Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Atoll Boss Night Run 1 party 100%

Hey guys, wanted to share with you our "night run" on the Atoll Boss, which took about 90 minutes for that 582 million HP boss, but our party was the only one out there so we got 100% of the HP and therefore the gold and Vulcan's Stove rewards were 19.1 million and 49.

This is fun to do sometimes (i do this very rarely), though I cannot recommend this to anyone because your quality of sleep is much more important than wasting a part of the night on hitting the Atoll Boss for 90 minutes :)

That said, the rewards were great and for the "fanatic"-type of players who do this every 6 hours they are clearly miles ahead of any "normal" player. I personally don't like the Atoll Boss feature because it does not bring me any fun and it promotes botting and the increase of the GAP between low and high BRs.

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