Friday, February 28, 2014

Fishing Level 10 Review

(Posted/Edited by Cosmos on behalf of Vash)

Hey guys, today I will show you Level 10 fishing. First, let's start with the new INSIGNIA fish - it gives 3 experience points and 15 ranking points and 1 insignia. She (ooo, Vash checked the gender :P) is on the first row with gold chest fish.

If for some the bounty fish was a challenge to catch this one will be very easy. Will save you time if you want to max daily fishing experience, but the reward is insufficient, I think you will agree with me. Because 20 insignia per day wont help that much at least I will go for bounty fish for now since they give both same amount of experience and bounty scrolls are useful doing all bounties at once after reset.

In level 10 fishing the rewards are further increased!:
       - bounty fish gives 2 scrolls
       - shadow crystal x6,
       - luck stones x6,
       - for daru and gold chest I can assume they are probably 6 too haven't caught those two.

I would recommend, if you are not after the shinny fishing title, to go for 10 bounty scrolls and 10 shadow crystals fishes with this method you will have x20 bounties enough for daily and enough scrolls for doing daily the shadow crystal quest.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Broken Box & Lost Gift Drop Rates

Hey guys, here I have the Broken Box & Lost Gift Drop Rates which were Wartune event items. They might still repeat, who knows, so here are the drop rates report that I put together.

When it comes to the Broken Box, I am pretty surprised to see that R2 is valuing 5 insignia at about the same value as a Mahra. They clearly don't know what's going on :)

For the Lost Gift, I am reporting what I have, but I think the sample size is too small to make a statement, but so far it looks logical.

How to Combine RUNES and SYLPH Mode

Hey guys, as I see a lot of people don't know and don't use this advantage I wanna share with you a "HOW TO" guide on using Runes in the Sylph Mode, which can give a big boost to your damage, especially when we talk about the powerful Delphic attacks of the various sylphs.

So how to use runes when in sylph mode:

1. Do any of your regular, non sylph attacks (excluding auto strike).

2. When you see the skill words in the middle of the screen (example "Lightning Strike", "Slasher") then go ahead and awaken the sylph either with the mouse or better with the shortcut (Space).

3. The moment you see the words "AWAKEN" in the middle of the screen use any rune you want either with the mouse or shortcut ("X" or "Z").

This "Click when you see the words" method works 100% of the time!!! and special thanks to QuanChoo and Elia for sharing info about this.

Last, but not the least I also made a video on YouTube fully explaining it so you can check it out below or on my YouTube channel.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3746 Chests - Tower of Kings - Drop Rates - Version 3

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who supported with data I am publishing the third versions of the reports of the Tower of Kings chests now also including a huge sample size of 1251 chests for TOK Nightmare's Diamond Kings.

I am putting all 4 reports below one after another - all together I have collected data for 3746 chests!!!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Troops Level 70 Daru Cost Estimate

Hey guys, since I posted the article called "New Troops 50% Stronger" on the 30th of January (where you can find the stats if you want) I received a lot of questions about DARU REQUIREMENTS for the new level 70 troops: the Knight Templar (?) and Dark Angel (?), so here I have prepared a report for you to see what you are in for and perhaps it can help you prepare better.

Note that troop enlightenment is less of an issue since you can Convert that from one Troop to another.

Ok so onto the report, I built up the Daru costs for the existing units and tried to estimate the cost of the Level 70 units. Roughly speaking you find out that the daru cost doubles from one type to a higher Troop type and also on the graph you can see an almost smooth curve. So with those done I could estimate that the daru cost of the new troops will be ~628 million DARU!!

EDIT: I did another report (Version 2) based on now the Wartunecalc data since I got reports that it was more accurate. I don't really know which of the 2 is more accurate so I am keeping both reports below but the estimate with this one is 583 million versus the 1st report based on Wiki costs with the estimate of 628 million, so that's roughly in the same area.

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Magic Pot Drop Rates v1

Hey guys, here I have collected 140 attempts at the MAGIC POT and made a report for you to show what kind of drop rates we have for various items. Note, there are more items than these available in the magic pot but in the 140 attempts that I collected these are the ones we got. The sample size is not awesome but is not bad either - you immediately see the more frequent ones such as 20k Kyanite, 120k Daru, 4 Mount Whips and strangely Level 1-5 Gem Packs all above 12% chance. The 4 of these together make up 59% of the drops.

