Monday, September 22, 2014

Banned from R2 Forums

Hey guys, so our dear friend R2Games a.k.a. Reality Squared Games banned my forum account even though I spent 2 years promoting Wartune and putting money in their pockets. And do you know how much they supported me? I didn't even get 1 dollar from them or any kind of support whatsoever - no support with images, information, anything at all to help with the blog/videos and promoting their game and making them more and more rich.

And for those people who were asking me before, I could not answer, it was them who censored my forum links and threatened me to remove my blog post about the auto clicker, which I did and they, temporarily cancelled their censoring. But this time they didn't even message me, they just outright banned my account.

So they allow auto-playing / auto-farming bots, multiple accounts feeding into 1 account, cheating VIP players by not giving them full points from 1-click-capture, not adding a collect all button and torturing people to click buttons for thousands of times, not supporting honest people who are promoting Wartune, but I create a basic simple click repeater tool and they ban me!

On top of banning my forum account they also censored all my signatures / links of all the effort made in the last 2 years.

R2Games Forum Censorship

So if you contribute years in the forum and 1 day say something, which they think is wrong they will remove all references of your name, your blog/website and anything to do with you from all the posts where you contributed during all your time. Here are examples:

R2 removed my name "Cosmos" which is not even a link and removed all reference links to the source article

They removed my signature from any post that had it.

And finally the ban message:

Everyone knows that simple auto-clickers / repeat-clickers are not an issue! They simply remove the stress from players having to click thousands of times the same darn button(s). They don't give you any game advantages other than reducing stress and torture from you! The vast majority of top players are using them because no person in their right mind is going to click 30,000 times the same button - if you do that then you do not respect yourself and you literally waste your life by complete idiocy!

My Conclusion on this issue

I believe, based on what I explained above, that this action by R2 Games is hugely unfair. This action also questions my feeling of safety regarding my and everyone else's accounts. This means that some day, if they feel like it, they can ban accounts and there is nothing you can do about it.

Consequently, caring for all the thousands of my fans and followers - think twice before you put your money into your account, because one day you might be banned and left looking like a fool.

Will there be damage to me from their ban? Ya, I think so. Not only I lose all the references / sources which were quoting my work and contribution to Wartune and players over the years, but also nobody else will be able to speak about me on the R2 Forums. If anyone speaks about me or my blog or website they will censor it out.

So if there are people out there who want to support me as I continue my Wartune work you can become my Patron, even if its 1 dollar per month every amount helps. For the explanation you can click HERE or to go to my patron page you can click HERE.


  1. what the best did for get mina reward in dim please i spent more mape and nothing

  2. Do You want this to NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN?? Now you know the real power is having the ability to control your own content. You need your own WEBSITE. one that YOU ALONE CONTROL!! If they ban your content, fuck em make your own web site, blog etc even your own store and fuck making someone else rich, you deserve more and you are also possibly in a position for legal action, ( but consult a real lawyer first hahaha ) But if you want to control ALL YOUR CONTENT, let me know and I'll hook you up.