Sunday, January 25, 2015

Possible CSGB Rewards February 2015

(Posted by Krishna - DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, Cross Server Guild Battle registration starts on the 4th of February 2015 and many people are getting pumped up. I asked many people, "What will you exchange your King Seals for?" and 80% of their answers were Fashion Cores, CloudCaller Mount and Runestones. What will you exchange you King Seals for? Be sure to comment below. 

CSGB Rewards:

Since the last Cross Server Guild battle, we got around two new patches which means new items were added like Soul Seal and Sylph Gear. Chinese Wartune has Soul Seals and Sylph Gear Shards in their Cross Server Guild Battle Shop which means there is a possibility for us to have in our Shop too.
  • Soul Seal x1 for 50 King Seals
  • Sylph Gear Shard x1 for 20 King Seals

*Some items shown in here are not here in English Severs yet!
Since we got the Cloud Caller Mount, we may not get this Blue Fox mount but you never know.

Blue Fox Mount

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