The magic pot was costing 65 balens per attempt, so from say 100 attempts which would cost 6,500 balens then 60% of these, so 3,900 balens would give the above items and purely technically speaking (cause people called these "trash") it is not a bad return for the balens - for example Mount Whips are technically 35 balens per piece so 4 pieces are, even with a discount, more than 120 balens while it costs 65 to attempt the pot + the chance of getting something more. But still the values in the pot are messed up and I wish to have a bigger sample size so if you wanna support with the data just email me when you have the pot available. Here is the report:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Big Spender Event for Mount Whips

(Posted by Eliatan)

Hey you guys, just a quick heads up for non-Oceanic servers (which already have this...) that there is a pay to consume event starting tomorrow, which gives mount whips (no event currency again :\). Below is a picture of the event, and I did out the computations for how many balens it costs per whip.

I'd keep in mind that at regular price, whips are 35 balens each, and they're usually discounted to 16 to 20 balens each when there is a shop hot event.

Happy spending lol :)

Status Cosmos Knight Level 80 Mage Level 58

Hey guys, here is a status report post on both my characters - Knight Level 80 and Mage Level 58 and, as always, my comments and tips and advice.

So first, I didn't post this yet, but here is my long awaited level up congrats screenshot when I became level 80 I think on the 25th of January:

So after that for about 1 month and right up to the February Class Wars I was finishing up collecting and enchanting my 70 set and I wanted to wait for that before posting the status because it looks awesome - I hide clothing now all the time, so here is my new look and my stats (200% Academy).

You will notice I focused a lot on MDEF to get that up as much as possible since Apollo, Gaia, Iris all do magic damage. I still have the rings as level 60, but for me those are really last priority - a few thousand health is nothing compared to the huge attacks I am receiving. The battle rating is beautifully just above 110k.

Next up the stats on my mage - you will notice that I am going for a full 50 legend set, again rings as last priority; then the 30 day medallion to conserve insignia as much as possible, although now that i got my equipment into legend i might start buying the more expensive ones. Also you notice a strong focus on MATK so I can earn more from the World Boss and kill opponents in Battlegrounds faster. Sockets are not fully done yet, I don't want to spend balens on the rods, so I am getting them slowly over time for free, got maybe 70% of what i need already.

Next, the pictures of my inventory, since people enjoy looking at the stuff that I have (or other people have) hehehe - let me know in the comments what is your biggest surprise or what you think is the coolest item(s) i have :)

and the bags of my mage as well where you will notice that anything to do with experience is stored in the guild vault because i am trying not to gain experience to hold level as much as possible:

Next up are the Astrals for both characters. Here you notice that i have gone to critical build on both characters partly cause its awesome and partly cause its a lot of fun to see the big damage numbers. On the Knight you see that last astral is really a wild card, I had illusion level 8, now i fed that to Guardian Angel which is giving me -40% critical received chance, which is also helpful in dungeons to get less crit hits from bosses. On the Mage you will notice I am absolutely unlucky and didn't get any nice astrals (got Blessed Health yellow 3 times - ridiculous) but I am trying to do the best with what I got raising Willpower to level 5 next.

...and lastly the sylphs that I have.

For my Knight I am really hesitating between Iris and Gaia. As I don't put money on my Knight I think for any free player / non-casher type of a player only 1 strong sylph is realistic to have. My Iris is 3 star blue already much closer to purple and also the benefits of Iris include the fact that in PvP she can pretty much 1 shot kill all the troops if they are alive (especially a good thing when thinking of the coming new stronger troops) and she is a fantastic friend to have when going to dungeons with your friends. While Gaia on the other hand is just super at one target killing. She is just somewhat risky in PvP that if you didn't manage to kill off the troops fast, which I think will happen more and more with the upcoming new troops then you will have a major problem of taking the risk with your delphic and hoping it will hit the player.

For my Mage life is easier, I used to have a blue Pan which was great as well and switched to Amazon when that came out as it is the best choice a mage can make since it's attack is PATK it munches through other mages like butter.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Catch the Sub for 1000 Balens

Hey guys, awesome stuff at fishing level 8 a new sub shows up - check out the picture below! And if you catch it you get 1000 balens!!! But careful it is really fast and since it is made of metal sometimes your trident can break and if that happens you can't catch any fish anymore that day! But 1000 balens is well worth it, so go for it and send me pictures of you catching it!!

(this post is a joke :P)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BR 365k-530k - Battle Ratings Keep Going up

Hey guys, the battle ratings of Wartune players keep going higher and higher surpassing levels we never imagined 6 months ago. I still remember 1+ year ago I thought I would never have the 55 arena set. Even just level 55 at that time was "wow". Things keep on speeding up and I feel they are even accelerating with so many new additions to Wartune. This not not necessarily a bad thing - the game is getting more complex, more things to do, my only problem with Wartune is the sheer amount of time it requires from players and I am 100% certain people skip real life appointments and such because of events in Wartune.

