Sunday, January 18, 2015

Grand Lottery Guide with Pictures and Winners

Hey guys, here I am making a reference post / guide for Grand Lottery to include all info and pictures about it as well as the pictures of winners! :)

Grand Lottery is a tiny event, accessible as of level 35, which seems to be launched manually by the admins whenever they want, which allows players to make a sort of a guess and, on the following day, see if they won the lottery.

There are 2 options for making this guess:

  • One option is to wager 100,000 gold and have a chance to win 500 or 50 bound balens
  • And the other option is to wager 1 balen (non-bound) and have the chance to win 1000 or 100 bound balens
You get the bigger prize if you got everything correct and you get the lesser prize if you got 1 of the 2 correct.

Grand Lottery help

Grand Lottery Signs windows

Grand Lottery Tarot windows

Grand Lottery Wager with 1 balen

Grand Lottery Wager with 100,000 gold

Grand Lottery Failed Wager

If you don't guess the signs and the tarots correctly then you get a window like this where the lottery results are shown on top and the choices you made at the bottom.

Grand Lottery Winner 1000 balen winner

Thanks to Krishna for sharing this, here we can see the lucky winner with his 1000 balens as well as the mail that was sent by the game:

Grand Lottery Winner 500 balen winner

Thanks to Flamer for sharing this, here he wins 500 balens from the Grand Lottery following the wager made with 100,000 gold rather than with balens:

Final Words

Congratulations to all the winners! That said, I can't help but wonder if they couldn't design something more fun with the resources that they spent. The result of this event is few win and the rest don't care about it and so I am not sure that this was a smart way to invest company resources. What do you guys think? Do you love having such lottery or you'd rather have something else?

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