Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Power Potion vs Fresh Milk Tea

Hey guys, since the Patch 4.0 we now have a new item to boost our attack stat, the Fresh Milk Tea, which is actually a percentage giving item instead of the fixed value power and intelligence potions that we were used to. So let’s have a look at Power Potion vs Fresh Milk Tea:

Power Potion vs Fresh Milk Tea - trade off

The 2 items with their descriptions I am putting at the bottom of this article, but basically:

  • A Level 5 Power potion (the MATK / Intelligence version works the same way) is giving +140 to Power, which means we need to multiple this by 4 as each power stat will give 4 to PATK (and 1 to PDEF), so this potion will give 560 to our Attack stat.

  • The Fresh Milk Tea (same for it’s MATK equivalent), on the other hand, will increase our Attack stat by 10%, so logically the bigger our Attack stat is the more it will give.

Chart Comparison of Power Potion vs Fresh Milk Tea

I have prepared the chart below so that we can clearly see where is the cut off point between the two items. The following are the points we can observe the the analysis:

  • Fresh Milk Tea becomes a lot more powerful from already very early on.

  • Until about 5000 Attack points you are better of using the level 5 Power Potion or the level 5 Intelligence Potion; after 5000 Attack points the Fresh Milk Tea gives a lot more stats.

  • Once you get larger Attack points, say above 100k, then the potions become practically useless / negligible, while the Milks give a huge amount of additional attack power. Example: at 200k attack you get an additional 20k attack points from the milks.

Power Potion vs Fresh Milk Tea

Power Potion and Fresh Milk Tea Item Descriptions:

Power Potion vs Fresh Milk Tea - fresh milk tea item Power Potion vs Fresh Milk Tea - power potion item

Power Potion vs Fresh Milk Tea

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