Ok, so with all that said, here is an update of the Massive Battle Rating players thanks to Stephen and Aleksandar for providing the pictures. I'll put them from high to low top to bottom:

Also at the bottom is 1 pic of a crazy BR sylph which is stronger than most players in Wartune.

Please also think of +/- like 15k BR or so depending on pots/scrolls, etc.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Couple Notes on the Tormented Necropolis

(Posted by Eliatan) 

Hey you guys, a very common question I’ve been asked is “Am I strong enough to beat level 5/10 of Necropolis? I've saved up [insert number > 3] crypt keys so I can give it a shot.” 

The things I mention here are probably old news to more experienced players, but I think even if just for the sake of documentation, it might be good to have this post for beginner-intermediate players and the people who advise them.

The Tormented Necropolis is a very challenging series of 30 bosses, which becomes available once you defeat level 100 of Catacombs. The Crypt Shop says you need to complete levels 5 and 10 of the “underground labrynth” (aka Necropolis ... and it should be spelled "labyrinth") to be able to purchase the level 60 and 70 items, respectively.

Cosmos already has at least one video and blog post about fighting the monsters in Necropolis, so I'm not going to get into combat strategy here, but I do have a few other things I wanted to share on this topic. (If combat strategy is something you guys would be interested in, please drop me a comment, and I'll try to figure something out in the future)

A note on the wording in the shop -- even though it says you need to complete levels 5 and 10, you actually only have to reach these levels in order to open up the items in the shop. If this is a bug, it's a pretty fortunate one; beating the x5 levels (5, 10, 15, etc.) are very big hurdles. 

Especially since sylphs came into play, I don't really know what the stat requirements are for each level. So I think the easiest answer to "Am I strong enough?" is "Give it a go!"

With only the initial payment of 3 crypt keys, you can get one free attempt every day, for as long as you want. All you have to do is enter Necropolis and get as far as you can. After you die, revive and then immediately exit. Afterward, your screen should look something like this:

Each day you can click "Continue," try to beat whichever level you've been stuck on, and then after you die, revive and exit. You get exactly one free revive per day, if you attack one of the bosses again and lose, you'll need to pay 25 balens for every successive revive. 
Edit: a previous version of the post said that after the first 25 balens are paid, you can revive as many time as you want for that entry. I must've mixed something up, because I just tried on an alt and it does deduct with each revive. Sorry about that, and thank you everyone for the feedback!

The most important part about doing Necropolis is opening up items in the Crypt shop. The other rewards from this event are very mediocre considering the key cost (a lot of EXP, but no crypt tokens and stingy gems). I used the same set of 3 keys for Necropolis for a few months, until I passed level 14, and even after that I regret not waiting to at least pass level 15 (T_T) before resetting.

So my recommendation is to just have some fun! Start Necropolis whenever you want, and don't waste your crypt keys resetting it until you've completed the much higher levels.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to Get More Crypt Tokens (VIP Only)

(Posted/Edited by Cosmos; tips from Asiana -  Kabam s34)

For level 60-70 gears getting more Crypt Tokens is really a pain in the arse !! (others issues being Legendary Stones and especially Crystaloids). The good news is that there's a way to gain some more tokens from our VIP Spin !! YES!!!

As we all know that we need 36 VIP tokens for the sure win of 500,000 and 60,000 and 20,000 gold rewards. But the fact is that we can actually gain also another extra 10 (or rarely 30) crypt tokens.

I've been testing with at least 600 VIP tokens and my conclusions are 100% accurate.

So here's how to do it:

(by the way, after the game updates, the refresh option helps alot !! - trust me)
1)  Open up your VIP Spin screen (duh~)
2)  Refresh (and keep refresh) until you see the 500K gold reward and the 10 crypt tokens together.
3)  Spin as you normally do. And Voila !!
There are a few scenarios which can occur which all depend on luck and patience (not really my virtue btw).

-      If you're really lucky you'll get to see 500k + 60k + 20k + 10 tokens + others stuff. Of course you will 100% get 500k + 60k + 20K + 10 tokens and other stuff (see image).

-      Just make sure you see 10 tokens + 500k and you're golden - anything in between are just bonus (i.e. 60k / 20k etc)

P/S: 500k always come last but sometimes it will come on 7th spot and last spot could either be 5 skeleton keys or 5 mount whips. SKIP them and you'll save a few more VIP tokens. (but that's me)


Super EPIC 30 tokens question !! 

Yes you can get them, but on a rare cases with super patience and epic luck!!

