough patience, but still I would prioritize the crypt tokens as a choice.

Here below I show a really nice example and previously I posted more so you can check that as well. Moreover, I am pretty sure that this is not even the best example, there are better ones, but it serves its purpose.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April Gem Synthesis and Soul Crystal events SURPRISE

Hey guys, we got the April Gem Synthesis and Soul Crystal events online and there is one very nice surprise which we didn't expect.

First of all the the good news is that the Gem event is unlimited!! I just synthesized all my gems all at once and collected several times the rewards, which was awesome and much more preferred than saving gems from one day to another like in the past! And second is some bad news...

...the Soul Crystal event which I didn't originally think to take part of since again the monthly event item is not in it now has again convinced me not to take part in since the it is now an exchange event... Let's look at them:

You see I have about 33,400 Soul Crystals which I saved up (and that's not counting the 200+ unopened TOK NM boxes), so taking the gold reward for example where you get 3,000 gold for each Soul Crystal I could exchange my stuff for 100 million gold. Hmmmmm - is that a good deal? I don't think so. If it was soul engraving and you got 100 million gold extra - one could consider, but exchanging? I'll pass.

The second choice is exchanging 10 Soul Crystals with 2 Mount Training Whips, which means for my 33,400 I would get 6,680 Whips which sounds very nice, it's more than i have collected so far, but again, it is an exchange which means I would completely lose my Soul Crystals and just get a bunch of Whips and maybe a future quest will exchange them back making it meaningless. Could be better exchange rate but we don't know and I don't want to take such big risks for no reason.

So what do you guys think? What are you planning to do? Put it down in the comments.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Reviewing Patch 2.46 Part 1

Hey guys, since some days have passed after the installation of patch 2.46 part 1 I wanted to post a review on it and give pointers on the various aspects, so here we go:

Level 80 dungeon was added – Nirvana.
The dungeon is nice and I find it more pleasant than Lych NM of which we were sooooo very tired. The new and interesting thing about this dungeon is that there are no crystaloids as in all other dungeons and you find legendary stones even in the Normal difficulty, but you get 3 from one mini-boss in the Normal versus 6 in the Nightmare version.

Most people should also be able to do the NM, but only the 2 mini-bosses and only those parties who have a tank with high HP and a good damage output can complete the NM. The final boss has an attack that hits for 100,000 damage irrelevant of anything, it is exactly and always 100,000, so you would need to have a minimum of 120,000 HP or better to be safe around 150,000 HP as a tank in the front to complete the NM version.

Level 80 Equipment (requires Level 80 Legendary Stones, Shards, and Level 70 Set).
So the 80 set is build upon the 70 set. This is an interesting concept because some people skipped from 50 to 70, so in the future people will not be able to skip from 60 to 80 as the game requires you to go through the collection of the 70 set.

Another twist is that the shards are not sold in the Arena Shop like all other sets, which means that the Insignia becomes useless for everyone who has a complete 70 set.

New quest concept: Lost Treasure.
Lost Treasure quests to make a party and go find a treasure is an interesting concept but is a major mess. The game is not designed to make it easy for people to find or make a party and this system completely bypasses the Hall of Heroes where people can make a room or join existing rooms. There are no rooms or anything facilitating the players making parties and, moreover, the actual finding of the treasure is nice with the map but having to fight useless long battles with those bosses has become already annoying very fast. So I think this should be a a solo quest with a more pleasant treasure finding experience. I say this also because we have so many things to do already in Wartune and this is an additional 15 minutes to 1 hour task depending on the party you have.

Battle Protection System
I feel we will still find out the true power of the Battle Protection system. I am still not sure if this is going to be a major issue or we will simply power play through it. I mean are we really going to think about each individual resistance or we are simply going to focus on making a super powerful sylph and just smash our way through things and I more think the latter. For example I have my 5 star blue Gaia on my Knight and I don't care at all about any Battle Protections I am still going to use her and will only switch to my Iris when healing is required.

