ASTRO or ASTRALS Drop Rates & Guides

Hey guys here I have finished the Version 3 report of ASTRO or ASTRALS Drop Rates and there we see that we have gathered almost 8,000 data on astrals, which is pretty decent and we can see very nicely what are the chances of getting green, blue, purple, yellow/orange and estimated also the red astrals.

So all that time people were complaining about too many misfortunes we now know it is all exaggeration because their rate is 51% which is pretty fair I believe. On the other side we do see how low the chance is to get the more powerful astrals, but the way to read it that I enjoy more is that we will 100% get these powerful astrals as long as we just keep on spending money on astrals. The kind of a rule of thumb in Wartune for yellow/orange astrals is that every 2,000 to 3,000 star points you will get 1 of them - this is of course not a guarantee, but a guideline - some people might get more some less.

Ok so check out the report below, share with friends, put your comments below. Also I put below the report 2 different ASTRO or ASTRAL video guides that I had created.

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