Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sylph Expedition First Gameplay and Review Patch 4.0 Part 2

Hey guys, let’s talk a little bit about Sylph Expedition (also recorded a video of that, sharing below), which is a new feature added in Patch 4.0 Part 2.

First, some general info:

  • Daily event

  • Level 60+ required

  • Opening hours 8:00 to 24:00 (“why oh why”)

  • Can use up to 6 of your own sylphs and 1 sylph from a friend (sylphs can die) – friend gets 20k Gold for helping

  • Blitz is possible after requirements are met

  • Has its own special Expedition Skills which can be leveled up (Sylph with the lowest HP casts them)

  • It is a near automatic event where you mostly watch and sometimes use expedition skills

My impressions / review of Sylph Expedition

My overall opinion is negative about this event. I would prefer if they had invested the resources used to create Sylph Expedition into something more active and more fun.

  • Poorly thought out feature for most players: You don’t matter almost at all yourself, the only thing that matters is if you can get your server’s top player’s best sylph (need to have him online and on friend’s list) as 1 such powerful sylph supported by the Expedition Skills is worth tons more than all your sylphs put together. Again, this is a judgement for most players, not top players.

  • Rewards are negligible – no worries if you forget to do Sylph Expedition: Items for sylph evolution which we have thousands of in the bags and which we don’t use at all since we get already evolved sylphs either via events or via rewards for cashers. For example I got 69 star tear shards, 69 star sand and 120 sylph equipment shards, which are all useless to me and many other people. The only useful thing (and only temporary) was the 40 Blessings of God, which also will go to useless category once equipments are upgraded.

  • Lower Level / BR players will be happy: However, really good event for level 60 players and weaker players with weak white sylphs :), because you can get lots of rewards using just 1 sylph of top player. And for such players those rewards will be relevant since they are very much behind the others. And this is a good thing – any action which lifts the lower players to the same level as the server is a good action.

Really good job for Boss and Monster Design

Apart from the poor performance of the people who designed this event I do want to give a big thumbs up for the people who worked on the boss and monster design. Just like in dimensions I think the designs are great and my current favorite is the Poseidon design:

Sylph Expedition Poseidon Boss Wartune

Video: Sylph Expedition First Gameplay and Review

Sylph Expedition First Gameplay and Review Patch 4.0 Part 2

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