Sunday, September 29, 2013

Various Interesting Future Screenshots

Hey guys I got a whole bunch of picture from Vlade who is spying around the Chinese servers :) and some comments from me and Lissandra, so here they are to share with you all sorts of various interesting screenshots:

First quick comments from Lissandra:
 - Arena Fights decreased to 15 battles ( 30 Insignia each win, 10 for each loss)
 - Multiplayer Attempts increased to 2 (here not clear if only on start date / day or more)
 - Guild Altar spinning seems to be possible to do all spins only for VIP level 6

I think these are the class wars winners

some fire outfits:

Future map arena entrance :) looks good the entrance doesn't it, but it seems this is visual only, as JoVon said the npc for GA/Arena and the npc for multi-player dungeons is located behind the bounty quest board

and here we got the bounty board to pick up quests:

and here the future map blacksmith I believe

EDIT: JoVon said: this is actually the Auction House/Mystery Shop

and this is a mini map of the entire area of the future map
(Lissandra: Skycity - The new main location for all players)

more outfits:

here we see an interesting feature where balens can be locked - I think this is just so you don't accidentally spend them by clicking yes on some menu option

EDIT: Hristijan/Shane said vouchers will be turned into locked balens after patch 2.0. With them non-cashers will be able to buy some cash stuff but they cant buy items that are on sale and things like this month autumn boxes.

and some mounts I think I posted these before

and finally another outfit

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Drop Rates Tower of Kings Chests

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who supported with data I am publishing the first version of the reports of the Tower of Kings chests, so I hope you like the reports and remember, if you like the post, please click on Google+ to thumbs up this post or share on Facebook, etc

I am putting all 3 reports below one after another - for nightmare i didn't get much data so I am not putting that one yet.

If you want to contribute with data you can send either directly to my email or within Wartune to through the in-game mail or from this blog on the right side contact form. Do not PM in the game. Keep it short and simple - total chests and what's inside.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wartune Returning Hero's Honor AURA Buff

Hey guys, here is something you don't see very often in Wartune. One of our guildies was away for 3 months, returned and we went to moon dungeon together and the entire party received this buff, so not only the returning player. So it was an AURA buff which I have not seen in Wartune, like, ever. Cool eh?

Undefined's Archer Talent Advice

Hey guys, here is Undefined - a very strong archer and upon seeing my Wartune archer talent guide he gave me some feedback and I decided to publish his comments as a new post so that other archers can benefit also.

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Firstly here is Undefined's stats. As I said a strong archer, so let's see his advice:

I just saw your video on archer talents and wanted to comment a bit:

If you kill enemy troops with lunatic nearly, you don't need fury... it only decreases cool-down  not increases damage

I usually kill them with lunatic + 1 other hit. I recommend having fury level 1 though, for Tower of Kings 5 sec is a lot for 1 point, while 1 more second cool-down decrease is pretty useless.

The incendiary cool-down decrease is very useful and often is the difference between life and death if you are doing challenging stuff like Lych NM.

I recommend having it at least 1, in case someone is often playing solo archer in hard dungeons or spire, i would recommend making it 3 or 4.

dds talent would i recommend to make level 1, if you have a rage rune and good to very good stats

I took scrutiny just recently because i wanted to increase damage at World Boss and i am satisfied with it. it triggers a lot and 10% damage increase is awesome, or 19% at level 4... definitely worth it

Enrage is worth to make level 1 for WB if you have a PVE set

About potency i can't talk because it doesn't fit for my own skill build... but i would consider this (together with dds if you have no rage rune) the most useless archer talent

Finally my own build: at the moment i try to level up for BR event and stuff, my talents are:

  • HS 35, 
  • stealth 4, 
  • instinct 3, 
  • scrutiny 1, 
  • perception 1, 
  • fury 1

as soon as i am level 76 i will start talents again and aiming for:

  • stealth max, 
  • instinct max, 
  • scrutiny max, 
  • enrage 1, 
  • fury 1, 
  • redemption 1, 
  • perception 4 or 5

This may sound like a lot, but 5 levels of HS don't really make a difference for me, because i'm fighting the op guys from the older servers in arena and BG and their seal is 30 lvl higher than mine, so they stun me anyway

so... a lot of text... but after seeing the video i just had to comment that.