To get 30 crypt tokens - here's what you do:.
1)  Open up your VIP Spin screen (again, duh~)
2)  Refresh (and keep refresh) until you see 2 (TWO) 30 tokens
3)  Spin them and you MIGHT get 1 of the 30 tokens
* "MIGHT" because I've only did this once and without any 500k gold.

Do this at your own risk - else just stick to the 10 tokens method.

EDIT: Update: Thanks to Radim here is another rare case where you can actually earn 40 crypt tokens but it requires a lot of refreshing + luck + patience.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Nonsense about Upgrading to Orange Sylphs

(Posted by Cosmos, on behalf of DanNiel s253)

Before you get your pet to purple, most of us spend as much Mahra as we can on it, to give it more stars or to upgrade its rarity.  The extra growth rate alone makes it worth it, especially since you only need a relative small amount to go from one level to the next.

However, in this post, I would like to try to explain you in this article why it is in some (most?) cases Nonsense to upgrade a purple pet to an additional star or to orange. That is, if you have the choice between Mahra and Sepulchrum like in last Firecracker event. I’ll use 2 of my own pets as example for this.

I’m not taking into consideration the added advantage of upgrading your pet with Mahra to another star or rarity (increased growth rate, something you are not able to accomplish with the use of Sepulcrum) for the simple reason that, as you can see in the pics below, my purple pets outrun my hero in leveling manifold anyways. I’m pretty sure this happens with all purple pets…

Now on to the comparison:

Case 1: 1 star purple Gaia, not much Sepulcrum spend.

To get this pet its second star, I would need to invest about 1,250 Mahra (15,000 XP points divided by 12 XP points on average per Mahra).

As you can see in the first picture, its stats would then rise to
Strength: 396
Armor: 1,411
Intelligence: 2,164
Endurance: 2,175
Now If I would invest 1250 Sepulchrum in it, I would get the following stats:
(Assuming every stat gets an equal share of points allotted or 312 points each)
Strength: 687
Armor: 1,664
Intelligence: 2,388
Endurance: 2,399
If you compare these numbers, it is obvious that the pet would be much stronger with the Sepulchrum invested than with the extra star (Mahra invested)

Case 2: 5 star purple Apollo, Already plenty of Sepulchrum spend.

To get this pet to orange, I would need to invest a whopping 2,920 Mahra (35,000 XP points divided by 12 XP points on average per Mahra).

As you can see in the first Apollo picture, its stats would then rise to 
Strength: 845
Armor: 3,330
Intelligence: 5,029
Endurance: 4,866
However to max out all the stats and get the following numbers
Strength: 828
Armor: 3,299
Intelligence: 5.244
Endurance: 5,256
I would only need to invest 773 Sepulcrum, which is a lot less than 2,920 !!!

If you compare the numbers, it is obvious that the pet would be much stronger maxed out than orange. It has way more Intelligence modifier (MATK pet, so this is more damage) and Endurance fares even better (= gets even more points extra, which translates in more HP both for your pet in Arena and your Hero). Your hero will only lose out on a bit extra Strength and Armor (17 and 31 respectively) and I think you can see how the added endurance and magic attack of the pet make up several times for that. And remember, you still saved more than 2,000 Mahra !

Hercules and Cerberus Skills

(Posted by Eliatan)

Hey you guys, did a little digging around the Chinese version of Wartune and took these pictures of the purchasable skills for transformed Gaia (Hercules) and transformed Amazon Queen (Cerberus). This is to fill some holes in Cosmos's previous post "Sylph's Future Updates and Strategies". Go there for information on the other transformed sylphs!

I've included the pictures of the text, so if you are fluent in Chinese and see something wrong, please leave clarifications in the comments section, and I'll edit the post.


Skill: Thunder Cleave

Skill Requirement: Level 70

Used to learn the electric sylph skill: Thunder Cleave. Skill effects: Causes 230%+1580 magical electric damage to a single front-row enemy, and reduces the casting speed of target by 30%, lasts 3 rounds.

Skill: Chain Shock

Skill Requirement: Level 70

Used to learn the electric sylph skill: Chain Shock. Skill effects: Causes 187%+1675 magical electric damage to a single random enemy, and reduces the magic defense of all enemies by 30%, lasts 3 rounds.

Skill: Thunder Shower

Skill Requirement: Level 70

Used to learn the electric sylph skill: Thunder Shower. Skill effects: Consumes 500 Awakening Points. Restores 15% of total HP, and increases physical and magical defense by 20%, lasts 2 rounds.

Skill: Electric Soul (Passive)

Skill Requirement: Level 70

Used to learn the electric sylph skill: Electric Soul. Skill effects: When an attack crits, there is a chance to gain 150 Awakening points.


