Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4 Wartune Wallpapers of Eudeamons

Hello guys, here are four Wartune wallpapers / images of Eudeamons by 7Road for everyone to share/download. Enjoy 😀

Female Archer Eudeamon:

This one does not appeal to me since it is missing some glamor but otherwise, her image is straight on point, literately.

Female Archer Eudeamon Wartune Wallpaper

Female Mage Eudeamon:

Now this is a mage in my definition. Do you prefer this mage over a players mage?

Female Mage Eudeamon Wartune Wallpaper

Male Knight Eudeamon:

That shiny armor….

Male Knight Eudeamon Wartune Wallpaper

Female Knight Eudeamon:

How come the female knight Eudeamon in the game has orange flare instead of purple? Purple looks so bad-ass…

Female Knight Eudeamon Wartune Wallpaper

4 Wartune Wallpapers of Eudeamons

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