And thanks a lot for doing so Undefined and lastly for reference here I put below my video for the archer talents:

More Cool Wartune Pictures Upcoming

Hey guys, I got some more nice Wartune pictures to share with you - a touch of the future to come :)

Thanks to Hypnosis0512 for these and below that pictures from Onizuka - thanks Oni.
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A very nice archer outfit

Level 80 full legend with nice clothing

Elephant mount

And here pictures from Oni:

Especially check out the wonderful Christmas clothing at the bottom

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cosmos Gets 60 PvE Set + Advice

Hey guys, after a long time I finally got the Level 60 PvE set and also made it legendary. Especially the last Wartune update helped a lot as only one mpd is now needed per day - I just could not find the time to do 3 per day and often missed them in the past. Anyhow, sooner or later, as long as you don't quit, you will get what you want in the game :) and for me this was a big step forward - definitely a huge milestone for COSMOS in his life in Balenor :)

The 60 set is of course a lot stronger than the 55 set but only if it is made into legendary and that should be the target because that extra gem slot and, even though very expensive, but the extra enchants all the way to +30 do help a lot and as you can see my Battle Rating is now 71k without any pots but with the academy buff of 200%. Still, I would not have imagined that I could ever get to 70k+ BR as a non-casher so for me this is a big achievement and I clearly got a lot stronger especially on the offense side where I can chain hit EDD and DD (the 2 delphics).

Play-style is different

The way you fight with the 60 set is totally different than the mentality of any of the arena sets. I must say I am not yet used to it and it will take some time to learn and get a good feeling about it. What I mean is all the rage counts and knowing exactly what you will have a few moves ahead. For example a slasher now gives not 15 but 25. Auto gives 20. My ultimate slasher increases rage by 7 and the whirl wind does not take away 50 but takes away 30 (minus 50 plus 20). So all very strange numbers to get used to and quickly add up in the head when planning future attacks.

World Boss style and income

When it comes to our dear WB then the income indeed goes up due to the large rage gain, but here I can already share with you what setup i use for consistent good income and that is i remove completely the ultimate slasher and i keep only slasher and the 2 delphics. This way COSMOS, on AFK mode, hits both delphics in each WB round and does also double attacks and I am getting something like 115k income now compared to around 90k with the arena set, so that's a roughly 30% increase of income which is fantastic.

Next Steps

Well first of all I got relaxed :) and probably not going back to the moon dungeon as I am sick of it, but I did start doing the level 70 dungeons like I did Samsara today you can see that video on my YouTube soon. And I think the next steps will be to start collecting crystals and stones for level 70 already as my rings are still level 40. Now don't look that bad at the legend 40 rings - actually if you check they give similar health with the extra gem (health) that they have compared to a regular 70 ring, so it is not bad at all, but i have to start gathering for 70 rings but also legend not regular and since I do love the rage reduction proc on the rings i will only change them together so i can always have that proc, so i have to save up for 2 together.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Level 74 and Stats, Pictures, Thoughts

Hey guys, so I leveled up to 74 :) *victory dance* and I am sharing with you both some stats and pictures form COSMOS as well as some thoughts and advice.

Level 74 is a very interesting point for knights I think because you are getting to have more skills points than needed for either the offense build or the defense build. As I show you in this picture in my offense build I was able to get the passive Tenacity at level 1, which is wonderful as it reduces my damage received as well as the critical receive rate. And on the defensive side it is possible on level 74 to get intercept level 1 which allows you to have both intercept and apollo shield which is especially useful when fighting in the Tower of Kings (for those who do not know a knight standing in front can intercept the front enemy making it impossible for them to cast anything strong at the start and then it is a good idea to cast a blood rune and if you have some basic clothing then you should have enough rage to cast apollo shield straight away, which is all very useful for your party).

