Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dimensions Power for Sky Trail

Hey guys, I want to share with you info on the awesome connection between Dimensions and Sky Trail. I was stuck for a long time on Sky Trail Level 3 Stage 5 - a very difficult Dark Boss, hitting me with 250.000 damage, with no hopes of passing it anytime soon.

However, I managed to get my hands on 2 basic and 2 intermediate dimension coordinates, which you might have seen in my Dimensions video series:

And after completing these 4 I managed to get my Dark Resistance up to 624 without having a Hades sylph. Here below you can see my resistances at the time (left) and the power-ups given by the dimensions (right).

Only because of Dimensions I was able to beat that boss (and the one after), because with the higher resistances I was getting less damage, which means I was surviving more to do damage. Like I mentioned, there is no way I would have beaten this boss had it not been for the Dark Dimensions, so my advice to everyone is to save up dimension coordinates the element of the next Sky Trail level that you are unable to pass.

Depending on the difficulty you need at least 5 basics of that same element, but otherwise I'd say a minimum of 3 basics to get those resistances increased and then as the energy costs is down to 10 per step then opening 1-2 intermediate dimensions and if possible, for the 5th one, an advanced dimension. Then you will have a huge surge of resistance allowing you to beat the Sky Trail boss.

Repeating this strategy over time you can pass a lot of Sky Trail levels bringing you also a much better Horns income every day.

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