Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mage Talent Advice

(Posted by Eliatan - DolyGames Team Member)

It used to always surprise me that I'd get asked about which talents to choose for mages as much as I did. As I thought about it more, it shouldn't be that much of a shock to me, since many people camp certain levels for very long periods of time, and need to know which talents to prioritize. In the spirit of doing some beginner to intermediate guides, here's what I think on the matter.


These are the talents that I'd try to max out at every opportunity.
  • Barrier - Decreases damage received
  • Survival - Lengthens the cooldown of Restoration in exchange for increased heal potency.
  • Holy Seal - An attack that has a chance to stun your opponent, depending on your relative Holy Seal level


I would put leftover points into these if you've maxed out everything in Primary for your level.
  • Redemption - Shortens the cooldown of Blessed Light
  • Focus - Gives Lightning Bolt a chance to proc a buff which decreases your rage consumption


These are talents you can think about once you're done with the primary and secondary talents.
  • Momentum - Shortens the cooldown of Meteoric Destroyer and gives a chance of restoring HP
  • Misfortune - Shortens the cooldown and increases the damage dealt by Damnation


These are completely pointless, since none of the mage delphic skills are any good.
  • Awaken - Gives Rain of Fire a chance to decrease the rage needed for Delphic Thunder Frenzy
  • Callousness - Shortens the cooldown of Delphic Hell Thunder and has a chance of forming an absorption shield.


This is the video guide I made, where I discuss each talent in more detail!

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