On the statistic side of things as you can see un-buffed I am up to 59k battle rating, still with 3 items from arena set 55 and the level 40 legend rings, so indeed a great room for improvement still is there. However I have already made a huge step forward and already have 2 items from the level 60 pve set legend (see my picture below on the inventory items) and I almost have enough to synthesize the last 4th item, which means that right before the class wars i except to have the 60 pve set which greatly increases my chances in the class wars. So the next couple of days will be rather interesting for COSMOS and is a big step forward.

Of course we also have the new Wheel of Fate which gets invested into the Brutal Edge skill which also gives you an aura at level 5 I believe. this also helped in having extra HP and attack. I have it at level 1 as you see in the picture above and over time can imagine having level 2/3 but probably not much higher as that is very difficult for non-cashers due to only 1 spin per day.

Blood rune is also up to level 6 which is really nice. I really like how powerful the blood rune is and I think that applies especially for mages who can clear up the troops faster - the faster you can clear the troops the faster you can apply the rune. In this regard i think they should make the blood rune as player only to be fair to knights.

So some thoughts - level 74 is where I will stay for a while as I got a really good advice not to pass over to 75+ because then you for sure will be dealing with the top people in the game when it comes to Battle Ground and such. And this is also in anticipation of any possible game mechanics changes, i do think it is not a good idea to be in the last 5 levels so 75 to 80 - I want to avoid that bracket as much as possible until I get a lot stronger. So I can focus on raising holy seal and other talents, which is also very much needed

I am also very curious about how much stronger I will be with the 60 pve set. I do worry that it will damage my WB income perhaps due to starting with lower rage (the higher the rage you start with the higher the WB income tends to be).

I also still strongly advocate for using sniper and determination (so critical build) for fighting WB - you definitely make a lot more money than using WD build. Again luck goes to archers as they only need 1 build, but mages and knights must adapt for higher income. On AFK mode with the new academy bonus I can make up to 125k per fight from the WB - usually around 100k. I can probably make more if i do it manually but i am very tired of the same thing for many months up to 3 times per day, so I stick with the AFK mode.

Lastly I think R2Games is doing an amazing job at trying to convince people to buy balens. Really good job - I have to work hard not to buy and stay a non-casher. As some of you have asked why I stay non-casher I can answer that it is not because I don't have money - it is because I find it more interesting and challenging this way and I think I am doing pretty good so far :) and moreover it is a very good lesson in training patience and not falling for greed.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

16 Upcoming Mounts and Top 1 Player

Hey guys, we had a spy Wartune photographer sneaking into the Chinese server and taking pictures of all the mounts that we are going to get, so...

Special thanks to IvoPinto for gathering and sharing this data!

Check out below not only the 16 awesome mounts which are coming our way but also at the bottom the top 1 player with 226k+ BR! WoW!

And my dear Balenor Wartune heroes remember to put in the comments which one you like the most and if you google +1 this post would be great also! :)

And here the top 1 player:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Upcoming Clothing - Arabic, Dragon, Gladiator, Indian, etc

Hey guys, here I share with you upcoming clothing which we will get sooner or later on our servers, which already exists on the Chinese Wartune server (has another name), so check them out and see which you like - put down in the comments your most favorite :)

And thanks to Zeli Knight Level 64 for sending me this information! Thanks for sharing!

 Archer Chinese
 Archer Cow Boy
 Archer Dragon
 Archer Gladiator
 Archer Halloween
 Archer Indian
 Black Flame Dragon Wing
 Cow Boy
 Farm Boy
 Farmer Girl
 Flame Dragon Wing
 Green Dragon Flame Wings
Warrior Gladiator
 Warrior Gothic + Rune sword
Warrior Halloween
Warrior Indian 
Warrior Chinese 
 Dragon Warrior
 Mage Chinese
 Mage Dragon
 Mage Halloween
 Rune Staff