Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get 20% More Gold via Whisper of Blessing

Hey guys, if you pay close attention to the event setup of the Ancient Horn and Whisper of Blessing then you will find that you can do a little trick to earn 20% more gold for your Ancient Horns (if you are going for the gold that is).

You see on the picture below that I have prepared that we get 50,000 gold for 1 Ancient Horn, but 300,000 gold for 1 Whisper of Blessing. However, we also have the option to exchange 5 Ancient Horns for 1 Whisper of Blessing, so if you put all that together you can get 50,000 extra gold or 20% more if you switch-over your 5 Ancient Horns into 1 Whisper of Blessing and then into 300,000 gold. (Thanks to Vilniausturt from miniclip5 server for sharing this tip).

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