Statues of the 3 Class Wars winners visible in the Cloud City.
In short, very nice touch.

Amethyst Mine has been modified: 10 second protection period after battle for all.
This is good of course, but they still fail to see the failure of the Amethyst Mine. It is a no-fun zombie-like activity where most people just cart those 2 carts and done. Not because they enjoy it, but just to get those points and finish the task. Someone needs to re-think the Amethyst Mine concept into a more fun activity rather than what it is. Additionally the lag in Amethyst has increased vastly and this is again due to a poor design. A very easy fix to this, even if temporary could be to give us the eye button also in Amethyst to simply switch off all other players like in the Cloud City.

Ability to do Fishing and Jewel Hunt while Blitzing.
Very nice - should not have been blocked in the first place :)

Group Arena attempts have been decreased to 15 while rewards have been doubled.

Card System has been streamlined.
I am always worried when people use words like "streamlined" for things like this :)
I personally didn't have a problem with the previous design, but perhaps they received tons of complaints. In any case the new design is nice as well, so thumbs up.

Now let's go into things they didn't mention at all:

World Boss Freeze
A, sorry to say, but really criminal implementation of Archers' Deep Freeze to work on the World Boss as well as the Thunderer slow of Mages completely obliterating the already behind class of Knights. This resulted in up to triple more profits for archers versus knights with mages being in the middle. Whoever approved this change clearly does not understand the game mechanics and I hope that not only this will be fixed by either boosting knights or removing this implementation but that there will be a little bit of attention paid to equalizing the classes.

Sylph's AFK works & Tower of King Changes
Sylphs also activate in AFK mode, and use their delphic skills. Sylphs use the highest damaging skills when they have them, and use the lower skills when high damaging ones are on cooldown. IRIS also heals when your hp is around 20% in AFK mode.
A good fix indeed as there was no logic whatsoever why for example AFK mode was ignoring the delphic skills.
However, as another side effect of this the Sylphs also started activating in Plunders and Tower of Kings on the Enemy's side, which created a major issue, however the Holy Seal all of a sudden became allowed and strangely works with a 100% success rate no matter on the HS level.
All this seems totally out of control in the sense that it seems they messed around with the programming and ended up with things they did not even intend to have = poorly done job. But ultimately no major issue for us in these side effects and positives seems to balance with negatives.

So what do you think guys? Let everyone know your thoughts in the comments.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1-3 Gem Pack Drop Rates and Gem Types

Hey guys, here see I prepared a report on 1-3 Gem Pack (2 parts), which I know is not the most important box type :) but still for any curious person is nice to know, so here we can see that the Level 1 Gem is dropping at a rate of 71.3% based on a big sample size of 1256 boxes. Then level 2 at exactly 20% and the level 3 at a little bit of a strange number - 8.7%, which means that roughly 1 in 10 gems in this box will be the level 3 gems.

At the bottom part of the picture is the second part of the report where, thanks to Gibbs for the data, 500 of the boxes are broken down to the types of gems. Here actually 500 is not a large sample size which is why there is a variation, but largely they seem to be consistent with the overall rate, so at the bottom you can see similar %s as in the overall 1256 box count.

The report/picture is large so you can zoom in.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Level 80 Legendary Stones, Tanks and Battle Rating

Hey guys, it is pretty important in Wartune (and actually same in real life) to have a sense of achieving something and also being happy about the small victories that you have and seeing that all that "work" :P that you have put in gets you somewhere.

Here below a couple of small and big achievements for me today and I use those as an excuse to give some explanations / guides / tips about those things:

First up from our new Level 80 MPD - Nirvana - the reward cards from the end of the dungeon. Actually already an achievement for me was being able to complete the dungeon in the Nightmare difficulty. I did it with the guys from the Guild Russians: Shutnik, AnDrUs and Wizz and I think the most important factor in our victory was the fact that Shutnik had above 150,000 health points which allowed him to survive the 100,000 damage attacks from the final boss. And we also used 2-3 Iris sylphs for always keeping full health going on the party as the final boss can get nasty indeed.

