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Hey guys, now I am publishing the Version or Edition 5 of my spire drop rates report and thanks to all the people who have contributed with data. We now have gathered an impressive 4,525 spire chests of data and have very accurate drop rates or chances to receive each of the items. The sample size is definitely very big and it gives me the confidence to say that these are pretty much the exact rates you can expect from this chest when you are collecting your Spire rewards in Wartune.

First up the most spread item is the Shadow Crystel with a whooping 46% chance of drop. This will mostly help in giving experience with the daily quest roughly speaking 1 mil exp. You can also gather these for later if you are at a stage of your character where you do not want experience.

Next top drop are the 20 x vouchers with a 32% drop rate, which definitely helps in buffing up for the World Boss or if perhaps you want to save up to upgrade your farm. Although personally I go for the world boss buff. Also consider that as Wartune is evolving the vouchers are rumored to become locked balens in some distant day in the future which allows non-cashers to buy some few selected cash items. See my other posts on this topic.

Then kyanite with 10% drop rate which is not too little and not too much. I think they hit off a good rate with this one. This will now of course help us pay daily for the 200% academy buff and for newer players in Wartune this will help upgrade the academy skills.

The next items, fashion shards and luck stones have a lower drop rate which is understandable as they are nice items, but I was surprised to find out that the fashion core was only 0.4%. Still I can understand why this is the case and when someone gets a fashion core in Wartune from a spire chest go ahead and say congratulations because 0.4% is same as 1 in 250 chests.

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Hey guys, below I publish the Version 3 report on the SPIRE multi-player dungeon chest drop rates where I got a lot of support from ~30 people so we have gathered data for 702 chests which makes it pretty accurate indeed. I am sure there is always room for improvement but I think the report looks good and it tells us what we can expect to get from our spire chests.

You see most of the time (46%) you will find the shadow crystals x 2, so if you would open 100 chests 46 of them would be shadow crystals x 2.

The next most spread one is the pack of 20 vouchers (33%) so that means that from a 100 chests almost 80 of them would be either shadow crystals or vouchers.

And finally SPIRE is the only way, at least so far, for free players to get fashion shards and fashion cores in order to upgrade their level 1 clothing which they might have gotten from various events. So you see there both are rare drops but naturally fashion shards have a higher chance at 5.7%, but you do need 10 of them to make one fashion core.

And last but not the least the 50 soul crystals only 1 person reported it 1 time - i wish at least 1 different person reported it so it can be confirmed that this is a possible drop, but I see no reason why people should lie about this so it is just a very rare drop it seems.

UPDATE 02/Jun/2013:
Thanks to BlodAmber for gathering 244 chests of data and sending it over I have updated and release the Version 4 of the report!

And this was Version 3 for reference:

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