Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fused Sylphs Light + Dark and Water + Wind

Hey guys, I received some info about "fused" sylphs, which I want to share with you. In this post we will talk about a fusion between Light and Dark elements / sylphs and Wind and Water elements / sylphs. So let's start with Light & Dark Sylphs' fusion information and thanks to Lynn for sending this information to me / sharing with us all.

Light + Dark Sylph Skills Explanation

Here are the explanations for the skills of the fused Light / Dark Sylphs (pretty impressive stuff):

  • all the damage skills will deal +50% damage
  • 2 new delphics: Armageddon (400% to enemy with lower HP) and inspired light (185% to 2-4 enemies, heal 100%)
  • some of the weakest skills of apollo/hades are removed
  • new passive skill which gives 20% defense from dark/light
  • new passive skill which gives 20% defense from all others elements

Water + Wind Sylph Skills Explanation

These are less accurate explanations, so let's call them a "rough idea":

  • All the damage skills are the same value (acheron wave 280%, steal 280%, ice bolt 300%)
  • Rain dance heal increased to 180%, warm spring to 135%
  • Aquilon blessing consumes 250 awakening points instead of 500
  • Windcrest can reflect 50k damage :)
  • New delphic: for 3 turns, a shield 40% of HP for all teammates, cannot be dispelled, consume 500 points
  • Another delphic: gives 250 awakening points to all teammates each turn for 3 turns, cannot be dispelled, consume 500 points

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