And following that this nice card draw where I got 6 more level 80 legendary stones (this is on top of 6 + 6 level 80 legendary stones from the mini-bosses in the Nightmare version of the dungeon).

The today I got me a mad score on Tank Trails of 19185, well above all others. I actually was not planning on going crazy on the tanks today, but it just happened.

Now the key with tank trails, as you might know, is having as little lag as possible so that you can actually see exactly what is happening and not after the thing has already happened. After that, at least for me, laser of course is super good but also napalm I like. The weapon that stuns your enemy is also nice and super annoying for the enemy, but really the key point is shooting as fast as possible and actually picking up another weapon. Most people try to carefully time their weapon and save, but I go all out and still try to shoot at correct times.

And last but not the least, COSMOS Mage passes 70k BR on Level 59, which is massive (but actually there are even bigger monsters going up to 90k BR for level 59, but those are very very few). Battleground is going super well as I can kill most people without trying hard at all and actually the biggest problem is I physically don't have the time to do the daily maximum, not even close to near it.

You may notice straight away on the picture some areas are still far from even average, still the ring i didn't bother to make legendary and the soul engraving is only 18 and the stables are not high at all, I am still working on guild skills and astrals are not even average, so he can still improve tons.

To give you more tips, especially for those people asking me "is my Battle Rating good enough for my level?" then I give you a simple rule: a solid good BR to have is same as your Level so at level 40 then 40,000 is solid, etc. The vast majority of players will have a BR lower than this guideline, but this is a guideline for you to use. So for level 59 a battle rating of 59,000 would be very solid and I am now surpassing that with a 70,000ish and some, like i said, go as high as 90,000.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bunch of Lilies Drop Rates (400 boxes)

Hey guys, here we go with the drop rates of the Bunch of Lilies, I opened all the 400 boxes and finally got the Bunny a.k.a. the Jade Rabbit on my Mage's account, who, as you know, has no fear of balens. So anyways, it did take a lot of boxes, ended up costing nearly 16,000 balens for a smallish stat mount, but indeed it is certainly one of, if not the most, cutest mount out there :P

Ok, back to the drop rates, we got of course the very low rate drops of the 100 Soul Crystals, the 100 Mount Training Whips and the lowest, of course, the mount itself.

Then we got some weird stuff happening with 50,000 gold and Runestones being strangely at the same level of around 12.5%-14.8% and then Sepulcrums and Mahra correctly on the same level (but not saying the % is a good one).

And last, but not the least, the monthly event item, the Lily or Lilly, whatever the spelling, is at 53% which is exactly as the expected rate based on previous boxes (~50%).

(If you like this please click Google+ and/or share with people Facebook/Twitter/Game/Guild/Forum, etc)

and if you want to send me data for this specific box send if 100+ boxes and i'll make a version 2 report.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Super Fast Solo Dungeon Runs

Hey guys, with quests like the one we got tonight to do 3 runs in a Solo Dungeon I wanna share a quick tip especially for those people who have already used up all their stamina and either do not have or do not want to use their saved up stamina potions.

The tip is very simple, since you don't have stamina you can't blitz, but the most first dungeon, the Worg Lair, is actually super quick - there are just 3 mobs of 2 level 2 wolves which die in 1 second from your Templars or Warlocks and then you are already at the boss, a level 7 wolf which is a breeze of a fight as well, so very quickly you can get your 3 solo dungeons done in the above conditions.

Funny Wartune Balenor Jokes

Hey guys, here are some very short Wartune / Balenor jokes - let me know in the comments which one you like the most or put a Wartune joke you heard or created for everyone to laugh (or email me I will add it).

(in no particular order)

God for us in Wartune is simply a level 80, 500k+ Battle Rating Chinese guy

So Jesus went to the dungeon, got killed, then resurrected and now he is famous - we do that every day in Balenor, but nobody cares!

