Monday, April 29, 2013

COSMOS becomes level 66

Hey guys so I became level 66 and i got 1 more skill point although i don't really need anything more because i have all the skills i need, but still i maxed out the intercept ability so if i feel like i can use it in PVP Cross Server Arena for example.

Otherwise also is nice to upgrade my buildings to get more money from Town Hall and Gold Refinery and of course to upgrade skills in the Academy but since I am a free player i am waiting 34 hours cooldown now to upgrade the Academy :)

So what i am focused on now is saving up 50 million gold!!! to get the Hurricane Steed or Horse from the guild shop and I have managed to save up 20 million up to now so still some ways to go. This will increase my stats further and make me stronger.

In parallel I am also collecting catacombs crypt shop tokens so I can upgrade my rings and jewely from very old level 40/50 to level 60, but possibly level 70 if in part 3 of the patch 1.5 they might be introduced (small chance).

Oh and by the way the cloths i got from events, so the dress + fashion core i got from the April Egg event and now the glasses + surfboard i got from the ancient spirits seeds event after collecting 1600 of those spirits.

Ok, check out my stats, skills, astrals and inventory below! :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

162k BR Top Wartune Player

Hey guys, anyone out there thought 40k battle rating was high? Or maybe those top guys at 50k battle rating were awesome?

Well how about 160k?!!?

Check out this Top Wartune player below!
What is especially mind boggling is that it is very hard to imagine how much time it takes to get there (certainly months, maybe years) and also how much cash was spent which I think I can confidently say is in many thousands if not more than 100,000 USD if this was equivalent to a European or USA server.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

REVEALED Part 3 of 1.5 Patch

Hey guys we got the final confirmation it seems of what is coming in Part 3 of the 1.5 Patch and I am AMAZED to see:

RED ASTRALS - we knew this!
70+ Dungeons - I already posted about this on the blog


Rename Card?!

AND most of all

Level 70+ Equipment!!!


Hitler's Ready for World Boss-Wartune

Hey guys prepare to laugh very hard! Very funny video made by Unified_Serenity and Khaleesi - check it out below and 99% you will laugh and 20% you might fall down from your chair in tears! :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Level 65 Here I am! :)

Hey guys, so COSMOS becomes now level 65 and although nothing great happens I do feel that it is some kind of a turning point and here is why:

  • The original idea was to stay at 64 after I maxed Enhanced Delphic Destroyer and level up my holy seal and then I was thinking "WHY?" because in any case, as a free player, I can not compete (PVP) vs. the cash killers and so what's the point of trying to level up holy seal. So instead I decided to level up myself and go for that level 70 one additional astral as well as:
  • Getting up to higher level it means as well that I can get stronger to do the higher dungeons like moon / temple the NIGHTMARE MODE! :) which means I can start slowly working on gathering the legendary stones for the level 60 jewelry and then rings.
  • Also I figured the higher the level the more experience I gain for example from guild tree events.
So it really feels like a little bit of a liberation as I guess internally I hated the idea to stay at the same level for a month or whatever just to level up holy seal. 

The way is up! :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

ASTRO or ASTRALS Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, following the publishing of the 2nd Version of Battle Ground Chest drop rates I have also finished preparing the 2nd Version of the ASTRALS drop rates which I am publishing below. I think the report looks really good and finally gives a good picture of the percentages for astrals in Wartune, so people don't have to fight anymore how good or bad it is or maybe they still will :)

Anyways this is Version 2, I want to have much more data still, probably at least 10,000 astrals data!! :) so please support by posting below in the comments or on the forum thread "ASTRALS + BG-Chest DROP RATES Collection & Results".

So here is the report ASTRO or ASTRALS Drop Rates v2:

Drop Rates Battle Ground Chest v2

Hey guys great news! I have finished preparing the 2nd Version of the Drop Rates for the Battle Ground Chest! Looks really good but we can improve further so please put here below in the comments what you got for from the chests yourself or go to the forum thread ASTRALS + BG-Chest DROP RATES Collection & Results and post there.

Anyhow, here below you see the report based on 33 chests so far. I target to get this to 100 chests for better accuracy.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sanctum vs. FairyTail How it Really Ended

Hey guys we have an absolutely amazing and incredible guild battle Sanctum vs. FairyTail and I have prepared 3 parts videos about this amazing 1 hour battle and what was especially incredible was how tight the score was at the end of the battle and since it came to an unbelievable conclusion of Sanctum winning through all the hard work and efforts especially at the end I have prepared a picture to show the evolution of scores to see how it really ended:

Sanctum vs. FairyTail How it Really Ended 

and here are also the 3 parts from YouTube:

Friday, April 19, 2013

Q&A: Knights or Angels?


I see that you had angels for troops, is that better than the knights for being a tank?


The general recommendation for knights were angels, but honestly, after using them, I strongly recommend for knights simply because the healing is very unpredictable and most of all because the World Boss event is far too important in the game and therefore more damage = more earnings = more growth / strength, so nowadays I recommend knights and then templars.

Q&A: How to get Nightshade card?


How to get nightshade card?


You need to synthesize 15 mount spirits, which comes from doing at least 1,000 PvP points per week (1 m.spirit per week). You can get those points through Group Arena or BG :) So that will take like 15 weeks :)

Also not everyone has good abilities do get easily PvP points and especially those who are free players and high level like BG of 60+ will have serious issues getting this unless they are super active every day.

Q&A: Rune for Removing All Debuffs

Hi guys I got a good question on YouTube from orhankaya06 and I wanted to put here both the question and my answer for everyone's benefit:


Hi cosmos, i want to ask u a question. i saw u using a rune for removing all debuffs . Which rune was that?nice vid btw


I wish there was such a rune :) I use mostly 3:

  • 1 - healing
  • 2 - brutality for increased damage when multi hit attack like knight delphics
  • 3 - guardian shield to defend against multi hit boss or pvp attacks

What you might have seen is that when I do get a bad spell on me and it lasts for 3 turns like in catacombs level 100 boss then I do a double attack with slasher (2 turns) and use a rune (quick 1 turn) and so the spell wears off very quickly like that.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

ASTRALS Drop Rates v1

Hey guys here I have made the analysis on astrals or astro in Wartune to see what kind of drop rates or chances we have in getting the different types of astrals. The sample size looks good at 560 data, but definitely can get higher with your support. So if you want to help gather data please post here in the comments or in the forum thread called "ASTRALS + BG-Chest DROP RATES Collection & Results".

So ok here below you see my 1st version of the Astrals Drop Rate report:

You see I already added the red astral but we do not have yet information about it, it is expected to arrive early May. I also added a bunch of other info just to help more. You see that indeed half is grey or misfortune and then the rest is mostly green with some blue. Few purple and no orange or yellow astrals in this run of 560.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Part 3 of the 1.5 Update ASTRALS + DUNGEONS

It is official guys! Part 3 of the 1.5 patch is coming up early May and although it is not officially communicated yet what we are going to get we do expect that most likely it is going to be the RED ASTRALS! - finally! :)

Although it also would seem a little strange that this would be the only change in a Part 3, I would expect at least 3-4 different things, so stay tuned and I will report when we hear something new of what is coming in the part 3 of the 1.5 patch, but so far what I could also find is the new DUNGEONS! so:

Coming up new RED ASTRALS and new DUNGEONS (Samsara/Lych’s Lair)

Drop Rates BattleGround Chest v1

Hey guys here we have the 1st version of the Battle Ground chest drop rates - I hope you find it useful and if you want to support with the data gathering please post here what you get below in the comments section or go to my forum thread called: "ASTRALS + BG Chest DROP RATES Collection & Results" and post there.

Otherwise enjoy the version 1 of the Battleground Chest Items below:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guess the Place # 10 + 11 + 12

Hey guys here we have 3 more pictures from the "Guess the Place" in Wartune puzzle!
Can you figure out where these locations are? :)
If you can put your guesses in the comments below.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Level 64 + new PATK + new Darknite Horse!

Hey guys i finally made it to the much expected level 64 where I am finally able to max out my Enhanced Delphic Destroyer. Sure, I could have used ~1000 vouchers and reset my skills, but that would be just a waste of vouchers so 64 was my number :)

Here below you have all the breakdown of my stats and skills and astrals where I got a new orange PATK - finally! after months of playing!

And also exactly at the same time I have managed to collect 6,000 crypt tokens so I also got my new Darknite steed! By the way the video of that is also up on youtube and i put it below as well:

Here is my level 64 pic:

Here are my equipment and stats:

Here the astrals:

Here my skills:

And here my new Darknite horse or steed:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Earn Daru in Wartune

Hey guys, here we are going to be looking at a bunch of ways to earn Daru in Wartune, which is of course used in upgrading troops - a very important resource.