Skill: Magma Eater

Skill Requirement: Level 70

Used to learn the fire sylph skill: Magma Eater. Skill effects: Causes 265%+700 physical fire damage to all front-row enemies, and reduces targets' physical defense by 10%.

Skill: Burning Flame

Skill Requirement: Level 70

Used to learn the fire sylph skill: Burning Flame. Skill effects: Causes 225%+875 physical fire damage to a single random enemy, and target loses 2% of total HP per round. Maximum of 8000 HP, lasts 3 rounds, effects can stack.

Skill: Styx Song

Skill Requirement: Level 70

Used to learn the fire sylph skill: Styx Song. Skill effects: Consumes 500 Awakening points. Restores 15% of total HP, and increases damage dealt by 15%, lasts 3 rounds.

Skill: Proficient Fire Offerings (Passive)

Skill Requirement: Level 70

Used to learn the fire sylph skill: Proficient Fire Offerings. Skill effects: When attacking, there is a chance to increase critical rate for the next two rounds by 10%.

P.S. Please don't flood the comments asking me about more things in the Chinese version. I pestered a non-Wartune friend to help me out with this, so I don't want to make it a regular thing. The reason this came about is I heard a rumor that the transformed version of Gaia supposedly did PATK and MATK damage. That doesn't seem to be the case, but I was too curious not to go try and find out.

Soul Engraving Chocolate Event is Nerfed

Hey guys, it seems like, unfortunately, we are getting a lot less than we are supposed to in this February chocolate event. Here, thanks to Michael, you can see screenshots from another Wartune publisher (Divosaga) who has almost everything the same, but clearly you see that the Soul Engraving is giving chocolate and even in the Chocolate bean exchange you can get a blue Hades for 700 chocolates collected.

Seeing this information I don't think I will spend all of my soul crystals. Maybe I'll use some just to pump up my mount whips but I am thinking to keep the majority for a better paying event.

Monday, February 10, 2014

2 Million Gold to Enchant to +36

Hey guys, here a short piece of info for you to let you know how darn expensive it is to enchant up to +36 on the level 70 PvE equipment.

You see below 2 pictures: First one to show that it costs 2 million + gold to go up 1 level of enchantment.

And the 2nd one where I calculated to show that it costs ~23 million gold to enchant just 1 item to +36.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Q&A: Crystaloids, Balens, Divine Altar, Double Skills


Can you tell how can i get 1600 crystaloids level 6?


hi, prepare for some bad news, 1 MP-dungeon every day + long long time - there is no summoner for the level 6 crystaloids.
few additional maybe:
- VIP chest in dungeon
- get lucky during blitz
- get lucky during final reward (+6)


How can I send balens to my friend?


You can try watch my video called:
➜ Wartune GUIDE How to Gift VIP or Balens to Friends


When does the Divine Altar open cause it doesnt tell me?


The guild leader has the power to open the Divine Altar. He or she can do this every day - 1 time. When the Divine Altar is open there will be a message in the middle of the screen for all the guild members, as well as a window on the bottom right to join the Divine Altar. Also in the Guild screen the option to enter the Divine Altar will be enabled.


hi Cosmo i just wounder if a knight can use double skills and how dose it work. please explain please.


Hi every class can use double skills and should.
It just gives you 2 skill trees (same) instead of 1.
So you can put offense on one and defense on the other and switch around based on your need.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Necropolis Level 22 Boss

Hey guys, just a fun little post to share the picture of the Tormented Necropolis level 22 boss I got from Thethrell. He is like taking the entire dungeon room space lol :)
By the way on the top left I noticed Thethrell earned 8.8 million experience by getting to this level - that's massive :)

(picture quality for reading is not awesome, sorry, direct the rotten daru at Thethrell :P)

Ancient Rune Pack in the Market

Hey guys, as I explained in my video rune guide, if you want to have those rare casher runes you need to periodically visit the Market. Now most of the time you will not see runes there but like i show you on the screenshot below, which happened only one time for me, yesterday, it can give you the opportunity to buy the Ancient Rune Pack. Of course with balens. I actually am not 100% sure if locked balens work since I decided not to buy it as its too expensive for me - they probably do.

And if you didn't see by any chance here is my runes guide: GUIDE Blood Rune Level 10 + All Runes Tips and Advice HD:

Demon Skull from Cata

Hey guys, as some of you might already know there are very rare but relatively useless items in the catacombs. Here I wanna share with you the Demon Skull because especially it is funny, and I don't remember seeing that before, that it has: "Required Class: Knight, Arcl" which is probably "Archer" which is cut off. Have a look: