Monday, May 25, 2015

Sky Adventure Hunt Info

Hey guys, pretty soon we will get Sky Adventure (confirmed by R2Games). Sky Adventure is basically a mini casher game with not so bad rewards.

Sky Adventure

Disclaimer: We may or may not get this and if we do get this, some of the rules/rewards might be changed/removed/modified.


  • Level 18+

  • Energy Stone

How to play Sky Adventure:

This event randomly pulls up every week for 2 days. To play the Sky Adventure you need to raise the hot air balloon to a certain height to claim a treasure chest (get certain amount of points). The higher it rises/points you get, you will get more valuable treasure chests. To raise the hot air balloon, you need “Energy Stones” and they can be gained from the shop and events. Unfortunately, I could not find this item anywhere in the shop so if I ever find it, I will update you guys but I know for a fact that the Energy Stone can be only gained by cashing (using real balens) :D. One energy stone gives 1 EXP/point to the hot air balloon. The two buttons underneath the hot air ballon are:

  • Left One: Consume x1 Energy Stone

  • Right One: Consume x50 Energy Stone

The Treasure Chests:

Sky Adventure Treasure Chest Rewards

As you can see, you need a certain amount of points to redeem these chests. For an example, the first treasure chest requires 200 points so this means you need x200 Energy Stones for it. Here are the rewards you get from each treasure chest.

200 point treasure chest gives:

  • x5 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

  • x100 Runestones

400 point treasure chest gives:

  • x10 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

  • x100 Runestones

600 point treasure chest gives:

  • x15 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

  • x100 Mystery Runestones

800 point treasure chest gives:

  • x200 Soul Seals

  • x10 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

1,000 point treasure chest gives:

  • x15 Level 1-5 Gem Packs

  • x200 Beads of Influence

1,200 point treasure chest gives:

  • x300 Mount Whips

  • x1 Level 5 HP Gem

1,400 point treasure chest gives:

  • x350 Mahra

  • x2 Level 5 HP Gems

1,600 point treasure chest gives:

  • x300 Advanced Mahra

  • x3 Level 5 HP Gems

Ranking and its rewards:

Sky Adventure Rankings

Just like any other mini game (except for Golden Road), Sky Adventure has rankings and rewards. The rankings are determined by how much points you have. Here are the rewards for rank 1-3. Unfortunately. there are no rewards for the lower ranks :( .

Sky Adventure Rank Rewards

Rank One:

  • 5 Million Gold

  • x2 Level 8 Gems

  • Sura’s War Elephant Mount Card

  • x300 Advanced Sepulcrum

Rank Two:

  • 3 Million Gold

  • x2 Level 7 Gems

  • Dark Scorpion Mount Card

  • x200 Advanced Sepulcrum

Rank Three:

  • 1 Million Gold

  • x3 Level 6 Gems

  • x100 Advanced Sepulcrum

The rewards are not so bad in my opinion. What do you think? Comment below and feel free to ask questions on this upcoming mini game, Sky Adventure.

Sky Adventure Hunt Info

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