1. WB

The biggest Daru income comes from the World Boss event because there you get both gold and daru income in relation to the damage dealt, so top players literally make millions each WB fight.

2. MPD and SPD

A lot of daru from 5,000 to 50,000 and more is found in multi player or solo dungeons when opening up tombs and various such places. Of course some luck is needed so you don't find monsters, but basically if you do this regularly you get a lot of extra daru.

3. Solo Arena

Here no matter if you win or lose you will receive rewards and daru is one of them. At the moment I am level 63 and I can get up to 30,000 daru per fight in the Solo Arena! so make sure that you do all your 20 fights and if you lack time just take off all your equipment and go with nothing to die fast.

4. Farming Daru

This i feel is a very little amount of daru compared to the above methods but everything adds up. So if you really want to push daru start planting daru seeds.

5. Map Clearing

Big amounts of all kinds of stuff can be gotten from clearing maps, so have a look if you are near this and collect - it is usually a lot of daru, as well as gold and other items.


If you are bored or lazy or done everything else you can run around the WILDS and kill monsters which drop daru. You can easily make 30,000 in a short time at around level 60ish.

7a. Troop DIE

When your troops die you actually get daru. You might have noticed that after battles like taking over a gold mind you get daru income. This is because your troops died so the more you fight the more daru you actually earn. But this means you will have to recruit more with gold.

7b. is 7a but for cashers

This means that you can actually use gold to buy troops and just dismiss them and get daru. If i remember correctly you get 1 daru for every 2 gold, so if you are filthy rich perhaps this is your way, but for most people this is not recommended. Also your cash is better spent on World Boss events where you will earn more daru.

7c. and moreover for cashers

also you can just buy Daru directly with cash, but again, the cash will earn you a lot more daru if you spend on the WB event.

Friday, April 12, 2013

COSMOS becomes level 63 and gets 40,000+ BR

Hey guys, level 63 is here for COSMOS! which is both good news and bad news. Starting first from the bad, it's not so great because nothing actually happens at level 63, nothing new is unlocked or gotten, so it is a transition level. The good news is the next level will be my much awaited level 64 at which i will get level 2 Enhanced Delphic Destroyer which will get me more attack for bosses and events.

The good thing that I did on this level is i spent extra time on equipment refinement and also all the investment went instead of guild skills all into astrals so i got a lot stronger with BR passing just over 40,000!

And lastly this helped me kill the catacombs level 100 boss without scrolls finally and here below is my last video i think still with 2 scrolls:

And getting stronger also let me join a stronger party for the spire and reach level 8!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Possible Future Map for Wartune

Hey guys someone sent me this picture it seems one day in the future we could be having a different map for Wartune and it looks very nice indeed. Check out the picture below and you can click on it if you want to enlarge:

Wartune Guess the Place ^^ Picture 8 + 9

Hey everyone, 2 more Wartune puzzles "Guess where this is?" - #8 and #9 - see if you can figure it out?! :)
If you do put in comments where you think it is :)
Good luck!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wartune Guess the Place ^^ Picture 7

Hey guys so we keep on playing the Wartune Puzzle game :)
I am trying to find a good balance between hard and too easy.

Here I found a place which is very much part of Wartune Gameplay - somewhere where my guild mates go very frequently on daily basis :) it looks pretty specific but i think still relatively difficult - can you guess where it is? :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Drop Rates Wartune Spire Chest v2

Hey guys! I have finished preparing the Drop Rates Wartune Spire Chest VERSION #2 which is now based on 361 chests which is a lot more accurate than version 1.

With this you can see what kind of chances you have to receive the different items from the SPIRE chest. So check out my analysis below and again thanks to all those mentioned Wartune people for supporting with the data gathering efforts!

Monday, April 8, 2013

COSMOS becomes Level 62 + Gets New Clothing from Egg Event

Hey guys! So flying forward with the efforts of the weekend I am now level 62! :)
The dream level is of course 64 when I will have the level 2 maxed out Enhanced Delphic Destroyer so I can't wait for that, but every level it is getting slower and slower as more and more experience is required to level up!

