Sunday, May 10, 2015

Level 39 Wartune Camper with 132k Battle Rating

Hey guys, campers are reducing day by day because of the 1000% Word Prosperity Buff but this does not stop my friend, Vlax from camping. As of now, he is level 39 with 132,040 battle rating! For a level 39, this is monster battle rating. I can’t imagine myself staying in the same level for a long time.

Vlax’s Stats/Toon:

Wartune Camper - Vlax

Card Stats of Vlax

These stats are very impressive and the character built is very correct for a knight. Vlax has all level 9 Gems. These are the gems he has:

  • PATK

  • PDEF

  • HP

  • Block

Vlax’s Clothing:

As you can from the image above, Vlax has level 9 clothing which is another good accomplishment for. Vlax never cashed on clothing, he got them to this level by using bound balens and cores from fishing.

Vlax Clothing

Vlax’s Astral Value and Mount Strength:

I can already tell that tons of gold and clicking has been put into his Astrals. 😀

Vlax Astral Value

His Mount Strength comes from non cash mounts (including stable mounts) and mounts he got from luck.

Vlax Mount

Vlax’s Inventory:

This is a whole lot of hoarding right here…

Vlax Inventory One

Vlax Inventory Two

Hope you guys liked this monster camper and feel free to share your comment/opinion/questions.

Level 39 Wartune Camper with 132k Battle Rating

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