Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Epic/Purple Halidom Upgrade (Video)

(Posted by Eliatan – DolyGames Team Member)

Hey you guys, last night I made my first epic/purple piece of the new equipment, the epic Ice Spirit’s Fury (Halidom)!

epic halidom synth

After fulling enchanting, the epic Halidom gave me a nice ~+600 PDEF/MDEF boost compared to its rare form. I originally was going to upgrade the Artifact, which gives HP, to epic before working on the legendary Halidom, but now I’m changing my plans to make the Halidom orange first. The main reasons for this are that Divine Energy are terribly difficult to collect from Elemental Forest NM, and because I want to make the Halidom legendary as soon as possible, so that I can Holy Forge for more defensive stats (since my helm and armor are fully forged already).

I go into more detail about my thoughts in my video of upgrading the halidom here!

Epic/Purple Halidom Upgrade (Video)

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