Anyways, here below I have gathered up some of my level 62 screenshots, so here they go:

First off my level up screenshot! I leveled up during our Guild Tree event! :)

Then next I got the skills screenie where I put +1 skill point on intercept in expectation of getting on level 64 the UDD!! :)

And last, but not the least, my stats and also I got the new clothing from the egg event (65 egg + 20 egg upgrade) so now i start battles with an additional +7 rage which is actually a very big deal cause I can cast Whirlwind right after slasher!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wartune SPIRE Level 15 in China

Hey guys here to share with you something amazing which is a Wartune SPIRE video but from the Chinese Wartune where they are so much ahead of us. Maybe one day we will also get to those levels :)

Anyways, below is a both a picture (1st) and a video (below) of this - enjoy it.

If any comments just put below. You can click the image to enlarge. Video you can watch on full screen.

and the video which I found on YouTube is below:

The fight starts at around the middle - first the video is showing each person's stats and items.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Harpy Jewel, Ring, Immortal Heart, Horn of Yaros, Wheel of Fate

Hey Wartune heroes! In this post I have another edition of special Wartune items where I collected a bunch of rare items in Wartune which fall or can be gotten with a very low chance of success from the Catacombs.

Just to let you know how rare these are - I am playing several months and did not get a single one :) so that's pretty rare I guess.

So check out the picture below and remember you can click on it and make it bigger.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Drop Rates Wartune SPIRE Chest v1

Hey guys! Here we got a Wartune post for Drop Rates of the Spire Chest VERSION 1 based on 165 chests, so that's pretty good, but we can do better!

First of all thank you to all the people who have supported so far and in advance thanks to those who still will support.

So check out the analysis I prepared below and I hope this is interesting and useful for you.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guild Battle + Spire + Catacombs Level 100 videos + Where am I?

Hey guys! Here we have a nice post with the latest Wartune gameplay videos of a very nice Guild Battle, the new dungeon SPIRE and also I finally beat the level 100 Catacombs boss!!!

And followed right after these is the next episode of "Where am I in Wartune?" - can you guess it? :) If yes, put your answer in the comments! :)

So first up the 4 Apr 1hr-EPIC Guild Battle Sanctum vs. FairyTail (2 Parts)

Then next is the 2 SPIRE gameplay videos:

Then next up we got me killing the Catacombs level 100 boss - at last! *victory dance*

And last but not the least we got our Wartune puzzle #6 - can you guess where this is?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cosmos becomes Level 61

Oh yeah! :)
I just became level 61 *victory dance*

Nothing special unlocks though, no skills or dungeons or whatever, but it is ok since we got the patch 1.5 part 2 and we got the new troops and the new SPIRE dungeon, so it's all goooood :)

Wartune EPIC Plunder 200k

Oh wow what a huge plunder I did in the wilds!! Check it out below 200k stolen!!! So awesome (for my Wartune server this is a huge amount as we are not so old server).

For those that don't know what you steal is 10% of whatever the person has so if I stole here 200k it means the person is sitting on 2 million gold without protection probably away or afk.

Check out this beauty! :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

1.5 New Troops Recommendation - Templar vs. Warlock

Hey everyone! 1.5 patch part 2 is finally here and we have the troops which are the Templar and the Warlock! The question is of course which one to choose and in my video below I both explain the logic as well as show you exactly what I did!

Hint: TEMPLARS!!! :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

I become LEVEL 60! :)

Hey guys! It is a very important day in the life of COSMOS in Wartune! :) Level up to 60! A big turning point to the next chapter!! So to take a snapshot for the history / memory / sharing reasons I show below everything I have and my stats :)

Enjoy :)

First up a tribute to COSMOS :)

Next we got guild skills where I have maxed out the attack and defense and now working on endurance.

Here for the first time all the stuff that I have in my inventory and the guild vault :)
To already answer in advance the kind of questions I already receive about this - I have gathered most of this over the many months I am playing Wartune and also I am kind of cheap in spending so why I have so many runes is because I do not use them practically ever, etc. All my things are my precioussss :P

Next up my stats before the LEVEL 60 CATACOMBS jewely and rings on which I am working on right now and with Illusion astral so the battle rating is about 800 lower than it can be.

And last but not the least my skills and my talents. At level 60 I put the 1 skill point into the Enhanced Delphic Destroyer which I was waiting for a long long time!!! :) Then by level 64 I can max it out! :) Hopefully this will mean more earnings from WB and other events!