You can do nothing with 2 baby wings, but 2 adult wings can make 1 baby
(I am not sure this one is technically correct :P but maybe it was referring to many months ago that you could buy a couple of wings and get a baby one as a bonus - who remembers? :P)

Every day, up to 3 times per day, prepare for the battle of your lifetime!

A free player said to the casher: "I'll kill you"

Lately, when I'm buying something in real life, I ask to the seller if he knows if there is an event soon.

- I hope i can make it top 100 :) so can get alpaca chicken or maybe piggy :D   
- sounds like you wanna be a farmer when you grow up :) hehehe

Love is like balens - some have a lot of it - others have none.

So, hehe, like i said, say in the comments which one made you laugh the most or which you liked the most and if you know of or can think of another Wartune joke or funny sentence, put it below or email me to add it.

UPDATE: Pan Accident added below:

Choose Lord of Time inside the Spirit Covenant

Hey guys, here I want to share with you some advice on the Spirit Covenant and explain why, if you have to make a choice, then you should choose the Lord of Time.

First of all, if you can afford the Spirit Covenant - that's great. It is a nice comfort item so congrats to you. However, if you want to optimize your balens' spending or have limited amount of money that you want to spend then I recommend selecting the Lord of Time out of the whole thing and the reasoning is as follows:

Power of Healing - nice, sure, but especially better for knights only due to life lost tanking, however, life can also be gotten in a number of ways so not necessarily required to spend money for health potions.

Free Blitz - again, nice, but, you basically have 2 blitzes: (1) Your solo dungeons, which is 8 per day at 5,000 gold each, which is 40,000 gold - not a huge amount and (2) The catacombs, here you will need 100,000 gold, which is a bit more, but again, 140,000 gold in total per day is not massive and one does not really need to spend real money for that.

Bounty Helper - probably the most useful comfort item out there. If you are not holding level then this is very nice to have, however, if you are holding level or if the Bounty experience is no longer critical for you (high talent level) then you might not need this at all.

Warrior's Call - a 10% power up, nice? sure, but critical? not really. You might need it once or twice to push through a very difficult level such as passing as high as you can get in Necropolis or the Catacombs, but it is not critical enough I think to spend money on if your budget is tight. I will also add that even when I had this I either forgot to use it every day or didn't need to use it at all, so I would say 90% of the month I did not activate the power up.

and then last, but not the least, is the one I recommend you to choose, if you are short on money or if you want to optimize your spending - the Lord of Time. This is an immensely useful comfort item which allows you to skip the 2 hour stamina cultivation waiting time and the Fishing waiting times, which are the 2 main reasons for it, but basically it allows you to skip anything that requires waiting. So as you can see on the picture below I activated only this, even though on my mage account I could buy the whole lot.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I See Me and Twice Me

Hey guys, here some funny situations, don't know if you ever had it yourself - put in the comments, but first one is I met myself in the Sylph Arena :) which was ummm... * woooot * and the second bunch is me twice!! in the Guild Battle, which was LOL cause others could see it also!

and the 2 x COSMOS in the Guild Battle (you can enlarge the picture if you want):

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back and a Whole Bunch of Stuff

Hey guys, sorry I've been away a little bit due to life problems, so restarting posting and catching up on hundreds of unread emails. So first off I am just gonna post here a bunch of stuff different people sent me before I write my own.

1) A Blitz Restart Trick

(sent by Bruno)

(maybe it works for you, but it didn't work for my accounts)

"in my server when i need help sometimes people blitzing campaign and i have to wait.. but there is a trick to still be able to do all things even if u do blitzing campaign.. lets say i am now in blitzing for 50 more min and someone need help.. i can just reload .. the blitzing window will not be in screen anymore and i can go to help that person with no problems.. my blitz is still active and in about 50 min later u just reload again and all items u got will show up in screen like u never did reload before.. "

2) Some level 80 pictures

(sent by Millie)

(In no particular order.)

3) A Proud Victory in Spire

(sent by Dante)

4) Mounts in Wartune Brazil 

(sent by Amoon)

5) Pictures from Wartune China 

(sent by from Rodeo)